Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nipple Clamps - A Primer

Hey guys, let's talk tits for a moment. Specifically, how to clamp them.  See, there is a right way to do this, and a wrong way to do it.  If you do it the wrong way, you're going to cause your submissive (or yourself) a lot more pain and tenderness than is healthy for them, so we need to go over a few important rules.

First of all, these are breasts:

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, but we're going to focus on the nipples, which are those two little bumps that are so sensitive and fun.  Look at them.  Don't they just beg for you to lick, suck, pinch and clamp them?  Yep. I thought so.

Now let's talk clamps.  There are lots of kinds.  For example:

Japanese Clover Clamps.  They tighten when you pull on them.
Chopstick clamps.
Rubberband clamps
Binder Clamps!
Duck Bill Clamps.
So you can see, there are lots of options.  But I want you to notice something, and here's the big thing.  Most of these clamps are on pretty far back.  You don't want to actually compress just the little pink tip.  Why?  Because that hurts so bad that I don't know a single girl that really stand that for any length of time.  It hurts like holy hell and leaves her so tender that she's not going to want to put a clamp on again for DAYS.  So how do we function with clamps?  Put them on farther back.  Then we can tolerate the throbbing ache the way you want us to. Okay?

Oh. I forgot to post a picture of an alligator clamp.

Love ya!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 9!

Breanne Erickson and Michael Alexander are pleased to announce the release of Breanne's latest book, "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Volume 9" (My God... nine of them?) Filled with the crazy antics of the girl AfterDark Online calls "the goddess of dark erotica," Volume 9 is stuffed full of Breanne's phenomenal story telling, her witty humor, some tears, and a whole lot of orgasms for both Breanne and her readers!  With five unpublished before Tales, Volume 9 is definitely a must have for Breanne fans.  Head on over to AfterDark Online to read a bit of the sample and sink your teeth into Breanne's amazing world or stop by and pick up your copy today!

Available in e-book format (kindle) for $2.99

Monday, August 18, 2014


The wind rustled the leaves around us, dappled sunlight streaming through the trees and leaving a mixture of light and dark on Nick’s skin.  I smiled wickedly, my hips grinding down as I worked myself back and forth on his extended shaft, his fingers tracing lazy circles through the oil that coated my body.  I was naked, gloriously bare and the fact that we were lying on a thickly padded quilt, in a quiet and secluded glen, deep in the George Bush Reservoir and Flood Plain, just made our love making all that much better.  I wriggled my hips, eliciting a groan from his half open mouth.  His thumbs graced my nipples, almost flicking the gold piercing on my right breast.  A small padlock dangled down and he teased it, sending tiny sparks of exquisite pleasure back up through me.  I clenched down on his cock, squeezing him inside me, my toes curling as he strained upward.  I’ve always loved this position, with me on top, controlling depth and penetration angle.  Normally my own satisfaction is an afterthought when I’m in this kind of situation, wildly screwing someone nearby, but this time I needed to cum first and I let myself go with a kind of wild abandon that made me all the more attractive to Nick.

I hate to say it, but our wild, outdoor, fairy-like lovemaking became a race and evidently I’m better than I thought I was because I felt shudder beneath me even as his thick rod turned into a granite pillar.  There was a throbbing sensation deep in my loins and I fought the urge to snarl at him as he grabbed me and rolled, pinning me to the quilt and taking me by force for the last few necessary thrusts.  The new position released the pressure I’d been building on top of him and as I felt him gasp and go still, I muttered a few choice swear words, straining with need and want, facing disappointment.

Nick half collapsed on me, holding me still, which made things even worse and it wasn’t till I hit him lightly on the shoulder with a grunt of displeasure that he rolled off me, his weight no longer holding me down and his softening manhood leaving a wet trail across my thigh.

“Damn!” I said again, sexual frustration powering much of my agitation.  

Nick laughed, clearly pleased with himself and obviously in the middle of the afterglow I’d wanted to have.  

