Monday, December 13, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/13/10 Alphabet Fuck Day #3

Alphabet Fuck Day #3


Breanne - you will continue the Alphabet Fuck. You will wear your stripper shoes, your black see thru dress, and your duster. You will not wear a bra, but you will wear your black lace panties. You will have your ben wa balls inside you. Your duster has five buttons. After every guy you screw you MUST unbutton one of your duster's buttons permanently. When you are on your way back to your truck, you must open the last button. You may cum during this assignment, but only if you are stuffed with the vibrating anal beads and your breasts are bound in the blue rubber bands.

A mall during Christmas, on the weekend, is not a very smart place to do a sex assignment. I should know. I did Saturday’s assignment there.

My day started simple. I had deftly inserted my ben wa balls that morning and headed out to do my chores knowing that soft gentle regular stimulation would keep me wet through the day. To be honest, the ben wa balls are now my LEAST troublesome toy. I can handle them all day and not cum, even walking around, which seven months ago I was NOT able to do. I guess being a nymph humiliation pain slut does give you some skills. I guess I’ll put that on my resume.

Uh.. if I HAD a NHPS resume. I guess I should write one up. Wouldn’t THAT be a laugh?

That morning, around ten am, I headed out, stopping at my favorite little spot just south of our farm, pulling over. I climbed out of my truck, went to the front, and began stripping. I hovered over the hot metal, trying to absorb the heat as I pulled off my boots, my socks, my duster, my shirt, my bra, my jeans, and finally my panties. As usual, the road was empty and I managed to slip into the black lace panties, pulling them up over my swollen and slightly wet pussy. Then I shook out my dress, yanked it down over my head, got it settled, and put my coat back on. I buttoned it up from top to bottom, all five buttons, and then I grabbed my stuff. I sort of tip toed my way back to the cab of the truck and tossed my regular clothing back inside. My stripper shoes were lying on the cab seat and I slipped my toes into the open four inch high platform shoes. Then, dressed like a two bit whore combination flasher, I headed for our local mall.

Despite the fact that I was completely buttoned up, and in a duster that wouldn’t normally attract attention in my neck of the woods, the stripper shoes certainly set me apart. Guys would see those shoes. Their eyes would go up my leg, only to encounter the duster. They’d see me buttoned up like that and the first thing that would enter their little perverted minds was that I must be naked under that coat. Why else would a woman wear shoes like that?

I had one other little thing with me: a list of names. It wasn’t a very long list, but it was a decent start. Master Barrett had said I needed to knock of twenty of the letters of the alphabet. It thought that was very nice of him. Do you know how often you encounter a guy whose first name begins with the letter Q? It just doesn’t happen. Or U? I guess if I found a Russian, whose name was Yuri, I might get a little closer to fucking the whole alphabet… but….

Ever since Friday, I had discovered that going to retail establishments were the absolute best way to get the appropriate letters. Almost everyone wore a name tag, which really helped. It meant that while I was on obvious display as a sex object, I didn’t have to actually walk up to people, introduce myself, and then ask for their name. Granted, I still did it occasionally. Like on Saturday. But I don’t want to get a head of myself. We’ll get to that part in good time.

So at the mall I sauntered in, my toes freezing, a definite cool breeze slipping upward under my dress, and about a zillion guys eyefucking me, which was weird because my duster isn’t exactly form fitting. I guess imagination was filling in the gaps, right? Either that or my pheromones were on hyperdrive.

Yes. I know. It was the shoes. Geeze.

I spent about thirty minutes in the mall before I found my first target: Eric. He was working in one of the outlet shops, one of the big ones, and when I spotted him he was busy restocking one of the shelves full of bed linens. I circled back like a bird of prey, spread my wings, and dived down for my first contact.

“Hi! I’m Breanne,” I said politely, with just a hint of breathiness to my voice. Eric turned and looked at me. Then he saw my shoes. In seconds I went from crazy girl in a duster to oh shit what is under that thing! Eric was maybe eighteen or nineteen, blond (sort of), muscular, and shorter than me, at least in those stripper shoes. Barefoot, he’d be about three inches taller than me. Oh well.

He was polite too, despite the thoughts going around in his head. “Can I help you?” he asked.

There is nothing more disconcerting to a guy, than the touch of a strange woman. Seriously, you can do things with your fingers that you can’t do with your voice. I reached out and laid a single hand, just a hand mind you, on his arm. I let my fingers caress him downward as I smiled and replied with “I certainly hope so.”

