Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 1: Seven Days of Sluttiness


Friday morning dawned bright and clear with a promise of seventy degree weather. I was looking forward to it actually. My pussy was wet and I was ready to go. I had slept with my vibro balls in of course, so the very first thing I did was turn them up… to high. That in and of itself was difficult to handle since I usually can’t deal with the vibroballs on that high of a setting for very long. I had masturbated the night before, quite extensively, to build up my endurance, but as usual, a full nights sleep rendered me back to my natural state of constant horniness and sexual need.

I made arrangements with my family to be pretty much gone this week. Sure, I still had to sleep here, not to mention take care of morning chores, but they knew I’d be gone before they got up, and so for that very first day I didn’t bother dressing in my usual outfit, but instead put on the one that Master Barrett had requested. First came the red and black plaid skirt, which barely covered my ass. The remote to the vibroballs was tucked nicely into the waistband and then I pulled my toy box and white blouse from the closet. I had a choice of nipple clamps and I decided to be a little more daring than usual and I grabbed the black rubber tipped duck billed clamps. By the time I put them on, I was getting pretty close to the metaphorical “edge” of the orgasmic cliff, and I slipped into the white blouse, buttoning it up all the way. The thin material did nothing to hide the outline of my bare breasts, complete with nipple clamps and dark connecting chain. Then I grabbed the bag I packed the night before and padded downstairs.

I wore my work boots to do the chores. Come on… there is no way to do them in high heels, especially the stripper shoes Master Barrett wanted me to wear. I’d slip, break an ankle, and then all of you would be very disappointed in me. As it was, I froze my ass off as I was doing my chores. I even put on my duster but cold air kept blowing up my skirt and chilling my ass. As it was, I hurried through my chores, until about half way through when my pussy couldn’t take it any longer. I fell backward against a stall railing and put my hand in my mouth as I cried out in bliss. The orgasm was intense, wonderful, and very wet. But I shuddered anyway, knowing that I had to endure a lot more. I halted my chores and got my bag.

My vibrating anal beads are not my favorite toy. In fact, I’d get rid of them if it were up to me. But it isn’t, so I haven’t. I also grabbed the small bottle of Stinging O, a lotion that serves the same purpose as IcyHot, except without all of the poisonous side affects that come from internal use. Carefully, I applied a light coat of the Stinging O to my anal beads and then bent over a hay bale, slowly pushing one bead at a time into my instantly stinging, tingling, and then warming asshole. Of course, through this whole process, my pussy was still being vibrated which, while not as demanding as before, was still feeling the slow build up to another orgasm. When my rear end was stuffed, I turned the vibrating anal beads up to high, tried to ignore the two major earthquakes currently shaking my entire internal landscape, and stuck the remote in my waistband next to the vibroballs controls. I put my duster back on, lowered my skirt, and finished my chores, though admittedly like a drunken sailor as I swooned in washes of pleasure from my loins.

I got to the truck just in time. With a sigh I turned both sex toys off and sat in stillness for a blissful second. I took off my work boots, tossed them behind the seat, then slipped into my four inch platform pumps: my stripper shoes, as Master Barrett likes to call them. Then I turned the key in the ignition and headed off to my day’s tasks.

Master Barrett’s Seven Days of Sluttiness is one of those massive orgasm filled assignments that boggle the mind. The first day’s requirements were pretty simple. Wearing my little school girl outfit, I was to go out and find someone to fist me. Of course, that morning, I had absolutely no idea where I was going to go or how I was going to get someone, anyone, to agree to stick their hand up my twat.