“I was supposed to cum first!” I protested, crossing my arms angrily over my bare and slick breasts.  Before we’d even started I’d done a strip tease right between the two big oak trees, followed up by a very sexy, deliberately slow and exotic oiling. I’d done every part of myself too; front, back, boobs, butt, feet, legs, arms, and I made a special effort to get every little fold and petals of my sex, knowing that Nick was watching, going slowly nuts with want.  And after I’d gotten everything from the neck down slippery and glistening, I’d told Nick to take off his pants and I’d oiled him as well.  Though I might have been a bit more focused on one particular part.

“So? Masturbate?” Nick said to me, standing up and moving back over to where he’d kicked off his clothes.  I sighed in exasperation.

“The idea was for me not to have to masturbate,” I said with frustration, laying back and staring up through the foliage.  It was pretty, the way the light danced in the leaves.  

“Well, it can’t be like you haven’t done it already, what… three times today?” Nick asked, tugging his boxers back on over his now shriveled cock.  I scowled at him and stuck out my tongue.  He laughed and as soon as he had gotten his jeans back on he went over to my backpack and rifled through it.  Half a moment later he tossed me a long, black rod, a thin tube dangling from the back end like a tail.  It hit my thigh and fell onto the quilt.  I picked it up and looked at Nick in exasperation.

“This is an anal plug, dummy.”  My words were cutting but Nick was to pleased with himself to care.  He shrugged and put on his shirt.

“So?  You had it in your cunt a month or so ago, front to back, right?  So what’s the problem?”

I let out a sound that could only be pronounced as “hmphrrhfff,” but he did have a point.  The Titanmen Inflatable Wonder Plug was intended for a girl’s bottom, but could easily be used up front as well. It wasn’t quite as comfortable as some dildos of similar size since the bend was different, but considering it would be at least an hour before Nick was up for another round of “make the Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut whimper,” I figured that I could go ahead and try it out anyway.  And I really was still desperate.  So with Nick watching, a big grin on his face, I grabbed the toy, lifted it between my legs, and slid the whole damn thing into my sopping wet pussy, oil and my own juices lubricating the slick and shiny phallus.  My hand picked up speed as the synthetic cock, which wasn’t quite as good as the real thing, slid in and out, driving me right back toward climax.  

I spread my legs, bringing the slick bottoms of my feet together, opening up in a butterfly like pose, arching my back as one hand began to tug, tweet, and pull on my nipples.  My fingers slid across my bosom and down my stomach, then back up, stroking and swirling, sending little shivers of exquisite pleasure through me.  I let out a tiny moan, my hips thrusting with steady grace. I’m sure it was quite a fetching sight because I was terribly serious, ignoring the fact that Nick was watching.  I’m absolutely positive that I was twice as intriguing as I’d been a few minutes earlier, pinned under him.  The black rubber cock, ostensibly meant for my bottom, slid in and out of my sex and my petals pulled and pushed with each thrust of my hand. It didn’t take me long to let out a cry of astonishment, the massive plug doing to me what I wanted and needed.

The second I let go Nick was there, between my legs, one hand taking the toy out of both my hand and the warm and wet spot it was resting in, while the other swirled through the oil to get purchase under my body. I felt myself flipped over even as I groaned in disappointment as the Wonder Plug was pulled from my sex.  Then to my surprise Nick pressed the well sauced tip against my bottom. I was already well lubricated, even inside, so as he pushed all I needed to do was relax and then the full six and a half inches were buried in my backside.  He grabbed hold of the pump, squeezing the black latex bulb half a dozen times.  I felt the plug widen and grown in my rear, going from uncomfortable to barely tolerable.  I sucked in a thick breath of air as my body tried to adjust.

“There now.  That’s set.  I think we can get started,” Nick said with a grin.  I half rolled back over, my buttocks tightening in reflexive torment.  Either deliberately or unknowingly, Nick had set the vibrations rather high and the earthshaking sensation was flooding through my loins from back to front.  He had the cuffs ready and I lay there in a sort of dazed state, my focus still on the thick rod penetrating and shaking my ass as he quickly wrapped the leather cuffs around ankle and wrist.  When he was done he patted my rump, his fingers slipping on the oil.

