Friday, December 31, 2010

Anniversary Assignments

As many of you know, Breanne's one year anniversary writing (and fucking) for Michael Alexander Stories is right around the corner. You would not BELIEVE the insanity coming her way. I've read some of the suggested assignments, not to mention the "softening up" assignment she will be enduring the week BEFORE.

On January 5th, Breanne will be posting all of the assignments she had received, so that everyone can vote on them. The voting period will start on the 5th of January and continue through to January 12th. If you would like to submit a suggested assignment to Breanne, it needs to be done prior to January 2nd, so that Breanne can review it, negotiate changes if need be, and get it ready for publishing. I also have to review them.

Please email your suggestions for Breanne's Anniversary Assignment to!

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