He stiffened immediately (no not his cock, though it’s possible. When I did manage to unbutton him, he was already hard), but it was a good kind of stiffening.

“What are you looking for?” he asked.

My eyes flashed and I gave him one of my million watt please rip this duster off me and see just what IS under this coat smiles. I took a step or two closer. That’s the other way to get under a guys skin (or his clothes): no personal space. Then I hit him with my pick up line.

“A good fucking.” I said it in a whisper, then licked my lips with what was definitely a tease.

His look of surprise was pretty normal however. This was the point I had to calm him down. I put my other hand on him, drawing even closer.

“I want you to take me to the employee restroom, open this coat, find out what’s under it, let me suck your cock, and then fuck me silly.”


I nodded. I could see the wheels turning. He looked around furtively and then nodded with a stupid grin. He took my hand, abandoned his post, and he led me to the back of the store. I was asked to wait at the employees only door for a half a minute. I’m guessing he was making sure the coast was clear. Then he appeared in the doorway, grabbed my hand, and I found myself being dragged through the storeroom at the back of the shop. It was pretty big, but I guess it had to be. We went through a maze of stock and shelves until we stopped at a door marked “restroom”.

You know, I’m getting tired of fucking in bathrooms. I’m going to lobby congress. Every business with more than two people working should be required to have a NHPS fucking room, just in case I come by and want to fuck their employees. I mean, seriously. This is just ridiculous. I’m tired of bending over toilets and sinks, or freezing my ass off on a cold tile floor. Plus, half the bathrooms I’ve been in didn’t meet my needs for cleanliness. Yuck, right?

In this case however, things were okay. There was a bright lemony scent in the restroom, the place was sorta clean, and there was enough room inside for me to actually spread out. Literally.

I started things off by leaning up against the wall and lifting my arms, entwining my wrists above me in a sort of virtual bondage. Eric got the message and began unbuttoning my duster at the top. By the third button, he realized that I was only wearing a see through black mesh dress and his eyes feasted on my bare breasts. His fingers kept going lower and he saw my black panties and then the duster was open.

With a grin, I pushed him away, bent down, lifted my dress, and tugged my panties down. His eyes widened again, but he was just entranced. Then I gave him this naughty grin, grasped the little piece of waxed twine sticking out of my pussy, and tugged my ben wa balls free, dropping them in the sink.

That surprised him. LOL.

Then I went to my knees and began unbuckling his pants. It didn’t take long to get his cock out. That’s when I cringed. Evidently Eric is a masturbator. That’s no problem. I masturbate too. But damn it, CLEAN UP AFTERWARD! His cock reeked. Yuck. There was no way I was putting that in my mouth. I struggled to conceal my feelings, but stood up. It confused him, but since I still had my hand on his dick, he wasn’t sure what was going on.

I gave him this totally fake but believable “let me try this on you look” and I turned on the water in the faucet. Then with a just a little bead of soap on my finger, I began to stroke it over and around his tip.

“To tantalize you before I suck you hard!” I whispered. The fact that he was already hard as a rock was immaterial. I added a bit more water as I basically cleaned the folds of his foreskin. And he was circumcised too! Geeze guys. Hygine! After a minute he was breathing heavy and was touching my breasts through the dress. I could tell he needed things to get moving. Finally satisfied that his cock was clean, I went back to my knees and took him in my mouth. There was still a muskiness, a meaty flavor to his cock, but it was a good flavor. I tasted a bit of soap too, but a little bit of tongue action on my part and some head bobbing removed it completely.

He began moaning and we did the whole mouth fucking thing for about five minutes. Then when I could tell he needed something more, I opened my purse, grabbed a condom, tore the package open, and stuck the rubber prophylactic in my mouth. If you’ve never had a condom put on by a girl this way, go visit a prostitute. It’s awesome. Kari made me learn to do it my junior year of high school. Once he was clad in his armor, I stood up, turned around, and bent over.

My ass was nicely displayed as I bent over the sink. He pushed up against me and I felt his sword drive deep into my body. Originally he had aimed for my ass (what is it about anal sex?) but his cock slipped on my juices and slid downward. His forward momentum carried him about three inches into my pussy and then he pushed more, driving himself deep. We began a rhythmic fucking, me grinding back as his hands roamed over my ass and grabbed my hips.

