Friday, August 5, 2016

The X Bench

It was a warm Thursday morning and Kari was rather quiet as her convertible sped along the roadway. The south Texas sun had skipped spring as usual and had already lurched into summer, leaving me with little recourse but to accept the increasingly inappropriate and daring outfits Kari had given me. The dress I was wearing looked like it belonged on a sixteen year old hooker on her way to her initial deflowering followed by a short life of drugs and abuse. White, ankle length, and completely see thru, on a thirty-year old woman it looked ridiculous. And maybe that was part of it. Kari knew that having my entire body on display would just humiliate me, which was probably her goal.

It didn’t help that my pussy was stuffed to the brim with Kari’s wireless, vibrating egg or that my clit was currently clamped and suffering similar tremors thanks to the small motor attached to the clip. I sat in the car, cool air blowing right through the mesh of the dress and I wrapped my arms across my relatively exposed and clover clamped nipples, trying to keep the goosebumps from spreading further up my arms.

“Cold?” Kari asked me, adjusting the temperature.

I nodded. “This dress is over-ventilated,” I complained. It was too. If it had been made of gauze I’d been better off. Instead it was basically a fish net designed for catching minnows and considering I was completely naked under it, there wasn’t much in the way of insulative qualities in my attire. Instead I tried to look on the bright side. Since my pussy was on full display, it wasn’t like she was going to be taking me out in public. I’d be arrested for indecency.


When we pulled up in front of the warehouse used by the Society of the Golden Rose I admit I wasn’t exactly surprised. Kari had kept her fingers in the pie, so to speak, despite the fact that she failed to meet one of the basic requirements of membership; a willing, obedient submissive to routinely abuse. I didn’t qualify since I officially belonged to Julie. Still, Kari was close friends with Isobel, the matron of the Society and we frequently met with some of the others for lunches and other various social activities. The fact that I was being shared between two dominatrixes evidently didn’t bother anyone.

It certainly didn’t bother me.

I recognized the truck in the lot and I couldn’t help smiling. Mike the Hardware Guy was this massively built specimen of manhood that combined the physique of a football player with the knowhow and supreme confidence that comes with both the knowledge of how to do things and testosterone poisoning. Mike sports a thick, well-trimmed beard, bright blue eyes that sparkle, and a mouth that is perfect for both kissing and other forms of sexual torment when applied to the appropriate places. He’s my teddy bear. Kari and I climbed out of her convertible, me looking around in nervous apoplexy, frightened that I’d be seen by someone with a cellphone and a direct line to the police department. Still, I was only exposed in public for the four or five seconds it took to hurry to the warehouse door. Then I was safely inside.

At least, safe depending on your definition. I might have been safe from being arrested, but safe from Mike and Kari? Hardly.

I followed my golden haired goddess through the tiny lobby, past the well-sized kitchen, then past the restroom and showers. The rest of the warehouse space was divided by a set of folding doors that could be closed to split the main floor into two still very large rooms. Kari and I weaved our way through the various couches, settees, love seats, and chairs, skirted the few tables and other peripheral that marked the room as a sexual fun house.

Oh. I need to describe that in more detail? Sorry. Well… uh… the sybians are there. We own two. A set of stocks is kept behind two of the couches and there are a number of rather uncomfortable seats where you sit while kneeling and either sharp ridges bite into your delicate parts, or there are some unusually shaped phalluses sticking up, sometimes a pair just in case some sadistic and deviant mistress wants her submissives rear end stuffed as well. Each little table holds a selection of saps, paddles, vibrators, clamps, and other toys. Staff the place properly and you’ve got your own little sexual BDSM wonderland.

But the other half of the room… well… that’s where the fun stuff is stored.

Over the years the Society has collected a wide variety of larger pieces of furniture that you can’t exactly purchase at Rooms To Go. We have two wooden horses. There are three or four wooden ponies. There are two St. Andrew’s Crosses and one of them actually spins upside down. There is an iBench similar to the one in Kari’s condo, as well as some more modern stocks, a variety of restraint tables, and even an entire wooden swing set with some rather disturbing, unchildlike, attachments. Most of these pieces are covered with drop cloths, giving a somewhat sinister look to the room, especially if the lights are mostly off. As it was there was only a single beam coming down, right in what is normally a cleared space in the center. But what really astonished me was that there was a hell of a lot of bare skin showing. Mike’s back was facing us and he was obviously, eagerly fucking someone in front of him. I could see it was a girl, lying flat on her back, her legs spread and bound to what looked like the top half of a six foot tall letter “X”, with a leather bench extending out from the center. Kari didn’t say anything as we approached, but I gasped in astonishment as I recognized Julie, my own personal mistress, buck naked and spread open. Mike’s shaft was planted wetly between her legs and from the look of ecstasy on her face, she was certainly enjoying the sensation. I felt a matching surge of wetness between my own thighs and a little shiver of jealously went through me.

