Thursday, December 9, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/09/10 Alphabet Fuck Day #1

Alphabet Fuck Day 1

Want to hear a joke? What’s twelve inches long, made of rubber, looks like a rocket ship on steroids and spent most of yesterday buried inside me?

Yesterday I visited my alma mater. I know it’s tough for most of you to believe I actually have a college degree, but I do, so there. But today’s assignment, actually this next WEEK’S assignment made visiting my old stomping grounds a good idea. So I parked on the west side of campus and made my way to the University Center. It was a long walk. Not because of the distance, but because of my circumstance.

See, first of all, I was wearing an intriguing outfit. Granted, it wasn’t quite as in your face as some of the things Kari used to make me wear from class to class, especially in the late spring and early fall. During my freshman year I got to the point when I started to worry she’d send me to class naked, or just wearing duct tape or something. Those days made my current state of attire seem almost conservative. First of all, I was wearing a nice pair of high heels, nothing to severe, just a three inch heel, and they were comfortable. These were topped by a pair of my jeans, which hugged my rear end tightly. To stay warm I was wearing my blue denim duster, which matched the jeans, but just enough of my fish net shirt was showing at my collar to let everyone who saw me wonder if there was anything underneath it. Of course there was! A pair of Japanese Clover clamps, on a silver chain, dangling from both clearly visible nipples.

My fishnet shirt looks a lot like this. Now just imagine it with the Japanese Clover Clamps!

Of course, all this by itself wasn’t what was really impeding my forward progress, What was doing it was the twelve inch long rubber rocket ship shaped dildo that was wedged, yes wedged, into my pussy. It was being held in place by the jeans, since Master Barrett prohibited panties for the duration of my day. Worse, I had planted the monstrous simulacrum in there that morning, so that by the time I got to the campus around twelve, it had already spent a great deal of time inside me. I was tender.

So I’m pretty sure I was walking funny. I had eaten an early lunch and arrived at the campus just a little after twelve, just in time for the lunch rush. Let’s be honest, when you have to fuck twenty guys in the space of five days, each whose name started with a different letter of the alphabet, you need some serious space to choose from. Master Barrett made it pretty clear to me that a bar or a sex toy store was unacceptable, so I did the next best thing.

Lunch rush was in full gear, especially considering today was the second day of finals. I wandered around for a bit, looking for someone who wasn’t terribly rushed, appeared to be either sophomore or junior, and looked like they needed a good fuck. You’d be surprised. I found A LOT of possibilities.

Since I was at the beginning of my week I decided to try for some names that might cross of the more esoteric letters on my list. Granted, I got to skip six of them, so I knew right away I wouldn’t be fucking a Ulysses, or a Yogi. At least not probably. But I was looking for something other than a Jacob, or a John, or a Jerry, or a Jimmy, or a Jack, or a James, or a Josh, or a Joe, or a Justin, or a Jose, or a Jaden, Jesse, or Jeremy. Do you see my problem here? My plan was very simple and after I selected boy number one, I waltzed right up to him. He was eating alone, reading a book, my perfect target.

“Hi! I’m Breanne!” I said. I had unbuttoned two extra buttons on my duster and it provided enough showing skin to instantly attract the attention of anything male. The boy in front of me blinked as he looked up from his book. “Can I join you?” I asked.

He nodded and moved his stuff over, still so surprised he hadn’t spoken. Or maybe that was because his eyes were focused on my showing cleavage and the fishnet shirt.

“So, what’s your name?” I asked, still giving him one of my million watt please spank and fuck me smiles. He blinked again but finally found his tongue.

“Tanner. My name is Tanner.” He actually stuttered it. I guess I got him all tongue tied. At least his name was Javier.

I grinned again. “Pleased to meet you Tanner.” I reached out and took his hand, shaking it softly. He squeezed back after a moment, but I held on and then stroked the palm of his hand with my fingers, lingering way too long. I looked at him through my eyelashes.

“Finished with finals today?” I asked. He nodded. I’m so lucky sometimes.

“Did you do good?”

