Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Beginings - Part Two of Two

If you haven't read part one, better do that.  And to be honest, I should have posted Part Two ages ago. Why didn't any of you email me and say "Bre! You forgot to post part two!"  Duh.  Anyway, read part one first.  Now, even.  If you'd like! - Bre

Four and a half hours later I knocked on Julie’s apartment door, wrapped in my denim duster, my green sweater folded under one arm. I don’t want to be nasty, but I didn’t smell so good. There was this sort of acrid scent on me, like stale coffee.  It wasn’t at all pleasant.  And I felt… scuzzy.  God I needed a shower.  I’d left my coat unbuttoned on my mad dash to Julie’s apartment through the cold winter’s evening, mostly because I didn’t want my duster getting yucky either.

Julie opened the door and I stepped into the heat shivering.  She smiled as I took off my jacket and turned to her, bare breasted, her eyes lighting up.

“Oh!  It’s almost like you’re asking for it!” she said breathlessly, her hand coming up.

I reached out and grabbed her wrist and her eyes widened in shock.  I gave her a rueful grin.

“I’m not resisting, but after what’s been splattered on my chest today, you might want me to wash before you touch me.”

Julie looked down at my chest.  There were dried runs of cum going all the way down to my belly.  “That’s more than one guy’s sperm,” she said, eyes narrowing.

I blushed.

Julie let out a breath. “I see.  Well, I was planning on dinner first,” she said.  “In fact, it’s ready.  But if we’re going to eat before getting in the shower, then you have to properly suffer for it.”  She grabbed my hand and lead me into the apartment.  She helped me out of my duster and the skirt, leaving me buck naked except for my heels.

Despite her increased salary from the new job, Julie hadn’t bought much in the way of replacement furniture.  Her logic was if she was going to move in two months, why bother with new things until after she moved?  Seemed smart to me. So we sat down at the simple round table in her dining room.  Of course the first thing she served me wasn’t food at all, but a pair of steel nipple clamps, thoughtfully placed into a bowl.

I put them on gingerly, feeling the ridges that she’d carved into the pads.  Julie had made it clear that my place as her submissive meant alot more pain and special attention paid to the tips of my breasts.  Where my former Mistress Kari might have been said to have an overall appreciation of my body, Julie certainly was focused on my top half.  Not that I minded. My nipples are sensitive and wonderful for translating certain sensations to my brain.  I shuddered a little in need as the tight pinching merely amplified the sensation of the vibroballs still inside me.

Oh yeah.  Julie turned those ON. To low.  Try eating naked, while vibrating, with your nipples tightly clamped.

Still, I managed it. Our conversation focused on upcoming things: Kari’s weddings (yes, weddings plural.)  Kari wanted to have both a regular traditional ceremony, one her parents could attend, with her in white and everything, while she also wanted a BDSM wedding.  I was to be the maid of honor for the first, while Isobel would take that roll for the second.  I didn’t mind.  Kari had already made it very clear that I would have a special place in the second wedding.

Probably as a table decoration or something. Sigh…

And we talked about other things.  Assignments, contracts, friends, online Doms, the Breanneapedia (evidently Julie wants to be able to ADD things to the Breanneapedia.  That’s a frightening thought. I really hate that thing.  Do you know what it’s like having a wiki about yourself?  I feel dirty every time I hear about, like someone has been fingering me without me knowing about it.  Let’s see.  We talked about some of the other basic things.  You know… being submissive, expectations. All that.  We talked about John, who asked me to pay up and come to his super bowl party as the one and only person in the catering team.  Julie had already given her permission for that and I knew how that evening was going to go.  I’d spend most of it naked, likely impaled in various ways, by various men, followed up by John’s game of poker.  To be honest, I’m kind of looking forward to it.

And then dinner was done.  Julie pushed back her plate and motioned for me to follow her.  I padded along behind until we’d entered her bathroom. She started the shower and then pulled out this strange rubber wire thing.

“Hands behind your back,” she said. I complied easily and she wrapped it around my wrists a few times, twisting it like a twisty-tie.  

