Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Unwelcome Choices - Epilogue

There are three other parts; One, Two, and Three. This is the END of the story, so if you begin here... well... I'm not saying you'll be disappointed, but you'll be disappointed. Sort of like having sex by yourself. 


It was almost midnight when we pulled up in front of the apartment and I looked… well… awful. My eyes were bloodshot and my arms and legs ached everywhere. My clothing was a mess too; the peasant blouse was only barely covering me, still annoyingly damp in certain spots with fluids too personal to name. Julie helped me out of the car, holding my shoes as my bare feet came down on the concrete.

“Do you want your shoes?” She asked curiously. I shook my head.

“My feet hurt too much,” I replied with a grimace. I glanced over at my apartment door. “I don’t want the sitter to see me like this,” I said in an empty, exhausted tone. Julie chuckled.

“He won’t mind. I swear,” she said. She took my arm and together we slowly walked up to my door. I hurt everywhere. Julie knocked softly and a moment later the door opened, revealing the massive, football player physique of Mike the Hardware Guy. He gave us both a big smile and stepped back.

“Why are you waddling?” He asked curiously as I stepped into my own apartment. I waved at Julie accusingly but didn’t say anything. She took it in stride and shrugged.

“I might have spanked her pussy a few times,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Six is not a few,” I retorted with just a little of my regular snark as I aimed for the couch. I looked over my shoulder. My daughter’s bedroom door was shut. “Is she asleep?” I asked with a nod of my head, referring to Rachel.

Mike nodded. “She is. About an hour ago.” He paused and gave me a serious look. “Don’t play her poker.”

My eyebrows went up and he held up his hands. “Especially for money.”

Julie giggled. “Breanne doesn’t play poker for money. You know that.”

Mike ignored that and I didn’t want to think about the implications of Rachel playing poker for anything but money. Mike shook his head. “You look like you’ve been through the wringer,” he commented.

I sighed and collapsed down into the soft cushions of the couch. “I feel like it,” I said. I wiped my hand across my face. It felt scuzzy. Julie sat on the arm rest and put a hand on me.

“You okay? I didn’t go too far, did I?” She asked with concern. “I didn’t spank you as hard that last time.”

I looked up at her. She hadn’t, but it didn’t feel like that when she and Missi had bent me back over that table. The sap had landed with a full twenty strokes, all while that one blond had knelt above my face, grinding her bare twat against my mouth and nose. It had been quite the spectacle, what with the crowd and the shouts. And I might have been slightly tipsy by that point. I hadn’t had a whole lot to drink, but there were definitely some blurry edges.

Mike came around and sat down in the easy chair. “This sounds like a memorable night,” he said. “Is this one I should look forward to reading about?”

Julie and I glanced at each other and I finally nodded. “Yeah,” I replied. “This one is getting written up.”

Julie laughed and leaned down, kissing me soundly. “So,” she asked a moment later. “What will the title be?”

I reached up and pulled her down into my lap. She squealed a bit as she fell and then looked up into my eyes as I wrapped an arm around her. Mike laughed as Julie kicked sputtering.

“I think,” I said, pushing a hand up Julie skirt and digging my fingers under the tiny thong she wore. “That I’ll call it ‘unwelcome choices’.”

Julie gasped, her mouth opening wide as I pushed a finger into her sweet little pussy. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she kicked a little. Then Mike slid off the chair and hurried over. He grabbed Julie’s wrists and pulled her arms above her head as I tormented her. I didn’t want to make her cum. I wanted her to suffer. Like I’d suffered all evening.

Julie moaned, writhing in my lap and then Mike began unbuttoning the front of her dress, putting his hand on her.

“You know,” I said. “I’ve licked everyone’s pussy, but yours dear Mistress.” Julie groaned as I curled my finger inside her.

Mike pulled her off me, letting her down gently onto the floor, his hands pulling on her clothing. In moments he had the dress off her and she lay there naked, with just her black lace thong around her waist, my finger still jammed up inside her trim little slit. He used one hand to hold her down, while the other tweaked and flicked at her tiny nipples.

“Oh please!” Julie whimpered. “Yes!”