 “You can stand now, Bre.”

I climbed to my feet slowly, almost languorously, stretching my body, still awash with the soup of adrenaline and oxytocin, of dopamine and serotonin that came from climax, my veins taking it to every corner of my being.  I gave him another smile, half-satisfied smirt and half drug-induced pleasure.  Nick grinned and moved behind me, snagging one wrist and then the other, securing my arms behind my back and making sure that my fingers were wrapped together.  He stuffed the pump to the Wonder Plug in my hand as well and I couldn’t resist giving it another squeeze, feeling the thickness inside me grow even larger.

“I think you need to spread your legs now, as wide as you can,” he said with a smile and I took a single step, my oiled feet still on the quilt, but spread wide, way past the distance of my shoulders, the feminine naturalist version of da Vinci’s Vitruvian man, but way the hell sexier.  I bit my lip and looked at Nick with a wicked and sensuous invitation.  He ignored it with a shake of his head and I sighed lustily.

“I shouldn’t have let you cum,” I complained as he took the first skein of rope and unwrapped it, tying one end to the silver loop embedded in the ankle cuff on my left leg.  

“I like to think of it as preemptive reward,” he replied, taking a few steps backward and tying the other end of the rope to the live oak nearby.

I snorted derisively. “Preemptive reward? That doesn’t even make any sense,” I taunted him as he crossed in front of me, another skein of rope in his hand.  “How can you preempt a reward?  You want the reward,” I complained as he tied off my other leg.  With my hands behind my back I almost lost my balance, my stance was so wide, but he helped me, putting a hand on my hip to keep me upright.

“You are so right,” he whispered, his hand sliding down to cup my sex. I moaned as a two fingers slid into me, the oil and my explosion making the penetration super simple.  “So how did you do the other four orgasms?” He asked, pumping his fingers.

I shivered, fresh waves of pleasure washing over me.  I nodded, swallowing the need to gasp as he worked me wetly.  “Different ways,” I wheezed as another rush of pure bliss blossomed between my legs. It wasn’t an orgasm, but it certainly was a wave.  “I used my Husky dildo this morning in the barn.”

Nick withdrew his hand and wiped the goo across my tummy while I shuddered and groaned.  He went back to my bag.  “That’s just one.  You didn’t do all of them with your Husky dildo.  Besides, that thing is only nine inches long.”

I nodded as he drew something pink and black out of my bag.  The Velcro straps were loose, dangling as he brought the pink sex toy closer.  “Did you use this?” he asked, holding up the Rotating Venus Penis.  I shook my head as he moved it down toward my sex, rubbing the tip of the four inch, plastic cock against my clit.  I moaned and he grinned. “Tell me, or this doesn’t go in.”

“Just a regular vibrator,” I whispered, trying to push my loins forward without losing my balance..  Nick shook his head and clucked his tongue in disappointment.

“For you, I was kind of hoping for something epic.  You are after all, Breanne Erickson, Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut.”  But as he said it he pushed and the bulb of the RVP slid into my wetness, spreading my petals, making me sigh in relief.  Nick began wrapping the straps around my waist, securing the Rotating Venus Penis to my body.  I squeezed it tight, my sex convulsing around it.  

“That’s two,” he said, finishing up a moment later.  He stepped back to survey his handiwork and then grabbed the remote, which was dangling down between my legs.  This he brought up behind me and tucked it in along with the controller/pump for the Inflatable Wonder Plug.  I tried to turn it on, but it was just out of reach. Nick ignored my pitiful attempts and went back to my bag, bringing out the two small, metal pails, the binders twine, and the clover clamps.

I bit my lip as my breasts rose and fell with my deepening breaths.  He brought the pails over to me and gave me a knowing look.  “I know you had to do something intense and crazy for that fourth orgasm. Right?” He asked as he tossed the first pail over a low hanging branch off to my left.  The small container fell halfway to the ground before being brought up short by the twine he held in his hand.  Quickly he tied it off to one of the clover clamps and then held it up.