I took a moment to admire the new bench. It was welded together using black painted steel and the squared off arms of the X had a number of steel hoops and hooks ready for all sorts of mischief. Julie’s legs were bound to it using some thin leather straps and I have to admit that her bare feet, sticking up at the top, soles exposed like that, was a total turn on. Kari and I moved around to the side and I could see that Julie wasn’t wearing a damn thing. Both of her hands were free and she was pinching her own nipples hard as Mike fucked her, the panting moan that came from her mouth making it clear how much she enjoyed what was happening.

“Hello Julie,” Kari said.

Mike glanced up, shock on his face and he backed away from Julie, his wet dick so hard that it looked like it could have jackhammered concrete. Julie’s eyes snapped open too and a look of frustration made her mouth curl in an unwelcome fashion. But then her eyes found me and her gaze softened. She sighed slowly, the sexual tension leeching away.

“Hi Kari. You’re a bit early,” Julie said, pointing at Mike. He nodded and quickly came forward, releasing the little black belts holding her legs apart and up.

Kari shrugged. “Early to bed and early to rise…” she replied, leaving the rest of the saying unspoken. “You look like you’re enjoying myself.”

Mike finished unstrapping Julie’s other leg. “For the most part,” Julie agreed. “Except now I’m terribly horny.”

Kari crossed her arms. “You didn’t have to stop. We could have waited.”

Julie sat up, swinging her legs down so that she straddled the bench she’d previously been laying on. “No, I don’t think so.”

I saw a small smirk on Kari’s face. “Are you afraid?”

Julie’s eyebrows went up. “Of you? No.”

I blinked, totally bewildered.

“Of liking it,” Kari said. It was an answer. Not a question and I was surprised to see Julie blush and look away. That kind of startled me. Was my dominatrix becoming a switch? Julie hopped down from the bench and gave me a startling grin.

“Love the dress,” Julie said to me, eyeing my breasts and pendant decorated slit. “But I’m afraid it has to come off.”

I glanced at Kari, who didn’t look back. Evidently I was being turned over to Julie. I shrugged and immediately began lifting the dress up and over my head. It didn’t matter if I was dressed or naked at that point. Hell, with all honestly, I might as well have been naked anyway. I tossed the material aside and stood there waiting for someone to tell me what to do.

“Put her on it, Mike.” Julie’s voice was stern and wicked and still tinged with pressure from her sex but I turned to see Mike grinning. He’d managed to get his blue jeans back up and his cock was hidden from view.

“Come on Bre. Let’s get you up on the bench,” he said warmly. He took hold of my wrist and pulled me toward the bench. It was a bit higher than the iBench but I could have gotten up on it if I’d really a mind too. Instead he picked me up, the clover clamps and chain on my breasts swinging. He set me down on it, ostensibly in a massive wet spot left by Julie.

“Ewww,” I said dramatically, running my finger through the edge.

Julie saw me, crossed her eyes, and stuck out her tongue.

“Lay back, Bre. And slide down so that your legs are hanging off the edge right there at the X,” Mike said.

Kari cleared her throat. “Well please let me know how it goes. I’ll be back at lunch time to get her.”

I twisted my head and looked past Mike. “You’re leaving me?” I asked, just a little disappointed.

Kari nodded. “Yes. I’ve got some things to do this morning so I leave you in Julie and Mike’s capable hands. I’m sure you will have a delightful time.” She turned and left.

Mike grabbed my left ankle and hauled it upward as Julie began securing my leg to the upright sticking out from the end of the bench. She reached up and plucked the slip on high heeled sandal from my foot and tossed it aside, leaving my bare sole facing the ceiling. I took the liberty of kicking off my other shoe while they were both so focused on my left leg. Mike grabbed me below the knee and lifted my right leg up to match the first and as my bottom half was secured to the top half of the new restraint, I felt the ripple of excitement. The leather straps on my left leg were matched on my right and in short order I was immobilized from the waist down, unable to move more than just my ankle and toes.

