Friday, April 2, 2010

Daily Assignment 04-02-10

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

Today’s Assignment: Tomorrow, arrive at the Gazebo at XXXX wearing jean shorts, your boots, a tee shirt, and underneath a bikini. Bring your IcyHot cream, nipple clamps, an anal plug, and the biggest vibrator you’ve got. You will also need a beach towel. Once you get here, strip down to your bikini, find a sunny spot over there by the tree line, remove your bikini top and put the IcyHot and nipple clamps on. Then pull down your bottoms, put in the vibrator on high, and pull them back up. You will lie like that until a man with a dog approaches you. You will then give him a blow job until he cums. After he comes you will go back to the towel and lie on your stomach. You will then lube the anal plug and stick that in. You will bask under the sun for fifteen minutes. If you need to masturbate you may, but you must do it right there, and only after your fifteen minutes are up. Then you may remove the toys, walk back to the gazebo and get dressed, but go commando: no bikini. That get’s removed and you can put on your clothes and drive home like that.

Yesterday’s Results: (Assigned By Mistress Ellen) Proceed to your new stripping spot, driving your dirtiest vehicle. Go to the gazebo and strip, and then return to your vehicle wearing nothing but your duster and high heels. Open your duster and rub your body across the vehicle, getting as much dirt on your breasts, thighs, and bottom as possible. Once you are in the vehicle, drive to a car wash facility - a manned facility. Do not button or close the duster. When you speak with the employee ask if they can wash both you and your car. Cooperate with any and all orders given to you from staff members. You may masturbate at any time.

A little after lunch I stepped out of my house and took a look at my two cars. I personally own a little used Saturn SL, which was quietly sitting under the carport. Right next to it was my mother’s car, and next to that was my father’s workhorse, the Ford F-150 Supercab. To be honest, I frequently drive the truck. My dad’s not using it, in fact, right now he can’t even drive due to the injury in his leg, so I don’t feel bad about taking it around. Now, I’m not a big fanatic about cleaning cars. As long as they start, get me where I’m going, and have relatively comfortable seats, I’m cool. So none of the two vehicles I regularly drive had have cleanings lately.

But to be totally honest, the truck was ten times worse than the little coupe. I hadn’t washed it once in the two years since I’d been home, and frankly, driving it all over the farm and town so often had put a pretty decent layer of dust and mud on the thing. The only clear spots were the windows, which I did squeegee clean every time I filled her up at the gas station. But other than that, not much in the way of cleaning.

So my dad was a little surprised when I told him I was taking the truck in for a washing. I shrugged and scampered out of the house before too many questions were asked. I could hardly tell him what I was GOING to be doing could I? I mean seriously, could you imagine how that conversation would go?

“You’re going to get the truck cleaned? Really?”

“Well actually dad, I plan on rubbing my naked body against it first so that when I show up at the wash place I can ask them to clean me too, and who knows, maybe I’ll get to suck some guy off, or get fucked, or even better: tied to the hood naked, with my legs spread wide and sent right on through the car wash.”

That’s when my dad dies from an apoplectic fit. So no dice on that conversation.

So I hoped in my truck and sped off into the afternoon sunshine.

And headed for the park. Yes, the park. See, I was hardly stepping out of my house wearing high heels and a duster. If you thought me announcing the eminent washing of the truck to be eyebrow raising imagine what the conversation would be like if Dad had seen me wearing THAT outfit.

“What the hell are you wearing? High heels and a duster? You look like some sort of flasher!”

“I am Dad. See?” I throw open my coat.
That’s when my dad dies from an apoplectic fit. So no dice on that conversation either.

So I was dressed in boots, white tube socks, blue jeans, white cotton bikini cut panties, a blue tee shirt, and a white bra. Nothing spectacular, nothing special, but a long laundry list of clothes that needed to be removed. And removal takes place at the park! In the gazebo to be precise.

I pulled up to Thomas Park and grabbed my duster and high heels. It was just a little after one and there was only one car in the parking lot. I grimaced a little. Mistress Ellen would not be happy about this. I know she changed my stripping spot so that there would be a greater chance of me being observed. Oh well. Just as long as I don’t have to strip in the middle of the food court at the mall. Sigh.

I made my way to the gazebo and began going through my routine. First the boots come off, then the socks. Then the shirt gets pulled off, and then the jeans, leaving me in my skivvies. This is usually where I start getting a bit nervous and looking around to see if anyone is watching. I’ve already had my encounter with the police on one of these assignments and I don’t want another one, unless I can get assurances that I’m going to get a brutal baton fucking out of it.

