Sunday, February 7, 2016

Up and Down

I caught my reflection in the window and hesitated only momentarily as I considered the girl who stared back at me. The first thing that went through my mind was “damn, I’ll bet she’s a good fuck,” followed by the awful, sinking feeling that everyone else would have the exact same thought. I grimaced. The girl was dressed in a pair of slip on high heels. And not the sort you’d find a professional looking woman wearing. No, these were platforms, each boasting thick soles and a nine inch spike at the back. The arch of each foot was bent dramatically and I knew from experience that while it looked amazing, it meant I’d need a foot massage and some aspirin later. The girl in the reflection had red painted toenails which matched her hair, which curled and fell in locks down her shoulders.

Her blouse was borderline decent, and by borderline I mean on the wrong side of the border. It was white, translucent, and did very little to keep the pink, silver dollar circles of her nipples from showing. Of course the fact that the gold hoop piercing on her right nipple, along with the tiny gold padlock that hung from it, easily seen through the shirt as well, just made looking at her ample bosom that much more interesting. The shirt was tight too, so she filled it out impressively. And just in case you hadn’t noticed that you could see her tits through the material, the cut was daring. Her collar plunged low to a few almost meaningless buttons at the front and did more to reveal her breasts than the thinness of the cloth.

The skirt was tight, black, and ridiculously short. It barely covered her bottom and the only good news was that at least it actually did cover her bottom. A simple twist of the hips made sure of that and while it molded like paint to her sculpted butt, it was sort of hard not to look at her legs.

So yeah, she was definitely “fuckable.” I sighed, resigned to looking like a nympho humiliation pain slut out for another assignment. Because in truth, I was.

It was Saturday morning and I’d been careful to pick the day because I didn’t exactly want a crowd around as I struggled to complete Master Brandon’s assignment. Julie had kindly presented it to me in the middle of the week, even lobbying to have me do it on a work day. Kari had initially been in favor of the idea, at least until she’d read the details of what Brandon had in mind. Then she’d called Julie, argued a bit, then suggested Saturday. She even provided a location, which was why I was about to go into a building with only fifteen stories, instead of the tallest skyscraper in Houston.

As far as office buildings went, the concrete, steel, and glass construction wasn’t the most impressive of the buildings in the greater Houston area, but it was new and fresh and only half occupied. Master Brandon had specified I select the highest office building in Houston, but Kari had squashed that idea, pointing out that anything over twenty stories would have elevators dedicated for groups of floors, rather than one that went from top to bottom. For me, I was sort of glad Kari had gotten involved. We had been both visited the building a number of times over the last few weeks dealing with a client remodeling their penthouse office. I’d accompanied her to take pictures, notes, and eventually just to distract the living hell out of the company CFO, a nice looking man named George Padilla who had been annoying Kari by following her around like a lost puppy. Once I’d sauntered in looking, well… much the same as I did that Saturday morning, he’d payed way more attention to me than to what Kari was doing. It allowed her to work unimpeded. He had especially liked the fuck me shoes I’d been wearing. Had I sat down in his office and put my feet up on his desk, flashing my legs and probably a bit more at him, he’d have gladly let Kari go off on her own while he explored my finances. Deeply.

On Saturday the place wasn’t exactly busy but I was able to get in with a minimal of fuss. My attire caught a wide-eyed grin from the security officer at the front desk, but then I was past him and stepped into the elevator alcove and pressed the button. There were five elevators and each one stopped on every floor. I took a deep breath, my boobs once again threatening to pop out of my top. Finally the door to one of the elevators slid open and I stepped in, alone.

I pressed the button for the fifteenth floor and as the elevator started to rise I fished the pink control box out of my waistband. There were two sliders on it, along with double rows of unilluminated red LEDs and a matching pink wire disappeared into my skirt. I didn’t waste any time. I used my thumb on both sliders simultaneously, pushing them upward even as the elevator began to climb. All twelve lights came on and the cheap music being piped out of the elevator’s speakers did nothing to mute the sudden hum of two powerful, electric motors that emanated from under my skirt.

My physical reaction was much more dramatic. I gasped and my knees knocked together as my thighs pressed hard against each other, my bottom wiggling as my body tried to cope with the intense and very disruptive sexual stimulation being applied both internally and externally. Had anyone cared to peek up my skirt they might have been less than surprised to see what looked like a pink colored plastic butterfly sitting over my clit. The thing’s nose, or more accurately - its proboscis, was pressed against my clit, vibrating like an angry hornet and the little sensitive nub was reacting predictably by swelling, ripening, and making my pussy inordinately wet. I could feel the fluids already gushing between my petals and I groaned.