“Can you spread her a bit more?” Julie asked.

Mike grunted and reached down between my legs, but then went below the bench. A moment later the top of the X widened and I felt the belts tighten around my flesh as I was spread just a bit wider apart. Still, if they wanted my legs spread, they would have done better to put me on the Society’s iBench. That would have forced me into the splits.

Julie reached under the bench and produced some Velcro style straps. One went around my waist while another went along my rib cage, just under my breasts. “Lift your arms above your head,” Julie told me and when I’d done it she secured my upper arms and then even my wrists to the bench itself. I tested the bonds, shocked to find myself almost completely immobile. I was totally and completely at their mercy.

Mike had clipped a cable across the gap between the tops of the X and I could feel the steel line against the back of each calf. Admittedly, I wondered what it was for, but then got distracted when Julie forced a ring gag into my mouth. I didn’t like that at all and made all sorts of fuss about it, but with my hands, arm, torso, and legs all bound up, the only expression of protest I could make was a verbal sort of squeal and curling my toes. Julie finished buckling the damn gag on my head and then began fiddling with the clamps on my nipples. She started with a solid tug which tightened them even more and I let out a gasp followed by a light wail that was weirdly modulated through the ring gag. Then she disappeared from view for a moment, only to come back a minute later with a string. She tied it to the middle of the chain, pulled it tight so that my breasts were tugged upward away from my chest, and then secured it to the center of the steel cable Mike had run across between the top of the X. She ran her hands down my body and over to my sex. I gasped as she plucked the pendant vibrator off my clit, but I liked the fact that she merely attached it to her own clitoris, letting it fall into the still wet slit between her legs.

Mike came up and hung some sort of hooked metal pole right next to the knot Julie had tied on the cable and then came the piece de resistance. He held up a Hitachi massager, the rounded kind used in all sorts of sexual torments. With some duct tape he attached it to the pole, making sure to measure it perfectly so that it hung at the correct height for the bulb to rest against my clit.

Julie turned on the massager and I felt it begin to rub and vibrate against the top of my slit, positioned perfectly to touch the one spot that was the most sensitive; my clitoris. At first the tiny tremors touching me worked their magic in combination with the vibrating egg still in my pussy, but then they began moving at separate times and I gasped, my entire lower half tensing as wave after wave of sweet bliss swirled up from my private parts. Julie stood there, a look of both satisfaction and need on her face. She watched as I became more and more engaged, my stomach tightening and relaxing - almost the only freedom of movement I had. My toes curled and my breath quickened, which didn’t help my poor tits which were still held tight in the death grip of both clover clamps.

“She’s close,” Julie said. “Why is she so close?”

Mike studied me for a second. “Did you check her for a toy?”

Julie blinked then swore. “Kari’s got half a dozen wireless toys,” she said, reaching out. She pushed the Hitachi massager aside and drove her fingers into my slit. I gasped and tried to arch my back but the straps held me secure.

“Damn. She’s got the egg in her,” Julie snarled. Her fingers scrabbled around inside me, finally finding the small wire. It enabled her to pull it out of my pussy leaving me empty and just a bit desperate. I protested verbally, which sounded something like “ungggn, ugggnnng. Ughhh!” but was otherwise unintelligible. She let the Hitachi fall back against my clit and it banged me a bit. I groaned, then yielded to the vibrations again.

“We’ll let her stew for another few minutes,” Julie announced, tossing the still vibrating egg off into the darkness.

Mike glanced over at her, his eyes sparkling. “You know how arousing this is?”

She wiped her hand off on her bare leg, gave him a grin, and laughed. “Me naked? Or having us both?”

Mike smiled back. “Both. And yes.”

Julie stepped in front of him, putting herself between my outstretched legs and Mike. She lifted her arms and reached upward, grabbing hold of my ankles, spreading her own legs as she did it. I couldn’t see, but could imagine the little pendant vibrator hanging from her clit, driving her mad.

“You need to focus,” she said, leaning backward. This pressed the Hitachi hard into my clit and I squealed loudly. “The idea is to torture Breanne.”

Mike laughed. “What if I want to do you both?”

Julie tilted back forward and the pressure on the massager lightened up. I gasped in relief as she pressed herself up against Mike. “Then do us both,” she whispered, barely audible above the loud humming of the massager. She rose up on tiptoe, kissed him soundly, and then turned back toward me.

