Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/08/10 Santa Claus Is Cumming...

Santa Claus is Cumming… to deal with naughty girls!


I love Christmas time. The trees, the lights, the carols. Especially the carols! I love Trans- Siberian Orchestra especially, but there are so many good ones. Hell, even Bruce Springsteen's Santa Claus is Coming to Town is pretty awesome. So when I got my most recent assignment from Master Brandon, I was more than a little surprised.

Breanne - Dress in a mini skirt, no panties, high heels, and an appropriately Christmas style shirt with a super low collar and go to see Santa Claus. While doing this assignment, you need your pussy empty. Wait until the very end of the day, right before Santa is supposed to get off and make sure you are the last person in line. When you finally get up to see Santa Claus, sit down in his lap. Lean over and make sure he can see down your shirt. If he asks you if you've been naughty or good, make sure you're honest. Then tell him that you you'd like a Christmas Spanking and a good solid Santa Claus fucking for Christmas.

(Sing along with me!) All I want for Christmas is my bottom spanked, my bottom spanked, and a good fucking....

But that wasn’t all. Ever since I sort of screwed up an assignment a bit ago, I’ve had two other small requirements: my large blue rubber bands around the base of my tits and my anal beads deep inside me (on of course) if I wanted to cum. Lastly, yesterday morning I had a clothespin attached to my clit and it stayed there all day. Oh yeah. No cumming too, despite having ben wa balls in me.

So Tuesday night I headed out toward a particular mall, quite a bit away from my usual haunts. My first stop was of course some place to change, and I pulled over behind our property on the little farm to market road that goes behind our farm. I hopped out, moved to the front of the truck, and began stripping. I took off my boots, then my jeans and panties, then my shirt. I was cold, really cold, so I moved quickly, pulling the denim skirt up my legs and then slipping into the black shirt with low collar. For fun, I clipped a little ivy pin I had been given years ago to the shoulder and then slipped into my duster. I drove north on 6 and managed to get to the mall around eight thirty which was perfect, since the mall was closing at nine, as was Santa's Photo Booth.

Parked in the darkness, I still had a few things to handle. The first was the immanent threat of possible orgasm. If I was actually successful at seducing Santa (which at that moment I wasn’t so confident about. Silly me) I would need to have the vibrating beads in my ass, as well as the rubber bands around my tits. I also had one other little toy with me that had not been ordered by Master Barrett or Master Brandon. It was in my purse. But sitting there in the truck I pulled my skirt up, avoided my rather sore and still clothespinned clit, and began working the beads into my ass.

I’m getting used to it actually. Oh, not having them up my rear, but putting them there. It takes some time too. It’s not easy to do by yourself. You have to be in an awkward position, pushing one bead at a time into your ass. It’s really something better done with a friend. And preferably, it’s the friend’s ass your putting them in.

My next move was to pull up my shirt. It was pretty tight against my skin, but I pulled the rubber bands out of my purse and quickly wrapped them around my breasts. This caused my normal 36b cups to tighten quite a bit into 36b globes. They were sticking straight out and actually, once I got my shirt back down, made a pretty decent bra. It was a tad bit uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Shucking the duster in my truck, I skipped into the mall as quickly as possible. I expected to find a lot of people, but the place wasn't actually that bad. This early in the season, and after the madness of Black Friday, the mall was sort of quiet. I liked it. Even better, despite the totally inappropriate clothing I was wearing, it wasn't outrageous, so I wasn't getting looks. Okay, I WAS getting a few looks, but they were more like "wow I'd like to do her" than, "what a slut!" It took me a little while but eventually I found Santa's little hideout. Would you believe he didn't have a line at all? No one was there but Santa and his little elf girl!

They were chatting and the first thing I noticed was that Santa was a real Santa. He was clearly in his late fifties or early sixties, had a REAL beard (go ahead, pull on it!) and seemed rather jolly. The girl/photographer was a teenager, clearly working a temp job. Ten minutes to nine and with no one still in line or even around, I finally screwed up my courage and approached. I did my absolute best to look desirable, sultry, and just a little naughty. I walked up, clearly making my intention to sit on Santa's lap known. The girl greeted me and asked me if I wanted a picture. I declined, but told her I still needed to chat with Saint Nick.

