Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/07/10 Good Good Good Good Vibrations

Good Good Good Good Vibrations
Good Good Good Good Vibrations


Hi everyone. I’m back. Back from what you ask? Well, I didn’t post for almost a week. That should be more than enough to clue you in. Plus I’m no longer grumpy, experiencing debilitating cramps, or empty.

That’s right. Empty; because as of yesterday morning, it was back to following NHPS Rule #1. I was pretty happy about it too. Now that I’m used to following NHPS Rule #1, I feel sorta odd NOT having something inside me. So when my alarm went off on Monday morning, and after I got myself sort of together, I went to my toy box and picked out something fun, playful, and fulfilling. And when I say fulfilling, I mean it in the most visceral way!

I like my RVP, otherwise known as the Rotating Venus Penis. To but it bluntly, its just a motorized cock on a harness. There’s a small remote attached with a wire and one of the two slide controls handles the vibrations. The other slide however handles the speed at which the phallus SPINS inside me. I’m pretty good at handling the vibrations, even at maximum, but the spinning… I can’t handle that at all. So once I got it strapped on I stepped over to my computer and checked my email. Sure enough, Master Barrett had sent me my instructions for the day, along with a little bit of an admonition for screwing up my LAST assignment.

Ooops. I forgot the rubber bands and the anal beads. Damn.

So I went back to my toybox. My anal beads are another motorized toy that I own. They’re black latex, with seven or eight balls on a plastic line. You insert them into your ass, then twist the control and voila, your rear end is shaking like a leaf in the wind. To be honest, it doesn’t do much for me, but Master Barrett knows that. He also knows I don’t care to have ANYTHING in my ass, much less seven beads, each containing a little motor that buzzes.

My assignment for Monday was simple. If I was alone, except while driving, I was to have the beads and the RVP on and set at least to medium level. If I had to cum, then the huge thick blue rubber bands were to be placed around each breast. So after saying good morning to Master Barrett and making sure my RVP and beads were buzzing merrily away inside me, I grabbed my rubber bands and headed outside to do my chores.

Of course, after almost a week of no orgasms I was almost instantly in a state. My loins were being vibrated to the point of insanity and I managed to make it as far as the barn before my fingers found the remotes and turned them to their maximum settings. My pussy contracted around the shaking spinning rod inside me and I ended up having to sit down. This compacted my rear end, making the vibrations there that much more intense.

The fact that I was wearing jeans didn’t help either.

So there in the semi-darkness of our barn, atop a bale of hay, I ended up lying on my back, my legs spread, my hips doing this strange churning dance toward the roof. My left hand was down between my legs, literally pulling the RVP upward, deeper, and resulting in more vibrations stimulating my clit as well. I barely remembered the rubber bands in time and it was difficult to unbutton my shirt, pull up my undershirt and bra and then wrap each breast in the blue rubber. But I managed, and the tightness around each breast just intensified things. In moments I was whimpering in excitement, which quickly turned to moans, and then into outright cries. I came. Hard.

What? It had been FIVE days!

After the wash of orgasmic bliss I struggled upright, still sitting, and dealt with the very next major issue: I wasn’t going to turn the RVP and beads down, much less off. Now I’m no stranger to long term vibrations. I’m just not used to those vibrations being in both my ass and pussy at the same time, along with the actual vibrating cock spinning like a top. Slowly I stood, but you have to understand that it was terribly difficult because I was already halfway to my next orgasm.

I wish there was something I could do to describe it to you guys properly. There really isn’t a good way though. Guys aren’t multi-orgasmic. You pop once and then it takes a while to reset. Girls aren’t like that. We can just keep going and going. I once had sex with a guy who actually made me orgasm THREE times just by fucking me before he came. Now THAT’S impressive. Try for that, seriously. In any event, girls who experience multiple orgasms, especially one right on top of the other, with the kind of stimulation I was enduring, find that they come quicker for awhile, harder, before your body stops being able to handle the direct stimulation.

So my second orgasm didn’t happen that much later than the first. In fact, I hadn’t even finished my chores when I ended up holding on to the goat pen fence for dear life as my legs buckled and my hips humped one of the fence posts, ramming the RVP against my clit. It was cold too… I forget what the temperature was, but it wasn’t much higher than freezing, maybe forty or so. I was in jeans and boots of course, no panties, but with the RVP I didn’t need them. Add in a bra, undershirt, a flannel blue button up with long sleeves and my duster, and I wasn’t just warm, I was hot and bothered. I managed to finish my chores and head inside, my pussy already close to orgasm number three when I realized my mom was up and making breakfast.

I had mixed feelings at this point. I wanted to go for number three, but my pussy was already rather tender. Lets be honest, it hadn’t had much in the way of stimulation over the last week. No cocks, no toys, no masturbation, no sex and certainly no orgasms. Besides, once you pass three, multiple orgasms by way of non-stop stimulation starts to incorporate a new facet: pain. It starts to hurt. Now granted, I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut, and my clit feeling like it’s been held to a grinder and then coated with lemon juice is just par for the course. But I wasn’t quite ready for that. Not that morning. So I turned everything off, and went and helped mom.