But I was still alone. So off came the bra and panties and I bent down and put on my high heels. Lastly, I put on my duster and closed a few buttons. There. Dressed to get dirty. Or was I already being dirty by dressing like this? Am I dirty? Or Naughty? Oh wait, don’t naughty girl’s get spanked and punished? I needed a spanking…

I shook my head and cleared it of those thoughts. Assignment. Think Assignment. Then I scooped up my clothes and went back to the truck. I threw everything in through the window and proceeded to open my duster. Then, starting at the door, pressed my boobs against the metal and dragged them down the side of the truck.

That left dark circles of grime and dust on the fronts of my breast, with a heavy layer on the right side. I did it again, this time going left and squatting a little lower. I pressed my entire body up against the side of the truck, spreading dried mud and dust across my belly, loins and thighs. I must have looked like a cat rubbing itself against a person’s legs. I went around to the other side, faced away from the truck, lifted my duster above my waist, and rubbed my and back against the truck too. As soon as I was done I stood up and decided to apply another layer to my breasts, from across the hood. Ooohh…breast prints? On the hood? Would they be recognizable?

Just as I was about to lay across the hood I realized I wasn’t alone. A nice looking couple was standing there, ogling me. The woman had her mouth open in shock, while the guy was staring quite happily at the sight of my dirty tits.

I gave them my million watt please spank me on the hood of my truck and fuck me stupid smile, and then said “Hi.”

It was the woman who spoke, since her husband (boyfriend?) was too tongue tied to speak.

“What are you doing?” Her tone was filled with disapproval, not to mention a little outrage.

Would you believe I got pissed? It’s a first for me I admit, but her tone just pissed me off.

“Well I’m washing my car, what does it look like I’m doing?” I replied with a sarcastic attitude. “Though I think after this I’m going to take it in for a real wash since my tits just aren’t doing the job.” I gave her a calculating look. “Yours are a bit bigger though. Want to give it a try?”

Outrage went to fury and she grabbed the husband and they got in the car. Of course his eyes were still on me. Uh oh…she was getting out her phone. Time to head on out.

As they drove away I jumped into the truck and literally peeled out of there. They turned right at the first intersection so I went the other direction. Fortunately, if she had called the police I didn’t encounter any of the responding cars. So with my heart racing and more than a little trembling in my extremities, I drove across town to the car wash place.

It wasn’t exactly busy, but it wasn’t quiet either. I was able to pull right on up to the little stand where I nice looking middle aged man was standing. When he approached my window I made sure that my duster was mostly open, though not all the way. Certain parts were still hidden.

The words were out of his mouth before he was able to take in my appearance.

“Hello Miss, what can we do for you to…day” The last word faltered as he saw my dirt streaked cleavage along with the fact that he could see skin from the top of my head down to my belly button.

I reached out a hand and laid it on his arm. “I’m so glad you asked. I’ve got two problems. The first is my truck is really dirty and it needs washing. Second, I’m really dirty and I need a washing. See?” I unbuttoned the last button and pulled the sides of my duster apart, showing him everything: breasts, shaved pussy, dirty thighs, the works.

He blinked. And the blinked again. Then he faltered and I heard “is this some sort of April fools joke?” He asked.

April Fools? Oh Shit! I never even thought of that. I shook my head emphatically and grabbed his hand. I pulled it into the car and laid it on my dirty breast.

“Does this feel or look like a joke? Really sir, I need a wash. The works on the truck, and the works for me. Hell, tie me to the hood of my truck and send me through if that’s what it takes!” I replied, trying to muster the most serious expression I could possibly find.

Finally he nodded. “Wait here a moment.”

He stepped away from me and called another man over. The second guy was Hispanic and he looked at me suddenly and then grinned. The two men talked for a bit and then my middle aged stand guy came back.

“All right Miss. That will be forty six seventy five for the works.” He replied.

I fished some cash out of my purse and handed it over.

“Okay Miss, this is a little different than our usual method, but please drive your truck around the corner to the front of the car wash. Wait for Manuel, he will be with you in a second.”

I nodded, smiling my million watt please squeegee my tits and ram the handle up my ass smile. Then I drove slowly around to the other side of the car wash place. I stopped at the entrance to the automated wash. See, the exterior gets washed by a giant car washing machine. The interior is done all by hand. I had ordered both interior and exterior cleanings.