“Tell me,” he said, holding the metal jaws over my left breast.  “Did you use the Core Driller dildo?” he asked.

I shook my head, my eyes locked on the silver gleam of the clover clamp. They were designed to tighten the more you pulled on them, and these had been filed, given ridges that made their gripping power increase tenfold.  They’d never come off, even with my breasts slick and oiled.  I felt a rush of adrenaline, of fear go through me as Nick pinched the clamp open and I leaned back away from him as far as I could go.  He grabbed me and put his hand on the back of my neck, forcing me forward.  

“Focus Bre. Fourth orgasm?”

The words seeped out of me in a rush. “The monster vibrator!” I said, referring to the 12 inch long blue-tooth enabled sex toy I’d been given at my Welcome Back party.  The moment the words were out of my mouth Nick let the clamp close and I let out a sharp cry as the tip of my breast was crushed tightly between the metal pads.  The twine went taut and I saw the bucket swing off to my left.  Nick took a deep breath and shook his head.

“Was it on?” He asked as he prepped the other pail, tossing it up and over a branch off to my right.  I nodded eagerly as he tied the end of the string to the spare clover clamp.  He came back up to me and grabbed my right breast, the pierced tip almost touching his chest, squeezing it with his fingers, plumping me like a pillow.  He held up the clamp, the line going off to the side, over the branch and down to the little empty bucket.

“What setting?” He demanded as he threatened the tip of my breast with the clover clamp. He stroked my nipple with the cool metal and I stared at the clamp, waiting, breathless for it to bite me.  

“Hey!” he almost shouted, dragging my eyes away from the clamp to his face.  “What setting?” he insisted, pressing the clamp against my nipple, but not letting it close.

I blinked, so many sensations and needs and fears exploding through me, my body trembling from the buzzing in my ass, the still silent form of the RVP’s synthetic cock filling my pussy.  I felt the strain of my stance and then the words finally formed.

“High, of course,” I replied scathingly, a sudden moment of clarity that was lost a second later when the clamp tightened on my flesh, just behind the piercing. The ridges carved into the steel gripped me tight, cutting through the sheen of oil and I gasped.  It set my little charm padlock dangling.  I let out a mewl of complaint, the pain rushing through me. I hadn’t realized just how much the little buckets would weigh when I bought them. They didn’t feel like much when I’d been holding them, but now - tied and dangling from just my nipples?  

“Now that is truly fetching, Bre.”  Nick compliment was sincere as he stepped back to admire  my writing, naked, oiled body, illuminated by afternoon sunlight.  “It’s worthy of a picture.”

My eyes widened.  “Don’t you dare,” I threatened him, meaninglessly.  He stepped around behind me and then the RVP came on.  I let out a whine, purely responsive to the new sensations as the four inch long cock began rotating inside me, round and round in wild arcs.  The base of the RVP, a thick block of plastic stretching from my clitoris down my entire labia began vibrating, sending waves of pleasure through me, only to ricochet off the alternating resonance of the Wonder Plug in my bottom.  My knees buckled, which made me wish my arms were tied to the tree branch above me, rather than behind my back, and it was only Nick’s timely intervention that prevented me from driving the Wonder Plug even deeper with a fall.

“Whoa there, girl. You okay?” He asked as I struggled to get a grip over my body’s reaction to the RVP.  Despite the orgasms, all five of them, I was feeling it.  The RVP always does this to me.  

“Just…” I stammered, feeling as if I’d just been swamped by a rogue wave.  “It’s just… intense.” I swallowed, my lower half fluttering as competing vibrations were stirred into a sexual soup, all with me as the pot.  Nick realized the issue a moment later.  