For an hour and a half.

By the time I headed back upstairs to my room my pussy was as recovered as it possibly could be and as I shut my door I grabbed the two remotes and turned them back up to maximum. In seconds I went from doing okay to lying on my bed, pretending Master Barrett was on top of me, holding me down, while fucking me with a jackhammer. Seriously, it took only two or three minutes at full power for me to get right back where I had left off and only my pillow kept my family from hearing my scream of release as I rolled over, humped my own bed, and came.

As soon as I was done I repressed the urge to find the remotes and turn them off. That is the hardest part. To be honest, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Granted, the RVP curves up so that the rubber base the phallus is attached to presses against your clit, but it’s a slight pressure and to be an issue you practically have to put your hand down there and push it against your clit. But the hard vibrations combined with the rotating probe inside me, not to mention eight latex covered beads, all doing the same type of shaking, and you’ve got a LOT of stimulation going on. It wasn’t the burning, grinding, oh my god please stop stimulation I’ve endured before with my chastity belt and my butterfly vibrator. It was deeper, more intense, but less… abrasive. Am I explaining this okay?

So I grabbed my headboard and held on as my pussy contracted again over and over around the rotating venus penis, which also made my ass contract around the beads. I whimpered a little bit as I rolled down the hill of one climax and half way up the next. Then the two sex toys grabbed hold of me and forcefully pushed me back up to the next climax.

And it was just as powerful.

So by ten o’clock yesterday morning I was already at four orgasms. Even as the RVP started me up the hill for number five, I managed to get to my feet, turn the remotes off, and head downstairs. That walk took awhile since about half way down I realized that the crotch my jeans was soaked. That meant returning to my room… where I was alone.

So I turned the RVP and beads back to maximum, struggled to unbutton, unzip, and push down my jeans, all while experiencing exquisite surges from my pussy. By the time I started to pull my jeans back up, orgasm number five was cresting and I had yanked up my shirt and bra. My breasts were still both nicely squeezed by the rubber bands. They aren’t tight enough to cut off circulation, just make them both bulge nicely. Of course my nipples were hard and I started playing with them, stroking, then pinching. When I had shuddered through my third orgasm in about an hour and a half, I felt that beginning pain that comes through over stimulation. It’s like a slight burning.

Kari and I once dated a guy who told me that it hurts to piss through a hard cock, but it feels good too. I guess it might be like that. I have no idea. I would have said its more like non-stop rubbing, but I’ve actually done that to a few guys and I don’t quite think that’s accurate. Non-stop rubbing on a guy seems to be more… painful. I guess those nerve bundles in the tip of a cock just can’t handle the stimulation. I think that’s probably more like what I feel when I’m wearing my butterfly.

But nonetheless, I was starting to feel that sensation where there was just a touch of pain added to the mix. And I loved it. It hurt, and yet it didn’t. I got my jeans back on, my mind actually clearing a bit as my pussy reported some unpleasant yet complimentary sensations to the spinning and vibrating. I got my jeans back on and this time practically ran down the stairs, bypassed the living room where mom was cross stitching, grabbed my boots in the laundry room, and went outside.

Life on the farm is a bit easier in the winter. High summer is also a pretty easy time. All our fields have already been mowed, it’s usually too cold to work outdoors, and there just isn’t that much to do. I keep the place in pretty good shape as well, so to be honest, there wasn’t much on my menu for the day. I HAD been planning to go riding Star sometime this week, but the thought of sitting in a saddle while enduring non-stop rotation and vibration, on maximum no less, was just too much for me to handle. Horseback riding and strap on sex toys aren’t good combination. Give me my Husky dildo, or maybe even my Core Driller, and a good ten mile horseback ride any day of the week. Of course, I’ll be cumming just as hard, but just the thought of jouncing up and down with a twelve inch cock inside me, one end pressed hard to the saddle makes me want to cum.

So I went into the barn and knocked around for about fifteen minutes. I cleaned up some loose odds and ends, repaired a trough, and then orgasmed again.

I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern here, right?

I suffered through another forty minutes before I came again. Number seven I think. I tend to loose count on days like this. I guess I should start keeping a notebook or something. Can you imagine the conversation?

“Hey, Breanne. What are these little tick marks?”

“Oh, that’s just the number of orgasms I’ve had today.”

“Uh… there are fifteen marks here!”

“Yeah… oh hold on. Here comes 16. Can I borrow your pen?”


Around eleven thirty or so I headed inside to help make lunch and I lingered there, my pussy very very pleased to have both the vibrations and the rotation turned off. The only thing affecting my comfort at that point was an ass stuffed with beads. But I dealt with it. Lots of shifting in my seat, but no one seemed to notice.

