Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Disturbing Find

“Here,” Kari said, looking down at me. “Put this on.”

I looked up from my position at the desk. My boss, best friend, lover, and yes… sadistic dominatrix, stood looming over me like an iceberg in front of a cruise ship. She was tall, especially in the four inch heels, and her sapphire colored business suit emphasized her figure perfectly, lending grace to her svelte form. Long golden tresses fell from her head to spill over her shoulders and gold glittered at her throat and ears.

She shook out the lump of white colored cloth, holding it up for my inspection and I immediately focused on the new piece of apparel. It was a summer dress, or at least that’s what Kari would have called it. I had a less flattering definition in mind; like “inappropriate”. I could have guessed, even without looking, that it would be short at the hem, but I winced as I took in the lack of inches. Short was an understatement. The bottom edge danced with interesting curves, but I doubted it would go lower than my upper thigh and I didn’t think it would cover my rear. The shoulder straps were fastened close around the back of the neck with a simple knot, leaving a chevron of material close to my throat, but with open sides. And none of this encapsulated the real issue with the damn thing.

It was the stripes.

Horizontal stripes of a slightly darker color were interspersed down the entire length of the dress, front and back, with the lighter bands set across where specific prurient areas might be located. I reached out and took the material in hand, discovering a light, gauzy texture.

“Is this see-thru?” I demanded, glancing back up at her.

Kari smiled wickedly. “Don’t worry. It covers the important parts,” she assured me. “We’re going out.”

That made me stiffen in surprise. “Out? Out where?” I asked, growing concerned. This wasn’t the plan. Today was supposed to be an office day. She had designing to do! She let go of the dress and it puddled down into my hands. “I thought you were going to be working today?”

“I am. Now get dressed. We’re leaving in a few minutes.” She turned tail and I watched her finely shaped ass sway and jiggle under the suit’s skirt as she headed back to the office. I screwed up my face into an expression of frustrated disgust and looked at the dress again. It seemed… small. I checked the tag.

“Kari! I’m a medium!” I protested, twisting in my seat and glancing back down the hall at her. She’d made it to her office and merely turned with a grin, giving me a little wave.

I looked away, out through the glass fronted wall of my lobby, out into the building’s atrium. There was no way I was changing here, at my desk. And honestly, if her intent was to humiliate me sexually, by way of wearing slutty clothing, I didn’t exactly see what was wrong with my current outfit. The blouse I was wearing had a soft, flower print on it, but that didn’t seem to interfere with the plunging neckline, or the fact that half the buttons were missing. The scarlet colored bra beneath had spent more time outside the shirt than in it for most of the morning. The black mini skirt wrapped around my ass covered me completely, but still had a tendency to roll up if I twitched my hips to much, revealing the matching set of panties. A pair of black, six inch high stilettos graced my feet, my bare toes and curved instep visible, just as Kari liked it.

So why the new dress?

I rose slowly, the dress in hand. As I expected, my toy of the day: a thick, nine inch long rod of rubber, started the process of slipping out of my pussy. It was caught though in place by the panties, the ones that matched the bra, and left more than half the full length still embedded in my slit. I took a deep breath. The sensation was… frustrating. I liked being stuffed to the brim and frankly, what I really wanted to do was sit back down, driving the whole thing right back into my sex. But, I had to change.

I walked back down the hall, past where Kari was sitting at her desk. I glowered at her, but she wasn’t paying attention so I turned tail and flounced past her, straight onto the conference room. The large mahogany table stood off to one side and I began unbuttoning my shirt, contemplating what Kari had in mind. A moment later I reached behind my back and unclipped the bra. I tossed it aside and, still wearing the panties, I shook out the new dress and pulled it down over my head.

Thank God it was stretchy, because it was too small.

I had to wriggle a bit and felt a bit like a sausage as I struggled to get my breasts into the bodice, feeling the material squeezing me tightly. It didn’t work out too well. My tits bulged out of the exposed sides, making my bosom look… well… strange. I rolled the material down over my hips and then, realizing that the distended, dildo filled crotch of my panties were still in view, tugged and pulled. For a minute I danced in place, struggling, but there was no way the dress was going to cover my panties, especially with them stuffed with the Husky dildo. Frowning, I put my hand on the base of the phallus and pulled upward.