“I think that’s enough for right now,” she declared, pulling the Hitachi away from my sex. I let out a frustrated groan, my hips rolling as much as the straps would let them. She gave me a wicked look and swung the massager up to her breast, positioning herself so that it was touching her tiny nipple.

“You or her?” Mike asked, moving around. I turned my head and saw that he had unbuckled his pants again and was already pushing the denim jeans downward. His massive erection was only barely concealed in the boxers he was wearing and I wanted, rather desperately, for him to jam that thing in me.

Julie laughed. “In some things, yes.” She glanced back at me and then reached up, turning off the massager. I groaned and tried to beg, but again it just came out as gibberish. Julie turned back to Mike and wrapped her arms around me.

“Fuck me hard,” she said. “Right now.”
And he did.

It took them almost fifteen minutes, all of which I lay there with just my nipples throbbing, my blood cooling, and the desperate ache between my legs slowly ebbing. I could hear their antics, but couldn’t see them and I was forced to content myself with imagining Mike’s massive prick pressing up into Julie’s pussy, pinning her to the floor. As for noises, Julie herself is rather vocal and she didn’t hold back at all, with half-shouted comments like “do me! Drive it in deep!” and “Oh God yes fuck me hard! Harder!” She also squealed, whined, whimpered, moaned, groaned, mewled, wailed, and sighed. Then when all I could hear was their slowing breathing she loomed back into view, face flushed, hair damp with perspiration, her neck covered in red spots, both nipples sporting bite marks, only to turn the Hitachi back on.

Let the torment begin again.

She stayed close while Mike went and fetched some water bottles but I couldn’t have cared less right at that particular moment. My body went stiff as all the tension and need was immediately brought back to the surface like a breaching submarine forced upward. Things were absolutely the worst right between my legs, where my bottom half struggled almost as much against the straps holding me in place as it did to thrust and pump forward. I could feel my legs begin to tremble and it translated down right back to my clit, which was dealing with its own little earthquake. Julie kept a close on eye on me and when it looked like I was once again getting close to an orgasm she pulled the Hitachi away from my clit, leaving me wailing with desperation. And I couldn’t even beg.

The minutes dragged on. One, two, three, four. Mike returned with the water and she drank half a bottle down, holding the massager away from my quietly pulsing sex.

“You really don’t want her to cum, do you?”

Julie shook her head and swallowed. “Oh, we’ll let her cum. Eventually,” she said. “There’s this whole story one of her fans wrote. Remember Master Fred?”

Mike nodded. “He’s the guy that does a lot of her assignments.”

Julie laughed. “Well he wrote out this story and that’s why I sent you the designs.”

Mike looked over at me. He looked sated, but interested. “So what happens next in the story?” He asked.

Julie let the Hitachi go and it swung back toward, banged into my clit, bounced once, then settled against my tender, wanton nub, vibrating like mad. I squealed as the vibrations seemed to set my nerves on fire, and not in pain either. It was a purely sweet sexual sensation and I was beginning to go out of my mind with the need to explode.

“Well, let’s see,” Julie said, putting her finger against her chin. “First we torment her for about half an hour with the Hitachi, pulling it off and on her body.”

Mike laughed. “We’ve done that already.”

Julie grinned. “I know. Then we teach her to endure it.”

“Endure it?” He asked. “What exactly does that mean?”

Julie turned away and walked off into the darkness. “It means that she’ll try really hard not to work herself up to the edge.” Then I lost sight of her.

My pussy was pulsing like mad and I wished to God Julie had left the egg inside me. My clit tingled and Mike reached up and pulled the Hitachi away for a moment before letting it fall back into place against my pussy. My toes curled and I let out a choked sob of desperation. My God I needed to be fucked! I began yanking at the bonds holding me down, yelling through the ring gag, my chest heaving as the torment drove me nuts. My nipples throbbed with pain thanks to the clamps and then Julie emerged from the darkness.

“She’s close to cumming,” Julie announced. “Lift the massager away.”

Mike pulled the vibrating massager off my clit and even unhooked it from the line. I couldn’t understand why he would do that. At least, not until Julie lifted her arm.    

The leather crop came down between my legs and her first stroke landed right on my sensitized clit. I screamed like a banshee, pain flushing the pleasure of the last thirty minutes down the drain. The sting was unbearable and it didn’t turn to heat nearly fast enough for my satisfaction. Unfortunately, the moment it did become the scorching burn of struck flesh, Julie lifted the crop again and nailed me once more, right on the tender labia, the head of the crop flicking hard against my clit.