And so I slid down her body, my peasant blouse slipping away from my bare breasts, nipples touching her skin, down until my mouth fell on her. I sucked her clit into my mouth, then let it go to lick it, soft and hard, fast and slow, until Mike pushed me out of the way. I fell to the side as he pushed his shaft into her body, fucking her hard while I reached around him and stroked his scrotum. He let out a groan as the orgasm hit him and a half second later Julie joined him, their voices loud enough to make me worry that we might get interrupted. I hushed them and they sighed, collapsing in each other’s arms.

Choices? We all make them. And in the end, I’m not sure mine were that unwelcome.

In fact… I’m sure they weren’t.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Unwelcome Choice - Part Three

Hi. I'm Breanne and this is an author's note, advising you to read Parts One and Two before you start in on what's below? Why? Simple. You won't really understand what's going on. I hate it when my readers are confused. But posting things BACKWARD is how things go on a blog. So please, if you haven't read Part One, you need to do that. And if you HAVE read Part One, and haven't read Part Two... well... yeah. You get the picture.

Part Three

“Almost there!” Julie said to me with a quick glance in the rear view mirror. I was still sitting in the back seat of her car, legs spread wide apart, with my skirt mostly rolled up around my waist. The Rotating Venus Penis, a diabolical sex toy that combined the wonders of a vibrator taped to my clitoris and the penetrative feel of a phallic corkscrew had been reinserted into my well spanked and dripping pussy, though it was currently silent, waiting for the wireless commands of my dominatrix before sexually torturing me into another orgasm.

My hips were in plain view thanks to the lack of material making up the skirt and an unusual amount of skin was showing between almost bared mons and the underside of each breast. The reason so much was visible was because Julie had forced me to wear my peasant blouse that day. Not so much a shirt but as the bare minimum of acceptable coverage, the stupid top was more of a valance for my tits. The other reason that you could see the underside of both breasts was because there were a pair of wooden clothespins hanging off each nipple, sticking straight out. The material of the shirt was resting on the stupid pegs, exacerbating the pain that shot through my breasts every time Julie hit a fucking pothole.

At that particular moment I felt just a little wrung out. She’d walked me through half of our local mall, humiliated me in front of countless strangers with me dressed like a two bit hooker, all while tormenting me with demeaning sexual tasks. To make matters worse, the RVP had been active, on full power, both vibrating and churning, all to make me cum, the orgasm being my time limit to complete the tasks before Julie took a leather sap and spanked my pussy raw.

I’d already flubbed that up three times.

On the flip side, I had completed the first three tasks and only had two left. I’d allowed myself to get bent over the hood of a hot car, my (at that point) unclothespinned tits mashed against the sweltering metal, while an unnamed stranger shoved his condom-clad prick repeatedly into my ass.

Then, just a short, demeaning walk away, I’d gotten on my knees in a storage room, surrounded by shoe boxes, in order to suck a handsome gentleman’s prick. Unfortunately I had been no more successful in completing this task in time than I had the first one and Julie had been rather pleased to drag me into a bathroom and smack my pussy hard. Later she’d debased me in front of some girl in a clothing store, managing to get her to replace a set of alligator clamps with the more excruciating wooden clothespins.

I felt the car bump again as Julie turned into a parking lot and I felt the familiar sensation of my stomach getting tied up in knots. A stream of fear shot through me as I glanced around. The problem was that the remaining two tasks needed to be completed in public places, with me in a state of extreme sexual arousal. And if I happened to cum in public, humiliating myself even more? Well that was just a bonus as far as Julie was concerned!

She parked the car and twisted around in her seat. I hadn’t dared close my legs so she got a pretty good glimpse of my stuffed pussy and half-exposed breasts and she grinned. “Looking good, Breanne!” She reached over to the other seat and grabbed her purse and I felt that leaden knot get larger and sink deeper. She plucked two folded papers out of the bag and held them out to me. They were identical, with no indication of what horrible sexual task I’d be directed to complete next. I considered being childish for just a moment, to chant “eeny meeny miney moe” but then I realized it didn’t matter. I had to do both of them anyway, eventually. So whatever I didn’t pick I’d get to do later. I grabbed one and began opening it.