“Ah…” he said knowingly. “That close, huh?”  He shook his head in disbelief.  “Girl, sometimes you astonish me. How the hell can you be this fucking ready all the time?”  He turned away from me and went back to our gathered supplies, grabbing the heavy gallon jug.  It was filled with water and he popped off the lid and went straight to the bucket to my left.  Without even a word of warning, he poured water into the little pail, the splashing sound filling my ears.  Of course the weight tripled, tugging my breast up and outward toward the branch the connecting twine was draped over.  The little pail swung and I let out a little shriek of my own as the clover clamp, as was its nature, tightened diabolically on my nipple.

Nick ignored me and crossed over to the other side, in seconds I had a matched set of water filled buckets, both anchored to my breasts.  The strain was terrible and it felt like someone had grasped the tip of each breast with a pair of pliers.  But as bad as the throbbing torture was, there were a few positives.  One, they helped keep me upright and not so dangerously close to losing my balance, and it created an instant backflow of sexual need, swirling intensely with the vibrations and rotation of the sex toys inside me.

I didn’t even notice that my hips were starting to jerk, thrusting forward lewdly as the RVP and the Wonder Plug did their little dances.  Nick watched for a moment with a silly grin as my oiled, stretched, bound, stuffed, vibrated body went through the motions of oncoming climax. Then he snapped his finger.

“I forgot!” he said in disbelief.  He went back to the bag and pulled out the flogger I’d brought.  It wasn’t a cruel weapon, but it stung like the dickens if the person wielding it really wanted.  A handful of little rubber strings were mounted on the handle and Nick shook them out as he moved behind me.  I was cognizant that he was circling me, even somewhat aware that my rump was about to be a target, but I was still too wrapped up in the coming orgasm to really care.  I closed my eyes and readied myself, but when the stroke didn’t come, my hips again began pumping.

That’s when he swung the whip.  The rubber strands struck my bottom and I cried out as the sting bit through the swell of pleasure that had built beneath my skin.  I jerked forward and almost lost my balance, but the pull of the weighted buckets, each attached to just the tips of my breasts, kept me from toppling over.  It was maddening.  I struggled to hold my position, to balance, going up on tiptoe even, exposing the arch of each oiled foot, while everything conspired against me.  Nick struck again, this time a bit lower, across the backs of my thighs, the little rubber strands crisp against my skin. My hips slung forward as I tipped backward slightly, which just tightened made the buckets swing wildly.

“Can’t have that, can we?” Nick said with a shake of his head.  He moved around to my front and began kicking at the grass.  A moment later he found what he was looking for, bending over to lift it up.  My eyes widened in alarm, even as a fresh surge of insane sexual pleasure hit me between the legs.

“No Nick! Please! You can’t!” I begged as he continued to search the forest floor. My protests didn’t stop him either. I half expected him to go right to one of the buckets, but he continued his search as I got closer to the cliffs of orgasm, the overload of vibration rocking me back and forth, my nipples tingling.  Finally he found a companion rock, just about the same size as the first, and he brought them over to me.  He dropped one in the right bucket first and I felt the corresponding tightening of the clamp.  It felt like someone had grabbed my tit and yanked upward, pulling me onto the tips of my toes.  Before I could even adjust to that new agony, Nick deposited his other rock in the opposite bucket.  Now I was truly pulled to the extremes and I cried out, throwing my head back, perspiration beading on my brow as I rocked back and forth.

He picked up the whip and gave me a satisfactory look. “Very nice,” he said.  Then without even a warning, he swung the whip overhand, striking me right between my stretched out breasts.

“Oww!” I yelped, the sting almost eclipsing the burning pulse of the clamps on my nipples.  Nick ignored my cries and swung at my outstretched thigh, catching me so high that half the rubber strands caught my petals, sending shards of stinging heat through my loins.  He hit me on the opposite leg, working his way down, leaving red blotches on my oiled and pale skin, before working back up.

“Brace yourself,” he said wickedly, the brought the whip upward in an underhand swing used by softball pitchers around the world.  The rubber strands of the flogger caught me, the RVP only blocking the worst of the blow.  Most of it struck my exposed perineum, my outward turned folds, and my bottom.  I let out a loud keening noise, bouncing ridiculously up and down on the balls of my feet, water splashing out of the buckets as Nick hit me again between the legs, and then a third and fourth time.

