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Anniversary Assignment: Riding The Horse Part One

Riding The Horse
Assigned by Mistress Kari

Part One


You know, taking off my chastity belt is not exactly the most pleasant thing to do, especially if I've been wearing it for almost twenty four hours straight. Worse, doing it in an apartment parking lot at seven fifty in the morning is not something either easy, or that much fun. With people driving by every few minutes while you're in the process of taking off your jeans, unbuckling everything, and then slowly extracting two dildos, while trying not to sexually excite yourself... well... there are easier things to do. But that's what I was doing Saturday morning; to celebrate my one year anniversary.

Yep. I’ve been writing for Michael’s Blog for over a full year now, though I admit I’ve know Michael since like 2005. I think. I’d have to check, but I think it was around then. In any event, I asked for all of my favorite doms and dommes to submit assignments for me, and then the readers voted on which two would be the ones I did. Through some clever manipulation and a rather skewed viewing of the rules, four different assignments won first and second place. And according to Michael, I had to do all of them.

So last Saturday I was parked outside Kari’s apartment, about to submit to one of the most horrendous torments I’d ever experienced:

Bre: Your assignment, should you come to me, will be both painful and difficult. You will arrive as usual, naked on my doorstep. You will then be placed upon the wooden horse for an extended length of time, with your nipples clamped, and your feet weighted, until I feel you have suffered sufficiently. You will be removed from the torment, and allowed time to recover. During this period I will amuse myself with various penetrative torments upon your person. You will then be remounted on the wooden horse. You will continue this pattern until you have spent at least six hours on the wooden horse over the course of the day. - Kari

Once I was out of the chastity belt I took a moment to work out the kinks. Not sexual kinks. Real ones. I sat in my truck and stretched. I also used a few personal hygiene products to clean myself and the belt up. Twenty four hours with multiple applications of Stinging O, with hourly minute vibration torments meant lots and lots of juice and some serious need for cleanliness. When I was satisfied, I checked the clock and found that I had about three minutes to go. I slipped my feet out of the flip flops I was wearing and then pulled my skirt down my long legs. My eyes continually darted around, but there still wasn't much Saturday morning activity. Kari lives in a well to do, expensive, luxury apartment complex complete with jungle like landscaping, expensive carports, and what I frequently think of as lazy indulgent people. Though I admit that neither Kari nor Robert are like that. Finally I couldn't wait any longer. I peeled off my shirt, grabbed my bag full of toys, and RAN for Kari's place.

I always feel so exposed on that sprint. It means a quick dart down a hall full of apartment doors, open to the garden courtyard. Then up two flights of stairs, with a curved landing in between. Then I have to run BACK DOWN the balcony to Kari's apartment, which is on the end of the building on the third floor. I did this, managing once again, not to be noticed. I tried to keep my chest from heaving too much as the door opened and Kari smiled at me. We exchanged a quick hug, my naked body noticing the soft silks she was wearing. Kari always dresses like a million bucks and is partial to very soft cloth. While I'll see her in jeans and a tee shirt occasionally, you're more likely to find her in a business suit with silk blouses than anything else. Today, she was wearing black silk pajamas that made her hair and eyes look even more striking than usual. She took my bag, placed it under the small key table at the doorway, and then closed the door behind me as I stepped into the apartment.

She had moved the furniture around. Or I would be more accurate by saying that Robert moved the furniture around to where she told him too. Robert is Kari's live in boy toy, a grown man of 28 or so who is the longest lasting male to ever remain in Kari's service. I admit, I'm in love with him, but on a different level than most people would or could understand. Robert and I share something rather special: Kari. Personally, I think Robert's in love with her, the normal way too. So am I, and in quite the same way. But Robert's love is a lot more intense. We've both been submissive to Kari's dominatrix tendencies and that gives Robert and me a sort of bond and commonality that is tough to describe.