Unfortunately I didn’t even manage to unfold the note before I gasped in alarm and felt a shudder rush through my entire body. Julie grinned evil and held up the wireless remote that controlled the RVP. Inside me, the four inch phallic probe was now revolving in a maddening spiral that left no part of my sex untouched. And to make matters worse, the motor that provided a shaking sensation, translated directly up through the phallus as well as long my petals and clitoris, had been turned on as well. To full power. My hips jerked wildly for a moment, totally out of my control as my pussy squeezed the RVP probe tight in sexual desperation. I struggled to ignore it, despite the fact that my recent pussy whipping had left me charged and ready to cum.

My eyes found the black writing. “Get an over-the-knee spanking. Remember your ass and tits must be bare,” I read aloud, swallowing down a thick knot of apprehension. I felt a tingle at the base of my spine and it sort of spread down to me still well fucked ass. Or maybe that was the RVP just dancing on the bundle of nerves at the top of my well fucked slit.

“Ooohhh!” Julie cooed. “That should be lots of fun!” She declared. She twisted back around to face the front of the car and she opened the door climbing out. “Put your shoe back on and get out,” she ordered me.

For the first time in about half an hour I closed my legs, letting the strain on my thighs dissipate. This was a good thing actually. I’ve always responded better to sexual stimulation when my feet are far enough apart that you could drive a semi-truck through my open thighs. It’s a psychological thing I’m told. I just feel more sexual when I’m in a position of helplessness. Of subservience. I glanced down, noticing the rather obvious wet spot I’d left in the center of Julie’s back seat and I hoped she wouldn’t notice as I fumbled around inside. My hand searched around the floorboard and found my missing shoe, which had fallen off during the last “punishment” spanking I’d received from Julie. I slipped the nine inch platform heel shoe on my foot and wiggled my toes. Once appropriately shod, I climbed out from behind the front seat, set my feet on concrete and pulled myself out into the open air.

Of course my first order of business was to get my skirt pushed back down over my buzzing, swirling loins. Then, once I was sure I wasn’t flashing either the cute purple plastic butterfly sex toy vibrating over my pussy, or my bare and well-rounded ass, I brought my arms up and once more concealed my half-exposed bosom, pressing one arm below and one arm above. The clothespins, and a bit of my blouse, peeked out from between my forearms, but I didn’t care in the least.

I glanced around. It was the first time I’d really been able to take stock of my surroundings. The parking lot was small and about a quarter full, with about a dozen cars sitting in the dim light of the setting sun. There were buildings on either side and I recognized the area. I’d been here before. My eyes widened in recognition and I turned and looked at Julie with something bordering absolute disbelief.

“Julie! Please not here!” I whispered.

As I expected, she completely ignored my protest, grabbed my arm, and pulled me toward the club. “Are you kidding me? This is perfect. Besides, I’m hungry.” I stumbled along beside her, my pussy quivering around the RVP. Each step made the clothespins on my breasts bob and even my arms, wrapped tightly around my bosom, really didn’t mitigate the sensation. Worse, I knew exactly what I was heading for; a blistering butt spanking.

We slipped into the club. I expected to get hammered with the audible equivalent of being run over by a Mac Truck, but the music was actually tolerable, even though I could still feel the bass at the tip of each breast. The last time I’d been in here the place had been smoky. Now a sign next to the door declared it cigarette free and I have to admit I preferred it that way. Julie led me down the steps and as my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw that the dance floor was mostly empty, but some of the tables were occupied. Instantly a number of pretty and interested eyes turned toward us… me… and Julie ignored them as she marched me over toward the bar.

The bar stretched along the back wall and there were a number of women sitting there. You could tell who was alone because almost instantly a few head swiveled to look at me. Maybe they looked at Julie too, but I know what it is like to be looked at like a piece of steak, or prey, and I felt that sensation. It gave me the shivers, which was impressive considering I was walking around with my own personal earthquake strapped to my pussy. Julie slipped into a vacant seat while I remained standing behind her, my arms still wrapped around my chest. Trying to sit down in a stool did not appeal to me. Then she pounded on the countertop. “Service damn it! Service!” She said it obnoxiously, leaning over and looking down the bar. But she said it with a grin and I cringed, wondering if we were about to get thrown out.

