Friday, March 18, 2011

Punishment Time? Oh, Geeze...

Okay, if anyone wasn’t aware, yesterday I was required to wear the Rotating Venus Penis toy by Master Brandon. And it was OFF. Yes, I know, weird right? But there was ONE little issue with that. Any time I heard or read the word “love” I had to turn the RVP on for five minutes. So special thanks to temp_slave, who sent me the lyrics to that Beatles song with the word “love” in like twelve times. And thanks to Michael and Bad Barrett and others who made sure to leave that little gift on my Facebook page and elsewhere. That made yesterday VERY difficult. Especially since Master Brandon made it clear I was too be PUNISHED for every orgasm. So thanks ya’ll.

Breanne, First you will announce how many orgasms you had yesterday along with how many vibration sessions. Today’s toy will be the vibroballs on low plus your bra tack mat insert and your pussy tack insert. Your punishment will be to complete a NHPS pushup for every session you endured, and to go on a horse ride today with a time frame of five minutes per orgasm. You will turn your vibroballs to maximum. That should teach you not to orgasm without permission. - Brandon

Well, I had 14 orgasms 28 sessions. I’ve already got the tack mats in and they’re driving me crazy. Dressed in a skirt, tee shirt, bra and panties of course. This will be… insane.



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