Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I am pleased to announce that the Michael Alexander Stories VIP LOUNGE is now open for business.

Step into old world elegance, luxurious surroundings, dark corners, and deviant decadence. By joining the VIP Member's Lounge you will get immediate access to:

The New Story Archive - featuring the latest works of Michael Alexander, explore the newest short story and novelized erotic BDSM Fiction of Michael Alexander.

CYOD Novels - As a kid, Michael Alexander loved reading "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels, stories designed to bring the reader deep into the plot narrative, not as an observer, but as an active participant. Michael has penned an adult adventure, allowing readers to choose their own destiny as they navigate the murky waters of an upscale brothel called "The Club". Explore the various delights offered by the establishment or choose from the available dancers to experience an evening of adventure. Once you are finished, come back again and choose a different destiny!

Character Corner - Get to know your favorite Michael Alexander characters. This area will feature special vignettes, un-published character stories, interviews, and character profiles,

Breanne's Toybox - If you are a fan of Breanne Erikson and her Daily Assignments, you won't be able to read them on the blog forever. While her latest assignments will continue to be posted here on the blog, the archive of past assignments is stored in the VIP LOUNGE. Not only that but get Breanne's Top Ten List, her Toybox Contents, and two original stories penned by Breanne.

Discounts on Serial Novels and the Store - Being a VIP Member has its privileges. Receive special discounts on Michael Alexander's e-based serial novels (several which are in the works), e-reader books (.pdf/e-pub/mobi formats for your Nook or Kindle2), and Michael Alexander merchandise.

SUBSCRIBE TO MICHAEL ALEXANDER STORIES! Cover Charges for VIP Membership is $15.00 (USD) for a Recurring 6 Month Membership! Click here to set yourself on the path to Membership!

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