Suddenly I was approached by Manuel who grinned at me under his small thin line mustache. He opened the car door, and even offered me a hand! What a gentleman! Then he told me to wait by the “employee entrance” door, hopped in my truck, and moved it forward until the front wheels were sitting on the conveyor belt. With everything secured, he hopped out of the vehicle and closed the door. A quick button push caused my truck to start disappearing into the hungry mouth of the car wash and I found myself following Manuel into the bowels of the machinery.

I wasn’t sure where we were going, but I got to see parts of the car wash I doubt the public gets to see. I even got to see some of the moving parts and I realized that as fun as my fantasy of being tied to the roof or hood of my truck would have been, reality was quite a bit more dangerous. Unless I was wearing a full face mask. There’s a thought.

I guess I should explain about that fantasy. As many of you know, I read a lot of Erotic BDSM Fiction. That’s how I met Michael, but he’s not my only favorite author (sorry Michael, you’re the best, but you know how it is!) One of my other favorites is a guy who goes by the name “Dr. Wu” and he wrote a bunch of “Tiffany Stories” which I’ve always loved. In one of the stories, Tiffany is tied to the roof of her future sorority sisters’ car and run through a drive thru wash. I can’t even begin to explain how much that turns me on. The very thought! Okay, so its not an original idea…so sue me…or better yet, tie me to the roof of your car and run me through a car wash!

Anyway I was lead to another room as Manuel opened the door. It was a little dingy and filled with mops, buckets, cleaning supplies, a couple of vacuum cleaners, and tons of dirty and clean rags. Cans of car polish, car cleaner, even fragrance lined the shelves. There was also a large yellowed floor sink. But it honestly didn’t smell bad either. I guess it pays not to be serving food products.

Manuel asked me to remove my duster and shoes. Um…okay. I squatted down and took off my high heel shoes. Then I pulled off my duster, exposing my body to Manuel’s eyes. They glittered as he stared at my breasts and then pussy and I felt the eyefucking I was getting. He scooped up my shoes and duster and then suddenly left. What the fuck?

It was a full five minutes of rapid emotion shift as I wondered what was happening. Why did Manuel take my clothes? Was I a prisoner? What was supposed to happen? I was almost at the point of just leaving when the door opened again and both the clerk and Manuel stepped into the room.

“I’m David” the clerk said with a grin. “Your truck is done with the exterior wash and I’ve got my best people working on the inside. Now Manuel and I will take care of the other part of your request. If you’ll step into the tub…” he motioned at the floor sink.

My heart settled a bit and I took one step into the yellowed basin. Manuel began grabbing supplies off the shelves and in next to no time a bucket full of steaming soapy water stood on the floor next to the tub. The men worked with little to no conversation and I got the impression that Manuel’s English was no so good. But hey, me espanol es muy mal, tambien, so no problemo, Si?

David asked me to turn around, put my hands on the wall, and spread my legs apart. I complied and suddenly I felt two rough sponges sliding against my skin. I think I let out a soft moan as they cleaned my body. I spread my legs wider, giving them easier access and I was rewarded as the sponge began working against my pussy. I stuck out my butt and felt a hand move between my legs. The tip of the sponge against my clit felt incredible and I groaned in sexual earnest.

David and Manuel then did my back and arms, pulling me into a standing position as they moved to the sides. I held my arms up, wishing they were tied to something. Hands and sponges slid across my skin, groping, cleaning, rubbing, and within a few minutes I was totally cleaned, every speck of dirt and mud washed from my body.

A soapy finger was slipped into my pussy and I gasped, glancing over at Manuel who grinned cheerfully. He wiggled his finger and began pumping it in and out and then I felt a matching penetration in my ass. I gasped, arms coming down around the two men’s shoulders as David finger fucked my rear and Manuel continued to work my pussy. They literally lifted me up a few times and when David’s right hand found my clit as well, I came with a slight cry and shudder that was completely and totally obvious. I slumped in my washer’s grip and let out a few happy moans.

They pulled their fingers out of me and then to my surprise, Manuel began undressing. Next thing I knew, he was in the basin with me, rubbing his naked body up against mine. Reflexively, my hands found his cock and I dropped to my knees, taking him in my mouth, sucking wildly and with gusto. I didn’t even realize that David was undressing as well, and in moments I had two naked guys pressing up against me. I began switching cocks, taking David’s slightly larger manhood and deep throating it while stroking Manuel.