After lunch my mom and I ran errands, so while I was still stuffed, since everything was off, I handled it just fine. We were out until four thirty or so and I helped mom get all her stuff back inside before finding myself alone once more. Of course, the moment I was alone, I grabbed the remotes and set myself a buzzing.

And came. Again. I left them on too, reeling from one end of the barn to the other. My pussy was tender, overly sensitive, and that delicious pain started to come back. The next orgasm, nine I think, took even longer to come, but when it did it was stronger, laced with this delicious “oh my God please make it stop” sensation that had me weak at the knees. After cumming I stumbled out into the wind and cold near the goat fence, trying to clear my head and prevent myself from turning off the remotes. My pussy was sending me messages that I was trying to ignore. It was a mix of “here we go again” along with “please, I’m not built for this!”

But I am built for that. It’s what I do. I love it. So as I stood leaning up against the fence, number ten building up between my legs, I watched the goats and tried not to let my body make the decisions. As far as I was concerned, my pussy didn’t get to make the rules. And I was telling it “suffer.”

About twenty minutes later my pussy was telling me something different: “oh God yes, I’m gonna cum soon!” And in a moment of freakish stupidity, I unbuttoned my duster, then my shirt, yanked up my undershirt, and pulled down my bra. Both breasts were slightly discolored but not terribly uncomfortable, despite the two blue rubber bands wrapped around the base of both tits. Granted, it didn’t feel NORMAL, but it didn’t hurt. The cold however, immediately made both nipples pucker into hard little bumps and I gasped at the difference in hot and cold. Then I grabbed the fence with both hands, bent my knees a little, and pressed both breasts against the third rail.

I don’t know if you’ve ever touched metal left outside during the winter, but it’s very cold. Our goat pen fence was very very cold, despite the layer of paint on it. Granted, I’m not sure what bare steel would have felt like, but for me, yesterday, that fence felt like I was holding dry ice to my nipples. It burned, it stung, and then they went numb. I was just about ready to cum when I looked up and noticed that one of our goats was pregnant. And I came.

I was shaking afterward. And hurting. My ass ached from the constant clenching around the anal beads. My pussy felt like I had been riding a motorcycle for twelve hours, one with a dildo attached directly to the frame so that the vibrations translated right up inside me. I was actually shaking, though I’m not sure if it was from the RVP and anal beads or from the cold. I had trouble buttoning everything up, and I took the rubber bands off my tits. Then I climbed the fence and checked on that nanny goat, despite still buzzing like a queen bee. Geeze. Yep. Pregnant. In the winter. Damn.

I practically stumbled back to the house and in the laundry room I breathed a sigh of relief as I was able to turn everything off. One more step brought me back into the kitchen and I spent the next three hours with my family. It wasn’t until around eight o’clock – my usual get ready for bed time, that I was finally alone. I was still dressed in jeans and shirts, and I thumbed the vibrators back up to full power as I slowly unbuttoned my shirt. It fell to the floor as my body reacted once again to the spinning vibrating sexual torment. My breathing came a little more sharply. My fingers trembled as I stripped, dumping my crotch damp jeans in the laundry along with my shirts, until I stood naked in the middle of the room, holding both remotes and wearing nothing but my RVP strapped around my waist. In the mirror on my door I could see the black wire disappearing into my ass. I grabbed the rubber bands, lay down on the bed, and once more put the rubber bands on my breasts. It felt… incredible. I played with myself, rubbing my fingers lightly over my body. I couldn’t help it. I touched my nipples, I moaned, I thrust my hips and then it came, like this gale of wind blasting me out of the north and I bit my lips as the sensation exploded through me.

My pussy was tender and I immediately felt that little bite of pain, but it was time to take a shower, so I turned everything off, wrapped myself in my towel, and opened the door to pad across to the bathroom. Taking everything out was an ordeal, and I started with the anal beads, dropping them into the sink with a clatter. I washed them first, then began removing the RVP. It was… hard, having them out. Being empty like that. I washed the RVP too and left my toys drying in the sink as I stepped into the hot shower. My fingers gently cleaned every nook and cranny and I gingerly explored myself to determine the damage done. Nope. I was good.

After the shower I gathered up my stuff and went into my room. Warm flannel pajamas was the recipe for the night, and I grabbed my toy box as I got my clothes out of the closet. I opened up the box and put away the RVP and the anal beads and the rubber bands, and then got out my Husky Dildo. I sat down on the bed, spread my legs, and worked the tip back and forth through my petals until I ripened, which wasn’t long. Slowly, I forced it in, thick and hard and so long. Fully penetrated, I pulled a pair of panties up my legs. The cotton stretched in the crotch, but it did what it needed too: hold in the dildo. Then I got in my pajamas and settled down for the night.

This morning I woke, checked my email, and found a new assignment from Master Barrett. No more explosions today. No orgasms. No penetrations. Just me wearing my ben wa balls until I finish another dom’s assignment for me, one that we had talked about, and I know what I’ll be doing tonight.

Santa’s in town… and I’ve been a naughty girl.

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