Thursday, April 1, 2010

Daily Assignment 04-01-10

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Today’s Assignment: (Assigned By Mistress Ellen) Proceed to your new stripping spot, driving your dirtiest vehicle. Go to the gazebo and strip, and then return to your vehicle wearing nothing but your duster and high heels. Open your duster and rub your body across the vehicle, getting as much dirt on your breasts, thighs, and bottom as possible. Once you are in the vehicle, drive to a car wash facility - a manned facility. Do not button or close the duster. When you speak with the employee ask if they can wash both you and your car. Cooperate with any and all orders given to you from staff members. You may masturbate at any time.

Yesterday’s Results: (Assigned By Master Mark) Proceed to your regular stripping spot with a two by one foot piece of cardboard, a black marker, and your duster. Remove all of your clothes with the exception of your panties. Put on your high heels and your duster. Take the marker and the cardboard and write the following: "See my tits for one dollar. I'll flash the whole thing for five dollars." Then drive to a busy intersection of your choice and stand on the corner holding the sign. If anyone pays you a dollar, open your duster enough to show them your breasts. If anyone gives you five dollars open your duster all the way. Any money you collect should be donated to your favorite charity. You can leave after ten minutes.

First of all, I’m going to admit that I bumped yesterday’s assignment up a little. It was for a very good reason. My pussy was still sore. Seriously sore. I’m doing much better today. Most of the swelling and redness is gone and except for a bit of lingering sensitivity around my clit and the spot between my bottom and my pussy. So all in all not much damage from my Tuesday Assignment. That said, yesterday I WAS still sore and to be honest I wanted something that wouldn’t involve anything between my legs.

I started off by heading out around noon. This is relatively easy for me, since I sometimes have a habit of going out for lunch. I did happen to grab a burger from Wendy’s, but then I made a beeline for my gazebo. I had everything the assignment called for: high heels, black marker, cardboard, and my duster. Oh yea…and sexy girl. Got that too. Anyway I was wearing my usual, which mean boots, white tube socks, blue jean shorts, panties, bra, and a tee shirt. What wasn’t usual was the panties. Rather than my usual white cotton bikini cuts I was wearing these ultra sheer black lace panties with a tiny red bow right above my pussy. You couldn’t really see through them, but you could easily tell what was under them because they were tight, the kind of tight that you guys call “camel toe”.

At Thomas Park I parked my truck and looked out on the trail with just a little bit of trepidation. There were two cars parked in the lot, but I didn’t see anyone, which wasn’t that big of a surprise since the trail wound its way through a lot of trees. I mean, sure you can walk it in about ten minutes if you’re quick, but most people just stroll. Unless of course you’re handing out flyers. Then it takes a little longer.

I grabbed my marker and cardboard and duster and strolled out to the gazebo. It’s within sight of the parking lot, but off the main path which is also a plus. With no one in sight, I stood in the middle of the gazebo and started stripping. First my boots and socks, then my tee shirt, then my shorts, lastly my bra. Everything went into a pile and I knelt down and quickly grabbed my marker and cardboard. It only took a minute to write out the message. I did add something though…”support my charity” which made sense to me. Then, when all was done and said, I out on my heels, stood up, grabbed my duster, clothes, and sign, and headed back to the truck.

I was stopped by a cough and turned to see a thirty something guy standing there with a surprised look on his face. I blushed scarlet when I realized he was reading my sign.

“Hi” I said, flashing him my million watt please give me a dollar so I can show you my naked body smile.

“Nice sign” he replied, answering my grin with his own.

“Spare a buck for charity?” I asked.

With wide eyes he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet.

“I don’t have a five. What will ten get me?” He asked.

I dropped the sign and my clothes right there on the ground, walked over, and took his ten dollar bill. Then I opened my duster and let him see the goods. His eyes seemed to focus on my breasts, but then slid down to my panties. I could see the disappointment in his eyes.

So I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and pushed them down to my knees. Well that certainly fixed things! His eyes lit up and he just stared. Then I pressed my body up to his, my hands reaching down to massage his prick. He was hard in seconds, maybe even before I touched him, and I rubbed him through his khaki shorts. He was a bit overweight, but I didn’t care. Then I pushed my hand down his waistband and touched his bare cock, stroking the tip. You should have seen his face! It was awesome. I had total control at that moment. I was literally giving him a hand job in public!

Would you believe he exploded? Yep, right there in his shorts, all over my hand. I pulled my hand clear and licked his jism right off my fingers, which shocked him. Then I patted the growing wet spot on the front of his shorts, grabbed my panties and pulled them back into place. I did blow him a kiss as I turned away, picked up my sign and clothes, and got into my truck. I left him standing there, stunned, visibly marked by our encounter.

Damn, I should have told him about the website! Oh well. Maybe he’ll find a flyer floating around somewhere.

I was going to specify right where I did this whole thing, but Michael expressed some concerns about me telling which intersection I did this on, so I’ll just describe it. Security…go figure? Anyway, there was an Exxon Station on one corner right in front of Enterprise Bank, and a Chevron Station on the other corner. The other side of the intersection was grass because the road crossed the railroad tracks. I actually parked in the bank parking lot since the Exxon station is a little farther down the road. My heart thumped and I glanced at my wrist watch. Ten minutes. I can do this.

I stepped onto the grassy corner, threading my way between a fire hydrant, some sort of pipe sticking out of the ground, and the metal post that held the wires for the traffic light. A number of cars were stopped there and I turned toward them resolutely, put on my one million watt please make strip naked right here and bang me with a two by four smile, and held up my sign.

Within a minute windows were unrolling and bills were being stuck out at me. The first three were ones and I dutifully accepted them and stuffed them in my duster pocket. Then I flashed. I heard wolf whistles and cat calls, got a couple of thank you’s. Then there was a five dollar bill waving out a window. I took that and opened my coat all the way. You should have seen his eyes pop out. Just for fun, I put my thumb in my panties and tugged the front down until he could see my pussy. Then the parade of cars moved on.

I was so busy collecting and flashing that I forgot to check the time. Fifteen minutes later I retreated to my truck and checked out my haul. First of all there was twenty five dollars in five dollar bills. I also had one ten. Add that to another twenty three in ones, and I had a grand total of fifty eight dollars. My goodness! Name another pan handler or beggar who earns that much in fifteen minutes! For that matter, even charities probably have problems pulling in that much with one person in fifteen minutes! Go T&A!

I decided to donate the money to a very special organization for children, which I can’t and won’t name here because I’m sure they wouldn’t appreciate how I earned the money. But I wish I could. They do a lot of great work for under-privileged children who are lucky to get two meals a day, let alone three. I volunteered for them a few times while I was in college. Of course, I wore clothes back then.

So there we have it. A quick day. An easy day. A soft day. And I expect tomorrow to go even better.

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