And then he came. It was a bit sudden, which surprised me, but I guess he was closer that I had thought. He grunted, gasped, held me tight, ground his hips against my ass, and then pulled out with a sigh. Then, before even asking about how I was doing, he yanked off the condom, tossed it in the trash, and zipped up, leaving me in a somewhat more aroused state than I had been before.


Okay, granted, I wasn’t PLANNING on cumming with Eric. But still, to be treated like tissue paper or a used men’s magazine is just sort of insulting. Guys are supposed to RETURN the favor. I didn’t even get the opportunity to smile, tell him that his needs came first, and go about my business. I smoothed my dress back down, picked up my duster, and buttoned it back on. Of course, this time I didn’t seal the top button. It left a lot more open to view, like everything from my neck down to my now visible cleavage. It also made it clear that whatever I was wearing under the duster was see through.

Eric of course didn’t respond to any of this. He merely got himself tidied up. Thanked me for a good fuck, asked for my number, and escorted me back to the main floor of the store.

After Eric I wandered around the mall for another twenty minutes and found an Indian kid named Natan. The whole thing went very similar to Eric’s experience, except that this time I was led into a very tiny changing room where I had a much better fuck thanks to me sitting on the little bench, my leg up in the air and Natan kneeling with his dick in me. Natan came first, though he offered to use his tongue on me until he came. I declined, explaining that his needs came first and not to worry about me, that I got what I needed and wanted. After that, I put on my duster, and left a second button open.

Now I was walking around the mall with all of my cleavage showing, not to mention a good portion of both boobs. Granted, you couldn’t see my nipples unless I was moving in an energetic way, but the looks I was getting had really intensified. And that’s when I saw James.

I know, I was planning on saving the J’s, S’s, and M’s to the very last day, but this guy was incredible looking. And he wasn’t an employee. I just bumped into him while walking the concourse and he gave me this look that said “oh wow.” I just stopped and stared. He spoke first, asking me my name.

“Breanne. Would you please take me somewhere and fuck me?” I said in sort of this stunned ox, breathless voice.

He grinned. “You need it that bad?”

I nodded. All he did was take my hand.

And we left the mall.

In his car.

And by the time we were pulling out of the parking lot my duster was completely open.

And so were my legs.

And he had his fingers up inside me, playing with the ben wa balls.

I begged him to stop. To not make me cum. I told him that I wasn’t allowed to cum with out the anal beads in or the rubber bands on my breasts. He told me that he didn’t care, but that if I wanted, I could put them on. I tried. I really did. I got the rubber bands on, but I had to push back my seat as I started to push the anal beads against my ass and his fingers still played with my clit and then I was cumming, with only one bead inside me.

I slumped in the seat. Semi-defeated, unsure if cumming with only one bead in my ass would constitute violating the rules. I finished shoving in the anal beads and turned them to their lowest setting. We drove for about fifteen minutes and then we were pulling up at a small apartment. I was led up to it, my duster flapping, exposing every part of me. My panties had been left in the car.

And then we screwed. Right there on the couch. In like ten different positions. I came three times. He came twice. When James found out I was a nympho humiliation pain slut too, he spanked me, on my breasts and pussy. My last orgasm was on all fours, potato chip bag clips on my nipples, dangling underneath me, while my clit was lightly pinched by a paper clip. He banged me from behind and I couldn’t take it. My ass was buzzing. I exploded.

He took me out to lunch and we exchanged information. I might meet up with him again. Who knows. But eventually he dropped me back off at the mall. I got out of his car fully dressed, still in my stripper shoes, except now the button at the very bottom of my duster was open, showing a lot more of my legs. Only two fasteners kept the denim shut.

And I went looking for guy number four. Trust me, at this point I was more interested in just finishing up than anything else, and I was aware that I was one guy ahead, but I was looking for an odd ball name and wanted to get one more under my belt. My feet were beginning to ache in the stripper shoes. The ben wa balls were back in my pussy and I had left the anal beads in as well. The minor vibrations coming from my ass were more than enough to move the ben wa balls a bit as well and after about twenty minutes of walking and looking at name tags, I was starting to feel a little bit of sexual need. I still find that weird. I mean why? I had JUST CUM FOUR TIMES! Why was I needing another fuck?

So I called it quits for Saturday. I was right on target with the right number of guys.

So what was left for Sunday and today? That’s easy.

D, F, H, I, L, M, O, Q, S, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z.

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