Five strokes damn it. Five burning, blistering, awful, pain ridden strokes. It left me breathless, wailing, crying and totally not wanting to cum. And the worst part of it all, after she’d beaten me right between the legs, was that she had Mike hang the massager right back on the line between my ankles, positioning it so that the humming, buzzing bulb was positioned against my clit. I can’t even begin to properly explain the difference, the sudden change between agony and ecstasy and it confused my body completely. Julie turned away and looked at Mike.

“Watch her and make sure she’s not too close to cumming,” Julie said.

“Why? What are you going to be doing?” He asked. I saw her disappear from view, sinking down. I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what she was doing at that point. Mike’s face made it damn clear that her mouth was wrapped around his prick, sucking on it like a soda straw.

It took my body maybe all of six or seven minutes to get back to the point where I’d been before Julie had brutally hit me, breaking my arousal into tiny pieces and scattering them to the ground. Except now I was even more aroused, more wanton, than before. Again my hips fought a battle with the straps holding my legs in place and my toes began wiggling as my buttocks tightened.

“Julie?” Mike said, his voice tight. “I think she’s getting close again.”

Julie came up, wiping one arm across her mouth. Her skin glimmered under the lights and she held the crop, most likely picked up from the floor when she’d come up from her cocksucking duties. She gave me a short look with a cocked eyebrow, then lifted the crop up, set the leather tip at the arch of my left foot, and then flicked it hard.

Had I been able to vocalize anything beyond “ARrggghhhynnnngggghhhhh!” it would have come out as “Fuck! Goddamn that fucking hurt!” As it was all I could do was twist my foot around angrily, my hips still pumping as I tried to fuck the Hitachi massager humming against my clit. Julie hit my foot again, and then a third time, each one progressively harder until I was practically crying out with the pain of it. Then she suddenly grabbed the Hitachi, pulled it away from my clit and slapped my pussy with the crop. Not as hard as the first few strokes, but definitely enough to hurt. I wailed again through the ring gag and really bucked. The Velcro straps holding me down held me tight but I managed to pull hard enough that my nipples felt the increased pressure as the clover clamps tightened down even more. Julie smacked my pussy again, pain washing away the pleasure, only to drop the damn massager back down against my clit and began smacking the top of my right foot.

She continued to beat my feet with hard strokes, mostly using the cane part of the crop until I was crying out continuously. It felt like molten lead had been poured onto my arches and the rest of each sole had just been collateral damage. As the pain radiated down my legs, the massager continued to lick and buzz and reverberate against the tender nub at the top of my slit. My body was torn between wanting to fuck and wanting to run away and it could do neither. Julie let her arm down and left my poor feet along, but then slapped the side of the crop against my bottom. It stung like the dickens and I squealed again.

“Feel good?” She asked me, smacking my right buttock hard with the end of the crop. I wailed through the ring gag but then she reached up, grabbed the Hitachi and pulled it away from my clit. Then without warning, she bent over and put her mouth on my clit, sucking on it hard. My vision went white, then black and I moaned in exquisite pleasure. She pulled her head back a bit, my clit caught between her teeth and let go. I almost swooned from the intensity of the sensation and then the massager came back down, rubbing against my clit, agitating me even further.

She waited until I was close again, four or five minutes, before pulling the Hitachi away and smashing my clit with the crop. I screamed out in pain as she hit me, once, twice, then three times in rapid succession. Hurt and fury seemed to stream off me and every muscle seemed to ache abominably. My body felt torn, trying to cope with the arousing sensations and the torment. Tears sprang to my eyes and it was then she turned to Mike.

“Okay. Now.”

I was barely cognizant of what was happening but Mike stepped up to me spread legs and before I could really put two and two together he slipped his hardened shaft into my pussy with a single thrust. My mouth opened wide as he began pumping, burying the full length of his dick in my beaten, vibrated pussy. I can’t even begin to describe how wonderful that felt. My world suddenly shifted and every part of me, every fiber of my being became centered on that thick, seven inch shaft moving smoothly through my slit. I tightened around him, not that it mattered. I was so wet, so lubricated that Mike could have shoved his hand in there and I would have accepted him. Mike’s face grew darker, the heat and need building. I could see it. He grabbed the Hitachi and lifted the metal rod off the cable, handing it to Julie. She moved it aside quickly, then popped back up, her eyes not on him, but on me.