“I think so. Calculus wasn’t hard, but my English final was a bitch.” He replied promptly. Guys, especially slightly nerdy ones find talking about academics to be much more comfortable. Then he gave me another look. “How about you? Finals go okay for you?”

I laughed. “I’m in graduate school and my final today is more of a project than a written exam.”

He nodded, probably feigning interest, but it could have been honest. Guys like that actually do pay attention to what girls say to them, if only because it rarely happens.

“In fact, maybe you can help me with my assignment?” I asked him politely. He nodded, taking another sip of his Coke.

“Sure, what can I do?” he asked.

I leaned forward. “I have to fuck a guy whose name begins with the letter T. Do you know anyone like that?”

LOL, you’d have thought I poured that soda into his lap and frozen his balls. His eyes widened to the size of softballs and he just sat there, sorta frozen.

“Uh… uhh…” was all I got out of him for the first thirty seconds.

I smiled. “Oh! Hey! YOUR name begins with the letter T!” I gave him another million watt please fuck me silly smile” and asked “so…. do you live on campus?”

As it turns out, Tanner did live on campus, over in the Quad, though he seemed a little concerned about his roommate coming back. I laughed, brushed it off and said “well, I’ll fuck him too!”

Together we walked across campus, my hand entwined with his. I never let go and continued the rather sexual single finger strokes of his palm. Trust me, inexperienced guys have trouble handling that. They don’t know how to deal with it. Is it a sexual caress or a non-sexual one? To have even more fun, do it and DON’T give them any other hints. I had already told Tanner I was going to screw his brains out, so it didn’t have the same unsettling affect, but I could tell it was still getting to him.

We made it to the Quad and I followed him to his particular building. Two stories up we turned down a long hall and then he was unlocking a door decorated with a bunch of band stickers. Then we went inside. As soon as the door shut behind me, I unbuttoned my duster and shrugged out of it. Tanner’s jaw dropped when he saw the clamps right through my fishnet shirt and I grinned as I posed for him. As I stood there in just my shoes, jeans, and completely see thru shirt, he just stared. I moved forward with feline grace, the submissive now completely in charge. I pushed him down on his bed, opened his pants, and managed to get his completely hard cock out of his briefs. I was sucking on it in seconds and Tanner moaned, overwhelmed at the experience.

He was right on the edge too, so I didn’t suck on him too long. He was close to popping and as much as I like it when guys cum in my mouth and then I suck them back to hardness for round two, I didn’t have the time for it. So when he looked close, I stopped, pulled away, stood up, and did a little strip tease.

Which wasn’t much. I left my shirt on. I mean, seriously, why take it off? Right? So I slipped out of my high heels, then unbuttoned my jeans. I grabbed his desk chair, sat down on it as I pulled the denim over my ass. Then, when my jeans were still hiding my Core Driller Dildo, I shifted so that the dildo was pressed up against the chair. I managed to get the jeans totally off before I spread my legs wide, and slowly rose, leaving the giant 12 inch dildo on the chair, standing straight up.

Yes. I know. That’s unusual. I doubt it will ever happen again. But at that moment it was fucking awesome. You should have SEEN Tanner’s eyes! LOL. He was still sitting on the bed and I got close, then turned around and presented my ass.

“Spank me, Tanner. Ten times. I’m a naughty girl and I deserve it,” I said softly.

He gave me a wild look, but did as I told him, lifting his hand. His first spank was soft, barely a love tap and I gave him a dirty look and said “harder, Tanner!” He smacked me again, a little better, but not nearly enough. I repeated my mantra and he began hitting my ass. By the time he got to the fifth stroke I was finally feeling the sting and I moaned and wiggled and got even stronger spanks. At ten I could feel the heat. I stepped away, my bottom no doubt slightly pink, and grabbed my purse.

A condom came out and I quickly put it on my little freshman (oops. I meant to get a sophomore or junior at least. Oh well.) Then I pushed him down on the bed, straddled him, and impaled myself.

After having the Core Driller in me all day, it wasn’t a great fuck. In fact, it sucked. I was just too… open… to really get a good grip. Fortunately for Tanner, the newness and excitement of having me naked, riding him, made whether I was a good fuck toy meaningless. He came quickly. And I mean in like… less than two minutes. Talk about disappointing.