Have you ever been fisted? Well, it’s a unique feeling. Like sex for girls, it’s not something you guys can really understand. First of all, being fisted is a bit uncomfortable for a woman unless you do it all the time. The pussy is just not designed to take something the size of a tree limb. That said there is a certain amount of “elasticity” in the female sex organ, so it’s at least doable. I’ve been fisted a number of times, and while it isn’t high on my list of great sexual experiences, at least they haven’t been negative ones. To be honest, I usual come when I’m fisted too, but it’s a brutal way to be fucked. Plus there are a lot of techniques and concerns that come with fisting, which means you have to be selective about your partner. You certainly don’t want the Hulk trying to shove his hands into your body. You want to find someone with thin hands, narrow bones, and some strength and stamina.

Which at six forty in the morning, while sitting in a Ford pickup, seemed rather impossible to find. My nipples were aching a little, both from the cold and the clamps and I headed into town. I started passing other cars and trucks as I left the undeveloped and farmed country south of town and traffic picked up significantly as I approached the freeway. I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but as I turned on to the freeway it suddenly occurred to me that I knew EXACTLY where I could go to get not only a fisting, but the privacy necessary for me to get it done!

I made a U-turn and headed west, rather than east, which had me facing AWAY from Houston. In seconds, traffic eased up even further and I managed to make good time as I proceeded down the freeway. Technically, its only about two and a half miles down the road, but my destination is far enough outside the Greater Houston area that while busy, it wasn’t cram packed with people.

But it was full of one thing: trucks.

I’ve done assignments at this place before. I think two. I’ve done so many assignments I sometimes forget who and where and even what I’ve fucked over the course of the last year. I remember bartering for a ride, complete with blowjobs, and riding naked here, while Becca followed along in her car, making sure I was safe. In fact, Becca was standing by and I called her to let her know where I was and what I was doing. It was just a little after seven when I pulled up into the parking lot.

Technically, since I was no longer driving it meant that I needed to turn both the vibrating anal beads and the vibroballs back up to their maximum settings. This reignited the flames between my legs rather nicely and it was really hard not to put my hand down there between my legs. I actually found myself lifting my skirt several times and stroking my thighs, moving my fingers higher up until I was actually touching my pussy. Each time I took a deep breath, put my hands on the steering wheel, and tried to concentrate.

I was looking for a truck driver with a full sleeper cab, and one who looked like he was going east, rather than west, so I kept an eye on the road too. Twenty minutes in I still hadn’t seen the right driver and I was so close to cumming I could stand it. I got out of my truck, leaving my duster in the warm cab, and hurried my freezing ass over to the station.

The looks I got when I opened the door and stepped in were almost comical, but then, so was I. I flushed crimson and sort of moved toward the back as everyone took in my costume. Sure, I filled it out well, but I was balancing on heels that only looked appropriate to wear in a strip club, dressed in an outfit that only looked appropriate in a strip club, with a clearly visible set of nipple clamps hanging from tits under my shirt. I heard the laughter clearly.

Which made me even wetter. I took about four steps and felt the oncoming orgasm hit me like a freight train. I wobbled a little closer to the drink dispenser, where several people were either filling their cups or staring at me. I bit my lip as the orgasm started, sending waves of agonizing pleasure through me and I came, standing there, in the middle of the station, while being stared at.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming” I announced, eyes closing as I tried to deal with the public orgasm. I reached out and took hold of one of the shelves as my body swayed dangerously.

Then it was over. I had shuddered and swooned through the orgasm and now I was only dripping, down one leg of course, but I was in control again. Sort of. I still wasn’t allowed to turn down either the vibroballs or the anal beads, but at least I had avoided having to replace the nipple clamps I was wearing with binder clips. Those hurt quite a bit more.

Still the center of attention, I moved toward the ladies room with the intention of washing my face (and getting out from under all those stares) when one of the men stepped right up to me.

“Hi. I’m Bob.”

I gave him a smile. “Breanne.”

He looked around for a moment and then looked back at me. “You available for some fun?” he asked, his voice low.

Oh my God. He thought I was a hooker! My mind raced for a moment. I looked down at his hands. They were pretty big, but not to large. I licked my lips, our eyes meeting and I nodded. I needed to land this one before I orgasmed again. I stepped closer and I put my mouth at his ear.