A peroxide blond at the end of the bar sauntered down to us, a scowl on her face. At least until she saw that the person making the fuss was Julie. Then her mouth curled up in a delighted smile and she hurried down. She looked - interesting. That’s the best way to describe her. She was sort of tall for a woman, not model height, but almost six feet. She was also stocky, muscular and her short hair had been cut in a manner so that it all stood straight up. She had a sort of rough beauty though. Her breasts were small and the black tee shirt she wore gave her a decidedly butch look.

She moved directly across from Julie and then leaned over. “Julie! It’s been months!” The bartender declared. She planted a kiss on Julie’s cheek and then looked over at me. “Is that a gift?” She asked, giving me a look so hot that I almost melted into a puddle of wet goo on the floor. The sultry expression on the bartender's face left me feeling just a tad bit breathless.

“Now, now, Candi. I’m sure you remember my sub, Breanne.” Julie gestured at me even as she put a hand on the bartender’s forearm. “What would Yulanda say?”

Candi frowned. “Yulanda and I split up, Julie.”

Julie’s eyes widened and she looked down, slightly embarrassed. “Oh. I’m sorry. What happened?”

Candi shrugged. “She felt I wasn’t listening.”

Julie blinked. “But… Yulanda never shut up. I mean that girl ran her mouth ninety percent of the time. You couldn’t get a word in edgewise, even if you wanted to.”

Candi nodded. “Yeah. I know that.”

Julie stared at her. “Uh. Okay,” she said. “Well that sucks.”

Candi nodded, but then smiled. “Still, it does leave me free to have a little more fun. You have to look at the bright side of things.”

Julie’s smile returned. “Well good. That’s a positive way of looking at things. And speaking of fun, Breanne needs a good spanking.”

Candi looked over at me. “This is the redhead you brought here a couple of years ago right?” She asked. “I seem to remember an orgy, binder clamps, and a girl under a table stuffed with vibrators.”

Julie laughed. “Yes. That was Bre. And she’s still stuffed. See?” Julie leaned over and flipped up the front of my skirt before I could skitter away. Candi got an eyeful of the purple, bug shaped sex toy as it clung to my pussy before I could yank myself away from Julie and get the skirt back down. I glanced around. There was no way my exposure had been unseen. Everyone had already been staring at me and I could see the grins. Lesbians. Sheesh.

“Well, I’m certainly up for a good spanking,” Candi grinned. “Public or private?”

Julie laughed. “Do you even have to ask?”

Candi grinned. “Let me get Rox to watch the counter.” Then the bartender pointed at me. “Don’t go anywhere missy. Your ass and my hand have a date.”

I blinked. That sounded… wrong. Just wrong. I watched as Candi turned and disappeared through a door marked “staff” and I turned to Julie.

“Really? Here?” I demanded. “What if Candi wants something,” I gestured wildly with my hands, taking my arms down from my clothespins boobs, “you know… more!”

Julie shrugged. “So? What if she does? You’re a fucking nympho which means you’ll screw anyone. So if Candi wants to ride your face you’ll gratefully do it and hope I’m not whipping your pretty little pussy at the same time.” Then she looked down at my skirt. “Aren’t you going nuts yet? I was kind of expecting you to be cumming here at the bar.

I gave her a somewhat incredulous look. I was feeling the sexual tension, but to be honest there was more of a tingling discomfort. “Julie, I’ve had three orgasms in the last two and a half hours,” I retorted. “I’m not a machine.”

She swiveled in her seat and her hands came up, grabbing hold of both the clothespins. I froze, gasping as fresh twinges of pain shot up through my breasts. I expected her to pull, or twist, or smack me. Something. But she just held them. My nipples throbbed as she leaned forward.

“Or maybe you just need the right sort of stimulation,” she whispered, though above the music it was probably a normal talking tone. Her fingers twitched back and forth and the clothespins twisted all of two degrees, each direction, sending all sorts of interesting jolts of sensation up through my tits. I felt my pussy tighten around the corkscrewing RVP and my lower half jerked forward responsively, thumping her leg. That pressed the RVP tighter against my clit and I let out a soft moan.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s it. And remember, your ass and tits have to be exposed during the spanking,” she reminded me. “Imagine the clothespins swinging with each spank!”

Sometimes it sucks to be me.

Candi appeared a moment later and her eyes widened as she saw what Julie was doing to me. I know how it looked, mostly because there was a mirror behind the bar. Both of my breasts were exposed, with the peasant blouse lifted up, Julie’s hands twisting the clothespins as if my boobs were a set of radio knobs. My hips were jerking and my ass was swinging.