So after he gasped out his explosion and collapsed back onto his bed with a silly smile on his face, I got up, gave him a soft wet kiss, and patted his cock. A naughty smile crossed my face and I asked him if he liked it.

He nodded and started babbling about how beautiful I was, how exciting, how… blah blah blah. I tuned it out. Instead I moved around, straddling his chest. I bent over so that my gaping pussy was near his face. I doubted he would use his tongue, but I didn’t want that. The assignment parameters had been clear. Ten spanks before. Ten spanks afterward.

“If you liked it, Tanner, then give me another ten spanks,” I said. Then I took his cock into my mouth.

A little of my own juice had flown around the condom so even though I pulled it off and tossed it aside, I could still taste myself. Tanner’s hand slammed into my bottom and I felt the sting and then the heat. I sucked harder. More strokes fell on my rear end and I concentrated on the hurt and working his flaccid dick into a semi-rigid state. By the time I had received all ten strokes, guess who was hard again?

I hate to leave a guy hard.

So I put a new condom on him, turned around, and fucked him again until he came. That took twenty minutes this time. Sigh… nothing works better to give a guy stamina than a previous orgasm. Yikes.

Once again I didn’t cum. Sure it felt nice, but the Core Driller ruined it for me. I’m almost suspicious that Master Barrett was trying to HELP me, by selecting it. That’s only because I know that technically I’m not allowed to cum unless I’ve got my blue thick rubber bands around my breasts and my anal beads in my rear. That gets complicated, so while I HAD them, I wasn’t going to use them if I could help it. In any event, after Tanner’s second orgasm, I climbed off him and went back to the chair. He turned to watch me as I started off by putting the Core Driller back in. I used the chair again to keep it in place as I worked my jeans back up. Then with a little bit of girl power, I stood, keeping the giant dildo in place until my jeans could take over the job. Kegal exercises anyone?

I slipped into my high heels and then my duster.

“You’re leaving?” Tanner asked.

I laughed and nodded. “Got a couple of other letters to knock of my list today.” I told him. He licked his lips.

“Will I see you again?”

“Maybe. You can email me if you want.” I pulled out one of the business cards Michael had provided me and put it on his desk. “Or you can read about this tomorrow on my blog.”

He rolled out of bed and tried to get his clothes in order. “So what letters do you still have to do?” he asked, zipping up his pants.

“All of them, Tanner. Except for the letter ‘T’. That one is done.” I glanced down at my watch. Time to go. I only had a limited time before my appointment.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of fuck number two, or fuck number three. They proceeded in similar ways. Fuck number two was a guy named Gary, which took me five introductions of which I turned down four. I bypassed Chuck, John, Jayden, and Robert. Gosh… like I won’t encounter THOSE letters again. Gary and I had our little tryst in the Science Building on the fourth floor in a very out of the way men’s bathroom. I seem to have sex in quite a few bathrooms. To be honest, I’ve had sex in that building before, but it was in one of the labs. Kari and I had seduced one of our Geology TA’s during my sophomore year. Boy, that guy new his rocks. I had been tied to one of the lab tables and he put this smooth crystal in my pussy that had me…

Oh. Sorry. Got distracted. That’s another story.

Anyway, Gary did a better job with the spanking, both before and after, and handled the revelation of the Core Driller better than poor Tanner. Gary was a junior and I had to suck him AFTER he fucked me for a bit before he was ready to cum. I guess the Core Driller wasn’t doing it for the guys either. Not tight enough. Damn. He took it out on my ass too.

One of the nice things about being an alumn, and also having had sex all over the school campus, was that I knew some of the really sweet secluded spots to get things going in. Fuck number three was a guy named Alan, which marked a vowel off my list. I found him in the library computer lab. We did our spank fuck spank session in this little stairwell over at the library, which is rarely used. The other nice thing is that if you are at the roof door, you can hear anyone coming up long before they can see you, and unless someone is ON the roof and comes through door (highly unlikely) you can have complete privacy. So after my disrobing and the wild looks at the Core Driller. I was knelt completely naked on the stairs for first a good blowjob on Alan, and then we switched places. Alan complained about me being a little loose, and I told him to fuck me in the ass instead. Worse, the only place to really bend over was the toilet.