And that was it.  That was all I could take.  I let out a sound that would have attracted every male within hearing distance, each saying “my God, what is that noise?”  While inside each would know it was the sound a woman makes when having a mind-blowing orgasm.  I didn’t just shudder, I roiled.  My sex didn’t just tighten, it locked down around the still rotating, vibrating cock.  My hands, still bound behind my back, curled into fists, the knuckles white and hard.  I sucked in a long breath of air and then let it out as every pore of my body seemed to ooze the excess sexual energy in one long, mind-numbing moment.

“Holy Shit,” Nick whispered, the whip faltering.

When I was done I felt like my insides had been stripped away and that every last dreg of energy I possessed had just been sucked out and washed down a nearby storm sewer.  I saw in colors that I wasn’t used to seeing.  Everything seemed as if it had more contrast, the edges sharper and delineated.  As the explosion ebbed leaving me a husk I began to feel the vibrations again, grinding away inside me, the RVP serving as the mortar to my pestle.  I needed it to stop.

“Nick,” I gasped.  “Please?  Turn them off?” I asked, feeling as if the Titanmen Wonder Plug was drilling a hole up through me, instead of just trying to vibrate its way to China.  

Nick blinked and gave me a confused look.  “Breanne?” he asked.

My breath caught in my throat as my hips pushed forward, the irritation of the continued buzzing driving the motion.  “Nick, please.  I’m too tender.”  And I was.  I’d had six orgasms, most of them with a vibrator of some kind and now, now it was too much.  I could feel it inside me, the slow burn eating away at my nerves.  I let out a shuddering whimper as he cocked his head to the side.

“But you’re supposed to have another orgasm,” he said it as if he couldn’t believe I was asking him to let me go.  He just stood there dumbfounded while the last bits of me eroded away, shaking apart under the onslaught of too much sexual stimulation.  My chest heaved as my breath came out in a rapid fire burst, parts of me hurting too much to believe.  I needed the pressure on my nipples gone. I needed the vibrators stopped.

“NICK! PLEASE! STOP IT! PLEASE!” I yelled at him.  He came right up to me, eyes hard and his voice soft.  

“Do you want a medical out?” He asked me.  I nodded, tears springing up in my eyes.  He cupped my cheek, stroking it with his thumb.

“You know you’ll be punished,” he assured me.

I let out a whimper. “Nick, please…”  I couldn’t keep my hips still and I rammed my groin into his leg.  It pressed the Rotating Venus Penis harder into my clit and the sound I made could have melted steel.  He sighed, then moved behind me.  He turned off the plug in my ass first, then the RVP, stilling it within me.  Then he went to the buckets, dumping the water on the forest floor and removing the rocks, setting them on the ground.  With the weight off my nipples half the pressure on me vanished and again my knees buckled.  I started to fall over but he caught me, lowering me to the ground so that I lay on my back.  He opened the clamps and I screamed as the blood slipped back into the crushed tips of my breasts, sobbing into the forest glen.  He rolled me partially to the side and released my hands. I wrapped my arms around my breasts, squeezing my chest, trying to mitigate the pain in my nipples.  I felt him unbuckle my right ankle, freeing my leg, and as soon as the other side was done I curled up into a fetal ball and shuddered.

Nick cleaned up quietly until everything had been packed away.  Nothing remained except the quilt I lay upon, two damp spots on the forest floor where the water had been poured out, and one over-used, twitching, over-sensitive nympho humiliation pain slut.  He came over to me and I felt, rather than heard the sound of the air release valve being opened, allowing my Wonder Plug to shrink in size. I groaned as Nick pulled it out of my ass and wiped it down with one of the spare hand towels I had brought.  I rolled toward him and spread my legs, my hands going down to the RVP, my nails scratching at the Velcro straps to take it off myself.  Nick stopped me.

“You want to leave it in,” he said sincerely, holding my hand.  I blinked and stared at him.  “NHPS Rule #1?  You don’t want to take it out, only to have to put the ben wa balls, or something else in there, do you?”