Four more inches of rubber went into me and my slit quivered in delighted expectation. It was pure heaven and I groaned as my insides went a little syrupy. I squeezed the dildo tightly and checked again. This time I couldn’t see my panties, at least down between my thighs. I could certainly see them through the mesh stripe. Kari had said that my prurient parts would be covered, but she hadn’t taken into consideration the sizing issue. Or perhaps she had. But with the dress stretched down far enough for decency’s sake, the light colored stripe revealed a disturbing amount of scarlet. I suddenly wished I had a mirror, but it became increasingly obvious that the whole dress was incorrectly proportioned. One of the see-thru strips meant to border my breasts was now perfectly centered across my tightly wrapped bosom. Both nipples were pink, obvious, and the raised, pierced tips were easily seen through the gauze. I groaned, grabbed my discarded clothing, folded them up, and then marched back to Kari’s office. Of course the Husky dildo slid back out, the crimson bulge of my panties immediately obvious.

“Kari!” I spluttered. “I can’t wear this out in public!” I turned into her office and her eyes came up to light on me. Her mouth curled up into a smile.

“My, my, my…” she said in appreciation. “You fill it out well.”

I blinked. “Well? Are you kidding me? The hem is too high!” I pointed at my sex, where I knew she could see the crotch of my panties. Then I cupped my breasts. The sides of each tit were not even covered and the tips were in full view through the transparent mesh. “It’s too small! I don’t fit in this!”

Kari stood. “Of course you do,” she assured me. “Just not in the manner you would personally prefer.” She came up to me, took my elbow and set my clothing aside. Then she leaned in close to me and whispered, “Your panties are showing.” Her hand curled forward and her fingers found the bottom of the dildo, held in place by the distended lace. She pushed it into me and I went rigid, gasping, mouth half open, staring at her. Fully stuffed again, I stood there, panting. She pat my rump lightly and then stepped out of the office expecting me to follow.  

It was my job to lock the glass door, which meant sinking to my knees, bending over, and sticking my key into the lock along the bottom. Kari stood behind me, admiring my ass. I fumbled a bit and much to my consternation, she lifted the point of her pump, pressed it against the base of the dildo, and pushed it back up into me. I hurried at that point, not wanting to get fucked there in the atrium where some random passerby might see. I climbed back up to my feet, tried adjusting the dress again, and felt utterly humiliated as I followed along behind her. We made it to her candy apple red convertible and I fell into the seat as quickly as I could, wanting to hide.

“Spread your legs,” Kari said as she started the engine.

Biting my lip, I did as told. Her hand snaked down as the dress rolled up toward my waist. She pushed the dildo in again, and then once more as my pussy forced it back out with the small convulsions the arousal was causing.

“Hmmmm,” she mused, glancing down at my panties. “You may have a point. Your panties are showing.”

I snorted. “Told you,” I said sullenly.

“So remove them,” she replied.

I blinked. “What will hold the dildo in?” I asked in surprise.

“Your hand, for now. In and out please. Until we arrive at our destination. If you manage to edge for me without cumming, I will allow you to go commando.”

I gave her a skeptical look. “That’s supposed to be motivation? Edge and I get to flash my pussy off to everyone who cares to look?”

She patted my leg. “Or you can put the panties back on and walk around the mall once or twice.”

My eyes widened and I gulped. I lifted my butt off the seat and slipped my panties down my legs. They got tangled on my heels for a moment, but I cleared them. Then I tilted the seat back a bit, took hold of the dildo, and began pumping. It was an incredible sensation, wet and slick and so good that getting to the metaphorical “cliff of orgasm” or “the edge” as Kari liked to call it, was ridiculously simple. Besides, I’d been aroused since I’d woken up that morning. Within fifty strokes I was breathing hard, my pussy tightening and quivering around the thick, rubber cock and I was getting into it.

“W-w-where are we going?” I huffed, still working the phallus in and out of my gaping slit.

Kari shrugged. “To look at a find. Juan called me early this morning.”

I grimaced. “Juan? The antiques guy?” Juan was a pencil thin, oily sort of guy who had a warehouse filled with unique antiques, which he acquired from all over the world. Most of them were shit pieces; falling apart and not worth a penny. But every once in awhile he managed to get something decent, or so different, that it attracted Kari’s eye. We hadn’t been to his warehouse in over half a year. But there was another reason I didn’t care for Juan. He was a sadistic little prick who prided himself on giving Kari unique opportunities to sexually torture me, all in exchange for the opportunity to dip his wick in my well-abused cunt.