Yeah I know. Now that’s fucking dedication right?

I have never yet cum from being fucked in the ass, so again, despite a spanking and sex, I still was horny and unfulfilled. After Alan came, I asked him to spank me again and he very happily did. I guess that a spanking is the perfect after sex activity for guys. No awkward chit chat. No soft mushy romantic things to say. Alan asked me for a date, I sort of said maybe, we got dressed, and I headed over to earth sciences.

Back when I was a student, I had to take six credit hours of science. Obviously, “Earth Science” which was more of a generalization about everything earth related, was the first, but I decided on Geology for my second. Why? It sounded easy. And it was. However, it wasn’t Kari’s best subject. She had LOTS of trouble with it. And despite being in the same class, things just didn’t go well for her. We spent quite a bit of time in tutorials, me accompanying her because she wanted me too. If I remember correctly, I spent most of those early morning or late evening sessions trying to keep from moaning too loud thanks to the vibroballs in me, on high.

I’m not going to be too specific here, because I don’t want to get anyone fired. But there was one particular “teacher” that really helped us out a lot. The last time I had seen him had been one night after a grueling… uh… “tutorial”. It was at the beginning of my last semester. So it had been almost three years since I had seen him. His name is Kevin and when I stepped into the door of his office and smiled at him, it wasn’t with my million watt please whip me and spank me and fuck me stupid smiles, it was with one of my “gosh its good to see you again, would you please whip me and spank me and fuck me and then spank me again” smiles.

Kevin’s eyes widened as he saw me and he stood up instantly. “Breanne!” he said, astonishment clearly written on his face. He came around his desk and immediately grabbed me, hugging me tight. I fell into his arms and just enjoyed it.

“To what do I owe this honor? Have you started Graduate Studies? I thought you were headed to Rice?”

I sighed. “Things happened, Professor. I sort of got side tracked.”

He returned to his seat after closing the door, effectively giving us privacy and I sat down, gingerly I might add. I was a bit uncomfortable thanks to the spanking, Core Driller, and the fact I had just taken a butt fucking not twenty minutes before. Kevin didn’t notice.

We chatted for a bit. I told him what was happening in my life – the personal stuff. Dad getting hurt, family, that sort of stuff. We had one painful little moment when he asked about Jared, but I sort of brushed that off and told him that Jared was in Africa working with the USGS. It’s true. I just didn’t tell Kevin EVERYTHING about Jared. The asshole.

Where was I? Oh yeah. So we chatted. Then he asked me why I had dropped by. I told him I needed a favor. He grinned and I opened up my duster.

By this time, my nipples were sort of in this state of ouch and ooh. When you keep nipple clamps on for hours at a time, you sort of get this numbing affect, but it’s warped a little by this aching throb. It’s tough to describe, so unless you’ve done it and know what it feels like, it’s really tough to imagine. Kevin immediately saw my bare breasts through the fishnet shirt, along with the Japanese Clover clamps and he laughed.

“Some things don’t change for you, do they?” He asked. I smiled. “You’re still a slut.”

“A nympho humiliation pain slut” I replied. “It’s a new title. I’m even on twitter! BreanneNHPS!” I told him.

“So what do you want?” he asked again.

I shrugged. “A spanking, a fuck, and another spanking?”

“That’s all?”

“Isn’t that enough?”

He put his fingertips together and contemplated me. “You know, you aren’t a student any more.”

I nodded.

“Dinner? And then back to my place?” His eyes glittered.

“For a spanking, a fuck, and another spanking?” I asked.

He nodded. “And more.”

I gave him a piercing look. “Can I cum?” I asked.

He grinned.

“If I cum, I have to have rubber bands on my breasts and my vibrating beads in my ass.” I told him.

If he was surprised, he covered it well. He leaned forward and grinned. “Can you still cum from a pussy whipping alone?”

I stood up and held out my hand.

“Let’s find out.”

And we did.

And I can.

See ya tomorrow.

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