“Looks like fun. Can I play a tune?” Candi asked Julie.

Julie let go of my breasts and stepped back with a smile. “By all means.” She glanced at me with a wink. “Hope it hurts!”

Candi moved into Julie’s space. She brought both hands up as if she intended to replicate Julie’s twisting torment, but to my surprise (and after I flinched) she cupped my face and kissed me. Hard. As far as kisses go it was one of the more interesting ones I’ve had. Kissing is a long honored tradition, but you would be surprised how few of my partners I kiss. Kissing requires, to some extent, an even meeting. Mouth to mouth. It is a symbol of passion rather than submission. Most dommes want me kissing other parts of them. Not their mouths.

Candi stuck her tongue in me and it was a very passionate, wet kiss. I was slightly breathless when she pulled away and then to my surprise she bent her head down and put her mouth between my breasts, pushing them together. It was a very masculine thing to do actually. I felt her tongue glide across my skin and then her thumbs and forefingers found the clothespins and tweaked them, twisting lightly. I gasped, trembling and she dropped down, her mouth leaving a moist trail down my belly. Her hands slid lower as well and she pushed her fingers up under my skirt, the nails digging into my buttocks. Her mouth kissed my left hip, then went across the waistband of my skirt, her nose seemingly pushing it lower. I felt it suddenly start to slide and I grabbed for it, managing to catch the cloth just before it came completely off.

“Mmmmm,” Candi hummed, now kissing even lower. I swear she was only half an inch from the RVP itself. Then she looked up at me and rose. Our eyes met and I looked away, trembling with sensation. My blood felt hot and my pussy was once again dancing in tandem with the RVP, instead of resisting it. I felt the wet urge and Candi hooked a single finger through the front of my skirt and pulled. I had no choice but to follow.

We went out onto the dance floor and Candi looked around. “I need a chair,” she declared loudly. I watched as a nearby girl with black hair, dressed in what I can only describe as neon Goth, hurried forward, holding a chair taken from one of the nearby tables. The girl set it down in the very center of the dancing floor. The lights brightened noticeably and Candi, still with her finger hooked in my skirt, with both my hands holding it on tightly, sat down. I was forced to move forward and then she dragged me along her right side. I realized my heart was thumping hard and she let go of my skirt, only to place her hand in the small of my back. I felt her push and I had no choice to let the skirt fall as I lost my balance and fell forward across her lap.

I heard laughter and that, more than anything else, made me blush crimson. My skirt was wrapped around my ankles, the RVP pressed tightly against Candi’s thigh, while her right hand was already kneading my bottom. I had my hands on the floor beside her and my blouse was hanging loose, straight down next to my chin while my clothespinned boobs swung heavily beneath me. I had no doubt that both pendulous globes were in full view of everyone in the club. My nipples throbbed in time with my heart.

The first swat was nothing more than a warm up, a loosening of muscles. It didn’t even sting. Candi went back to rubbing my derriere, taking great pleasure in the soft roundness. I wondered if the buzzing of the RVP was causing her any discomfort because it certainly was having an effect on me. With the bug pressed up hard against my clitoris, the vibrations were almost twice as intense, and considering that Julie had it at maximum power, you can probably imagine what it felt like. And don’t forget, bent over, with my ass and tits hanging out, I was still getting screwed silly as the RVP’s four inch cock writhed in a spiral through my pussy. I pushed my hips downward, essentially fucking Candi’s thigh.

Then the spanking really started. Candi was methodical, paced, and thorough. She moved from one cheek to the other, back and forth, with hard, solid blows. Each one of them made my breath catch and it was more the steady beating, the relentless and rhythmic impact that actually caused the pain. Soon each fall of her hand against my flesh stung like the dickens, turning to heat and I realized that I was kicking, my skirt flying off my shoes. When my squeal was accompanied by my hand, trying to cover my own bottom from her steady spanks she grabbed my wrist, hauled it out of the way, and then proceeded to rub, knead, and squeeze my ass until I seemed semi-recovered. T spanking continued. Then I lost my shoes.