I bit my lip.  My pussy felt like I’d poured sand in it and then rode a sybian for four hours.  My clit was sensitive and sore and the insides weren’t much better.  Even off, the four inch cock of the RVP was pressing into me in unwelcome areas, and I wasn’t sure I could tolerate it.  I sat up experimentally.  It was unpleasant, but not bad.  I let Nick pull me to my feet and I winced.  

“You okay?”  

I shook my head, my fingers going down to the straps. I didn’t care.  The hell with NHPS Rule #1.  I tugged the RVP away from my loins, seeing the bright red swelling of my clitoris.  I chucked the toy at my bag and Nick shook his head and sighed.

“Want the ben wa balls?” he asked.

“No.  I’m done for the day.”

“It will go harder on you later,” he said as he brought me my clothing.  I didn’t respond, but put on the gym shorts and tee shirt.  I looked up at him, a skim of tears in my eyes.

“Thanks for respecting my out,” I said softly.

He took a deep breath. “I didn’t want to,” he said. “I wanted to lay you down on your back, tie your hands to that tree back there, and start it all over again.  The clamps, the buckets filled with rocks and water, the RVP and the Plug in  your ass, all of it going, just to see what would happen.”  

My eyes widened in fright as he shook his head.  “Why didn’t you?” I whispered.

Nick grinned ruefully and shrugged.  “Because you said stop.”  He didn’t say anymore and after a moment, I leaned forward and hugged him tight.  

Gingerly, slowly, we took the trail through the softly rustling leaves of the forest, back toward the dam, hand in hand, a master and his submissive, sweet silence, understanding, and respect, between him and me.
Between Orgasms

Breanne, for your next assignment you will start by giving yourself five mind-blowing orgasms.  It doesn't matter how.  You can fuck someone, or several someones, or you can do another assignment for all I care.  All that matters is that you are well sauced when you begin what I have in mind for you.  I need you sexually tired.  You will need some supplies for my assignment, including two small metal buckets capable of holding at least a pint of water each, a gallon of water, two twenty foot lengths of twine, your wrist and ankle cuffs, two skeins of rope, your Rotating Venus Penis, your Titanmen Inflatable Wonder Plug, and your pair of non-connected clover clamps. For appearances I would also suggest your bottle of grapeseed oil.  Last but not least, you will need to bring a rubber flogger. You will then find a friend who will assist you with this assignment, preferably one who will not balk at hitting you with the flogger.

You will be taken out to a wooded area where you will find a suitable place between two trees with overhanging branches.  You will strip naked and then completely oil yourself from the neck down except for your nipples.  Strap on the RVP. Insert the Titanmen Wonder Plug, and attach the clover clamps to the tips of your breasts.  Place the wrist and ankle cuffs on yourself, then move between the two trees.  Allow your assistant to attach the twine to the clover clamps, throwing the loose ends over branches to your left and right.  Your assistant will then attach the small buckets to the ends of the strings so that the buckets are suspended in mid-air.  Spread your legs as wide apart as you can comfortably stand - and uncomfortably stand would be better, and allow your assistant to tie your ankle cuffs to the two trees, keeping you spread open and immobile.  Then your assistant will bind your wrist cuffs together, behind your back.  Have your assistant turn the RVP to full power, both rotation and vibration function, as well as inflate the Titanmen Wonder Plug to it's full size, then activate the vibration function.  Lastly, your assistant will fill the small buckets with water. 

Your goal is to have an additional two orgasms.  At any moment when you are not actually having an orgasm between the trees, your assistant may whip you, fondle you, pinch you, or tickle you.  A third orgasm would be greatly appreciated. - Brandon

Breanne Erickson is the author of "The Society of the Golden Rose" as well as ten other amazing novels detailing her sexual escapades.  Branded the "Goddess of Dark Erotica" by Afterdark Online, Breanne's witty narrative and self-depreciating humor brings a burst of light hearted fun to her BDSM adventures.  Take the plunge and visit and check out Breanne's sexcapades!