Of course the butterfly on my sex had a little surprise. This one had a stinger. Or maybe a better description would be a rather specialized protuberance, which extended four inches outward from the underside of its body. Like the rest of the thing, this smallish phallic probe vibrated in time with the rest of the plastic bug, but there was a second motor, one embedded in the butterfly’s body that made the whole four inch cock churn inside me like corkscrew being driven into an unopened bottle of wine.

By the time I made it to the fifteenth floor and doors opened I was well on my way to an orgasm. I’d deliberately held off that morning, hoping that my libido would respond adequately to the stimuli. Trust me, when you’re doing naughty things in a public building, if even you’re alone, you want to get done as fast as possible. I stared down the hall, my body tensing and trembling, dreading the thought of someone seeing me. My chest began heaving as my hips rolled and waves of pleasure just seemed to wash up against me like waves on a beach. I let out a little whimper as the elevator doors closed, leaving me in privacy again.

I expected the elevator to move, to head back down, but it stayed right where it was and that just helped. I leaned against the wall, getting closer and closer to orgasm, and only Master Brandon’s prohibition on touching myself kept me from doing something stupid. I had to cum from the RVP only. No touching, right? Then, just as I was about to pop, to take the gift provided by circumstances, the elevator began moving. Unfortunately it only had one way to go and with a whine of frustration I turned the RVP all the way off.

My body, specifically my pussy, really, really didn’t like that but no amount of thrusting of hips was going to fix it. Instead I stood there in my high heels, leaning against the wall, wondering what was going to happen next. My nerves were frayed and my pussy was dripping so much that my thighs were wet. The elevator stopped somewhere in the middle of the building and stayed there, leaving me in sexual limbo as my lower half kept tightening around the four inch plastic, unmoving, non-vibrating cock.

Those eight minutes were probably the most frustrating of my life. It was torture. True, evil, sadistic torture.

The elevator began moving again, this time going up and I quickly turned the RVP back on. I had to cum. And quickly. The elevator rose and a moment later the bell dinged and the doors opened. I was on the thirteenth floor. A woman appeared, gave me a confused look, and stepped up next to me. I glanced at her and I could tell that she was very, very curious about the sounds coming from my bottom half. I understood. Even with the music playing in the elevator you could hear the buzz of the vibrator and stir stick whipping my pussy into a froth.

“Are you going down?” She asked me a moment later when she realized that none of the interior buttons had been pressed.

My mouth moved before my brain, which I don’t really blame myself for. If you think about it, I wasn’t exactly Miss Stability. I mean honestly, what sort of girl dresses like a fuck slut and stands in an office building elevator screwing with the settings on a sex toy?

“God, I hope not,” I said breathlessly, even as I saw her hit the lobby button. I stifled a groan as the elevator started to drop again and I shut the RVP down, the silence sudden and even more incriminating. The woman looked at me oddly but didn’t say anything. We rode together in silence as I shifted back and forth, my hips still churning and working at the plastic cock inside me. The doors opened and she hurried out, casting a backward glance at me. As the doors closed and she disappeared from view I knew I looked even weirder not getting out of the elevator.

Then, the elevator suddenly went back up. I let out a frustrated groan, turned the RVP back up to full, and then we stopped on the seventh floor.

And stayed there, doors shut. I lasted two minutes.

When I came it was like fireworks going off. I let out a hoarse cry of satisfaction as my pussy contracted and fluttered around the RVP. The spinning felt amazing and the vibrations were more than enough to push me over the edge. I wanted to put my hand between my legs but I knew I couldn’t, especially since I wasn’t supposed to. I breathed out through my nose and just enjoyed the private moment where I was able to really just let it go. But as the sexual smoke in my brain cleared I realized that the honeymoon was over, even as the RVP kept up the buzzing swirl that worked between my legs.

One orgasm? That was it? Of course not! Master Brandon would never be so stingy. So I reached into my little purse and brought out the two clothespins he’d instructed me to bring. This was where things got dicey and I was inordinately grateful that no one was in the elevator cab with me. Hurriedly I unbuttoned the front of my shirt and without a moment’s hesitation I put both clothespins on my nipples. I came at them from underneath, so that the wooden clamp hung from the tip of my breasts and as I buttoned back up, my shirt… well… I was about to say “concealed” the pegs, but in all honesty you could easily see them. At least my breasts weren’t exposed with the clothespins sticking straight out. If someone got on I’d at least have a fighting chance to avoid the questioning glances.

