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Anniversary Assignment: Riding The Horse Part Three

Riding The Horse
Assigned by Mistress Kari

Part Three


Robert looked down at my bare rear end and at the paddle. I could see him furiously thinking and I understood his dilemma. It was like that horrible question about how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop. Except in my case we would find out and there would be some serious repercussions. Obviously, with the price tag for thrusts so obviously skewed for pre-purchase, it made sense for Robert to bid high.

“One hundred thrusts, Mistress,” Robert replied.

I whirled in anger and outrage. “A hundred! My ass can’t stand that!”

Kari put a hand on the back of my head and shoved my open mouth into the pillow. I kicked rather wildly for a moment but then froze when I felt the wooden paddle suddenly rest lightly on my rear end. I felt Kari bend over.

“If you want these to be delivered softly, you will cease this thrashing, keep your mouth shut, and hope I stay lenient. Do you understand?”

I nodded emphatically. The pressure on the back of my head stopped.

The paddle came up off my ass and then fell back down with a soft thwap. I jumped slightly. It hadn’t hurt. It was sort of like getting smacked with a piece of cardboard. The paddle came up again and I got a repeat. Ah… if only every spanking was like this. Two, then three, then four, I counted as Kari lightly tapped my rear end. At ten I still hadn’t even felt a sting. At eleven the pressure increased slightly, but it still wasn’t even enough to make me clench my ass. At twenty one I felt the first little sting that faded into heat even before the next blow. At thirty I was starting to tighten my ass. The next ten had me rolling my buttocks around. At forty one I was wincing and my rear end was starting to feel the heat. Let’s face it, even soft blows start to add up and while Kari wasn’t blistering my ass, she was starting to give it some serious smacks. By the time I hit fifty it was stinging and I felt a bit of heat.

Then Kari stepped back and I felt the bed depress again as Robert mounted first the bed, and then me. I spread my thighs for him as his cock slid into the wetness of my butt crack. For a moment I thought he was going to butt fuck me, but the head of his still oiled cock moved downward. I groaned as it pressed up against my bruised (and somewhat perforated) labia, pushing aside the petals of my sex. I lifted my ass upward as he pushed in. I gasped as is full length slid into me, driving deep in one smooth thrust.

“One,” announced Kari.
I took a deep breath, mostly to help myself from saying some sarcastic. Sometimes I open my mouth when I shouldn’t. Robert pulled back and repeated the thrust and Kari counted out “two”.

It was faintly ridiculous. In fact, I still can’t believe she sat there and counted every time Robert literally “fucked” me. But she did. Sometimes it was fast little thrusts where Kari was going “six, seven, eight, nine!” in rapid fire counting. I found it distracting. But during the whole procedure I tried to make sure that I was tightening as much as I could stand around Robert’s cock. The real problem is that despite the sexual torment he had endured over the last hour, technically he had still recently cum. So I was worried about him getting worked up enough to orgasm. I especially started to pulse around him, thrusting myself in order to improve his depth and penetration. I NEEDED him to cum.

When we hit a hundred I couldn’t help counting myself. Robert was getting close, I could tell and I felt him grunt and groan when Kari hit twenty three. The actually cumming took an additional three thrusts and when he collapsed on top of me Kari said happily “Twenty six more spanks!”

Through this whole procedure my wrists were still bound to my neck by the collar and while Robert was still in me, Kari began unclipping the little metal attachments. I enjoyed freedom for about three seconds and then found my arm straightened and attached to the same bracket I had been secured to earlier. My right arm followed almost immediately. Kari pushed at Robert and I groaned as he pulled his cock out of me. Then together they pulled my legs outward and quickly stretched the ropes out to my ankles, pulling them taut.

I felt something between my legs again and realized Kari was trying to work the vibroballs back into my pussy. I lifted my ass, giving her better access. Thins moved more smoothly after that and Kari managed to get both egg shaped objects into me. I let out a soft whimper as they were turned on, again to high, and then I was left to stew on the bed. Both of them left me, going back out into the living room. This gave me about ten or fifteen minutes to let the buzzing just take me, and I slowly relaxed, closing my eyes, just… stewing.