“Mike,” she said suddenly, right before I exploded. “Now.”

And he pulled out. I yelled. I thrashed. I screamed in fury. They disappeared from view and for the second time I heard Mike fucking Julie, her panting groans filling the air around me. Now with nothing, not even the Hitachi against my clit I cooled down for the second, incredibly frustrating time. Five minutes became ten and then fifteen and when Julie finally reared her head I lay listlessly on the bench, my jaw aching almost as much as my nipples. Julie, sweat-soaked and glistening as much as me, ran her hand over my forehead, a warm and loving smile on her face. Then she unbuckled the ring gag and pulled it away. I groaned, working my jaw.

“How do you feel, princess?” she asked.

I thought about that for a moment. My feet hurt, especially the arches, as if someone had beaten them. My nipples throbbed painfully in time with my heart and the sides of my breasts hurt, the skin stretched upward. My clit still tingled, a sort of ghost reaction to the hour of stimulation, not to mention the crop smashing into it. My pussy ached too, longing for Mike’s cock. But most of all my legs and arms felt wooden and cramped. I wanted up. I wanted to close my legs. Desperately.

“Aches. Hurts,” I said. She nodded and looked down my body through the open V of my legs, tied to Mike’s X frame. “Mike?”

He swung into view, holding the metal rod that had the Hitachi massager taped to it. He gave me a curious look and lifted it. She nodded.

“Wait!” I gasped. “Please! Wait! No!” I said, almost frantic as he hung it back on the cable that stretched between my feet. “Please not again!” Mike turned it on. To full power. It began rumbling and I felt it touch my clitoris once more. Instantly the coals ignited into flames and my hips churned, still constrained by the straps. I let out a low moan that was filled with frustration. My body was happy about the sexual stimulation, but my mind knew that they were just going to take it away again when I got close to release! I wanted to scream!

Julie reached up and began flicking the string tying my nipple clamps to the cable between my ankles. It sent shards of agony down through my breasts which manifested audibly as tiny yelps from my mouth. I winced and cringed as she did it until my bottom lip trembled. I was so confused. Everything between my legs felt so good while what she was doing to my breasts hurt like the dickens! So she switched. She moved down between my legs, lifted the Hitachi massager away from my red and swollen clit, and promptly smashed a leather sap against my pussy.

Had I been loose, I would have gained altitude. As it was, all I could do was lift my head and screech. Agony blossomed between my legs but instead of hitting me again, which was what I certainly expected, Julie just let the massager fall back down to lightly rub against my mashed clit. The pain ebbed and became pleasure and I panted with the exertion. Then she did it again, lifting the massager away, slapping my clit with the sap, then letting the Hitachi rub the hurt away.

And again. And then again.

Mike stepped up to her after that and while I expected another blistering stroke of the paddle I instead felt something cool and wet against my bottom. It took me a long moment to realize what was happening. Julie pushed in the anal plug, spreading my rear. Whatever it is, it’s big, bigger than I can comfortably take on a rainy day. I groan, my toes curling again, my clitoris dancing under the tremors of the Hitachi. As much as I don’t like things in my ass, especially long, big things, I felt myself getting close to an orgasm. The pressure was building a dynamically and I clamped my mouth shut with sudden insight. Deny Julie the cues. She wouldn’t see me cumming until it was too late!

My ass tightened around the plug and I felt it begin to vibrate, adding its own impetus to the mix. My lower half tried to twist, for my hips to grind against the incessant sexual stimulation. My chest heaved, my tits tugged and pulled as my body betrayed itself to Julie.

“Oh no, we can’t have that,” she said wickedly. She pulled the Hitachi away and not just one or two, but five hard slaps to my pussy followed, each one delivered with the leather sap. I cried out, my entire body going rigid and then for good measure she slapped my inner thighs as well, leaving dark pink marks against the soft skin.

I burst into tears and it was only then she let the Hitachi fall again. I let out a wild sob, my entire body beginning to tremble.

“Now. Mike? Do you have it?” I heard Julie demand.

“Here. I didn’t lubricate it though.”

Julie laughed. “She won’t need it. Watch this.”