Presuming the RVP ever stopped. I wasn’t allowed to turn it off unless the elevator went down, and since we had risen to level six and stayed there, the doors unopened, the only thing I could do was slowly but surely go quietly crazy with desperation as my private bits were subjected to about ten more minutes of intense stimulation.

Then the elevator moved again, downward unfortunately and I turned off the RVP. It stopped at the third floor and a man got on, his eyes going just a bit wide when he took in my appearance, though I had both my arms wrapped around my breasts. The clothespins dug into my nipples sending a number of rather intense, but not totally unpleasant feelings through my chest and I gave him a small, tense smile as he pressed the lobby button. He then tried very, very hard not stare at me. I didn’t mind. I was trying very, very hard not turn the RVP back on.

“After you?” He said generously when we got to the ground floor and I smiled softly.

“Thank you, but I have to go back up,” I explained.

“Oh. Okay. Have a good day,” he said politely, then left the elevator. The doors closed behind him and I suspect that my sexualized appearance made the disparity of what I was doing in the elevator something of an inconsequential. I love people who don’t connect the dots. It saves me from humiliating situations.

Then the elevator went back up as did my RVP, leaving me reeling.

It took me close to forty minutes to cum the second time and multiple trips on the elevator. Twice more I had to endure passengers. The first one was a woman wearing jogging attire and her eyes tracked in on my breasts as she got on in the lobby and then rode with me to the eleventh floor, the RVP buzzing loudly. The second was a man who did something similar, but only to five. Each left me barely sane and as the elevator settled again, closed and waiting for the next command I shuddered as the RVP tore into my lower half, leaving me a whimpering blob of girl who exploded just twenty seconds later. I fell over, leaning against the walls of my makeshift orgasmic prison and felt the elevator sink back down. With a whine I turned off the RVP and just barely had the presence of mind to stand up straight as the elevator doors opened. Two men stood out front and waited for me to get out. I shook my head, and with a trembling voice told them I had to head back up. They pressed the button for fourteen, and ignoring me standing in the corner, we rose upward.

This left me in something of a bind. With the elevator moving upward I was supposed to turn the RVP back up to full power. But I’d also been told to take off the clothespins and exchange them with something a bit more intensive. I bit my lip as the elevator took off and opted for the RVP. I turned it back up to full, even though I was starting to get just a tiny bit tender. I gasped and my companion looked at me as the hum of the motors filled the little cab.

“Are you okay?” One of the men asked.

I nodded. “Yes sir. Thank you for asking,” I managed to say, though the tension in my voice must have been immediately apparent. They exchanged glances as I put a hand on the handicap railing..

“Are those clothespins?” One of the men asked.

My eyes widened in sudden horror and my arm snapped back up across my breasts as my cheeks suddenly went scarlet.

The other man started laughing. “That explains the hum,” he said with a snicker.

I was mortified and turned away, my lip caught in my bottom teeth. The two men didn’t say another word to me, but instead turned and stared at me.

As they got out one of them, the one who asked if I was okay, leaned back in. “Have fun!” He said to me and then the doors closed. The elevator didn’t move. So while the RVP buzzed and agitated my sweet slit I struggled to unbutton my shirt a second time. I got the clothespins off and then drew the two weighted clover clamps out of my purse.

If you’ve never worn Japanese clover clamps before, or seen them, the design is relatively simple. It’s a mechanism in which any kind of tugging on the clamp itself causes the pincers to squeeze tighter. On a normal set this would result in some intense sensation, but eventually the clamp would slip off. Mine however have been filed into a series of uncomfortable, somewhat sharp ridges that prevent anything remotely resembling slippage. Hanging from my clover clamps is two inch spring, followed by a steel, one pound weight, to which a small silver bell is attached. So with my breasts hanging out I clipped each of these two clamps to my nipples, gasped in agony as the weight and bouncing tightened the pincers. And then, as I struggled to catch my breath and maybe consider buttoning up my shirt, the elevator cab started to move. Downward.

I didn’t know if this was a position adjustment or whether someone had hit a button. All I knew was that we were moving. I left the front of my shirt flapping as I quickly turned off the RVP. I’d just barely managed to grab hold of the open flaps of my blouse when the elevator stopped at six and the doors opened.

Not enough time.