As usual the apartment was immaculate. The sofa was out of its usual spot though and pushed up against a wall. The coffee table was completely gone and the side table had been moved to a spare corner in the dining room. In the middle of the living room was the horse and it dominated the decor completely.

If you're thinking of a real life breathing animal when I say horse, then you haven't been reading my blog. This horse was neither alive or breathing. First of all it was made of wood, oak I think, and unlike a typical rocking horse which is decorated in horselike appendages, including tail, head, mane, and sometimes even hooves, this horse was a diabolical instrument of torture, rather than a child's plaything. There were no appendages, no rocking rings, no springs, nothing but four legs each going up from the floor to a solid wooden beam. The beam was made out of a solid piece of wood with the bottom spanning a good fourteen or so inches. Both sides of the beam were cut at angles, forming a triangular prism which rested on its side. This left a single pointy edge facing straight up. It had been rounded and sanded, but from experience I knew that were I to put all my weight on that blunted edge it would hurt just as surely as if I took a knife and rammed it up between my legs. Worse probably.

The wood was sanded and varnished and lovingly coated with a thick film of polish and oil. It GLEAMED in the light and I couldn't help admiring the artistry of its construction. It WAS very beautiful. There were even metal attachments bolted to the underside and on the ends. I had no clue what those were for, but I at least saw them. Underneath the wooden horse were two small step stools, each with two steps. Where the devil had Kari managed to find TWO step stools that actually MATCHED the fricking wooden horse? Torture R’ Us? Crossing between the stepstools and underneath the wooden horse was a spreader bar. It was thick with heavy metal links and fasteners positioned at various spots across its length. There were also two one gallon milk jugs, both sealed, both filled to the top with what looked like sand. Heavy twisted cotton rope attached the handles to thick metal hooks and I knew that both weights were ready and waiting for an appropriate victim.

I swallowed. It's hard to look upon a device you know is designed to hurt you, badly, knowing that you are about to spend a full six hours riding the damn thing. Even with the "breaks" Kari promised me, I knew that by the time I was done my pussy would be so sore that I'd be lucky to be able to walk. I took a few steps forward and then noticed Robert walking into the room.

Like me he was buck naked. The only difference was that his cock was bound up in something that resembled surgical tubing. A rather tightly pulled band encircled both his testicles and his cock and both were swollen, slightly red, and looked rather uncomfortable. He padded over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss as Kari smiled. I felt his cock against my hip and I resisted the urge to fall to my knees and suck on him. I want to, so bad.

"If you need to use the bathroom, now is a good time, sweetheart." Kari said to me. I nodded. It was a good idea. So I padded off toward the guest bathroom and used the facilities. Since I was now empty as well, I took the opportunity to do a more through wash-up. Ten minutes later I was back out in the living room, watching as Kari played with Robert's shaft. It glistened with oil. Both of them moved toward me and Robert went to the side table and started bringing over a few items that had been laid out. None of them surprised me. First there was the bondage collar Kari liked. It was a bit different from the one she had bought me ages ago and even then was inside my bag. This one was a bit thicker and a little wider. It also buckled tighter. I know because I felt the pressure on my throat when she put it on. Next went the wrist cuffs, followed by the ones for my ankles. It was Robert who put the one on my legs, kneeling down at my feet. When they were done, Robert brought a small leather sap over to Kari, handing it to her. I stared at it. It was a lot like mine, but with metal caps along the edges. I looked at Kari, my chest starting to heave with deep breaths, my heart pounding, my stomach tightening, and my pussy almost gushed in expectation.

"Present!" called out Kari.

I blinked for a moment, confused. Then I remembered the stupid trick that Kari had asked the Kennel folks to teach me the previous weekend. Dropping to my knees I then rolled over onto my back. It was a horribly humiliating position, but I brought my legs upward and then spread my thighs wide apart. When Kari knelt down between my legs I suddenly feared the worst.

The PRESENT position looks almost exactly like this, except that Ariel is much much prettier than me.