This went on for some time before David lifted me off my knees and sat me on my ass in the basin. Next thing I knew he was on top of me, thrusting his dick into my wet and soapy hole. Manuel knelt down and then my mouth was full as well and the two men just pumped, thrusting into me. I could tell David was close and he pulled out and squirted his entire load across my belly and breasts. For me, I was bothered again, needing and wanting another orgasm. They switched places and I felt Manuel’s smaller but more rigid dick enter me and began frantically moving in and out in this hyperactive manner. I would of turned to look, but David had stuck his limp dick in my mouth and I was sucking and licking away my own juices, a bit of acrid soap, and his spunk.

And then Manuel exploded, pulling out just in time to squirt white cream all over my pussy. The water sprayer was turned on and I felt the stinging impact of a thousand high pressure water droplets against my clit and pussy. I lay there, legs spread wide, with both naked men standing over me, playing the water across my pussy and breasts. At one point they even went low and directed the nozzle up toward my ass.

Manuel got back down on his knees and stuck one finger into my pussy and opened me up. A quick adjustment and the next thing I knew I felt the water spewing into my sex, filling my up. Unlike an enema, water in the pussy has no where to go, so it immediately came shooting out, which splattered across Manuel. He extracted the nozzle, sprayed himself clean, and then stood.

I lay there, dripping, fucked, a little tender, and still totally horny and desperate.

“What’s your name?” David asked me as he reached down and helped me to my feet.

“Breanne” I replied, feeling a little off balance. He steadied me for a moment as Manuel tossed David a terry cloth towel. It was a small one, but he immediately began drying me off. Manuel hurriedly dried himself off, and then put his clothes back on. Before David was even finished, Manuel left the room.

I stood there, slightly cold from the rinsing as David dried himself off and took his time getting dressed. Finally he was ready and he opened the door and led me naked out of the cleaning closet.

We were still in the bowels of the wash and we waited for a car to pass and then I was led across a wet and dripping floor, over the conveyor belts and too a small door on the other side. Entering, I found myself still naked, in a hallway painted with mute colors. David took my hand and I was lead down the hall and to an office marked “manager”. As I entered, I saw Manuel, who had just finished clearing off the desk. It was now totally empty, and I also smiled when I saw my duster and high heels sitting on a small table in the corner.

David pulled me across the room and helped me up onto the desk, laying me on my back. My legs were stretched out and dangling over the edge of the desk and in moments so were my arms. Then both men grabbed these little white rags, opened a blue jar, and began smearing this thick white substance all over my body. Too my surprise, they began rubbing it into my skin, little circular motions and they concentrated on my breasts first, then moved down my stomach and coated my pussy, thighs, all the way down to the bottoms of my feet. They went up to my neck and then did my arms. It felt incredible and despite the fact that I was still horny, I just sighed and let them do it.

I was hoping to get another fucking but was then pulled upright. To my astonishment my body looked like it had been oiled, except it was dry. Every part of my front glistened in the light and I experimentally ran a finger across my middle, only to find that my new coating was secure and permanent.

“You waxed and polished me!” I exclaimed.

David grinned. “You said you wanted the works.”

I laughed. “I need something in my pussy.”

The two men looked back at each other and the next thing I knew I had cock in my face. I sucked on David while Manuel had another go between my legs. Then, after Manuel had cum, David took his spot while I licked Manuel clean. It only took another twenty or so minutes, and a thick layer of jism on my skin was cleaned off with a rag. The nice part was that I came too. Excellent.

Then I was helped into my duster and high heels. Deliberately, I didn’t close the duster very well, just enough to conceal a few things. Then David and Manuel lead me back out to the main room where a group of shocked customers all stared at the girl emerging from the Employee’s Only area whose duster made it quite apparent that I wasn’t wearing anything. With a crimson blush I closed my coat and buttoned it. Then we were through the assembly and there was my truck, sparkling in the sunlight.

Wow. They did a good job! Cleaned, polished, waxed, vacuumed, wiped down, and they even put that stuff on my tires and dash that makes it shiny. Manuel helped me up into the cab even though I didn’t need it. I was handed David’s personal card and the keys and Manuel even gave me a peck on the cheek. I was told to come back next time I was dirty. Ha ha ha.

So I headed back to my stripping spot. I know, I could have gone home, but I would have still had to change and I figured my stripping spot would work just fine. It was just a little after three and I pulled into the lot to find three cars there this time. Damn. And I could see one guy heading off around the corner into the wooded section of the path. I had to hurry if I was going to get away with this.

