Friday, March 25, 2011

Daily Assignment 032511 Just One Blowjob

It took me about forty minutes to find it. Mostly because there aren’t that many of them around. And why would there be one on a small back road? It was closer to Houston and I’m surprised it was still up and running. Prices were high of course, but I figured maybe the owner of the gas station also rented out the appliance repair place next door or something.

I pulled up on the far side of the station. There weren’t any customers, but there were still two cars. One behind the station and one in front of the appliance repair place. I sat there for a moment, considering my options.

At first I had figured I’d have the ability to choose from customers. Now that really wasn’t possible all things considered. I looked down at my outfit and shifted uncomfortably. I was wearing my stripper shoes, my flipflops having been flung to the side of the cabin as I donned the inappropriate for just about everything but fucking footwear. My legs were bare, all the way up. And I mean that. The only thing that could remotely be considered decent was the black skort I was wearing. It was ultra short, having been given to me when I was a slightly smaller at the hip sixteen. It also had the “shorts” part cut out, meaning that my skort was actually a skirt; a skimpy ass revealing skirt that I had to literally wear under my hip bones to keep from flashing my pussy.

But that wasn’t all I was wearing. I was also sporting a regular fashion for Nympho Humiliation Pain Sluts; a rope thong. It was made of one ¾ inch thick rough hemp that wrapped around my waist and then from back to front where it was looped and tightened with a clove hitch. This sunk the rope deeply through my ass crack, labia, and over my clit. It was very uncomfortable, especially with the tightening knot positioned right over my clitoris. Of course the rope thong wasn’t just decorative either. It was holding in a 12 inch long black rubber dildo; my Core Driller. So whether I was sitting, walking, or just holding still I was constantly uncomfortable and sexually stimulated.

And that’s it. I had been wearing a shirt and bra earlier, but I took those off for the drive. I had gotten plenty of looks too, but here I was, bare from the waist up and the thighs down. Honestly, if it had gotten me out of the crotch rope and Core Driller I would have pranced around naked!

With my options limited, I opened the door of the truck and crossed my arms across my bare chest. The warm sun caressed my skin and I quickly walked passed the convenience store windows, hoping I wasn’t seen. Every step was hard. The Core Driller didn’t like me moving with fast steps and I felt as if someone had shoved a baseball bat inside me and was jerking it back and forth with sharp pulls. My guts were getting bruised! Of course this wasn’t even close to the abrasive pain I was feeling from my clit. The rope rubbed me raw with every step and my poor clit was slowly becoming red, chaffed, and swollen. By the time I got to the appliance repair store I was ready to collapse.

It seemed dark inside, but once my eyes adjusted to the light I saw two Hispanic men, eyes wide, mouths open in surprise. They were both dressed, but sort of greasy (not because they were Mexican, but because they had been working on washers and dryers and stuff!) I walked up to the first one and smiled.

“Can I please give you a blowjob?” I asked politely.

The two guys looked at each other and then grinned. There was a flurry of Spanish, which I couldn’t follow and then he reached up and grabbed my breasts, kneading them hard. Next thing I knew I was being pulled behind the counter and into the back room.

They had least made a pretense for my comfort, though I’m sure they wondered why I was wincing as I was moved around. A cushion of some sort was dropped on the floor in front of me and I went to my knees. The first guy immediately stood in front of me, freeing his cock from his jeans.

Oh yuck.

He was rancid, and I mean seriously rancid. It was everything I could do not to gag. After a moment though I literally cleaned his cock with my mouth and I no longer could taste the acrid slime of his cock. His foreskin was literally gross. But I took it all and kept sucking and rubbing his balls until he finally popped, shooting a stream of thick goopy white cum across my face. It dripped down my chin and over my lips and onto my bare breasts.

And then guy number two was there, putting his cell phone into his jeans pocket before yanking out his wand. I didn’t really object at this point. It would hardly be fair for me to suck off one and not the other, right? So I put my effort into another spurt of cum across my face and was rewarded about eight minutes later with another spurt of wetness that splattered on my cheek and neck and then dripped wetly onto my chest.

I blinked as guy number three moved into position. Where the fuck had he come from? And guy number four was standing in the doorway, watching. His cock was already out and he was stroking it! I turned my head, only to get smacked in the face with a cock. Something was said in Spanish and cock was pretty much forced into my mouth at that point.

After guy number three was satisfied I handled guy number four and guy number five. I was covered in cum. My knees were hurting and my breasts were literally soaked. My face was nothing but white cream and I suddenly understood what bukkake must be like for Japanese girls.

“No! No more!” I said loudly, getting up. I stumbled along as they moved aside and I wondered if I was about to get raped. Not my most brilliant moment. I stumbled out of the appliance repair shop as the entire gaggle of guys followed. The parking lot was full now. I opened the door to the convenience store and hurried inside.

The clerk was Indian or Pakistani, not sure which. He stared at me for a moment, eyes wide. There was one customer as well, a white guy purchasing gas and a soda and they both looked at me in astonishment.

I swallowed, walked right up to the counter, cleared my throat and said “Excuse me, do you have a tissue I could wipe up all this cum with? I’ve given a few too many blowjobs.”

The white guy let out a quick bark of laughter. “Lady, you don’t need a tissue. You need a fucking bath towel.”

I ignored the comment. “Do you have a tissue, sir?” I asked the clerk. Politely I hope.

He nodded toward the back of the store. “There is a bathroom in the back. You can clean up there.”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

It only took me fifteen minutes to get cleaned up. There was nothing I could do about the cum in my hair, but I managed to mop up the white spooge that had splattered my face and shoulders and tits. The skort needed washing and I felt rather dirty. And incredibly horny. I put my hands down on the sink and pumped my hips. The rope and knot slid through my pussy and over my clit and as I thrust forward the Core Driller did what it was supposed to do. I felt the orgasm overwhelm me and then I let out a soft cry of anguish and pleasure as I came.

I’d say I looked decent when I came out of the bathroom, but since my breasts were still on display, I don’t think decent is the right word to use. The white guy was still there, chatting with the clerk and obviously waiting for me. I stepped back up to the counter and offered my thanks to the clerk.

“This is not proper behavior,” the clerk said. I shrugged, then turned to leave, only to be caught by the arm. The white guy’s fingers tightened slightly.

“So do you only do Mexicans or are good old American boys on your list to?”

My eyes narrowed. I’m all about patriotism, but not about racism. “The terms didn’t specify race sir, just that I needed to give a blowjob. I’m done now. Thank you.”

“What are your rates?” he asked, still pressing. I felt his hand on my ass and watched his eyebrows quirk upward. “What the hell?” he asked, pulling the skort material upward. The exclamation of surprise was impressive.

To make a long story short, I went back to his place. Some of it was because there were five guys waiting for me outside of the convenience store and I didn’t feel like doing all of them. Plus I think a few more had shown up. I DID get to take off my crotch rope and take out the Core Driller. The sex was pretty good and two hours later, when he dropped me back off at my truck, the appliance shop was once more deserted except for the one car out front, and they never came out to check on me.

Short and sweet and pretty fun! Pretty stupid too. Me I mean, not the assignment. So hope you enjoyed hearing about how dumb I am. Maybe I should be a blond instead of a red head! See ya

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  1. BREANNE!!!! I love reading your stories, but this one was dangerous and I was scared for you!!! Your could have been raped or kill! I know you like rougher that I could ever dream, and I have to admit I feed my submissive slave tendency through you, but PLEASE PLEASE be more careful!!!! I want you alive and well and becoming famous as a NHPS superstar that you are.


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