Any good cook will tell you that meat for stew needs to be cut small and tenderized. When Kari came back she picked up that paddle and without a word of warning to me, slammed it into my ass like a fifties housewife beating a rug. I screamed, loudly, totally shocked and surprised as the nuclear bomb exploded against my ass, scorching me down to the bone and making me jerk upright. Kari really didn’t bother to let me recover, and before the sting turned to just heat I was smacked again with that giant wooden paddle.

Robert told me later that when he was instructed to carry me out of the room, my ass was scarlet. I have no doubt. I was barely conscious she hit me so hard. My ass didn’t just burn, it MELTED. I know it was so hot that had you held a piece of paper against the skin it would have scorched. Trust me. I was sobbing by the time she was done with the twenty six strokes. Then she let me cry it out and by the time I was hiccuping with every dragging deep breath, she asked Robert to come back in. I felt my wrists and ankles freed and didn’t even move. I was probably hyperventilating as well. You know how you get after you’ve been sobbing or crying, right? Yeah, well, that was me. Robert picked me up at Kari’s behest and I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head in his shoulder.

Want to guess where he carried me? You betcha.

I was in NO condition to stand on the stool and the only thing I can say about going back on the horse was at least I wasn’t going to be sitting on my ass. Robert half stood me on the one stool while Kari did the dirty work, kneeling down and connecting the spreader bar. When that one leg was done, Robert lifted me completely up again and moved me over the horse. My other leg fell downward and Kari manhandled my ankle and foot into position. With my legs spread and nowhere to go but down, Robert lowered me gently while Kari, sans vampire glove now, spread my labia and helped me get into the most comfortable position possible.

I leaned forward of course, putting my hands down in front of me, trying to take some of the pressure off my cunt. That ended abruptly however when my wrists were cuffed together behind my back, rendering me powerless to do anything but endure. Then, to add insult to injury, Kari produced a short length of chain and she clipped one end to my bound wrists and then yanked upward, pulling my hands up my spine toward my neck. The other end of the chain was clipped to my bondage collar and the whole thing had the effect of making me arch my back. This of course also pushed my breasts forward and made my ride on the wooden horse a little more uncomfortable since I was now tipped slightly backward.

When Robert knelt down to add the heavy jugs of sand to my ankles I started crying again. In seconds the pressure had reawakened the pain from my previous rides and my straining legs, unable to close or even really move just made my muscles more tired and lowered my resistance. The only positive was the buzzing vibroballs were already churning up my libido and I could feel the steady tide of arousal. Robert stood up and looked me over, making sure that I was okay and capable of keeping my balance. The look in his eyes said everything, but he still felt the need to speak.

“I’m sorry it hurts, but I have to tell you, it’s awesome what you’re doing,” he said. I nodded. The pain between my legs made talking an iffy prospect. His hand came up and he stroked my thigh, my hip, even bringing his hand up to my breast. He didn’t pinch or hit, just touched me and I felt myself ripening even quicker as my now twice lover of the day rubbed me lightly. I turned to look at Kari, but she was gone and I didn’t know where. I refocused my attention on Robert even as my hips started to do their dance, slipping and sliding along the wooden edge of the horse. When his hands found my clit I was shuddering and breathing hard, wanting it. I tipped my head backward, my loins rocking back and forth in this lewd provocative fucking thrust that had me moaning.

"I see you've gotten our kitten in a mood," Kari suddenly said, appearing beside me again. I mewled, just for her, but Robert nodded politely and replied "yes Mistress." I moaned in disappointment as he pulled his hands away from my body.

