Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daily Assignment 12/21/10 Desensitization II

Desensitization II

I don’t think I’m getting better at tolerating extreme, direct, forced vibrations. But be honest. That’s the way you want me, isn’t it?

I had a pretty busy day yesterday, which you probably guessed by the fact that I actually posted TWO assignment completions yesterday. After my little fuck fest with that nerdy kid, I quickly wrote it all up and posted it, just so my hungry fans would have something more to read about. I hope Mistress Ellen was pleased too.

I, on the other hand, felt just a tad bit cheated since I didn’t cum. And figuring that Master Barrett would want me to approach my desensitization session in exactly that state, I didn’t masturbate while writing out yesterday’s little adventure, or in the shower. I can’t tell you how hard that was.

When I was finished cleaning up, I moved to my room and let my towel fall. I was totally naked, and not even stuffed. I had taken out my ben wa balls during the shower. Hey – even a NHPS has to be clean, right? I padded across my room to the closet where I got down my toybox. I had been thinking of this all day.

Master Barrett and I had worked out the procedure for this evening… sorta. His “motivators” to keep me from orgasming were more mental than physical, unlike Master Brandon’s from Sunday. Mostly my new “punishments” for cumming would affect the next three days starting this morning. I’m wearing my chastity belt, so I’m stuffed front and back, and the basic rule is that I have to turn on a different vibrator for two minutes, every hour. Of course, that was just the basic plan. Thanks to my desensitization session, it’s gotten a bit more complicated.

I know what Master Barrett is trying to do. He’s trying to accustom me to not cumming. He knows denial drives me banana crackers, so he’s trying his best to get my engine running, and then not let me go anywhere. It’s cruel and inhumane. I’m basically used to cumming four or five times a day, and now with Master Barrett, I’m lucky to get one. Of course, sometimes he hammers me with ten or eleven in one day, and then total denial the next. I’m off balance.

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