In retrospect, I actually don’t mind Juan all that much. At least, not the sexual aspects of it. My repulsion is more for his personality. He reminds me of a slimy, not quite ethical, used car salesman. One thing was sure though; if we were going to Juan’s warehouse, I was going to get fucked. Hard.

Which was good.

The anticipation made getting closer to the edge even easier and I spent the twenty minutes of the drive giving a few truckers a good view of my bright, pink, well-stuffed pussy, legs spread and presented well. Half way through I got to the edge, quivering and straining and I froze, shaking with need, the dildo half out of my slit as I struggled to hold back. I managed, but only barely, and pulled the phallus out and licked it for a moment, with Kari smiling in approval. Then I stuck the rubber cock back in. By the time we pulled up to the Juan’s warehouse, I was close again.

“Okay, pull it out,” Kari told me as the car lurched to a halt.

I moaned as I tugged the Husky Dildo out of my hot and slippery self. I stuck it in my mouth and looked at her with hungry eyes. Kari laughed, leaned over, and took it out from between my lips. “You won’t need this,” she promised me.

I swallowed roughly. “I am insanely desperate right now.”

She smiled. “Good.”

“I mean, insanely.” I repeated.

Kari gave me an intense sort of look. “Yes. I understand.”

Together we climbed out of the car and I quickly pulled the hem of the dress down over my ass. Wetness smeared my thighs and I followed Kari up the concrete steps and into the tiny lobby of Juan’s warehouse. The tiny office was cheesy. There was a fake ficus plant, a cheap set of seats, a crappy wooden desk, and a laptop computer. Sitting behind the desk was Juan. He was thin, with a waxed mustache and a scraggly beard that just couldn’t manage to fill in. His dark brown eyes flitted back and forth and when he looked at me my skin crawled. I squirmed slightly, hiding behind Kari. I felt uncomfortable. I was dressed like a slut and being ogled, but my big problem was that I was wet, wanting, and had absolutely nothing stuffed up inside me.

“Good morning, Juan.” Kari said it politely as the man peeled his eyes off me and bowed obsequiously to my mistress.

Buenos dias, Senora Anders. Cómo está usted?” He straightened back up as Kari smiled. Then, without waiting for an answer, he looked back at me. I’d say he was undressing me with his eyes, but Kari had pretty much rendered that pointless with the dress. “¿Cómo estás mi maravillosa puta mierda?

I blinked. My Spanish isn’t exactly great, but… come on. Really? Marvelous fuck slut? My eyes narrowed. I took a deep breath, about to put my entire knowledge of Spanish invective to good use when Kari laid a stilling hand on my arm. “She is fine,” she told Juan. “And she is my fuck slut. Not yours.”

Juan bowed again. “Of course.”

“What did you want to show me?” Kari replied.

He held up two fingers. “I have two things to show you and your lovely assistant. Follow me, por favor.” He went to the inner door, opened it, and led the way into the warehouse.

I won’t lie. It was a junk store. But that didn’t mean it wasn’t interesting. Juan scoured the world for stuff, imported it, and then sold it at four or five times the cost. He frequently picked up stuff for a pittance and resold it at like a six hundred percent profit. But what made him special was his keen eye for the unique. He led us through three hundred year old bed frames, dressers, settees, and other weird items, past one collection of ship’s wheels, and then turned us down another aisle. We walked far enough to put us at a decent distance from his office and I saw a single “station” with a white cloth draped over something tall. Next to it was a table with an old, beat up, leather trunk. We approached and Kari stopped a few feet away, crossing her arms. She looked at Juan expectantly, and without another word, he swept the cloth away.

It was… uh… weird looking. In fact, I wasn’t even sure what it was. A curved piece of wood, no thicker than my thumb, but wider than my hips, was mounted to what looked like an elliptical piece of iron railing. A number of attachment points held the thing together and a swivel joint was positioned at the back, in the very center. It wasn’t a chair. There was no seat. And it wasn’t long enough, or flat enough to be a table. Even weirder were the two sets of iron cylinders that were attached to the side rungs. They seemed almost like afterthoughts, tilted at strange angles.