I wrapped my arms around my chest instantly but it wasn’t soon enough. The man who stood there, dressed in a polo shirt and blue jeans looked at me with wide eyes, undoubtedly unsure of what he’d just seen. Then his eyes narrowed and as he looked at my arms, crossed tightly across my chest, my shirt obviously askew a smile appeared on his face. I bit my lip and looked away. I was so on edge. Sure, the RVP was now off. But my God… I needed to cum. Again. My nipples were throbbing. My shirt was unbuttoned and the only thing keeping the man standing at the elevator door from seeing my clamped and exposed boobs were my arms.

He stepped in slowly. His eyes went up and down my body and felt as if my clothes were being mentally shredded.

“Going down?” He asked courteously.

I nodded. “Yes sir. Thank you.” I swallowed hard, looking up at the floor indicator, wishing it would hurry. He pressed the lobby button and then looked over at me as we started to descend.  

“That’s a novel outfit,” he said with admiration.

I blushed crimson and I’m almost positive that the flush went down to my clamped nipples, though honestly I didn’t check. I swallowed. “Thank you, sir.”

The elevator dinged and the doors opened. He gestured for me to proceed him out into the lobby, but I cleared my throat. “Ahem, actually sir, I’m going to head back up,” I stammered. He gave me a curious look and then nodded. He went to step out of the elevator, but then hesitated. He turned, looked at me and then moved back in. My eyes widened in alarm as the doors shut with both of us in the elevator. He gave me a huge grin. “I forgot something too,” he said. “What floor are you going to?”

I blinked. Oh my God. Up meant…

“Fifteen sir,” I stammered.

He nodded and pressed the button for fifteen. He didn’t press any other buttons. The elevator went up and I realized I was truly screwed. I closed my eyes, let go of my shirt with my right arm, brought my hand back to the control box to the RVP, and pushed both sliders back up to maximum. The probe inside me began to seethe and I could feel the vibrations shoot through me. And of course the loud hum of the vibrators made things a lot more obvious.

I glanced over at him, realizing a moment too late that while my actual nipples were still nicely covered, the two dangling weights, complete with bells, were totally visible underneath my left forearm.

He grinned at me. “I knew I liked your outfit,” he said eagerly. I let out a whimper and my entire lower half began writhing. Oh my God I needed to cum. My pussy tightened and I let out a gasp as the vibrations and stirring made my insides ferment. I was ready. Oh God I was so ready!

The elevator bell dinged and the fifteenth floor opened up before me. He looked at me expectantly but I just stood there leaning against the wall, trembling. He turned toward me, one foot in the doorway, keeping the elevator open and stuck on the 15th floor and his hand came up. He grabbed hold of my wrist, not hard mind you, but firmly and he gently pulled.

Without my arm across my chest my shirt flapped open. Both breasts, clamped and throbbing, the weighted clover clamps dangling sweetly from my nipple were in full view. And it was more than I could take. I cried out and brought my knuckle up to my mouth, gnawing on it as the orgasm hit me like a brick. He reached out and started playing with the clamps and the elevator doors shut. For a long moment the elevator didn’t move and I was just lost there in nirvana, my breasts throbbing and hurting and touched, while my pussy did yoga, wrapped around the four inch spinning cock of the RVP. I was so lost in the sensation that even when the elevator dropped I didn’t turn down the RVP. The orgasm was that overwhelming.

He had hit the button for the ninth floor and he pulled gently on the clamp. I was lost in waves of pain and pleasure, more of the latter than the former and when the doors opened and he led me out I was beyond caring. Somewhere in the back of my mind someone was saying, “wait! You’re supposed to turn off the RVP! And here! Put on these alligator clamps!”

He led me to an office, unlocking a glass door with a key. I followed him in, the RVP still going at full power and I was clearly just along for the ride. Then he pulled me down another hall, through the darkened interior of the suite until we got to another office. He opened the door and pushed me inside. Then his hands went to his pants and a moment later he pushed me to my knees. I opened my mouth and sucked on him, my breasts still caught in the cruel bite of the weighted clamps even as the RVP continued to send me spiraling back up into another loop of sexual ecstasy.

The blowjob itself went on for about fifteen minutes before he pulled me to my feet, a look of matching desperation in his eye. I’d had the RVP on full blast the entire time and the only reason I hadn’t popped again was because it was just too soon. He pulled it away from my body and turned it off, tossing it to the ground. I managed to get him a condom out of my purse and he put it on with a snarl. Then he pushed me over the desk with my rump in the air. I gasped in relief as the wooden surface took the weight of the clamps hanging off my nipples, but then he considered things, pulled me back up, and instead made me stand bent over one of the guest chairs, my hands on the arm rests, the back of the chair digging up into my tummy. I didn’t even realize why that made a difference until he tugged up my skirt and entered me from behind. It was a brutal, strong fuck and my entire body rocked as he used me. Immediately the weighted clamps on my tits began swinging violently back and forth and the pain increased dramatically. I cried out as he began slapping my bottom with every thrust, my breasts quickly becoming the epicenter of agony that affected me. The bells rang as he banged me and the pendulum pull of the weights sent what felt like shards of hot glass deep into my chest.

