Monday, December 20, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/20/10 Stripped Naked

Stripped Naked

Sometimes, living in Texas during the Winter, especially South Texas, is pretty awesome. While we rarely have a white Christmas, the brutal South Texas heat gets moderated into a nice balmy 75 or so degrees, which makes being a nympho humiliation pain slut much much nicer. This morning I got a sweet little assignment from Mistress Ellen, who felt I needed something to occupy my day with before doing my hour long “Desensitization II” procedure for Master Barrett. The assignment was simple: go to the mall, pick up a guy, and let him strip you. Suck and Fuck him and the return him to the mall.

Of course there were a few more specifics involved, like what to wear, where to strip, how to drive him back…. That sort of thing. But why reveal all the details at the beginning, right?

I had originally told Mistress Ellen that I would do it after lunch, but I managed to free up some time this morning to get it done. Around ten am I hoped in my truck, dressed in my cowboy boots, white socks, blue jeans, panties, a blue button up shirt, and a bra. Of course I was also following NHPS Rule#1, so I was stuffed with my ben wa balls as well. My Japanese Clover Clamps were in my pocket and I was ready and raring to go.

The rest of this assignment is no longer available on Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog. You can read the entire thing at Michael Alexander Stories in the VIP Lounge! Check it out!

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