Despite my distraction of being mounted on the wooden horse, I watched through half closed eyes as Kari rounded the front of my ride and physically moved Robert to a specific spot just to my front and left. Sort of like my ten o'clock position I suppose. She was constantly touching his cock, which despite the tableau before him, was still rather limp. Well what did you expect? He came TWICE inside me. In the space of two and a half hours. I think that's pretty damn impressive. So lighten up. As my hips rocked and my pussy slid along the wood, Kari caressed him, rubbing his shaft. IT was actually a turn on for me. Of course I was already climbing those stairs, metaphorically speaking of course, but when Kari went to her knees and began sucking his cock, her bright red lips open and surrounding his shaft, well... I just worked myself a little harder.

I learned how to suck cock from Kari. In fact, now that I think about it, I learned most things from her. She was a good teacher. When she taught me to suck cock she invited her boyfriend Jason over, tied him to a chair in her kitchen (no Hallelujah jokes please) pulled his pants down and proceeded to academically teach me. Poor guy. I had to suck him five times, all to orgasm, before Kari was happy enough with my performance and let him up. Each suck had been on a time limit and Jason had to watch me get belted across the ass before enduring several strokes to my pussy, while holding on to his shoulders.

You know, maybe he wasn't a poor guy after all.

I guess Kari sucked on Robert for about five minutes and when she was finished he was once again standing at attention, eyes closed, his face filled with rapture. I felt a little jealous. I had REALLY wanted to suck on Robert. Kari rose to her feet, gave Robert a quick kiss on the lips, and then moved behind me. I heard a noise like something being picked up from a table and then Kari was standing next to me, admiring my breasts. I glanced at her, expecting another set of clamps to appear. I kicked slightly, the spreader bar preventing my ankles from moving more than an inch, but I set the sand jugs swaying. A fresh jolt of hurt seeped into my sex and slowly moved upward.

Suddenly I was look at a whip. A cat-of-nine-tail to be precise. The strands were only two feet long, if that, and the leather straps were each knotted multiple times along their length. The whole thing ended in a heavy wooden handle, wrapped in black leather and I felt a cold shiver start at the top of my neck and work its way downward. Kari lifted up the whip to my mouth, bade me to kiss it, and told me that when I'd had enough to just ask her to stop. Then, before I could even ask her what she meant, she took a step back and swung the whip hard at my breasts.

If you've never been hit by a cat-o-nine-tails before, let me describe the experience to you. In my case, each individual strand was a leather strap with knots tied in it approximately every three inches. As the whip struck my breasts I felt a sharp sting, along the entire length of where the whip struck. The knots themselves are there to bruise the flesh, though if struck hard enough the knots will actually tear flesh and leave bloody welts. Kari has never whipped me that hard, at least not with something that will make me bleed. She's made welts before, even deep red lines that were ALMOST but not quite bloody. To be honest, the cat-o-nine-tails is a surface skin device. It's job is to make a large area sting, without the bruising effects of a paddle. And so when Kari swung the cat tails at my breasts, the impact was like me laying face down, with a piece of sand paper under my tits, and then having it pulled out from under me.


My breasts stung. I yelped a bit, jerking away from the impact. Of course I didn't go very far because I had no purchase on my seat. My pussy slipped backward about a quarter of an inch and I managed to send another bone bruising shot of pain up through my pubis. Brilliant, Breanne. Just brilliant. Kari hit me again and by the time my entire upper torso was twisting away from her desperately, both breasts were now a beautiful shade of scarlet and both nipples were these massive swollen points sticking straight out. Kari started another swing and I finally had had enough.

"Stop! Please stop!" I begged out loud, my voice cracking as my chest heaved. I felt as if my tits had been wrapped in wet washcloths soaked in scalding water. Kari halted in mid-swing and nodded with an evil smile. I braced myself, expecting her to start whipping my clit, or stomach, or worse, my ass.

She did none of those things. She took half turn and then swung the whip as hard as she could, straight down, like chopping wood, at Robert's outstretched, still hard cock.