I tilted my head to the side, bewildered.

Kari on the other hand studied it silently. Then she stepped closer, looked under and around it, and I saw an expression of understanding cross her face. She looked at Juan in approval, a smile touching her lips.

“I see,” she said simply. “Yes.”

Juan grinned. “A demonstration perhaps?” He begged sweetly. “For a discount?”

Kari let out a light laugh. “Yes. I suppose that would be appropriate.” She looked at me. “Breanne, come here.”

I blinked, still clueless. “What for?”

The look Kari gave me was enough to make me weak-kneed so I dutifully stepped up to her. She took me by the arm, turned me around and made me step backward so that the weird… whatever it was… touched my rump.

“Stand there,” she said. Juan came up and began fiddling with one of the lower iron cylinders and Kari did the same on the other side and I suddenly had a sinking feeling. There was a sliding grinding noise as Juan moved the cylinder upward along the rail until he found the right spot. He opened the mechanism, twisting it on a ball joing, and I realized what the circular iron pieces really were.

Fetters. Juan took my wrist and pressed it into the cylinder. The inside was lined with thick rubber. It grabbed me tightly as he closed the binder and the mechanism locked. I glanced the other way as Kari managed adjust and open hers and then my left wrist was secured in place. I stood there, bound to the table thing, my fists down by my waist, but held outward along the rail. Still, this was idiocy. They should have lifted my arms and used the upper cuffs. Not the lower ones.

“Well, this is stupid,” I declared knowingly. “Shouldn’t my arms be cuffed to the higher ones?” I taunted them. “Now you’ve got no way to secure my feet.”

Kari gave me a startled, but then pitying look. “Oh. Breanne. You are so innocent,” she said softly. Juan moved behind the strange apparatus and a very thick leather belt appeared, threaded between the iron side rails and the wood. Kari stepped forward, took the ends from Juan, and bound me even more securely. My dress crumpled a little and the hem rose enough that I squirmed a bit, trying to get the material to shift. If Kari cared about the fact that my wet, pink slit was now showing, she didn't act on it. I heard a click and then the entire stupid thing tilted backward. I gasped, my knees bending as my weight moved off my high heeled feet and centered higher up my spine. I looked upward at a very bright light, spots flitting in my eyes. Then Juan came back into view, reached down, grabbed my right leg, and bent me in fucking half.

Of course he got a perfect view of my pantiless pussy, the gaping petals moist and grasping. He hauled my stiletto clad foot up and then the bench tilted back even further. I gasped in sudden panic, but then the chair thingy stopped and I lay horizontal. Kari lifted my other leg and my dress went up to my waist. My entire lower half was revealed and the two of them secured my ankles in the rubber wrapped cuffs attached to the frame near my ears as my dress rolled up around my waist, just beneath the leather belt.. I groaned, shifting, pulling on my arms, but there was no hope. The manacles holding my ankles and wrists were tight and locked in place. The leather belt around my waist held me firmly. As they stepped back, I let out a whimper of need as Juan ran his hand down my leg, straight to my pussy, to flick his fingers once across my clit.

Oh my fucking God.

Juan tilted me even further backward, raising my pussy higher and closer to him and Kari. The light in my eyes dipped and I realized I was looking at another stack of furniture, some of it wrapped in plastic, from an almost upside down perspective. I felt my weight pull on my wrists and ankles, and against the belt. I groaned. I glanced down, or up, or whatever, and my pussy was in full view, presented perfectly to Kari and the antiques dealer.

Juan seemed very eager and his eyes kept flitting across my exposed, gaping sex. “Now, Senora, let me show you my other surprise.”

I heard the old trunk being opened and Kari let out a gasp. “My goodness! This is a find!” She exclaimed happily.

Juan nodded happily. “They have all been maintained perfectly. Perhaps you would care to test them? They have not tasted flesh in many, many years.”

I struggled to get a look, but was not only upside down, but facing the wrong way. Still, Juan's words scared me. Tasted flesh? What the fuck?

I heard something swish through the air a few times. Then Kari made a satisfied sound. “Yes. Quite serviceable and well maintained. Would you mind removing Breanne’s shoes?”

