Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time To Vote: Anniversary Assignments

*Please vote for the two assignments you would like Breanne to accomplish to celebrate her one year anniversary as a Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut! The poll is at the top of the right side bar!*

Can you believe how time flies? Well almost a full year has passed and I’ll be celebrating my one year anniversary writing and doing crazy stuff for Michael Alexander Stories on January 15th. How am I planning on making my anniversary a wild one? Well, the week leading up to my anniversary will have a very special “softening up” assignment, just to get me in the mood, (or break me, which ever comes first) with posts every day, but we’re asking YOU, the READERS to vote on which two assignments I complete in order to celebrate my anniversary!

Here are the contenders:

1. Bound & Caned By Mistress Sara: Breanne – you will come to my residence and present yourself at my door naked, wearing only your collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. You MUST be barefoot. Once inside you will be stuffed with a vibrator, a butterfly vibrator will be attached to your clit, and a set of vibrating anal beads will be inserted into your ass. The vibrators will all be set to their maximum levels. You will then be tied face down, with your ankles and knees bound together. For every orgasm you allow yourself to experience, the soles of your feet will receive ten strokes of the cane. Your bottom will receive twenty, and your breasts will receive twenty five. You will remain bound for a full four hours.

2. Chained For A Walk By Master Mark: For your anniversary assignment, please dress in the following: a pair of black, open toed high heel shoes, a black miniskirt, no panties, any black blouse of your choice, and no bra. For your compliance with NHPS Rule #1, please insert your vibroballs. For this assignment you will need a knife and your Japanese Clover Clamps. You will dress completely. You will then take the knife and slice two small slits in the blouse, an inch or two below the spot where your nipples are pressed to the shirt. Following the cuts, you will insert the clamps through the slits, leaving the chain connecting them dangling outside of the shirt. You will then attach the clamps to your nipples as tightly as possible. You will proceed to the mall. Once inside, you will turn the vibroballs to their maximum setting. You will walk the mall until you have experienced three orgasms. After your third orgasm, you will approach a stranger and ask for their assistance to remove the clover clamps. You may offer sexual services for this assistance.

3. Doghouse By Mistress Ellen: You will contact the Dog Kennel and Training Service Mistress Kari recently took you too. You will arrange for a full day of extreme obedience training, along with a breeding session with five different canines. You will not speak during the entire time you are at the kennel.

4. Barter By Master Brandon: Breanne – you will wear a tee shirt, shorts, and flip flops, no panties or bra. You are granted a temporary exemption from NHPS Rule #1 during the beginning of this assignment. You will drive at least ten miles and then park your car in the parking lot of a grocery store. You will take only the following with you:
1. Your identification.
2. Your cell phone
3. Condoms
No Money Under Any Circumstances.
You are to lock your keys IN YOUR CAR. Once you have the correct items on your person, you are to accomplish all of the following goals by bartering sexual services. You may NOT barter with store owners or employees. You must approach people who will PAY for the items you need. You must also barter for transportation services. You may only barter for the completion of one action with each person. Thus one person can drive you to a new location, but a second person must be approached in order for you to complete the required goal at said location. Complete the goals in the following order:
  1. You must follow NHPS Rule #1 immediately. You will approach someone and negotiate their purchase of a suitable item to stuff in your pussy. This goal MUST be done first. I recommend picking up something at the grocery store.
  2. You need to replace the item in your pussy with a suitable hands free sex toy. This will require you to obtain transportation to a novelty toy shop. (Unless you are very lucky and within a half mile of said shop.)
  3. You will replace your tee shirt with a new top. Either a see through shirt or a halter top of some sort will be acceptable.
  4. You need to eat lunch.
  5. You will replace your shorts with a new mini skirt – as short as possible. It should match your shirt.
  6. You will need three clothespins. After they are purchased attach them to your nipples and clitoris. Leave them on for at least one hour.
  7. You will need a pair of matching high heels to replace your flip flops.
  8. You need ten visible red welts on your ass.
  9. You need a drink from a local coffee shop.
  10. You need a carrot up your ass. Leave it in for fifteen minutes.
  11. You need to eat dinner.
  12. You need someone to either call and pay for a locksmith, or to break into your truck for you.
I recommend being frugal on your offers for sexual bartering, otherwise you will spend an inordinate amount of time fucking people. Remember, moving from location to location will require transportation and you must barter for that as well. Each ride counts as a separate purchase. Good luck!

5. Riding The Horse By Mistress Kari – Bre. Your assignment, should you come to me, will be both painful and difficult. You will arrive as usual, naked on my doorstep. You will then be placed upon the wooden horse for an extended length of time, with your nipples clamped, and your feet weighted, until I feel you have suffered sufficiently. You will be removed from the torment, and allowed time to recover. During this period I will amuse myself with various penetrative torments upon your person. You will then be remounted on the wooden horse. You will continue this pattern until you have spent at least six hours on the wooden horse over the course of the day.

6. Geriatric Service By Master Benedictine: You will proceed to your local senior center wearing a sexy maid’s uniform, preferably a little French Maid outfit. You will bring a complete cleaning kit including cleaner and rags, plus your Rotating Venus Penis, your cuffs and collar, and your leather sap. You will approach one of the senior citizens leaving the facility and offer to clean their house for free, and do it naked. You will introduce yourself as the “Naked Cleaner Breanne”. Continue this until you are “hired”. Either ride with or follow behind your new “client” to their residence.

Once you arrive you will strip naked and explain that if they are unsatisfied with your performance, they may punish you. Lay out your toys and give them your leather sap. Ask them if they would like you to wear any of them. Satisfy their request, then clean any room they ask you to. During your cleaning session you are to offer a blowjob, as well as ask them to give you twenty swats to either your pussy or your ass. After you have satisfied them, ask them if they can refer you to another elderly person who might need their residence cleaned. If you get a referral, immediately proceed to that residence and repeat the second half of this assignment. .

Are you ready to vote now? If so please go to the top of the blog page and VOTE in the poll!

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