I approached and gave him my million watt please spank and fuck me with a peppermint stick smile and then lifted my skirt as I planted my rear end down on his right knee. I had turned on the anal beads right before approaching, and the remote was tucked into my waist band. He had this confused but quite pleased look on his face as he wrapped one arm around me. I wiggled a bit as his hand touched my side, but he was careful to keep his hands in appropriate places. Well... as appropriate as possible. His right hand was on my bare right leg and it was clear he wanted to put the other one on my left thigh. He ended up just laying it in his lap. I leaned over, making sure he had a clear view down my shirt.

He glanced down once, blinked, and then asked me my name. I told him with a little naughty smile. Then he asked me the million dollar question.

"Have you been a good girl this year?"

I smiled. "Not in the least, Santa. I've been terrible this year. I've been so naughty, that I'm pretty sure that I made the OTHER list."

He cocked one eye up. "So you deserve a stocking full of coal?" he asked with forced humor. I shook my head back and forth, then leaned up so that my lips were at his ear.

"No Santa, I deserve a Christmas Spanking and a good old fashioned Santa fuck."

You should have seen the look on his face. "That's a little inappropriate, don't you think?" His tone was quite stern and I smiled again, shaking my head. I draped one arm around his shoulders and wiggled my bottom a little.

"I don't think so. You can even give them to me early, tonight in fact. I'll just come with you to your dressing room and you can use that nice thick belt on my bottom before you fuck me.”

He swallowed. “What’s that buzzing?” he asked.

I grinned. “The vibrating beads in my ass.” Hey, it’s Santa. You better not lie, right? So I was honest.

“And I’ve got ben wa balls in my pussy too.”

Santa’s hand was finally on my left thigh and I slid myself slightly down so that his hand went up my leg. It almost went under my skirt but then he yanked his gloved hand away.

I could see the indecision on his face. I guess Santa is harder to corrupt than your usual guy. But in the end sex won out. I was instructed to follow him and his little elf to the dressing room. I managed to get up off his lap and he gave me a quick pat on the bottom. Then I pranced away from the workshop and went to the wall to wait.

Right at nine they closed down. The little elf girl kept glancing at me and when she and Santa started walking away, I followed them. She definitely noticed, but didn’t say anything. We walked about a quarter of the way through the mall and then Santa and his elf girl walked up to a plain white door in what appeared to be a store front under construction, unlocked it with a key, and stepped inside. The door closed.

For a moment I panicked. What was happening? But about three minutes later the elf girl opened the door, saw me, and motioned me over. The look on her face was a mixture of curiosity and contempt.

“Santa says you can go in now.” Her tone was just a little bit… off. I ignored it, gave her a smile, and then stepped through the door.

I had been right. It was a closed store front, which is odd during Christmas at a mall. But I saw some empty shelves, a counter, and near the back, a makeshift dressing room complete with cloth walls. Santa was looking at me, still in his robes, looking every bit like Saint Nicholas himself. I lowered my eyelashes and walked over to him. My ben wa balls rolled inside me and the vibrations of the beads were making them move as well. I could feel the sexual urgency building, but I wanted this to be right.

Santa grinned. “Come over here Breanne.” He motioned toward two folding chairs set up right inside the dressing area. I did as ordered and approached.

“Are you ready for your Christmas spanking?” he asked. I nodded. Of COURSE I was.

He sat down on one of the chairs and told me to lay across his lap. I did, finding that the second chair did a good job of supporting my upper body. My legs dangled off to his other side. I trembled as I felt his hand on my bottom, though I admit that my shaking was slightly lost in the vibrations of the anal beads. He rubbed my ass through the skirt and then slid his left hand up it. He wasn’t wearing the gloves any more and I felt bare skin touching bare skin. It felt so good. I moaned slightly, wiggling my ass as he began to squeeze my butt cheeks.

Then he pulled my skirt up. All the way. I felt the cool air of the empty store swirl past his hand and then he smacked me.

Yep. Smacked. Not a spank. It was light and playful, but certainly not what I was looking for. I wanted a butt blistering, cheek reddening, teeth gritting corporal punishment. I looked at him back over my shoulder.

“Santa. I’ve been REALLY bad. Spank me like you mean it.”

He frowned, but that evidently got him going because his next blow made me hiss. As I began wriggling around on his lap, my pussy quietly going into overdrive, he landed blow after blow on my rear end until I felt this stinging heat that seemed to set my sex drive to boil.

