Saturday, December 11, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/11/10 Alphabet Fuck Day #2

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting this sooner. I had a tough run of REAL LIFE the other day and it sort of skewed things to the point where my usual sexual insanity was put on hold and I had to take care of a personal family emergency. So what happened on Friday? Lots. Starting with the fact that I love name tags.

You know, I think I’m getting used to it. I wasn’t sure I would. I mean seriously, how many people walk around with something up their ASS all day long. At first, I hated it because it was uncomfortable. The anus is an exit, not an entrance, right? But if you spend enough time plugged, it becomes sort of… therapeutic. I guess.

Thursday I spent a good portion of the day in my chastity belt. Master Barrett was rather specific on a couple of the minor details facing my day. The first was that when I WASN’T hunting for my next few letter fucks, I had to be wearing the chastity belt. The nice part was that I didn’t have to have any of the vibrators ON. That makes a difference, especially when there is a prohibition against cumming for the day.

Yeah. I thought it sucked too.

The rules were pretty simple. If I orgasmed by myself, I wasn’t allowed to count ANY of the letters I managed to get yesterday, and if I came while screwing my letters, then that particular letter didn’t count. Ostensibly this was to remind me to keep my head focused on what was important: my partner. I was to concentrate on being “the best fuck ever”.

Since I was free to choose my own outfit, I decided on something a little simpler. I gathered everything I thought I would need and jumped in my truck a little after lunch. Then I drove out to my usual stripping spot. I have to admit that I’m changing clothes much faster now. It’s hard to take your time when the temperature is around fifty degrees and there’s a wind blowing hard enough to give you a wind chill factor of minus ten. Try standing there naked too and you can see how difficult it would be. It also didn’t help that the outfit I was putting ON was just a tad bit skimpy. I was wearing my mini skirt along with simple halter top. My duster went over it. Lastly, I slipped into a pair of high heels. Not my stripper shoes, but something a little more normal. I wanted to look sexy and attractive, but not terribly slutty. I think I succeeded. The last thing I did was remove my chastity belt. It wasn't required for this assignment.

And I went shopping. For boys.

My first destination was one of our local merchandise retailers whose name will not be mentioned because I don't want to TARGET anyone and get anyone in trouble. I hope you understand. So once I was on TARGET, I started browsing the store. Of course, it looked like I was hunting for Christmas presents, when in fact, I was hunting for a guy with an appropriate name for my list. I hit paydirt. Oh sure, I saw a number of letters I was missing, and a couple I already had. But everyone's name basically begins with M, B, T, or J. It really sucks. Eventually though I ran into Vern, a nice looking short guy, complete with dark beard, thick glasses, and a sweet smile.

My approach was similar to the one I used on Tanner the previous day, except in this case, I professed to looking for something in particular. When I asked Vern if he could assist me, he immediately dropped what he was doing and immediately gave me his complete attention.

"What can I help you find, Miss?" He asked politely. I like that.

I gave him my million watt please fuck me in the stockroom smiles. "I'm looking for a cock with the name of Vern" I replied.

It took him a moment to process that. "What?" he asked.

I repeated myself, though this time I approached, slinky and sexy, and touched his chest through the red shirt. I fingered his name tag and whispered it.

You should have seen his face. It was awesome. It took him a moment to realize that I wanted to screw his brains out, but he finally got the message. We discussed options for a moment, then he pulled out his radio, announced he was taking a break, and we walked to the back of the store. I was escorted, quickly and discretely, to one of the employee restrooms, which was a single lavatory, complete with dead bolt. In seconds I was on my knees with Vern's cock in my mouth. I managed to get him hard as a rock and then flipped up my skirt, bent over holding on to the sink, and let him fuck me. Another letter. I didn't cum, though I admit I wanted too.

I did a repeat in the back room of our local huge toy store, this time with a guy named Patrick. Nothing unusual happened. It was just another quickie with a startled but rather pleased teenage boy who was willing to risk everything for a fuck. Then I did Carlos at the video game store, followed by Bryan the produce guy at the grocery store. Plain vanilla sex each time, though I admit, the whole approach thing got to me. Plus I had to visit about eleven different stores before I found the appropriate guys.

But I scored a coup as well. I was along the strip mall next to the grocery store back toward my truck, when I passed another guy, this time obviously coming from work. He was tall, athletic, handsome, and had a name tag on that said "Randy". Well, so was I. I stopped as he approached, noticing how he eye fucked me. Just as he got near me, I held out a hand, stopping him.

"Hi, Randy. Take me into the alley and fuck my brains out, please." I asked him.

His eyebrow went up and we went through the usual, "is this a joke" phase and the "really" phase until we finally got into the "stupid grin" phase. We disappeared into the alley and behind a dumpster I did my usual blowjob followed by a standing screwing while clinging to a drain pipe. Once again, I didn't cum.

Which is why I'm desperate today. I didn't cum yesterday either, what with all that was going on. So now I'm on the prowl. I still have tons of letters to find. D, E, F, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, Q, S, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

So what's your name?

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