All I can say was thank God he came quickly. I was bent over for less than five minutes and then he pulled his cock out, stripped off the condom, and rubbed himself until he shot a massive stream of cum across my back and buttocks. I felt it dripping down. He let go of me and I looked around his office for some tissue or something. Nothing. Men. Sheesh.

“Do you, uh… have something I could use to clean up?” I asked softly. My nipples still throbbed painfully as I hung over the chair.

He looked at me with an amused expression. Then he shrugged, walked around his desk and came out with a few napkins obviously left over from a meal or snack. I used them delicately, scrubbing my back because he wasn’t considerate enough to come back around and clean me himself. I watched as he got dressed and I slowly straightened and began buttoning up my shirt.

“You going to leave those on?” He asked me as I wrapped the white material of my shirt over the heavy clover clamps. I nodded and picked up the RVP.

“Yes sir. It’s a requirement,” I explained as I strapped the RVP back onto my lower half. Slipping the four inch cock back into my hole felt unreasonably good. Then, dressed and ready, I gave him a look. He was sitting in his chair, a huge smile on his face.

“Well, you’re a decent fuck. I’ll give you that,” he said. “If you’d like to earn some extra money, be here at five thirty on Friday. Same outfit or something similar. Wear the clamps and expect to stay out late.”

I blinked. “I’m not a prostitute.” The words came out seriously hollow.

He laughed. “All women are prostitutes. They’re all selling. It’s just finding out how much it costs.”

For a second I wanted to invite him to come and meet Kari, just so she could wipe that smug expression off his smarmy face.

I bit my lip, then picked up my purse. “Thank you for an…” I paused, trying to think of something nice to say because my breasts still really hurt. “Energetic time.”  Then I headed for the door.

“Hey!” He called out, getting up from his chair. “That’s it? Will you be here on Friday or not?”

I gave him an uncertain look. “I’m not sure.”

His eyebrow went up. “Five hundred dollars,” he said.

I gave him a steady look. “I have a feeling that what you plan on doing to me is worth much more than that.”

His expression changed a bit. “Oh, so you like it rough, huh?”

My mouth curled up. “I’m a nympho humiliation pain…” my voice trailed off as I realized that sluts don’t get paid. “Whore.” I amended. “My limits are no blood, no scat or pee play, and no mutilation.”

He laughed. “That’s it? My god. I’ll destroy you.”

I shrugged. “Isn’t that enough?”

“What are you going to cost me?” He asked.

“For Friday night? From five thirty in the afternoon until Midnight?” I asked. He nodded. I sighed. I wanted to price myself out of his range so I upped the amount. “Fifteen hundred. Anything you want within my limits, regardless of how much it hurts, or how many players are involved.”

For a second he looked like the price may have been beyond him. “And I’m incredibly flexible,” I said softly. Then, just for kicks, I began opening my shirt back up.

He suddenly laughed. “You want another fuck?”

I shrugged. “Just showing you how deviant I am,” I replied.

He nodded. “Five thirty. But expect a rough night. You probably won’t be able to walk afterward.”

I suddenly realized that I wanted a rough night. “Yes sir. I’ll be here.”

He let me go and I walked out of the office, totally terrified, totally dismayed at my behavior. My God, Bre. You’re not a whore! Are you?

I stumbled to the women’s bathroom and found a stall. Immediately I removed the clover clamps and sobbed as my heart pushed blood back through the crushed and pulled tips. I stayed like that for almost twenty minutes, just sitting on the toilet, giving my breasts a chance to recuperate. Then I tried not to think about Friday night. Instead I thought about the assignment. I still had one more orgasm to go on the elevator. The good news was that I could retire the clover clamps. The bad news was that I had to wear the last set of nipple clamps I’d brought, my pair of alligator clamps, connected on a steel chain. I fished them out of my purse as I put away the clover clamps and then, with my shirt wide open, I put on the metal toothed alligators.