"We have to get you prepped to ride the horse, don't we?" she asked. I didn't have time to answer, even if I would have. She lifted the sap and brought it right down on my exposed pussy, smashing my labia and clit with a stroke that caught my breath. Only through serious will power did I manage to keep my legs open. Not that it did any good. She hit me there again! And then again, slamming that miniature leather paddle into my pudenda and sex over and over. I started to buck as she not only picked up the pace, but also the force and the next thing I knew I was crying out loudly, begging her to stop. She didn't. Pain exploded between my legs and finally, after maybe fifteen strokes, I couldn't stop myself from closing my thighs and blocking her blows.

"Well, FINALLY!" Kari exclaimed. "I thought we'd never get to ride." She said, not even complaining about my action to close off her access to my sexual side. I looked up at her through tear blurred eyes.

"What?" I gasped out loud.

"Stand up, Breanne. It's time to ride the horse."

I blinked. She must have been waiting for me to close my legs!

Kari pulled me to my feet. My crotch burned and ached. How could she? Kari snapped her fingers at Robert who approached with my bag. A moment later Kari was shoving (please note the verb there... SHOVING. Not pushing, or slipping in, or delicately placing, but SHOVING) my pair of vibroballs up into my pussy. I winced of course, but then Robert had my arm and we were all moving toward the horse. I trembled, almost collapsed, and Robert held me up. I climbed the first step stool and then Robert helped me swing my other leg over the horse. Now I was facing the couch, the wooden prism between my legs, standing on both stools, with only an inch of clearance between my already bruised labia, stuffed pussy, and the hard unyielding wooden spine of the horse. Robert bent down and I felt him locking one end of the spreader bar to my ankle. In a flash I realized what the spreader bar was for. It would prevent me from using my thighs, my horseback riding farm girl thighs, from getting a grip on the sides of the wooden horse. It meant that I would be taking my entire body weight right between the legs. Robert moved around to the other side and lifted up my right ankle and began buckling it to the spreader bar as Kari quickly locked my wrists behind my back. A short chain went between the back of my bondage collar and the cuffs, making sure I would not be able to touch the horse in any way. I teetered slightly as I was forced to lean on the horse and put all my weight on one leg, via my inside thigh as I tried desperately not to ride the horse before I had to.

Kari brought nipple clamps out, large heavy clover clamps. These were quickly and efficiently snapped onto my breasts and I cried out, my body shaking in semi-agony as the sensation traveled up through both breasts and down to my beaten sex. Kari pulled a one pound weights out of my bag and hung it on the chain. The agony in my breasts doubled and I my breath seemed loud in my own ears. Oh GOD it hurt, and I wasn't even on trial with them yet. I teetered on one leg, my thigh pressed against the oiled wood. My right leg was now five or six inches ABOVE the other stool. I tried to move my leg but couldn't.

"She's ready, Mistress," announced Robert.

Kari nodded. "Okay, Breanne. Your safe word is 'anniversary'. Say that and we pull you down for a break and a punishment. It would be better for you to ride as long as possible, especially here at the beginning. Understand?"

I nodded.

"Good. Okay, now it would be best if you sat yourself down before we yanked out the supports," she said,

I tried, really, but it just wasn't happening. So I tilted slightly, trying to get both feet on the stools. That wasn't working either. I had dropped down with the wide spreading of my legs. Next thing I knew I was being picked up and SET upon the wooden edge. Robert’s hands were around my weight and I was centered over the wooden horse. Kari reached down to my pussy and pulled apart my labia as I was lowered down. I felt the pressure between my legs and then the stool was removed and all of my weight suddenly dropped on a single edge.

I shifted a little as the pressure pain pushed up into me. It took a moment to find a less uncomfortable spot where delicate flesh wasn’t being pinched. I rocked my hips, moving my buttocks around as I repositioned myself, my legs trying to pull out of the spreader bar, attempting to find purchase. But after a moment I found my spot and settled down. The pain was there, like a knuckle grinding non-stop into muscle, but I could handle it. I’d dealt with worse, and frankly my nipples were hurting more. I could feel the heavy one pound weight resting against my stomach.