I grabbed my stuff and practically ran to the gazebo. First I laid everything out, intending to slip into it as neatly as possible. Once I was ready, I took off my duster, standing naked in only the high heels. Then came the hard part: unbuckling high heels while standing naked. I was on one knee, with one on and other off when I heard the bark of a dog.

I glanced up. It was the same guy from last Monday: the older gentlemen with the dog, and he was making a beeline for the gazebo. I admit, knowing who was approaching made me feel a bit less nervous. But it was still a bit intimidating. I mean, was I really giving out free shows enough for people to know when to expect me? Or was I being stupid? I mean, this guy must walk his dog every day around this time, right?

He climbed up into the gazebo as I got the last high heel unbuckled and he looked down at me with a grin.

“No fliers this time?” He asked, while his dog tugged on the leash, trying to get to me.

I shook my head. “Nope, just a quickie. I’m actually done with today’s assignment and am getting dressed.”

He nodded. “Ah…and how was the car wash?”

Oh shit. He must of read the blog! I pushed back my surprise and then gave him a sly smile. “It went pretty good.” I stood up and began putting on my panties and then my bra.

“That’s quite a shine you’ve got.” His comment took me by surprise.

“They waxed me. Gave me the works.”

“I can’t wait to read about it.”

I pulled on my jeans. “Well you can tomorrow.”

“What’s tomorrow’s assignment?” he asked, pulling his dog back to his side after the animal gave my butt a sniff.

I shrugged as I pulled my tee shirt over my head. “Don’t know yet. Haven’t decided. That’s my prerogative. I can choose whatever assignment I want.”

“Tomorrow should be BlowJob Friday, right?” Evidently he had read a lot more than yesterday’s posting. But I guess I would have too. I wondered where this was leading.

“Yep, but it doesn’t have to be either. Like I said, I get to choose the assignments” I replied.

“Well here is an assignment. Tomorrow, arrive here at XXXX wearing jean shorts, your boots, a tee shirt, and underneath a bikini. Bring your IcyHot cream, nipple clamps, an anal plug, and the biggest vibrator you’ve got. You will also need a beach towel. Once you get here, strip down to your bikini, find a sunny spot over there by the tree line, remove your bikini top and put the IcyHot and nipple clamps on. Then pull down your bottoms, put in the vibrator on high, and pull them back up. You will lie like that until a man with a dog approaches you. You will then give him a blow job until he cums. After he comes you will go back to the towel and lie on your stomach. You will then lub the anal plug and stick that in. You will bask under the sun for fifteen minutes. If you need to masturbate you may, but you must do it right there, and only after your fifteen minutes are up. Then you may remove the toys, walk back to the gazebo and get dressed, but go commando: no bikini. That get’s removed and you can put on your clothes and drive home like that. How’s that for an assignment?”

I gave him a sly look. “This sounds like a setup actually” I said, standing up. I was totally dressed now after getting my boots on. “I’m not to keen on being somewhere at a specific time in fact. Things get busy. I need the freedom to do things in my own time. That’s why I like the assignments I get.”

His face fell. I could see he was disappointed.

“But for tomorrow, this one time, and one time only. I’ll be here at that time and I’ll do that assignment” I said, stepping close to him. I ignored the dog sniffing my crotch as I stood on tip toe and gave him a kiss on his cheek.

“Looking forward to sucking you off tomorrow. Bye!”

And then I left.

And that’s where this little adventure ends, except for a little side note. About an hour after I left the nice gentleman at the gazebo, I felt a strange itch between my breasts. Scratching did very little to relieve it. I was already home and working out in a field so I pulled up my shirt and checked my skin. That nice shiny covering Manuel and David had coated me with was beginning to flake. There was already a small one inch bare patch right between my breasts. Scratching didn’t really help.

In another hour I was tormented in ways you couldn’t imagine. My skin crawled. I went back to the barn to try and wash the stuff off. It was flaking in a zillion places but it felt like ants crawling all over me. It was maddening. The worst spot was my pussy. It didn’t seem to want to come off easily and even rubbing at it didn’t stop the itch. Five hours! Five hours before I was mostly free of my second skin. My mom gave me this strange look and I told her I put on some bad skin moisturizer as I peeled a large swath of it off my arm. Oh god…never again! Never again!

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  1. Breanne, you need to contact me before you do this. Immediately. I've sent emails and called you as well. Call me.



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