It had been just as much a surprise to Robert as me, but he managed to keep his mouth shut with just a grunt and a hiss. Damn that man has stamina! His cock bounced in the most attractive way and I could see a pink patch appear along the top. I however, unlike Robert, had shouted something that must have sounded like an objection of some sort, because Kari looked over at me, grinned, and said "let me know when you want it to stop." Then she swung again. The cat licked at Robert's dick and I could see him wince when a few of the strands curled around to impact against his balls. And Kari wasn't pulling blows either. It was brutal. I watched, most Robert's face. Finally I couldn't take it any more. He was suffering so much and his cock was now bright red from the impact marks and the tip was swollen where Kari had deliberately aimed for it. I called out to Kari again, begging her to stop hitting him.

And I didn't realize what that meant until she turned and swung the cat-o- nine-tails at my tits again. Pain blossomed in my breasts and Kari went about giving my chest the same treatment as Robert's cock. Fire burned my skin from just above my stomach almost to the base of neck and Kari didn't pull a single stroke. Every one of them landed with force, curling and snapping around my curves. I looked down to see nothing but a mass of pink, with individual red streaks, and even a few little spots of blue black here and there. It wasn't until random chance managed to snap one of those knot directly against my right nipple that I broke down, screaming in shock and surprise and pain. I didn't realize that I was actually BOUNCING on the wooden horse at that point, inflicting bruises twice as bad as I would have received had I just been sitting normally. All I knew was that my breasts hurt.

Do you comprehend that? Do you even have a clue how much my tits had to be hurting for me not to be thinking about the pain in my crotch? To be honest, I don't remember the pain itself, just being shocked, after I cried out for Kari to stop and she turned her attention back to Robert, how much my pussy was hurting. My stupid antics had managed to get my right side inner labia pinched between the edge and my pubic bone and it was REALLY hurting. I tried squirming, even rolling, but nothing worked, and as Kari whipped Robert's dick again I tried desperately to get free of the agonizing position.

"Anniversary!" I yelled. "Anniversary!"

Robert immediately moved to help me, getting my left foot free of the spreader bar even as Kari was unbuckling my wrists from behind my back. In about four seconds Robert was picking me up off the horse. The pressure was suddenly relieved, though the residual pain was this aching agony between my legs. While Robert lifted me Kari unclipped my other ankle from the spreader bar, dropping the long rod on the floor beneath the wooden horse. I was shaking as I was carried into the bed room and laid on the bed. Robert held me as I trembled, just holding me. Nothing sexual, just comforting me. My breasts still felt as if they were on fire and when I realized that I was only thinking of myself, and not of him, I jerked upright, looking down at his cock.

"My God! Are you okay?" I asked. His dick was hard, swollen, and actually had little red welts across it, as if Robert had been in an accident with a weed whacker. Oh... maybe not a pleasant metaphor? Never mind. I reached out, wanting to touch him, make it all better, but Robert intercepted my hand and shook his head.

"Please don't," he whispered. I nodded. I looked around but Kari hadn't joined us yet. I took a deep breath as my pussy tightened.

"What is Kari going to do to me?" I asked, hoping Robert could or would give me a clue, but he only shook his head and continued to let the fingers of his right hand caress my upper arm. We were left like that for about ten minutes or so, ten beautiful minutes of rest, relaxation, with nothing sexual, nothing painful, and nothing intense. Kari didn't even come into the room.

She had changed again though, and when she waltzed in, holding the device in her hand it was the blood red corset she was wearing that attracted my eye. She was naked underneath, no panties and her trimmed slit looked as delectable as it had earlier. Her breasts were pushed upward, the nipples exposed as the corset tightened underneath them, letting each perfect globe rest on its own frilly little pad. When she approached the bed she put down the device and the wires and looked at Robert.

"Bind her spread-eagled," Kari ordered. Robert didn't even give me a look of apology, merely scooting out from beside me and quickly bringing my hands above my head and attaching my wrist cuffs to the bed frame. Kari worked on my ankles and once again I found myself spread open on their bed, at Kari's mercy. She picked up the device, but it was only when she brought it close and began attaching the small flesh toned pads to either side of my right nipple, and then repeated the process a second time on my other breast, did I realize that it was a portable low power TENS unit.

Kari grinned as she leaned over me. “This should be fun and exciting, don’t you think, Breanne?”

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