When I had enough, I slipped off his lap to my knees. This surprised him and his eyes widened. My fingers fumbled at his big black leather belt and I finally got it off him as my hands dipped down into his trousers. They were tied on and it took me a second to get them off, but I did. To my surprise, he wasn’t actually fat. Sure, he had a bit of a paunch, but Santa was a little trimmer than most of the cartoon Santas make him out to be.

Santa’s north pole is also pretty nice. He’s pretty big. A good seven or eight inches, nice and thick and meaty. He also tasted pretty nice. Not quite like peppermint and sugar drops, but definitely in the category of clean and well groomed. I bobbed my head as my mouth opened and I took him in and in moments Santa was groaning as I did my best to make him horny enough and hard enough to fuck me silly.

We were pretty distracted, so when the door to the dressing area opened it surprised us both. My skirt had fallen back down to cover my ass, but Santa’s prick was sticking out of his robes with about as much subtleness as Rudolph’s nose. We both jerked, with Santa covering his cock as I rocked back on my heels and the little elf girl came back into the room. She was still dressed in her red and green elf tunic, complete with green tights, funny little shoes, and dopey hat.

“I knew you’d be doing this,” she said haughtily. Santa actually blushed. To my surprise she walked over to us, bent down and picked up the black leather Santa belt.

“You’re nothing but a slut,” she declared, looking at me still on my knees in front of Santa.

“Christine, look… it’s not like that,” Santa declared, starting to stand up.

Christine gave Santa a hard look. “Shut up Fred. She’s using you to fulfill a sick fantasy.”

Fred, aka Santa, sighed and rolled his eyes. Christine, aka little elf girl, folded his belt in half.

“Don’t believe me? Check it out.” Christine reached over to me, grabbed my shirt, and yanked it up. My breasts stuck straight out, clearly pushed forward by the blue rubber bands. Santa blinked in surprise.

“You ARE a naughty girl, aren’t you?” It was more of a rhetorical statement. But it was Christine who said “strip bitch.”

Yeah. I didn’t see that coming. I mean, sure I guess I should have. Sort of. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen or so. And to be honest, I didn’t immediately obey. I just sat there on my knees, too stunned to reply or comply.

So she hit me. With the belt. Across my breasts. Hard.

I won’t mince words. It wasn’t a pleasant stroke either. She sort of missed and while both breasts did get the brunt of the blow, the edge of the thick leather belt also hit my chest, leaving a red welt that crossed my cleavage. I gasped and rocked back in shock. Even Santa stood there unmoving, surprised. Christine however did what comes naturally to dommes all over the world.

She hit my breasts again.

After the second stroke, which was no better aimed than the first, I was scrambling to get my clothes off. The shirt went first because it was already pulled up around my neck. The skirt was just as easy and after that there was nothing else to take off! I went back to my knees, legs spread, my pussy clearly showing and dripping, the remote of the beads lying on the floor, hands behind my head, fingers laced together. I’m sure I looked like a nympho humiliation pain slut. Of course, there were tears in my eyes. That belt had really hurt. And I was breathing a little harder than usual.

Christine started to swing again, but Santa grabbed her hand.

“That’s enough, Christine.” His voice was measured and very strong.

She looked at him. “But Fred!”

He shook his head. “Santa.”

Christine blinked. “Santa? You’re playing into her fantasy?”

Santa nodded. “I’ve already given her a Christmas spanking and now I’m going to fuck her brains out. So you can either go, or stay, but you aren’t hitting her again.”

Sometimes my brains aren’t connected to my mouth. “She can hit me all she wants Santa. I’ve been a bad girl. I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut,” I said.

They both turned and stared at me. Oops.

Next thing I knew Santa was back in the folding chair, his cock out and in my mouth, while Christine entertained herself by swinging the belt at my ass. Santa had lost his erection when Christine had originally interrupted but it came back quick enough. I on the other hand was having problems because Christine kept swinging underhand shots at my pussy. They weren’t hard strokes, but they stung and it wasn’t long before my hips were dancing and thrusting and I wanted Santa cock in me so bad. I lifted up off Santa long enough to beg him to fuck me.

Santa pushed me to the floor and the next thing I knew Saint Nick was pushing his cock into my pussy. I groaned for a moment, but then things went wrong and Santa pulled back out after only penetrating a single inch. Crap. The ben wa balls. His fingers scrabbled between my legs and then I felt him yank the two spheres out of my pussy. He tossed them aside and then parked his sleigh in my garage.

