Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Good Advice About Bad Advice

When I started my twitter account, I wasn't really keen on following a bunch of people. To be honest, Michael sort of pushed me into it. Oh... I didn't mind. Works is work right? But I'm clueless enough sometimes without being glued to my cell phone, reading tweets or making them. But since I started, I've really enjoyed the whole twitter thing. One of my absolute favorite people to follow is @BDSMBadAdvice. Not only do the tweet hilarious little comments like " Masters are ultimately responsible for their slaves' behavior. Be sure to point this out to your Master next time you get in trouble" but they have an entire WEBSITE too! It's run by Jonathan Byrel Moore and Chris Kelsey and it's really really funny. If you're following me on twitter, you should be following them too. Not to mention Mr. Kelsey's cartoons are awesome. Like the one above.

My best to everyone!

Love, Breanne

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