And then, oh my God, something hard and thick and long slipped into my sex. It pressed aside my petals and forced me open. Julie rammed it deep, so that it tucked behind my cervix. I still couldn’t do much in the way of thrusting, but then it began corkscrewing and vibrating inside me, its own oscillations combining and mixing with those of both the anal plug and the Hitachi. I felt thin lines being run around my bound legs and I realized that Julie was tying the vibrator into me. I couldn’t stop shaking. Everything hurt and everything felt incredible. And me? I could feel the orgasm coming like a freight train. I half expected for her to pull it all off me, or to hit me, or to stop it somehow. A blow torch to my clit? A taser? I held my breath as the orgasm came closer and closer, closing my eyes against the strain to keep quiet.

“Breanne,” Julie said. Her voice was quiet and soft, oh so close. I opened my eyes to turn my head. She’d left her post between my legs and stood next to me, right by my head. I stared at her in shock, suddenly realizing she was actually going to let me explode. I gasped as the first wave of orgasmic bliss hit me.

“Know what?” She asked as I began cumming. “Your torment isn’t even close to being over.”  She put her hand on my left breast, giving it a little shake, the nipple pinched hard in the jaws of the clover clamp. “Now Mike and I going to have another little session and after we both cum, we’ll be back to check on you. I hope that you count the orgasms. Have fun, princess.”

“W-w-what?” I managed to stammer through half-clenched teeth and a burst of pleasure. “Wait! You can’t! You can’t leave me like this!” I whined. The Hitachi buzzed against my clit while the vibrator and anal plug whirled and shook inside me.

Julie stepped back, a wicked grin on her face. “On the contrary, princess. I certainly can. I’m going to enjoy getting fucked, listening to you scream through a half dozen orgasms.” Then she turned and walked away. I saw Mike give me a little wave and the join her, his hand finding hers.

“Wait! No! Ohhhh! Fuck!! I’m…. I’m…. “

Then I really did explode.

And explode.

And explode.

And explode again.

When Julie came up to me she put a hand on my forehead, brushing the damp hair out of my eyes. I was soaked with sweat, hoarse from screaming, and my pussy felt raw and scorched. I had cramps in both calves and along my side and my arms hurt. My nipples had gone numb, but my breasts themselves ached horribly and I dreaded what it would feel like having my circulation restored when the clover clamps were released.

“Breanne, how many?” Julie asked softly.

I blinked, my body wracked with spasms, aching from the pain and pleasure, exhausted and limp and plagued with these tiny shivers that seemed to only affect certain muscle groups.

“How…” I repeated, my brain unable to comprehend what she was asking. I looked away.

“Yes. How many orgasms have you had?” She asked again.

Honestly, I don’t really remember this. Or what I said. Julie told me later that I was almost incoherent, trembling violently, my toes twitching as the massager, anal vibrator, and vibrating dildo all continued to work on my bottom half with incessant directness. But I do remember her smiling, eyes bright, her naked body next to mine.

“Well, I suppose one or two more wouldn’t be too bad,” she said with a grin.

I let out a long, terrible, high pitched groan as she moved around the table, lifted the Hitachi away from my clit, and then bent down, putting her mouth on the sensitive, sore, swollen, inflamed nub of my clit and sucked. Her tongue swirled and reams of pleasure burst up through me, laced with hurt, with need, and with absolute despair. I couldn’t take any more. No. Not a bit. I was done. Right? Wasn’t I? She hummed with my clit in her mouth and my vision went white, then black. She came up off me a moment later, right when I was on the edge. I didn’t know what to expect. Maybe the Hitachi again. Maybe her fingers.

The leather sap came down softly, almost lightly, tapping my sex. Each beat seemed to be timed with the pulse of my blood, the throbbing of my nipples, the burning ache of need between my legs. The pressure and tempo built, the sap coming down a bit harder, and just a bit faster. I could hear it smacking the base of the vibrator, but it was my clit Julie aimed for, spanking me with increasing speed until the blows came in a pair every second. Again my body jerked wildly and I cried out.

“Come for me!” Julie cried, lifting the sap higher and bringing it down harder. I felt every muscle tighten as I finally lost it all together, the vibrations, the pain, the heat, the sting, the smashing blows, and I burst once more, a massively powerful orgasm that left me screaming.

Breanne Erickson is the author of the amazing erotica series "Tales of a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut." Frequently referred to as the "Goddess of Dark Erotica," Breanne continues to titillate the senses and bring her readers down into a wet, warm, dark bliss with her frequent sex-capades and sexual antics. Get the full collection of her intriguing Tales as the mistress of confessional erotica takes you for a ride that can only result in wet, satisfying endings!