Ouch. Bad metaphor. Um… I’ll think about that some more. Maybe I can cum up with something better.

Santa was a good fucker. Long slow strokes. Things were going really well when I suddenly caught a glimpse of Christine. She had removed her funny looking elf shoes and the green tights, and was now bare legged from the really short hem of her elf tunic all the way down. She moved closer and from my position on the floor I could see up her tunic.

She wasn’t wearing anything under it.

Now I am guessing that she had been wearing panties and that I just missed her taking them off. Or maybe she took them off with the tights. Who knows. What I do know is that she moved toward Santa and me and then knelt down over my head, pushing Santa upward. In seconds a trimmed but hairy pussy was pressing down onto my face and I wrapped my arms around her legs and began licking. What else could I do? The little elf girl began rocking, humping my chin and mouth as I licked and nibbled and sucked and did all the nice little things girls like done to them by other girls. It was… awesome actually. I had Santa cock moving in and out of me, anal beads in my ass, rubber bands around my tits, which were being pawed and squeezed by Santa, after being whipped, while having Santa’s elf girl ride my face.

Santa came first. SANTA CLAUS IS CUMMING TO TOWN! Sorry. I just can’t get that song out of my head. I felt his cock turn rock hard, shudder a little, and then he filled the condom. Christine ignored the whole event, continuing to rock on me. Within thirty seconds or so Santa pulled out and moved to the folding chair, watching as his elf rode my face and my legs folded outward, exposing a red and swollen, wet pussy.

Now I only caught glimpses of this, but I thought Santa was stroking his cock. Which makes sense. Right? Too girls, having sex, one of them a co-worker? I reached up, still tonguing Christine’s slit, and began touching her through the tunic, concentrating on her breasts. Then I slid my hands up under it. It was too tight to get me where she wanted my hands to go, so she pulled it off, knocking the stupid elf hat off her head. She was just as thin and willowy as me, with maybe b cups. But I ran my finger tips across her nipples and started pinching and tugging on them. She pressed down harder and it suddenly got difficult to breath. I tried to push her off but she rocked her hips and then suddenly I felt this drenching spurt of wetness as she came all over my face.

I finally managed to push her off and sucked in a breath. Christine was pretty sweet and she sort of fell over to the side, her face flushed. I mewed a bit, got to my knees, and moved back over to Santa. His cock was not limp, but it wasn’t hard either, and I bent down and started sucking on him again. I was going crazy too. I was the only one in the room who hadn’t cum!

Santa was hard again, but no where near ready to resume fucking me when I felt Christine touch me from behind. It was a gentle touch, but firm and she reached between my spread legs and cupped my pussy. One finger slipped into me while another one began stroking my clit. I moaned. It felt incredible. While I was sucking Christine continued to touch me, tantalizing me, but it wasn’t until she started trying to work her entire hand into my pussy that it really got to me.

And I came, with Santa’s cock in my mouth, and his little elf’s hand up inside me. I shuddered as the orgasm rocked through me and then Christine yanked her hand out, pushed me aside and then SAT on Santa’s lap.

I didn’t see that coming.

So… sans condom… Santa’s (or should I say Fred?) second orgasm of the night was into his little elf girl while I lay like a discarded bow on the floor. While they were busy I got cleaned myself off with Christine’s costume, slipped back into my skirt and shirt, and gathered up my stuff. Fred and Christine were just sitting their entwined when I quickly thanked them and made for the door. They were too messed up to follow me and I made my escape.

The mall was deserted, mostly because it was after hours, but there were a few salespeople still locking up. I did pass a security guard and thought about telling him that Santa and his elf were back in the dressing room, fucking each other’s brains out, but I decided not to. I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut. Not a bitch.

Back at my truck I pulled my now dry ben wa balls out of my purse and slipped them into my pussy. NHPS Rule #1. Gotta stay stuffed. But I did turn off and remove the anal beads. Yeech. Gives me the shivers. I also took off the rubber bands.

So right now I’m not sure what I’ll get for Christmas. Will it be a stocking full of coal for a naughty girl? Or will it be a brand new industrial strength vibrator, complete with elf made attachments? For a naughty girl?

What do you think?

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