What I didn’t expect though was the constant curling of my toes. It seemed I couldn’t stop them from clenching. I only noticed it after the first few minutes too, when the pressure between my legs seemed to get worse. Kari and Robert had stayed right beside me, watching, helping me maintain my balance, and generally making sure I didn’t fall or do something stupid, or start screaming like a banshee. I almost missed Kari’s nod at Robert, which caused him to kneel down once again. I almost fell as I leaned to the side to see what he was doing, but the sharp thrust of pain against my groin was enough to move me back to the center. Besides, I figured out what he was doing seconds later.

Suddenly I felt something tugging on my legs. Downward of course. This increased the pressure on my pussy and I groaned as the pain between my legs increased. I remember my vision going slightly blurry as I tried to adjust to two gallon jugs worth of sand being hung on the spreader bar. It must have been at least an additional twenty or thirty pounds. I’m not sure to be honest. Maybe I’ll call Robert and find out. All I know is that I went from owwww… to OH MY FUCKING GOD OWWWWWW.

That’s when Kari turned the vibroballs inside me to high.

Oh, and picked up a vibrator and held it to my clit.

If you aren’t aware of it by now, I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut. Emphasis on PAIN. While you coming on over to my place and kicking me in the ribs won’t make me orgasm, if I’m ALREADY bothered (which is usually pretty likely) and you do something like take a pair of pliers to my nipples and clit, chances are I’m going to scream in orgasmic bliss, cum hard, and maybe even pass out. Pain, when added to sexual stimulation, is like this shot of nitro in a car’s fuel line. It does some amazing things and my orgasms are so much more powerful, so much more fulfilling, and so much more desirable. The hell with vanilla sex, I want it to hurt.

And it was. Kari’s vibrations turned up the sexual volume exponentially and in short order I was actually THRUSTING my hips forward. Want to know why it’s called “riding the horse?” Because that’s what you do! You hump that hard pointy edge biting into your crotch. Now usually it’s because you’re in so much pain that you rock back and forth, trying to relieve the agony. And I had no doubt at that moment I would be doing that eventually, but Kari had put me in a position where rocking was a sexual movement and I was literally humping the device that was bruising and hurting me.

She kept the vibrator on my clit till I was getting close to cumming. Then she pulled it away. Understand, Kari is not into denial. If anything she goes the other way, making her sex slaves cum and cum and cum until CUMMING hurts. But that morning she pulled away, leaving me wanting and begging and humping and sliding my wet pussy a full two inches back and forth across that wooden edge. My pussy was splayed open, the labia pinched and pushed to the sides, pressed between the wood and my thighs. My crotch was a mass of hurt and sexual need and I shook with the desire to cum and the desire to dismount, all at that same time.

Kari watched dispassionately and then walked around behind the wooden horse and stepped up to Robert. Robert was still to my left, but then Kari took him by the cock and led him to the sofa directly in front of me. I watched as she sat him down, ordered him to spread his legs, and then sat down next to him, her own pretty pajama clad legs over his left thigh.

Robert’s cock was still oiled and she grabbed hold of it and began doing things to his shaft and balls that made me wince. She stroked him. She squeezed him. She rubbed just his tip until he was grimacing and trying desperately not to close his legs. She slapped his cock back and forth and then even squeezed Robert’s balls, one at a time, gently of course, but enough to send pain that matched what I was enduring into my male counterpart.

It was worse for me. Watching Kari torture Robert right in front of my eyes was the sort of sexual stimulation that keeps me going. So even without the vibrator pressing against my clitoris, I was still feeling the sexual tension. Plus the vibroballs were still humming inside me on high. The pain in my crotch and breasts had also added spice, flavor, and power to the mix and I was getting close to cumming.