I was only barely cognizant of the crowd that had gathered around to watch. Maybe fifteen or twenty women? Practically everyone in the club I’m guessing. They were laughing, counting, and then someone - it wasn’t Julie - that’s all I knew, was kneeling by head, her hand coming up underneath me to flick the clothespins on my breasts back and forth. Pain shot through my tits, matching the heat in my ass and my pussy tightened hard around the RVP’s little synthetic cock. I felt the pressure build and I realized in a slight panic that Julie had never told me if I had to hold off cumming until after the spanking was over.

For a moment I twisted in Candi’s lap, but the woman held me firmly as the Goth girl batting at the clothespins suddenly changed her mind, grabbed hold, and began twisting them. Pain shot through me and Candi brought her hand down in time with my pelvic thrusts. I cried out, fire and desire raging through me and suddenly I was there. My sex soaked brain was no longer interpreting what was being done to me as pain. Oh… don’t get me wrong. It hurt like the dickens. But pain? Oh God no. No. Not in the least. Energy surged through me. My feet kicked, toes curling, my pussy locked down tight around the RVP and I ground my hips into Candi’s leg. My breasts burned and tingled and then my vision blurred. I shuddered, violently, crying out as the wave of orgasm overwhelmed me.

I didn’t technically black out, though I have before during especially intense orgasms. But there was most definitely a moment where I wasn’t really there. I’d disconnected from things, or perhaps the levels of oxytocin, adrenaline and endorphins were so high that I wasn’t really capable of cognitive thought. The first sensation I remember feeling was the throb of my nipples. Then came the excessive heat of my ass. And lastly, the RVP was still buzzing and swirling inside me. It was the toy that felt the most uncomfortable.

“One more, Candi.”

My head swiveled and Candi tapped me lightly on the ass. I saw Julie grinning, shaking her head as she dropped to a knee. I whimpered softly as she ran her hand along my bare back and then along my arm, underneath to my dangling breasts. She didn’t touch the clothespins, but she squeezed and kneaded my bosom with eagerness. Then Candi let my arm go and I felt Julie lifting me, helping me up. The blouse fell down a bit, but the clothespins kept it from falling down to cover my nipples. I grimaced as the pain shot up through my breasts.

“You came,” Julie said simply. “So now I’m going to take you to a booth in the back corner, lay you down on the table, and sap that sweet little pussy of yours.”

The girl who had been messing with my clothespins stepped up. She had long, black hair and was very petite with a sweet, cherub face. Her makeup was a bit heavy on the eyeshadow and she was wearing a short, tight mini-skirt, torn black stockings, and a crop top. Her combat boots had orange neon lace and she wore enough neon colored jelly bracelets that I’m surprised she could move her arms.

“Can I watch?” She said eagerly, staring at me hungrily. “I’m Missi.”

Candi stood up. “I’m coming too, obviously.”

I stood there, feeling very shaky. My pussy was tingling and so wet that if the RVP hadn’t been strapped to my slit it would have fallen out. I let out a soft whimper as the three of them all grabbed me. Candi and the girl who called herself Missi each had an arm while Julie took my hand. I was led off the stage, away from the bar and there was an actual smattering of applause as I turned crimson.

It was the same booth. At least I think it was. The light was dim, barely illuminating the table and Candi pushed some sort of salt and pepper and napkin holder back up against the wall. Julie turned me around so that the small of my back pressed against the edge of the table. Then her fingers slipped between my skin and the straps holding the RVP in place. I felt the pressure of it lighten and then to my relief, it finally went silent. The cock inside me stopped swirling and the vibrations ended. I gasped as Julie pulled it from me.

“Open up,” she said wickedly.

I opened my mouth and without a moment’s hesitation Julie jammed the four inch dildo between my lips. The tangy, salty, musky flavor of my multiple orgasms filled my mouth and as I brought my hands up I was tipped over, Candi and Julie grabbing my legs. I had no choice but to scramble up, my hands going backward instead of to my mouth as I was placed on the table. My head thunked lightly against the wood and rough hands grabbed my knees, pulling my legs wide apart. Missi and Candi loomed over me and as I swept my hands back toward my hips, they both held me solidly.

There was a momentary adjustment period where my legs were pulled even further to the sides, until my bare feet were actually resting in the booth seats. I felt a momentary panic as Julie ran her hands up my legs, her fingers sliding over my sodden swamp, only to flick my clit hard, just once.