“Certainly,” Juan said. He came back into view and began unbuckling my right shoe, but even before he got it off, something soft, supple and black touched my left thigh, so close to my pussy that I gasped at the sensation. I saw a flicker of leather, then it disappeared. I quivered in expectation, but then the sensation reappeared on the opposite thigh. This time I caught a better glimpse; a crop, with a doubled head.

Kari ran the crop up from my thigh to my exposed buttock and I tightened up, expecting the stroke. It came, but not where I expected it. Kari lifted the crop and brought it back down firmly, yet still lightly, right on my spread open sex.

“OOHhhhhhhhh!” I gasped. It wasn't painful. In fact, it didn't hurt at all. It didn't even sting. It came as a surprise. The head of the crop came up glistening with wetness and my sex tightened rhymically. I pushed against the belt involuntarily, a purely physical reaction as my loins thrust forward. Kari put the crop back on my pussy and began stroking my clit and petals gently, as if brushing my hair.

“Unnghhhh!” I said intelligently, my brain suddenly short-circuiting as the pleasure streaked through me. I was total at her mercy. Each touch of the crop against my clit and petals made me go rigid. Then, after a maddening minute or two of that intense, incessant petting, Kari snapped the crop down hard, flicking it painfully against my clitoris. If her intention was to bring me back down, that was not the right way to go about.

“Oh God, yes!” I hissed. “More please!”

Kari wasn't about to let that request go unanswered and Juan’s eyes widened appreciatively as the crop began beating out a wet, stinging tempo on my sex. I didn't even notice he’d removed both of my shoes until Kari used my right sole as a symbol to my snare drum pussy. I squealed, ankle twisting near my head, but she went right back to smacking my sex. I squeezed my eyes shut, the stinging heat of Kari’s touch burning through me. My pussy tightened and I felt the emptiness inside me like an ache. Still, my clit swell and the juices flowed as she tortured me.

When I was breathless and keening, she put the crop down. I lay there, partially upside down, my dress caught beneath the wide leather belt, wrists bound by my butt, ankles at my head. My pussy tingled with a fair heat and I was so wet that you could have slid just about anything in there easily. Dildos. Vibrators. Cucumbers. Table legs. Tractor trailers.

“Very nice,” Kari said, placing the crop back into the trunk.

Juan nodded eagerly. “Please try the next one,” he begged obsequiously. The next stroke came down wish a swish of air and a dozen leather straps slapped down between my legs.

Okay. Flogger. Ooww.

The flogger stung way more than the crop did, over a wider swath of my skin, curving to match my loins. The leather strands dug down into my pussy, spread my petals open, and excoriated my sex. Flecks of girl goo splattered my tummy and face, even spotting the bodice of my see thru dress, thanks to the backward leaning angle. The wail I let out was twice as loud and my pussy clenched hard, wishing for that morning's dildo.

Senora Anders?” Interrupted Juan. He held up another object from the case. “Perhaps some alternating sensations might be beneficial?”

Kari nodded, stepped back, and let Juan grab hold of my clit with the tongs, squeezing and crushing it. He tugged it out and my back.arched as I let out a scream. Tiny sharp points dug into my clitoral hood and he twisted me back and forth. Then, just to complicate things, he slid in a thick, tapered, wooden phallus into my pussy and pumped it violently.

I about lost my mind. It felt amazing.

A rush of overwhelming need hit me like a brick and my brain began to fry. Did it feel good? Or did it hurt? Yes to both. Or no. I couldn't even tell any more. I only knew I had to cum, hard and fast. Juan pumped and tore at my clit for maybe twenty seconds, only to yank the dildo clear and release my clit so that Kari could whip me between the legs with the flogger again.

I grit my teeth and closed my eyes, my sex on fire. I held back the tears even as my pussy screamed for satisfaction. I wanted something hard and solid inside me again and if it meant the tongs twisting and pulling on my clit, then so be it. My head rocked from side to side between my feet as I made all sorts on unintelligible noises as I tried to beg for a fuck. My butt slapped against the wooden backing as I tried to screw the leather strands striking in Kari’s hands.

Then she stepped back as the tears flowed from my eyes. Juan pushed the dildo back into me, slowly enough that the delay in being filled was a torment all of its own. And when the entire length was jammed home, the tongs came back up, found my clit, and squeezed it like a grape.