“Tomato plant holder,” she said simply as I tested the bonds.  There was no way I was getting my wrists free.  She had me.  She knelt down and removed the vibroballs, flicking her finger against my clit hard enough to make me gasp.  Then she stood back up and tossed my toys into the sink. With a mischievous grin she pushed me into the water and followed.  The moment the water sluiced down my front her hands flew, spanking my breasts hard left and right.  I gasped and almost fell back, wincing and crying out as water droplets splattered the wall and shower curtain.  At one point she poured body wash into her palm and instead of rubbing it into my breasts, she slapped it on.  It stung and eventually I cried out in pain, breasts hot and heavy, braced against the back wall.

“Now we wash,” she said.

My hands were bound so there was nothing I could do to her.  Instead she washed me.  It was slow, sensuous, and very erotic.  She slipped her fingers into my slit, literally working me into a froth, right to the edge, before removing her hand.  Julie even went to her knees in front of my, using her mouth on my clit, her fingers soaping my legs and feet.  She turned me around and rubbed her own thin form against mine, clearly revelling in the sense of my fuller curves touching her skin.  

Julie is not a soft person.  She’s even thinner than Kari, who is pretty thin.  I’m… well… I’m not fat.  Not at all. Working hard on a farm doesn’t leave time to pudge up.  But I’m still… well rounded.  My breasts are a solid C cup.  My hips are wide.  My bottom is NOT flabby, but I’ve still actually GOT an ass.  Let me put it to you this way.  Laying on Julie is like hugging a pile of sticks.  Laying on me is like having a pillow under you in the right spots.  

Don’t get me wrong. Julie is beautiful.  She’s just one of those skin and bone girls.  And while I’d never want to lay on top of her, I sure like it when she lays on top of ME.  The things she can do!  Wow.

Still, my breasts ached when we climbed out of the shower.  Julie had thoroughly washed us both and after I was dried and my wrists released, she led me to the bedroom where I was instructed to lie down on my stomach.  I climbed up on the bed and Julie pulled out her ankle and wrist cuffs.  About five minutes later I was spread-eagled, face down.  I felt her fingers against the insides of my thighs and then a vibrator was pushed between my sex and the mattress.  She turned it on and I gasped. It wasn’t inside me, but instead was rubbing against my clit. My hips churned as I moaned.

“Now,” Julie said, sitting down next to me. I felt something sharp, or maybe just very thin, touch my calf and then go up. I recognized it after only half a moment. It was a switch. A very thin, supple one.  “I’d like you to tell me how many men exploded on your body today,” Julie asked quietly.  The tip of the switch kept going up and then curved into my inner thigh, sliding higher and higher.

“Three,” I said softly.  It was true.  I’d been forced to stop the vibroballs twice more after Luke, right on the verge of cumming.  And considering that each stop doubled the time the vibroballs had to be on, I’d just left the damn things buzzing inside me after the second guy.  Except when I was driving.

“I see.  And I suppose you deserve punishment?”

I twitched as the tip of the switch touched my petals and then went up over my perineum and into the crack of my ass.  “Yes Mistress. I exploded.”

Julie tapped my bottom with the thin cane and I jumped slightly, which just pressed my clit harder into the vibrator underneath me.  She turned the switch sideways so that it laid across both buttocks.  “That will be five strokes,” she said demurely.  I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  I knew from experience that it would sting, then hurt, then heat up. I couldn’t help clenching either.  But that didn’t help, since Julie actually waited, the switch lightly rubbing up and down over my bottom, until I relaxed.

Then she hit me.

It wasn’t a brutal stroke.  Just very firm.  Still, it was a switch and when that super thin branch was whipped against my unprepared buttocks I gasped, my back arching.  Instantly I felt the sting along both cheeks, smarting horribly, which then did exactly what I thought it would. It hurt.  I grabbed hold of some of the sheets, clenching my fists and hissing as the sting faded and became a sullen heat.  

Julie used her hand to rub my bottom, taking away some of the pain. I relaxed into it and then she hit me again, this time really low, almost where my legs meet my bottom.  I actually cried out for that one and this time my toes curled as well.  I resisted as best I could the urge to tremble as Julie, slowly, surely tanned my hide with another three, well placed, stinging blows.