I also knew that cumming would be a bad idea. One of the things I use to endure overwhelming levels of pain and discomfort is sexual energy. I NEED to be aroused to tolerate what was going on. If I came, then I’d lose a lot of that and would be in agony until it either built back up, or I bailed and used my safe word. Since the clock on the mantle stated I had only been up there around twenty minutes or so, I wanted to hold off as long as I could.

Kari wasn’t making it easy.

She directed Robert to go get his vacuum pump and he walked off, cock red and swollen, sticking straight out. Talk about desirable. I’d even beg him to fuck me in the ass if I could. For me, I was just sitting there, my hips moving back and forth, sliding my pussy along the wooden edge. Every once in a while my clit would get dragged underneath me and get crushed between the wooden edge and my body, sending waves of agonizing pleasure into me.

Robert returned in short order with his vacuum pump and Kari positioned it over his already large and swollen cock. Now let me state for the record, that Robert is not unusually large or anything. His cock is a rather normal seven and a half inches, which on a guy who is six one, is sort of average. The fact his balls are shaven makes him look… sexier I guess. Anyway, Kari put the vacuum pump over his cock and the next thing I knew he was wincing as she pumped all the air out of the clear cylinder. I love watching guys in those things. The veins on Robert’s cock started to bulge, the tip seemed to grow and even the whole shaft looked like it was being stretched. It was pretty awesome. I also know from experience that it’s a mixed sensation for the guy, and some guys like it, and some guys don’t. I remember one dude that Kari and I milked one Sunday who absolutely LOVED the thing. We used it during practically every single orgasm. And let me tell you, that final one, where his cock was all red and raw and he was begging us not to touch him… well THAT pumping was well worth it.

I glanced at the clock. Thirty minutes. Pain was radiating up between my legs, alternating with sexual desperation. I was having trouble with the whole thing and was now rocking backward onto my actually anus as well as rocking forward. I could feel the pressure building, not only sexually, but physically as well and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle much more. My goal was a full hour, but I could feel my body starting to tremble, to want off.

Robert was now gritting his teeth as Kari left the vacuum pump on his cock and started massaging his testicles. After another few moments she suddenly released the vacuum on the tube, eliciting a groan from Robert. She stood up and then slipped her pajama bottoms to the floor. I blinked as her perfect ass came into view, with only a black lace thong covering her sex. The material disappeared into her crack and then she was pushing her panties down.

I watched in both jealousy and admiration as Kari moved over Robert’s lap, straddling him. The now huge and monstrous shaft (easily nine inches thanks to the vacuum pump) bobbed dangerously beneath her. She grabbed him and then I watched as she lowered herself down, impaling herself on the thick meat rod. It was my turn to gasp and cry out as I watched her fuck him, wishing I had that cock inside me instead of the vibroballs and the steady misery of pressure from my mount.

She fucked him for almost fifteen minutes. I have no idea how either of them lasted. Granted, it was a slow steady screwing, and I know that most guys don’t cum easily when sitting like that, but come on! Fifteen minutes? I would have been crying out and grinding down and cumming in like FIVE. But then again, I’m a NHPS, aren’t I? It was Kari who came first of course. I know that Robert is a good enough sex slave NOT to cum without permission, much less cum BEFORE his mistress. Thank God I’m a girl. It doesn’t matter much for us. But guys… geeze. I’ve seen Kari go ballistic when a guy came BEFORE her while they were having sex. Let me be specific though: sex, not torture. Kari, to my knowledge, as never ALLOWED a guy to cum when she didn’t WANT him to cum.