I moaned and the clothespins on my tits jiggled. The RVP fell out of my mouth to clatter on the tabletop, just near my ear.

“Now, this is what happens to bad little girls who can’t control themselves,” Julie announced, holding up the same leather sap she’d used on me four other times. She gave Missi a look. “You want to give her a little lick between each stroke?”

Missi grinned, nodding happily.

Julie looked back down at me, eyes blazing with sadistic delight. “Oh, I’m so going to enjoy this.” Then she lifted the sap, the black leather gleaming dully from the light above us. It swung downward and I heard the clear crack of leather against wet, soft flesh. Then the pain came.

It was a hot flash, a sudden surge and my legs jerked as my body instinctively tried to close up. Missi rose and loomed over me and I felt her hair tickle my thigh and hip, only to gasp as her mouth came down on the exact spot Julie had just smacked with her sap. Missi sucked my entire clit into her mouth and rolled her tongue across it fervently. That was twenty times more intense than just the sapping and my back arched, my toes curled, and I let out a passionate whine.

It lasted just a few seconds and then Missi pulled back, letting the suction on me dissipate. Her head had only barely cleared my hip when Julie swung the sap again, leaving me to yelp in shock as the pain washed away the lingering sweetness of Missi’s mouth. My bottom came up off the table and Missi threw herself back down across me, her tongue darting against my stinging clit even as Candi held my upper half down.

Oh my fucking God.

Julie hit me again and this time Candi put a hand out. “My turn,” she declared. Even as I was twisting from the agony of Julie’s stroke, Candi’s mouth came down. She was rougher than Missi, stabbing at my clit with her tongue and sucking hard. It wasn’t the same kind of relief and left me gasping. If Candi and Missi hadn’t been holding me by the wrists I’d have probably pushed her off me.

Another stroke from Julie sent a lightning bolt up from between my pussy and into my brain and only Missi’s sweet mouth softened it. My chest heaved. Hands swirled across my skin. Someone flicked the clothespins, then twisted them. The sap flashed. Agony. Stinging. Burning. Hurt. Softness. Wet. Passion. Heat. More. Stop. Start. No. Yes. More. God. Help me. YESSS. PLEASE. SHARP. AGONY. ECSTASY. PRESSURE. HEAT. DRIPPING. BURNING. RISE. UP. MORE. NEED. Oh… oh… God. Oh yes… yesss… YESSSS. OH MY FUCKING GOD YES! I THINK I’M GOING TO…

Missi’s mouth came down on me the final time, just after Julie’s last stroke. I bucked, shuddering under the onslaught of another orgasm, this one twice as intense as the one I’d had riding Candi’s knee. Words percolated across the congealed consciousness of my mind.

“I’ve got to get back to the bar. Thanks for the fun.”

“She is so sweet.”

“Can you believe she came getting hit like that?”

“What did you do with her skirt and shoes?”

“Missi, she’s twitching. I’m not sure she can take any more.”

“Missi, stop!”

Then the soft heat around my clit went away and a cool breeze was blown across the little nub of beaten flesh. I sensed movement and opened my eyes. Julie stood there, a beaming smile on her face, as if I were some protégé whose performance had made her proud. Missi sat next to me, her mouth wet, lips full and open. Her eyes twinkled and I could see the tips of her breasts, hard pinpoints at the front of her crop top. I lifted my hand and reached over, touching a finger to her left nipple. She gasped and I watched her shudder.

“My, my, my…” Julie said, giving the raven haired girl a smoldering look. I pulled my hand back and stared up at Julie. I felt amazing, all thing considered. There was this lingering heat between my legs and I could feel the wetness under my bottom. Julie reached out a hand and suddenly I was sitting on the end of the table, my legs coming together. Behind Julie stood a couple of other women, watching curiously, eyes bright.

I felt Missi touch my back, a sweeping, swirling caress that went way lower than it should have as she traced my spine downward. Julie put the sap on the table next to my leg and her hands came up to my breasts. Slowly, gently, she pinched open both clothespins.