When she was done I realized I’d left a wet spot on her sheets.  I was soaked. So wet and horny that I almost wanted her to finish the punishment.  Unfortunately before we could get to the more delicious parts of my anatomy, she had to leave a similar number of little red lines across the soles of both feet.

Julie knew it too and slid to the end of the bed and then got off.  Since I was tied open on my stomach, both of my feet were far apart and turned upward so that the soles were perfect targets.  She started at my right foot, giving me several warm-up taps that had me twitching madly before she swung her arm hard and left the mark I was expecting.  It was right across the arch and had me gasping, even as my hips drove my sex downward onto the hard plastic rod underneath me.  I’m not sure what had more effect; the switch against the sole of my foot, or the vibrator rubbing against my wet clit.

My tormentor seemed to sense that I was on the cusp as well, which is why she didn’t give me any warning and instead swung the switch at my left foot.  There was no tapping, no prep to signal me to brace.  Instead there was just this line of fire that crossed the tender and soft parts of my sole.  Julie was lucky I was tied down, with no where to go, because otherwise I’d have been hopping around on one foot, the other clutched in my hands, whimpering.  As it was, with my being tied spread-eagled so tightly, the only movement that I was left was the thrust of my hips.  This of course did not make things easier since Julie had jammed the vibrator under my pubis.  

Another scarlet line of heat was laid upon my right foot and she began going back and forth, the evil switch a thin, hot iron drawing lines of pain across the soles of my feet.  She didn’t focus only on the arches though, which I was very grateful. Instead she aimed for the balls of my feet, then the heel, then the arch again.  Once she even aimed for my toes. That stung like hell too.  I was close to crying, real tears, by the time she had swung just ten times, five for each foot. Then she was done and I felt the bungee cords she’d used to pull me taut being released.

I let her manhandle me into the next position, which was exactly like the first one, except face up now.  The vibrator was pulled free and turned off and Julie went from corner to corner, pulling my arms up above my head, securing the wrist cuffs, then going down to my heels and repeating the process with the ankle cuffs.  I stared up at the ceiling, the soft brown colored fan swirling above me.  In short order I was again pulled taut to each corner, my body opened for Julie’s amusement.  

She moved near my waist, just off to the side of the bed and set the switch down across my breasts, right at the nipple.  I couldn’t help it. I was charged.  Frightened almost, of what was coming.  Her left hand went down my body, the nails almost tickling me until they delved into the wetness between my legs, teasing the swollen nub of my clit, and making me tighten even more.  Julie teased me mercilessly until I was begging her to let me cum.  And that’s when her right hand raised up about a foot and a half and brought the switch down across my bare and heaving breasts.

It hurt, but I didn’t feel it beyond a sudden surge of stinging heat that was immediately swallowed by the flood of sensation coming up from between my legs.  I boiled, gasping and thrust my hips up, trying to bring relief to my need upon her delicate fingers.  She struck again, this time a little lower, along the undersides of my boobs and I let out a wild cry of ecstatic need that belied the fact that I was being struck with a willow switch.  Back to my nipple the third stroke fell and she pressed her thumb hard against my clitoris, holding my bucking hips back.  The last two strokes were lost in the vivid heat and pleasure of her touch.  All I knew was that I needed, wanted, demanded to cum.

And didn’t.

She pulled her hand away from between my legs just as I was on the edge. So close.  I thrashed and began to beg.  The tip of the switch was dragged down my body, along my abdomen and then I felt it against my clit.  My eyes widened and I lifted my eyes to stare at her.

“I’ve been trying to decide what kind of prices I’m going to set for your orgasms,” Julie said matter-of-factly, as if we were back at the coffee shop, sitting across from each other.  She rubbed the switch against my clit, through my petals, teasing me, but not enough for satisfaction.  

“Kari had some great ideas,” Julie continued, tormenting me with the rub, followed by a tap so delicate, so light, that you’d think the impact upon me would be negligible.  Instead it felt like a hammer blow between the legs.  I jerked, but not in pain or agony, but in desperate straits.  I hissed between my teeth.  

