Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Excerpt From "The Trip" - A Breanne Novel

An excerpt from Chapter 16

“Hey? You okay?” Kyle asked Megan, turning the teen toward him. Megan’s eyes opened and it took her a moment to focus. She nodded, swallowing hard as if she were trying to find the strength to speak.

“I’m o-o-kay.” She stuttered slightly, the trembling of her body interfering with her speech.

Kyle had a concerned look on his face, but then slowly let go of her, allowing Megan to stand on her own. His hands stayed outstretched though, just in case he needed to catch her. Megan managed to find her balance, though both Kyle and Bre noticed that the brunette teenager’s hips were still grinding back and forth involuntarily. Breanne was pretty sure Megan wasn’t even aware of it.

With a nod and a smile, Kyle patted Megan on the arm and turned toward Breanne. “Well, while we allow Megan a moment to recuperate, let’s handle the rest of your punishment, Breanne.” He grinned as the color seemed to drain from Breanne’s face. “Strip naked and turn your vibe to maximum.” Then he set the black duffel bag on the diaper changing counter and opened it up.

Breanne took a deep breath and grabbed hold of the bottom of her halter top. Slowly, she peeled the tight cloth upward revealing her magnificent soft breasts, still lightly marked with the crisscross lines of the previous day’s whipping. It came up over her head and she laid it down on the counter next to Kyle’s bag. As she was pushing down her skirt, she watched as Kyle pulled out his leather sap, a thick yet supple rectangle of leather attached to a wooden handle. Her breath caught in her throat and she trembled slightly at the thought of another beating with the evil instrument.

The skirt slid down her thin legs and she stepped out of it, graceful after years of practicing in high heels. She laid it next to her shirt. Then she bent down, grasping the dangling vibrator which was still hanging from her clit. It was wet and slippery from its constant contact with her pussy, but Breanne was able to change the vibrations with a quick snap of her nail against the switch. Her clit responded first, but as she released the ovoid, it began tormenting her labia as well, like little tongue flicks against her sex.

“Hands on the counter, sweetheart” Kyle ordered, motioning to the diaper changing pad. Breanne nodded and stepped forward. Slowly, she bent over; presenting her bottom, legs spread obscenely, and the little buzzing egg clamped to her clit now dangling straight down. Megan watched in silence as Kyle stepped up to Breanne and swung the sap hard at her right buttock.

The crack of the sap filled the tiny room and was immediately followed by a desperate gasp. Breanne stiffened and Megan’s eyes widened as a dark red rectangular print appeared on Bre’s cream colored bottom. The little clamp attached to the red head’s clit swayed viciously as Kyle immediately let loose another swat, this one on the left butt cheek.

While Megan was still having trouble adjusting to the inexplicable sensations between her legs, she couldn’t help feeling sorry for Breanne as the paddling continued. Several more strokes fell before Breanne began to cry, her body involuntarily jerking away as her frayed nerves began rebelling against the brutal punishment. Megan wanted to comfort the older girl, but part of her wanted the whipping to continue, for Breanne to melt in fiery heat. When Breanne’s rear was a mass of scarlet, tinged red from the small of her back down to her thighs, Kyle put one hand on the red head’s shoulder and ordered her to turn around.

Breanne did, trembling, her hands going to her bottom just once. Megan could almost feel the heat herself. Then Kyle pushed Breanne backward, placing her hands on the counter so that she was leaning. The vibrator clamp was now pressed against Breanne’s sex, bouncing ever so slightly along the entire length of Bre’s slit. Breanne spread her legs even more, arching her back as Kyle moved next to her and raised the sap again.

Megan couldn’t believe Kyle could be so cruel as the sap smashed Breanne’s right breast flat. The strokes came quick and clean, alternating between breasts. They shook and bounced as Kyle alternated between straight on smacks and light stinging flicks that almost seemed to be targeted at just Breanne’s nipples. Megan could see Breanne’s fingers clenching, the desire to cover her breasts overwhelming. Just as Megan thought that Breanne would break down, her crimson tits inflamed and swollen, Kyle stopped. Breanne stayed in position, even as the cruel master bent forward, opening his mouth to suckle one of Breanne’s nipples. Breanne trembled, but remained in the punishment posture, accepting Kyle’s right to suckle.

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