Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breanne's Barter - Happy Anniversary

On January 15th, Breanne celebrated her 1 year anniversary as our very own Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut. To celebrate, she spent a week "softening up", a delicious novella length work that chronicled the slow build up of "Sluttiness" that she embodies so well. Now at last we find out what happened the following Saturday, when Breanne jumps into her Anniversary Assignment: Barter, given to her by Master Brandon. This one is a page turner and trust me, you're going to want to read it. - Michael Alexander

Breanne’s Anniversary Assignment – “Barter” assigned by Master Brandon

Hi. My name is Breanne. As many of you probably know, I spent all of last week slowly getting my self whipped, clamped, spanked, plugged, and screwed silly during that “softening up” assignment: 7 Days of Sluttiness. If you haven’t read it, you should. Master Barrett has asked me to complete a count of various things like orgasms and such and just doing that is going to take awhile. I even managed to get behind in my writing, which is why I’m going to do this in stages. I’m a busy girl and I can’t just sit down at the computer and type all day. I’ve got a farm to run and curious family members who are always asking “what are you writing?” It’s not like I can show them, right? “Here Mom. Read this.”

So thank you for checking up on me. I decided last Friday to go ahead and do Master Brandon’s “Barter.” If you forget what that involved, don’t worry, I’ll go over it so no one is lost. Hell, I had to print the damn thing out and take it with me anyway, just so I’d remember. That was my problem during the 7 Days of Sluttiness. I kept forgetting things because it was all so complicated. That’s life, right?

So let’s get started!

Saturday, January 15th, Breanne’s Anniversary

Saturday morning broke with more than just a little excitement for me. “Today is my anniversary!” I kept thinking to myself. I had just endured a week of sexual torment and torture that can only be described as incredible, even as I stumbled through my chores, wincing at some of the remaining sore spots. Out of all of the Anniversary Assignments give to me, Master Brandon’s was one of my favorites. It encompassed everything I like in a sexual task: plenty of humiliation, a bit of pain, lots of fucking, and no limits on orgasm. That’s a gift, frankly. And I was going to take it!

I had let my family know that I was going to be gone all day, so after breakfast I went upstairs and packed a bag. The temperature was still cool enough to require a coat, so after I stuffed some important items in my largest purse, I grabbed my duster and headed out to my truck. Of course, my first stop was the grassy side of the farm to market road running behind our property. It is rarely travelled; in fact, I’m surprised it’s even paved. Over the last several days, I had done my changing in the cab of the truck, but I decided that on my anniversary, I needed to do things right. I hopped out of the truck and moved to the front where I immediately began taking off my more weather appropriate long sleeve button down shirt, work boots, and jeans. My skin rose in goose bumps as the cold wind struck bare skin and I started to hurry as I unclasped my bra. My nipples immediately rose to prominent points as I worked my panties down. Lastly, I tugged my ben wa balls out of my pussy and set them on the hood, ignoring the wet spot they caused. I had been granted a stay on NHPS Rule #1 for the beginning of the assignment, so I ran with it.

I grabbed the tee shirt, one of Kari’s gifts during college, a purple, overly tight (especially now) tee shirt, that sported the words “Good Girls Do Bad Things”. Well, isn’t THAT an oversimplification? A pair of rather tight denim short shorts went on next. They weren’t Daisy Dukes, but rather more appropriate, low hip-huggers that I personally think are sexier than Daisy Dukes. So with about six inches of my belly showing (thanks to a too small shirt and really low riding shorts) and all of my leg going down from the curve of my ass to the tips of my toe just as visible, I shoved my feet into the flip flops, wrapped my duster around myself, and practically ran to the cab. Ah… sweet warmth. It was awesome.

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