Sunday, March 6, 2011

Riding The Horse

Thank you for visiting Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog! If you are stopping by to find out what happened to Breanne a little while ago, here are the links to the next few "parts"

Anniversary Assignment: Riding the Horse Part 2

Anniversary Assignment: Riding the Horse Part 3

Anniversary Assignment: Riding the Horse Part 4

And of course if you have no idea what I'm talking about, maybe you should find out! First of all, my associate Breanne has been writing for my blog for over a year. To celebrate, we had a vote to see what assignment she should complete to mark her anniversary. That vote went very well.

Unfortunately for Breanne, there was sort of a four way tie for 1st and 2nd places. So she got to do Barter (Assigned by Master Brandon), Doghouse (Assigned by Mistress Ellen), Riding the Horse (Assigned by Mistress Kari) and on Saturday Breanne spent a few hours over at Mistress Sara's place cumming and getting caned for it, thus completing the fourth assignment: Bound & Caned. Of course this was all topped by Breanne's Seven Days of Sluttiness, which I confess isn't even a word, but works rather well. You won't read any of these but Riding the Horse at the BDSM Library!

Breanne is still working on the next few parts (I'm expecting at least two which should be up this week) and they will be posted here on the blog. I will update the file at the BDSM Library as well.

Of course, if you enjoyed Riding the Horse, you should read ALL of Breanne's exploits! Many of them can be found here on the Blog, but to get the full and complete archive, visit the VIP Lounge at Michael Alexander Stories! You can also follow Breanne along on twitter @breanneNHPS and she's also on facebook!

Yours Faithfully,

Michael Alexander

UPDATE: Part Two of Riding The Horse has been edited and submitted to the BDSM Library, so it should be up in another few days.

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