“Promise to fist me, as well as fuck me, and you can have me for free.”

I moved back and his eyes widened in surprise. He suddenly grinned. He held up the bottle of soda and the breakfast muffin he was holding. “Want something to eat or drink?”

I shook my head.

I waited for him, walking next to him as we approached the register. I guess it was about a minute later when he looked at me quizzically.

“What’s that buzzing noise?” he asked.

I flushed again, but told him “I’ve got a pair of vibroballs in my pussy and vibrating anal beads in my bottom.” I tried to say it quietly, but the guy behind us, who was busy eyefucking me to death, certainly heard. Things were getting very uncomfortable for me. Bob gave me one of those looks that was a combination of disbelief and “that’s fucking awesome.”

“You’re really into this, aren’t you?” he asked. I nodded.

Finally the ordeal was over. He purchased his food and amidst a chorus of both disapproving and jealous glances, we headed out into the lot. His truck was giant 18 wheeler, complete with sleeper cab and we climbed up into the still warm tractor. It was relatively neat, which still surprises me, since I’ve always thought truckers were not really the most organized of me, but it turns out they are. They THINK a lot. Bob himself wasn’t ugly either. His hair was a little long, and he had a bit of a paunch, but he was clean and relatively muscular, which was what I needed at the moment.

I didn’t bother sitting down in the passenger seat and instead made my way into the sleeping compartment. Here at least there was a bit of “lived in” sense, since there were still a few clothes hanging about, and I spotted a collection of porn magazines under the bed. I climbed to the back of the sleeper and I heard a whistle behind me. I stopped and looked back. My skirt, which barely covered my ass when I was standing up, had exposed most of my rear end, along with my shaved and bare pussy. Obviously, wires led from both holes up to my waistband and the humming of the toys were very very loud.

“Lady, you got one sweet ass,” Bob told me. I twisted, lying down on his bed, my legs spread open.
“Do you want to fuck me first, or fist me?”

“You really want me to put my hand inside your cunt?” he asked. I nodded. “It’s your pussy. I’ll give it a fisting you’ll never forget!”

I reached down and pulled the vibroballs out. It took me a moment to get them turned off. I left the anal beads on. Then with a toss, I dumped the vibroballs on the floor and got in position.

This will probably be the only time over the next week that I describe this in detail, mostly because I don’t want to bore you. But it started with Bob running a few fingers through my slit. I was soaked, so it wasn’t like I was a dry virgin who was terrified of her first fisting. It took only moments for my juices to slick his fingers up and he began working a second, then a third into my hole. Slowly he stretched me and I loved the sensation of his fingers curling inside me, stroking the walls of my pussy. He twisted his arm a little bit, pushing here and there until he was able to get hour fingers in. This is the key moment. He began pumping his arm against my slit, four fingers slightly curled together, forming a flesh phallus that drove deeply into my cunt. Then he slipped his thumb into the little hole formed by his fingers, bending his palm. Slowly he worked it in, still thrusting regularly. It felt incredible and the vibrations from the anal beads only got me more excited.

Finally he was able to get his thumb in and he began pushing. I tired to relax, opening up, letting him shove his hand into me. It took several minutes and lots of steady pressure but eventually there was this release as the widest part of his hand passed my opening and then my pussy lips sealed themselves around his wrist.

Having someone’s entire hand up inside you is an amazing sensation. Too bad guys never get to experience it from our side. First of all, you feel fuller than you ever had before, but it moves, because most guys like to clench their fists inside you, or even wiggle their fingers. It’s intense. And then if they start pumping too, well… it doesn’t take long for things to reach their climax. Or for me to reach mine.