I have to admit one thing though, that while they were making love on the sofa, it kept me distracted enough that I was able to last an additional fifteen minutes on the wooden horse. The weights on my legs were swinging, which intensified the whole rocking motion. I’m just glad that the wooden horse itself was so sturdy. If it had wobbled, I’d have been worried. As it was, the motion of the weights on the spreader bar, the sexual scene before me, the buzzing vibroballs, and the back and forth rocking from my anus to my clit, crushing my petals, all had me in a state I could no longer handle. I felt the rise inside me only a minute or two after Kari collapsed against Robert with a sigh of pleasure. I saw his still rock hard swollen enlarged cock straining as she got off him and turned to look at me. Her perfect hips were exposed to my eyes as was her now slick and pink slit and I remembered how many times I had been the one to bring her pleasure.

That’s when I came. I cried out, bucking like mad as the orgasm rushed through me and threatened to toss me off the horse. Kari quickly came over, holding one of my elbows as I bucked, my hips suddenly gone crazy as I cried out in orgasmic bliss. She glanced at Robert who came over next, his cock still hard, still wet, and still stuck in that godawful rubber restraint around the balls and base of his shaft. Together they held me upright as I bucked and fucked and just generally exploded.

And then it hurt. There are insufficient words in the English language to describe what I was right at that moment enduring. “Pain” doesn’t even begin to describe it. I felt ANGUISHED. It was like pouring molten fire on your skin. It was like having 108 spanks to your ass and then have some one kick you in the gut so you can’t even breath enough to cry. I grit my teeth and shuddered, holding my breath as waves of agony rushed up from between my legs and the “discomfort” of the clamps on my breasts disappeared. I managed another four minutes, for a total of fifty four minutes exactly, before I gasped out “ANNIVERSARY! PLEASE ANNIVERSARY!”

Robert moved like lightning, without waiting for orders from Kari so I suspect that she had told him that the moment I used the safe word he was too get me loose and off the wooden horse. He had the spreader bar off one ankle in like four seconds, the jugs of sand falling loose and to the floor. Then without freeing my other ankle he picked me up at the waist, lifted me off the wooden horse, and pulled me off the back end. When I was safely deposited, crying of course, on the floor, he removed the spreader bar from the other ankle. I gasped in more pain as I felt fingers against my pussy, pushing apart my labia. It was Kari.

“No damage. Take her to the bedroom,” Kari said to Robert, her voice filled with steel.

I felt arms lift me and Robert’s scent, mingled with Kari’s perfume. I was trembling, crying, shuddering, and just generally hurting and aching all over. My nipples started to throb as the pain between my legs lessoned and I started becoming aware of the rest of me again.

Robert laid me on the kind sized bed in the middle of the master bedroom. Normally, I’d feel awkward having any kind of sex on someone’s personal bed, unless we were close, but I’ve spent so many hours on Kari’s bed that it was like coming home. Robert was gentle and placed me in the center. His outstretched cock bumped a few times into my buttocks as he put me down, but I didn’t mind. I just wanted to curl up and try to stabilize.

But Kari and Robert grabbed my hands and pulled my arms upward away from my breasts and stomach. I didn’t fight them much, especially since I wasn’t really trying to stop them, just return to my fetal position. But in short order they had my wrists secured to the bed frame. Since the wrist and ankle cuffs had not been removed, it made locking me in place much easier.

I DID fight them when they pulled me taut and stretched my legs outward. Aches and pains shot up through me and I cried out, kicking and pulling away as my ankles were drawn to the far corners of the bed. Soon I was splayed open, wide apart, with both of my tormentors (both domme and obedient sub) looking down at me.

Kari bent over and removed the nipple clamps, eliciting another cry from my open and panting mouth. My breasts felt as if they had been beaten and coated in hot wax. Then she moved around to the end of the bed. I groaned as the vibroballs were pulled from me, still on, putting pressure on my abused labia. It hurt. I heard the vibroballs shut off and then Kari moved to Robert and took off the rubber tubing around his cock and balls. Then she spoke the words that I was both longing to hear, and dreading.

“Fuck her brains out until you cum.”

Part Two will be cumming soon! You can also read all of Breanne’s previous year’s assignments at the Michael Alexander Stories VIP Lounge! Join today! It’s worth it!

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