Honestly? They didn’t hurt as much as the clovers had, but that may have been because of the weights and being bent over a chair for a rather vicious fucking. I took a shuddering breath and buttoned my shirt back up. Then I turned on the RVP, just to low, and I emerged from the bathroom feeling better. I made my way to the elevator and pressed the up button, my mind going back over Master Brandon’s requirements. A fourth orgasm, wearing the alligator clamps. Then I had to go to the top floor and walk it once, the whole thing, with the RVP on full power.

Oddly enough, I’d already sort of done the punishment for cumming a fifth time. I was supposed to find someone to fuck. Of course since I hadn’t cum while getting my pussy reamed I should have been able to take the alligator clamps and RVP off and leave the building. Except… I was all out of order. Did I try for another orgasm? And if I did would I have to do the walk along the top floor?

I sighed. This was too confusing. I hate it when I fuck up an assignment like this. For a second I toyed with calling Julie and asking for an out, but then sighed. I could hear in my head Julie’s voice asking “are you medically incapable of finishing the assignment?”

And that would be that.

The elevator doors opened and thankfully the cab was empty. I climbed on and hit the button for the fifteenth floor. I was already on nine, so I hurriedly pushed the sliders of my RVP up to full power as the elevator rose. My pussy contracted tightly around the RVP and I let out a little moan, my hips wiggling as the vibrations and swirling sensation once more began tormenting me. The cab came to a stop and the doors opened on the now familiar landing at the top of the building. I stayed in the cab, my heartbeat slowly increasing. The alligator clamps on my nipples suddenly began tingling and I realized that I was feeling the pain of them now. I tried to focus, but thoughts of Friday night, of actually showing up, of being used and taken and tortured, filled to the brim.

The elevator just sat there. Minute by minute. I felt a shudder go from my toe to chest. The RVP was doing exactly what it was supposed to and even multiple orgasms in. With the discomfort of the alligator clamps, my pussy was quickly fermenting and becoming a froth. Then I blinked. I could do it. I could cum. That would be number four. And then, because I was already here on the fifteenth floor I could just walk it quickly and be done!

And so I grabbed my breasts right through my shirt and began tapping the alligator clamps. In seconds I’d turned the heat up from hot to boiling and my hips began frantically pumping. I leaned into the corner of the elevator and moaned as the waves of acute pleasure washed over me. I was so close, so damn close, when the elevator sank.

“Nooooo!” I whined, my hand going down to the sliders. I turned the RVP off, my chest heaving with need, wetness soaking my thighs. The elevator stopped on the sixth floor but the doors didn’t open. So I stood there, slowly backing down from the orgasm. Oh my God… it was so frustrating! I waited another ten minutes before the damn elevator moved again, this time going down to three. Once more the doors didn’t open and I waited another eight or so minutes before I finally ended up on the lobby level. The doors opened and an older gentlemen wearing a black sweater vest got into the elevator. He looked at me with an appraising eye, and then took a deep breath and let out a sigh. He looked away from me.

I was no longer close to cumming by that point and so I stood quietly.

“What floor are you going to?” He asked as he pressed the button for seven. The elevator started to rise and I turned on the RVP, to full power, as I answered.

“Um… I haven’t quite decided yet,” I said honestly.

He glanced at me in suspicious bewilderment, his eyes tracing my body. I’m absolutely sure he could see the metal outlines of the alligator clamps on my nipples and lets be honest - short mini-skirt, fuck me heels with red painted toe nails, and a white blouse straining to stay closed across my bosom? Hell, all I needed to do was put my hair up in pigtails.

He nodded. “Riding for fun. Gotcha.” He smiled. “That’s very loud,” he told me.

I blinked. “Um. What is?” I asked nervously.

“Your vibrator,” he said.

I turned crimson, which was a neat trick since I was already blushing. The elevator stopped at seven and the door opened. He gave me a sweet smile and got out. Then the doors closed, leaving me alone.

With the RVP on.

This time the wait wasn’t unbearable. In minutes I was frantic, my loins grinding against the RVP and before the elevator even moved again I cried out in solitary bliss as the orgasm rushed through me. I started laughing as the tension inside me broke and I hit the button for the fifteenth floor. I got off the elevator with a smile, the buzzing and churning of the RVP still going, but now just an ancillary stimulation. I just had to walk the top floor once. I’d been there a number of times. It was the penthouse floor, where Kari’s client had their offices. I turned to the right and began walking hurriedly, focused on completing a single circuit. If I managed then that was it. All I had to do then was get back down stairs and out to my car before exploding a fifth… or… technically, now a sixth time. My feet ached in the heels but I didn’t let that slow me down as I felt the growing sensitivity of a clit that’s had just a bit too much excitement. I grit my teeth and walked. Door after door passed me and I approached the suite Kari was decorating. I passed it by and headed down the hall. When I got to the last door I turned tail and headed back toward the elevators. Walking with the RVP going full blast inside you is much more difficult than standing still. Brandon knew that. That’s why I was doing laps.

