Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Assignment: Blue Trucks

Received from Master Brandon:

Breanne -

Brace yourself, girl. It's about to get bad. You will wear a skirt, a tee shirt, and shoes that can be easily taken off. Nothing else. You are to stuff yourself with your vibrating anal beads, your vibroballs, and wear your clitoral butterfly stimulator. You will also bring those two wooden clothespins with the strings attached. Tie the clothespins to the steering wheel at about eight inches. You will also bring two rubber bands. But them on your feet so that they rest around your arches.

You will then go for a drive. Your minimum drive time is one hour. Your minimum mileage is ten miles. You can go over if you want. Keep the driver's side window down.

Here's the kicker. If you see a running truck, a BLUE TRUCK, you are to pull over immediately. You will then turn on all three vibrating toys to their maximum, which should put you over the edge pretty quick. Once the vibes are all on, lift your shirt (you can keep it on, just expose your tits) and attach the clothespins to your nipples. At this point you've got to EARN the right to turn off the vibe toys. You will complete five snaps to both arches in order to turn off ONE vibe. You must start with the anal beads, then proceed to the vibroballs, with the final vibe to be turned off being the Butterfly. So in order to turn off all the vibes, you'll need to snap both feet fifteen times each. Once you have turned off the vibes, you may take the clothespins off your tits, lower your shirt, and continue driving, at least until you see another BLUE TRUCK!

One last thing. Even if you are half-way done getting the vibes turned back off and you see a running BLUE TRUCK, you will turn them all back to maximum and start over, including snaps.

By the time you're done with this I expect your clit to be so sore you'll be screaming for days just from grazing it with a fingernail, your ass to be tender, your nipples to be bruised, and that you'll practically cum just from SEEING a BLUE TRUCK in the future! In fact, we just may make this a permanent assignment!

- Brandon
I'm in some serious trouble now.

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  1. Dear God, Breanne. Why would you agree to do this after what you did this weekend?


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