Thursday, March 10, 2011

Website Update

It's been a little busy for us lately. Not only did we get new cover art for Breanne's Assignments, but we've done some minor renovation as well. Breanne's Toybox in the VIP Lounge got a bit of a face lift and we've added Doghouse, Riding the Wooden Horse, and Breanne's latest assignment write up, "Clamped At The Mall". I've read it. Ouch, but kick-ass awesome too.

If you're already a VIP LOUNGE member, make sure to visit today and check out Breanne's latest assignment, because it will only be available to members!

To become a member it only costs $15 for a six month membership! That's $2.50 a month! And when you do you get access to not only Breanne's full archive of Daily Assignments, but never before published material you can't get anywhere but Michael Alexander Stories. Explore the New Story Archive with stories added on a regular basis including "Abduction", "The Arroyo", and "Invitation" a sequel to "Angie's Humiliation". Open the door to the Skeleton Closet, our storage spot for stories a little darker than Breanne and Michael's usual fare including Michael's "Bitten" and Breanne's "The Hanging"! Take control of the plot with Michael's creative new Choose Your Own Destiny novel "The Club" where YOU decide what comes next! There is so much to do and read and see in the Michael Alexander Stories VIP LOUNGE!

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  1. You know, I just noticed that Sheo misspelled "Assignment". Sigh... back to the drawing board I guess. Damn.


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