“I think that I’ll grant you the right to multiple orgasms, as many as you want in fact, but will place such a cost on them that there will be some days you won’t want to endure it, no matter how horny you are,” she said.  Then, without a word of warning, she raised the switch up about ten inches and whipped it down.

Fire blossomed between my legs.  She’d caught my clit directly with the switch and even scored a single line down one petal.  It burned and even spread-eagled, held taut, I managed to bring both knees in far enough to block a decent second strike.  Of course I couldn’t hold the position and in ten seconds I was once again held open by the bungee cords.  My throbbing libido had taken a shot to the nose with that last stroke and Julie wasn’t about to let it run off and hide either.  She jammed her hand back down between my legs and thrust two finger hard into my sex, pumping her hand frantically.  I handled that about as well as you would expect and in moments my ass was not even touching the sheets as I rose up in wanton lust.  

And then, just as I should have expected, Julie pulled her hand away and once more snapped the wooden switch against my sex with a enough force to send shards of agony blasting through my arousal.  I cried out, pumping my hips and she nailed me a third time.  I actually think I screamed that time.  Oh not a blood curdling scream or anything.  Just a sharp, loud, yell. Then Julie was climbing up on the bed, throwing a leg over me.  My vision was blocked and then her perfect, soaked pussy was hovering over my face.  I strained to reach her, wanting and needing the outlet for my pressure.  I drove my tongue upward, tasting air until she finally found a way to get herself down.

Sweet, pure bliss. I tasted her need, her own arousal and as I suckled her clit into my mouth she swatted the switch against my loins again.  It didn’t matter, or more accurately, it did matter but I was too involved now to recognize the pain.  It blended in with everything happening.  I pumped my hips, begging for another stroke and she delivered even as she ground her hips into my face.  She bent over, both of us belly to belly and then her tongue touched my own sex and I cried out in perfect ecstasy as she tossed the switch aside. Bound as I was there was little I could do and as her body shifted position to more closely concentrate on me, I found I could no longer reacher.  

“Julie!” I gasped, pleading loudly. “Let my wrists free! Please!”

She pulled her head away from my clit and I shuddered as she twisted over to the right and merely pulled the hook of the bungee cord loose from the metal loop in the cuff.  Then she did the other side.  The second my arms were unbound I wrapped myself around her legs and pulled her back up to my mouth, even as she came down on me with a vengeance.  A second later I cried out in orgasmic climax, cumming with hard, sharp exhalations as Julie’s tongue finished the last of the lashing I’d earned.

Julie herself came a moment later, her wetness streaming down my cheeks, the taste of her on my tongue and as she rolled off me, her own chest heaving from the strain, I found myself grinning. Both of us lost in the daze of orgasmic euphoria, my legs still spread and open, she slowly caressed my inner thigh, grazing my flesh with her nails.  It felt amazing and we just laid there together, in a sort of loose sixty-nine, her own thighs near enough to my hands to lovingly caress.

She stretched, running her hand all the way to my foot, feeling the lines of the switching she’d left there, then moving back up my leg.  When she found my wetness, she rubbed lightly, staying away from my clit, only to curl up and move onto her knees, throwing one leg over me.  Her hair dangled down as she got on all four above me, staring into my eyes.  One by one her hands found mine and she pinned them above my head, our bodies pressed wetly together, breast to breast, tummy to tummy, clit to clit.  Her huge brown eyes stared into mine and for a moment I thought she was going to kiss me.

“I just have one question,” she asked, thrusting lightly so that are pubes rubbed.  It felt amazing.  I smiled, moaning, closing my eyes at the pleasure of this woman using me, holding me, pleasuring me.

“Anything,” I whispered with a satisfied smile.

“How many orgasms did you have?” She asked quietly.

I opened my eyes and looked at her.  “Now?  Just the one,” I said simply. “But it was really amazing and…”

She was shaking her head. “No. Not now. I know how many orgasms you have when you’re with me.  No. I mean earlier.  After the coffee house.  You said you did three guys and you admitted to cumming.  But I want to know how many times you came.”