Still, I made it. I did the whole floor. I hit the down button and stood there waiting for almost thirty more seconds as the elevator finally got to me. The doors opened and it was empty. Yes. Perfect. I stepped into the cab, the RVP humming loudly and I closed my eyes. All of it was coming down on me. The alligator clamps were chewing on my nipples as my breathing became more labored. My clit was stinging as the little butterfly proboscis of the RVP’s base continued the direct vibrations, the four inch probe inside me spun and stirred me and a hundred other little aches just added to the tension. Was I about to explode? No, I don’t think so. I had time. I only had to make it to the car. The elevator didn’t stop even once on the way down to the lobby and my pussy tightened rhythmically around the RVP as I stepped out on the ground floor.

Sunlight flashed and I smiled as the home stretch appeared before me. All I had to do was walk through the lobby, out the doors, and then to the parking lot immediately adjacent. My silver Saturn sedan was parked right up front, waiting for me. I took a deep breath, trying to control the jerking of my hips, and headed straight for the door.

Had I not been suffering the strain of sexual arousal, had there not been a motorized phallus twisting inside me, had my nipples not been caught in the tight grip of toothed metal clamps, I might have recognized the man that came in through the door just before I got there. I might have turned away, headed to the bathroom or something. He was a gentleman of course, and held it open for me, but then he spoke in surprise.

“Ms. Erickson! What are you doing here on a Saturday?” George Padilla, the CFO of Kari’s client asked me in shock.

I blinked and looked up, the words “Oh, shit!” going through my mind. I froze, a wooden smile on my face as I turned to look at Mr. Padilla.

“Mr. Padilla!” I said tightly. My lower half was going nuts as my pussy tried to still the buzzing, corkscrew stimulation caused by the rocketing “Rotating Venus Penis” by squeezing it as tightly as possible. “Uh… um… Kari asked me come by and take a picture of a piece of art in the office so she could match colors. But your office was closed,” I said, realizing my lie was so incredibly stupid that I should have been dragged out behind the barn and paddled until my ass burned.

George Padilla, who was already busily admiring my outfit, grinned. “Well you can come up with me. I’ll let you in and you can take that picture. No one is usually here on a Saturday, so you’re lucky you caught me!”

My eyes widened and I shifted my hips, resisting the urge to thrust and pump lewdly. “uh.. well uh… If I could just have a second to go to my car,” I said, my voice strained.

George Padilla laughed. “Well, I wasn’t planning on being here long. It will only take a moment.” He grabbed my elbow and then I was facing the wrong way. As we got to the elevator and he hit the up button he cocked his head to the side. “Do you hear that buzzing noise?” He asked curiously.

I went scarlet and he looked down at my lower half. A dawning look of realization crossed his face and our eyes met. I thought about the rest of Master Brandon’s assignment. Then I took a deep breath, faced the opening elevator doors, and stepped into the cab. Mr. Padilla followed and we went to the tenth floor. I followed Mr. Padilla into the office and…


I went up and down.

Breanne, for your assignment today I would like you to wear something visually stimulating. It should be short in the skirt area, low in the collar, and leave more of you exposed than covered. I’m guessing any of the outfits Kari purchased for you would work. Make sure you wear a pair of fuck me heels too, just to make sure you are appropriately attired.

At the beginning of your assignment you will need several items. The first will be your RVP. Insert the probe into your slit, strap the thing on, and make sure the controller is easily available to you. You may run the wire up inside your clothing instead of outside your skirt. I would also like you to bring three sets of nipple clamps with you. The first should be a simple set of clothespins. The second should be your weighted clover clamps and the third should be your alligator clamps.

Once you are appropriately attired, stuffed, and have the clamps in your purse, you will find a high rise building, preferably one with more than twenty flours. You will go into the building with the RVP set to low and make your way to the elevators. Get on the elevator and select the top floor. The moment the elevator begins to rise you will turn your RVP, both functions up to maximum. Once the elevator arrives at the highest level stay in the elevator. It will move from floor to floor on its own, or as other people call it for use. Whenever the elevator goes down turn the RVP off. Whenever it goes up, turn the RVP to high.

