Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Stories Added To Free Archive!

One of our readers pointed out that two of Breanne's Assignments were available via the BDSM Library, so why weren't they listed in the Michael Alexander Stories Free Archive? We thought about it for a moment and then said, "you know, you're right. They should be!" So now they are. Two spectacular Breanne Erikson originals are now available at the Michael Alexander Stories Free Archive. We've also had our resident artist Sheo gin up some "covers" for both novella length works, so if you haven't read either of these, feel free to visit our FREE ARCHIVE and enjoy!

Required to complete her anniversary assignments, Breanne submits to an extended ride on a wooden horse, coupled with "breaks" that are almost as bad as riding the fiendish device in the first place. (All six parts included!)

Breanne Erikson has another daily assignment due: this time to break her record of orgasms achieved in one day. She asks her former mistress to help and finds herself tormented to the edge of physical capacity.

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