I needed to burst. Badly.

I made it through less than twenty pumps and God only knows how many twists and pulls of my clit before I screamed.


Kari pulled Juan back, freeing my clit and taking the dildo with him.

“No,” she said simply. “You may not.” She set the flogger down on the wooden chest. Juan just stood there with a shocked look on his face as I blubbered and thrashed on the board. Kari gave him a very direct look. “I would like to browse the warehouse for a bit. Please keep Bre entertained.”

Juan blinked. “But Ms.Anders, you've only tried half of the contents of the chest,” he protested.

Kari smiled wickedly. “Well, if she disobeys and cums, I will have something to punish her with.” Then she stepped close, grabbed my clit, and pinched it hard. “Remember, no cumming.”

For a second I saw red, and blue, and green. I wanted her to touch me more, to twist and rub and lick and punch and beat my pussy. Instead she walked away, leaving me folded in half, lying spread open on the board. Juan watched her curiously, but then looked back at me. He set down the dildo and tongs and came right up to my side.

“I wish to see more of your breasts,” he said, sounding apologetic, and his fingers began pinching the material covering my bosom, tugging it out from under the belt. The fact he got my nipples too, multiple times, made it clear what he was trying to do.

Make me cum.

“I'm not sure if Senora Anders noticed these,” he said, going back to the chest, “but I think you might appreciate them.” He returned holding two mechanical marvels in front of me. “These are guillotine clamps,” Juan explained. “They will stretch your nipples.”

I made a whimpering sound as he flicked the tip of my right breast. There was some trouble with all the hardware; the piercing, the padlock, but then I let out a pained grunt as a sharp flash of agony went through my tit. Juan nodded, looking at me in sympathy.

“I know. The clamp hurts. But just wait until I adjust it to pull your nipple out. Then you will truly know pain.”

I gasped. “Juan, please…” I blubbered. “You can fuck me!”

He laughed. “I am already going to fuck you. Why do you think Senora Anders left you here. She wants to hear you cry and whimper, and beg…” He put his mouth down by my ear. “... to cum of course. Which will only earn you more punishment. “ His fingers attached the second guillotine clamp and a strangled sound of agony came out of my throat.

“Now, let me show you what else this chair can do!” Juan declared. He squatted down. There was a loud click. Then the whole fucking thing tipped even farther back and I was completely upside down. I blinked, tears streaming from my eyes as I looked at the thick bulge of his crotch. He unbuckled his trousers and stripped down his pants, revealing… wait for it… white boxers with red hearts on them.

Yeah. I had to stare at that for a moment. It takes a special kind of fruitcake to make Valentine’s Day boxers work.

And Juan just wasn’t that kind of guy.

He whipped out his manhood. “For every minute you take in getting me off I will tighten the clamps.” Then his cock smacked me in the kisser. “Just so you understand…” he continued, reaching up to my left tit. He messed with the guillotine frame, twisting the screw so that the clamp, and the nipple it was grasping, were pulled away from my chest. I gasped as the tightness and pain increased. Holy fuck! That was going to be excruciating!

I blinked the tears out of my eyes and quickly opened my mouth. Juan's shaft went in, but sucking someone off upside down is no easy feat. And he started distracting me by ruubing my clit, spreading my petals with his fingers, and then he did something absolute vicious. He put his mouth directly on my swollen nub, sucking and licking me even more thoroughly than I was doing to him.

I went banana fucking nuts crazy. Or as Juan might say, “banana follando nueces locas!”

I admit freely that I am fucked up. And that's not just a commentary on my usual sexual state of having cock or sex toys jammed up my slit. I mean that I'm a sick masochist, who can tolerate obscene levels of abuse and pain, provided I'm insanely aroused, and the continuing torment inflicted upon me is sexual in nature. I gobbled cock as my nipples throbbed angrily. My clit was sucked up into Juan's mouth eagerly, swelling from the stimulation. I began creaming, fluids dripping down my tummy as my pussy convulsed and fluttered, wanting more than just tongue. It wanted, no… needed… cock.