The pain of my blood surging back into the crushed nipples brought a long, low level cry to my lips and I brought both hands up, fingers rubbing at my breasts, trying to mitigate the acute discomfort. I’d worn the damn clothespins for over an hour and a half and dark crimson marks marred my nipples. It took over a minute for me to blink the tears out of my eyes. Then, instead of letting me hop down, Kari opened her purse and pulled a single, final folded note out of its depths. She held it out to me and I looked at her incredulously.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I whispered in shock. Julie’s eyes widened and I saw the flash of anger in them. There were too many people watching and I felt a surge of embarrassment. This is not how decent submissives acts. I licked my lips, cringed a little, and then took the note.

“I’m sorry, Mistress Julie,” I said softly. “I spoke poorly.”

Julie nodded, her mouth still a tight line. “Yes you did. And you’ll be punished for it. Later. Right now you will gratefully and obediently accept and complete the final task of your assignment. So read the damn note and stand up so I can put the RVP back in your stupid little cunt.”

Our eyes met and I could see that Julie was playing it up for the crowd of women behind her. There were at least ten, all watching. Missi pushed the RVP over to the end of the table and Julie took it as I hopped off and stood, spreading my feet so that Julie could do what she needed to do.

I gasped as the four inch synthetic cock slid into my pussy for the sixth time and Julie made short work of strapping it to me, especially since Missi was more than willing to help. I took short, quick breaths and lifted the folded note. My trembling fingers pulled it apart and I let out a whimper as the words bobbed and weaved in front of my tired eyes.

“Breanne, you will put on your weighted and belled clover clamps.” I looked up at Julie. “How long?” I asked, my voice cracking.

Julie finished securing the straps of the RVP, then took a deep breath and her frown turned into a smile. She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Five” she said firmly.

My eyes widened and my mouth curled up into a grin. Five minutes. I could handle that. Even if she turned on the RVP to full power, with it grinding and shaking me, teasing and tormenting my beaten clit, even fucking me stupid, I could handle just five minutes. I watched as Julie lifted the little controller to the Rotating Venus Penis. I groaned as it spun up inside me, sending waves of sweet, sharp, sensitive distress through my loins. It seemed to burn inside me and I realized that I was getting overly sensitive. Then she put the fob away, only to bring out the clover clamps.

I put them on eagerly, almost happily. It was almost over. I was almost done. There was no way I was going to cum again in five minutes. No more sappings. No more utter and abject humiliation. I felt the tight pinching, the weighted springs jiggling from my tits as the peasant blouse covered the tips of each breast. I heard the little silver bells ringing as I breathed.

“There,” Julie said. She held up my skirt and I snatched it up, quickly putting it on. Even better, the time was passing. One minute, already gone! I pulled the material up around my hips and gave Julie a huge grin. She patted my arm.

“Now, I’ll let you get started. Missi here probably should be first,” Julie said simply. I blinked, totally clueless.

“Started?” I asked, glancing at Missi, whose face had lit up like a beacon.

Julie laughed. “Of course. What did you think I meant you little fuck slut? I told you; five.”

It came out as a mumble. “Five. Five minutes.”

Julie shook her head and put her hands on my shoulders, pushing down. “No, you silly girl. Five pussies.”

I had no choice but to go to my knees, eyes wide in shock as understanding came. Missi opened her legs and pulled her skirt up, showing a delicate black lace thong. Her long fingers pulled it to the side.

“Come here, Breanne. Show me how sweet your mouth is!” She said softly.

Not five minutes. Five pussies. I did the math. Licking a girl to orgasm isn’t instantaneous. It takes time. At least five to ten minutes. Each. Five pussies? That could take over an hour! An hour of me on my knees, half-naked, my nipples clamped and weighted, ringing with each breath, with my pussy shaking and screwed non-stop against my sensitized clit? There was no way I could handle that!

Missi put a hand on the back of my head and pulled me between her legs. I felt her soft petals with my nose and then she thrust her hips forward. Her wetness met my mouth and I pushed my tongue into her, licking frantically at her, aiming for the apex of her sex. She moaned and squirmed.

“Not so fast, sweetie! Make it last!” Missi whimpered. I knew, even without looking, of the line that formed behind Julie. I felt my mistress’ hand on my shoulder.

“And if I were you, I wouldn’t cum again,” she said firmly. “Because I would just love to have the opportunity to sap that sweet little cunt of yours another time! Now lick!”

So I did.

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