I stared at her, the sudden dawning of my predicament coming quite clear.  I squirmed uncomfortably under her.  

“You punished me for cumming,” I said with a whine, sounding for all the world like a five year old caught red-handed in the cookie jar.  

Julie nodded.  “I know.  So how many times?”

I thought about lying.  For a moment at least.

“Three,” I finally said quietly. “I came three times.”

Julie let out a breath. “You never even tried to hold off, did you?”

I looked away. “Uh… well, not really. Not after I was already going to be punished.  I mean, why bother right?”

Julie’s right arm moved upward and my captured hand went with it.  She stretched my arm back up and out to the corner and a second later she released my left hand, but only in order to clip the bungee cord back on the wrist cuff.  I began to protest and she let her torso drop, stuffing my open mouth with her bud of a breast.  Then she moved again, my left hand was caught in her steel like fingers, and dragged up to the corner.  Bound again, spread-eagled, I stared up at her in shock.

“Julie?” I asked worriedly.  She laid a finger on my lips and got up off the bed.  I watched as she opened the nightstand and my eyes widened when she pulled out the leather tawse she kept there.  She slapped it against the palm of her hand and the color drained from my cheeks.  She sat down on the edge of the bed again.

“I told you very simply that you were not to cum, and that doing so would earn you a punishment,” she said.  Her hand went down between my legs and cupped my sex.  “I can’t believe that you would test me like this, on the very first assignment that I approved for you.”  She was clearly bewildered and she flicked the tawse forward, the leather falling against my sex, but not hard. It was… just a light tap.  To scare me. To frighten me.

“Did you think you would be able to get away with this? To fool me?  Did you hope I’d be easy on you?”

She shook her head and I gasped as her thumb slid into my depths.  She began slowly fucking me with her hand and then swung the tawse again, catching my petals and clit.  “And now, now you’re going to see that I’m serious about this Breanne.  Serious about being your mistress. Serious about you following orders.  Serious about punishing you.”

Mistress Julie leaned forward, looking me in the eye as she pulled her hand out from between my legs, leaving me to groan.  She smiled wickedly, almost as if she knew that I’d done it on purpose.

“Five strokes for each orgasm, Bre.  On your bottom, your feet, your breasts, and your sex,” she whispered, flicking her wrist and letting the leather straps fall upon my sex one more time.  “And guess where I’m going to start?”

She lifted her arm high, much higher than she’d done with the switch and I felt all the tension in my body drain away.  I opened myself up even more, closing my eyes as I readied myself.  I’d tried to trick her, perhaps deliberately, perhaps not, but these were new beginnings. A new mistress, new assignments, new punishments, new tools, new agonies.  And as she swung the leather downward I recognized that it was me, without a doubt, that was the beneficiary of her new mastery.  The leather straps licked at my clit, biting into me as my body went rigid from the stinging agony of her stroke. My teeth clenched tightly, my back arched, my hips raised up as my toes curled.  My pussy had never, not ever, hurt quite like that before.  Mistress Julie wielded the tawse like a swordswoman standing above me and I was cut to the bone.

New beginnings?


Hello Bre, Assignment time, reasonably simple really.  Your toy of the day are the triple vibroballs, which are to be turned on high fot 10 minutes each hour for 12 consecutive hours.  You are not allowed to cum.  If you think you are going to cum you may turn the balls off before the 10 minutes are up, but will pay for that privilege by finding a stranger to suck.  Blow them, fuck them, let them use you, but they have to finish by cumming ON you.  Note how long you last each time so that Mistress Julie can determine if you are trying hard enough.   The only clean up allowed is that which is necessary to prevent arrest or for family.  “Has that girl got cum in her hair, or what?”

If you do happen to cum then go see Julie, let her know you’ve failed and ask her to assign someone to punish you, or to do it herself.  You’ll probably be a mess at this point, so you should clean yourself, a thorough shower, and invite your punisher into the shower with you so you can clean them too.  They can then switch your feet, your ass, your breasts and your pussy.  Thank them with a rim job while they punish your pussy. - M