“MMMMmmmmm,” Juan hummed. “That feels good, but your first minute is up.” He reached down while at the same time pulling his cock out of mouth. He grabbed my left breast, took hold of the clamp, and twisted the screw on the top. Pain exploded in my breast and I squealed. “Maybe you need something to take your mind off your pezones?” He reached around me, grabbed the tongs from where they were perched on the trunk, and then stuck his cock back in my mouth. I started sucking as best I could and felt the pointed, meat-tenderizer like pincers close on my clit again. He squeezed and twisted as I went rigid, pain and pleasure overwhelming me as I wailed right into his balls. He let go of my clit, leaned forward, and slud his tongue over and around it, lapping fast and firmly. He pulled his cock out of mouth and it bounced against my nose.

“Juan! Please! Oh my God! Please fuck me!”

He stopped slurping on my sex just long enough to move me back to the horizontal and I blinked as the bright, overhead halogen lights burned spots into my retinas. I caught a glimpse of him, struggling with a condom, and then something firm, and warm, and solid slid into my pussy.

I grasped it tightly, fluttering muscles massaging and working the full length until it slid halfway out. Before I could object or whimper it went back in, thrusting back and forth with piston like precision. I shut my eyes, the exquisite pleasure blocking out even the pain of the guillotine clamps. I heard the wet, squelching sound of my flower opening, spread wide, petals splayed as my depths were plunged. My toes curled and I kicked, the chair creaking as I thrashed in my bonds, with only the desire to pump my hips back against him.

I felt like a torrent of water was trying to gush through me and I trembled violently as the orgasm hit me like a tsunami. Juan continued to ram himself home, rocking the entire chair and me with it. He stayed firm and passionate even as I crested, shuddered, and then wilted. My nipples started to throb painfully and I winced, whimpering as the pounding Juan was giving made the guillotine clamps wiggle and sway at the tips of my breast.

It says something about a man who can cum when his lover is hurting. The pain at the tips of my breast grew as Juan groaned and thrust, ultimately climaxing inside me, the prophylactic catching his spurting cream. He pulled out with a gracious sigh and a broad smile. Then, noticing my discomfort, reached up and released the clamps. I let out a tiny gurgle of sound, blood rushing back into the crushed tips of my breasts, but it was a relieving pain and it began to fade.

“That was perfecto,” he sighed, his hand stripping off the condom and tossing it away. He gave me a sly glance. “Even better, you disobeyed your mistress and came, loudly, so she would know.” He found his trousers and pulled them up his legs. I lay there, breathing deeply and evenly. I felt spectacular.

“You would not have been so eager if you knew the items left in this trunk” He patted the trunk and gave me a pleased grin.

That… chilled me. “Why? What's left?” I asked weakly.

Juan looked down the aisle, then glanced back at me with slight bow. “I think you are about to find out.” He placed his hand on my sex, fondling me warmly, but I was already satisfied. It just felt nice. Then Kari sauntered into view and Juan pulled his hand away. It was wet.

“I heard her from the other side of the warehouse,” she said to him in mock disappointment.

Juan grinned. “I may be too much man for her,” he replied with total sincerity. But then he gave Kari a smug shrug. “And she is an enthusiastic woman.”

Kari laughed. Then she said, “so am I.” It came out cold and cruel and I saw her looking down at me like a cat eyeing a goldfish. Goosebumps raised on my arms, then my tummy, passing down my legs. My pussy tightened and I realized that I was pulling on the fetters. Juan looked at Kari, then me, then back at Kari and lifted both hands in surrender.

“I presume you wish to make the purchase?” He asked shrewdly.

Kari nodded. “Of course,” she said, staring down at me.

He bowed to her. “Then I will go and prepare the invoice,” he assured my mistress.

She stepped closer to the trunk, and lifted a wicked looking leather paddle from it. It was almost a sap, but perhaps a bit too flexible. She patted my pussy with it and then delicately began to stroke me. Juan watched as I gasped, his eyes widening as the unmistakable thrust of my loins made my desires clear.

“Very enthusiastic,” he said in an impressed tone. “Que te diviertas.”

“Oh. I will,” Kari replied.

Juan turned and began walking away, step by step, heading back to his office. I know he was smiling, satisfied at what he’d done to me, how he’d hurt me, and how he’d used me. But he was happy that I’d cum, and that he’d done it to me. Now… now I was earning the punishment I’d been promised.

I figured Juan made it all the way back to his office…

… before I screamed.

I wonder if he thought it was in agony, or ecstasy?

Or both.

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