You will ride the elevator until you have cum four times, via only the stimulation of the RVP. Except after each orgasm you will apply the clamps in order (clothespins, clovers, and lastly alligator clamps) to your nipples. After you have cum the fourth time you will turn the RVP to maximum, both functions, and walk the top floor once before proceeding back down and out to your vehicle. However, if you cum a fifth time you will remain, continuing to ride the elevator with your nipples caught in the alligator clamps, going up and down, adjusting the RVP accordingly, until you find someone willing to fuck your brains out. Once you are in the process of getting screwed stupid you may remove the RVP, and after your partner has cum you may remove the clamps. If you managed not to cum during the sex then you may remove the alligator clamps and while carrying the RVP out in your hand, leave the building. If you came (again? really?) you will put the RVP back in, turn it to high, and leave the building with your breasts bared and your nipples caught in the alligator clamps. Yes. Everyone will be able to see your boobs.

Have fun!

Master Brandon

It was late. The sun had gone down and a quick glance out the glass window from the fifteenth floor had assured me that the parking lot was mostly empty. It meant I had a good chance of leaving without being an instant spectacle. I turned and walked back over to George. He was laying on the couch in his office, dozing happily and I knelt down next to him. I put my hand on his limp manhood and then bent down to give him a soft kiss. He murmured something and then opened his eyes.

“Leaving?” He asked.

I laughed. “Yes. I’ve got to get home. Responsibilities,” I said.

He nodded. “If you’ll wait I’ll walk you out.”

I smiled, but then shook my head. “No, you have a reputation and I kind of messed up my assignment.”

He blinked. “Assignment? Oh right.”

I’d explained my attire to him, and what I was really doing after we were naked in his office and he got a good look at the alligator clamps on my breasts.

I stood back up and he watched as I went to his desk. I picked the RVP back up and slid it into my pussy, moaning softly as the four inch cock went in easily. I strapped the butterfly base on and settled the RVP quietly, only to pick up the control box and push both sliders all the way to maximum. The dull roar filled George’s office and I closed my eyes and concentrated on breathing for a moment. I was satisfied now. Very satisfied. George was too, twice and I felt just a tad bit smug. I stepped into my mini-skirt, my pussy already fluttering around the oscillating screw I was getting. Then I faced him, my bare breasts pushed out as I put the alligator clamps back on.

“Don’t those hurt?” George asked again. I nodded, wincing as the toothed jaws closed on the tender tips of each breast.

“Yes. That’s the point,” I assured him. He sighed and stood up, reaching to the floor to pick up my blouse. He held it out to me and I swallowed hard.

“I uh… I’m not allowed to wear it,” I whispered.

George blinked. “You’re going to walk out of the building with your nipples clamped, bare breasted, with no shirt on, while your pussy gets vibrated and stirred?”

I nodded. “It's the punishment for cumming again,” I said, giving him a look.

He laughed. “So that’s why you were resisting,” he said. “Sorry. I like a woman who has a good time. It’s only fair.”

I gave him a wan smile. “And so…” I gestured at my chest. “I’m going to head out.” I grabbed my purse and he started to put on his pants.

“I’ll walk you to the elevator at least,” he said. It didn’t take him long to get dressed and then I followed him through the empty suite and out to the hall. I glanced both ways before stepping through the door and then I hurried down to the elevator, my boobs bouncing freely. George followed along, shaking his head.

“You are an amazing woman, you know that?” He said, his eyes on my clamped breasts.

I smiled. “Thank you, sir.”

His eyes lifted from my boobs to my face. “Will I see you again?”

I laughed as the elevator door opened. No one was inside. “Of course. I will be with Kari next time though.”

He grabbed my wrist as I stepped into the cab. “Are you going to tell her?”

“I don’t keep secrets from Kari Anders,” I said seriously.

He gave me a speculative look and then smiled. “No. I don’t suppose you do. She’s quite a woman, isn’t she?”

I nodded and he let go. “Yes she is,” I said as the doors closed. He waved and then I lost sight of him. I hit the lobby button and prayed there wouldn’t be any stops. The elevator sank and sank and then I was there, on the ground floor. The doors opened and I peeked out. No one. Even the guard desk was empty. I ran for it, my arms wrapped around my bare bosom, pressing the alligator clamps hard into my boobs. I got to my car, fumbled the key, and then climbed in frantically. I jammed the key into the ignition and as I backed out of the parking space I turned off the RVP, even as my pussy let out a little quiver.

I paused. And just for a moment, considered going back in. Riding the elevator? Yeah. Well… that was kind of fun.

Up and down... 

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