Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Please! Don't Hit Me!

"Oh God! Please! No! Please! Don't hit me!" She cried out. Her legs trembled in response to the stimulation caused by the massive vibrator buried between her legs. It rattled and clacked against the set of vibroballs also stuffed into her pussy, a double dose of mechanical mayhem that had been going on for over an hour. She flinched and then let out a noise that was part sob and part giggle. She tugged on the chains holding her legs spread and upward, exposing her delicate sex to their abuse.

First it had been nothing more than rape. It had started with a thick black rubber phallus, with a tapered head. He had plunged it into her wet gash until she had screamed and begged for mercy. He pushed a narrow probe into her ass, made of hard black rubber, taking her anal virginity. It had not been pleasant for her. With both hands he had fucked her, ramming the two hard probes into her holes. To her shame, she had ended up begging to be allowed to cum. His response was to tug the narrow bottom phallus out of her rear end. A new toy appeared in his hand and he shoved the inflatable plug into the still tight hole, squeezing the blub until she felt as if her ass were about to rip apart. He took hold of the dildo still buried in her pussy and worked it until she was right at the edge. And then he stopped.

They had left her like that for over an hour, stuffed, but untouched, until a new tormentor had taken the first's place. The inflatable plug was removed and the set of beads slowly stuffed into her gaping hole. She winced and cried out as each one was inserted. Then the phallus was removed and she had been forced to deal with the vibroballs, and finally the vibrator. The buzzing was taking it's toll and she felt close to cumming again. She looked up as he stepped forward, the heavy leather crop swinging in his hand. She knew where he was planning on hitting her and she shook her head, begging.

"Oh God! Please! No! Please! Don't hit me!"

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  1. I wish stuff like this happened to me more often, and without me having to ARRANGE it.


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