I exploded. Hard. I was clenching his sheets in my fists, my legs splayed wide apart and my entire body rocking with these hammer like shoves as Bob worked me. After I had my orgasmic screaming fit he tugged his hand free (which wasn’t that easy, even with all the lubrication) and stuck his fingers into my mouth. I did my best to slurp up the excess juices, but there was too much and he ended up wiping it on my blouse. The thin material turned transparent in spots, not that the shirt was doing a good job hiding anything in the first place, but…

I was still dazed when cock landed on my face. I blinked and Bob was naked from the waist down and he was tapping his thick heavy dick on my cheek. Without much in the way of conscious thought I turned sideways and began sucking on him. He didn’t taste all that good, but I’m a good NHPS and don’t complain. It didn’t take him long before he pulled himself out, put a condom on, and then rammed his cock into my pussy.

I felt the thrusts, but they were child’s play next to the fisting I had just gotten and I barely registered the penetration. Evidently Bob thought the same thing because a moment later I was literally lifted and rolled over. Before I could object, he pulled the vibrating anal beads out of my ass and replaced them with his cock. I could hear them buzzing on the floor.

Bob came half in about five minutes and I just took it like a champ. It didn’t require much. Some moans from me, a few “yeah, fuck me hard!” comments, and then he was filling that condom with cream and I was able to roll over.

The rest of my time in the cab was rather boring. I asked him to reinsert both the ben wa balls and the anal beads, and then I turned them back up to maximum the moment they were in. That surprised him. Then I thanked him, kissed him, and headed back to my truck.

It wasn’t even eight o’clock.

Of course, I still had a few major problems though. The first was my attire. I could hardly go home right away. Part of the assignment was for me to DRESS the part. And while I could get away with going home after lunch, maybe, there was no way Master Barrett would approve of me finding someone to remove the beads and then heading back to the house. Even if I kept the vibroballs in and on he would have a conniption.

I didn’t know what to do. So I called Kari. She told me to head for her office, which was fine by me because that meant I could turn off the vibrators. The drive took almost a full hour because of traffic and I pulled up into the plush office park Kari has her digs. It’s all lush jungle landscaping, dark woods, and reflective mirrored glass. Feeling more than a little self-conscious, I got out of my truck, turned on both sets of vibrators, and started in to the building.

Thank God I didn’t pass anyone. The sound of the vibrators were clearly audible and I was already embarrassed by my attire. I opened Kari’s office door and looked around the gorgeously decorated waiting room. In less than twenty seconds Kari, dressed in an immaculate white business suit, stepped into the room. Her eyes took one look at me, then rolled, and she turned around and left without a word. I followed.

She checked once to make sure I was following and then led me to the conference room. I have some happy memories here. I gave Robert a blowjob here almost a full year before for an assignment, and then let him screw my brains out, without asking for permission from Kari first. I got punished for that. Hell, I’m STILL being punished for that. I’ve already agreed to help “cater” Kari’s superbowl party. But that will be another story.

With my pussy and rear end buzzing away, Kari had me sit down at the table. I dumped my bag on the chair next to me and sat down. To my surprise, she produced a long piece of rope and I let her tie my hands and feet to the arms and legs of the chair. In moments I was secured.

“Are you close to cumming again?” she asked politely, eyeing me. I nodded. It wasn’t going to happen in the next ten minutes, but I could tell it wouldn’t be much longer than that.

“And you already have the anal beads in and on?” she asked again.

“Yes, Kari,” I replied meekly. She began digging in my bad and pulled out the binder clamps. Then she unbuttoned my blouse. Some people would have removed the clamps on my nipples by opening both tightened pincers. Kari just grabbed the chain between and pulled hard. I yelped, my breasts tingling, hurt rushing up through my globes as my pussy contracted hard around the vibroballs. Even my ass clenched.

Then Kari held up the binder clamps. “Since you’re close anyway, let’s just put these on now, shall we?”

I kept my mouth shut.

With a flick of her finger she snapped my nipple and then quickly let the small binder clamp bite down and crush my delicate nub. I cried out, a quick yelp and moan even as she was preparing the other breast. There was another flick and then I felt something cruel and inhuman bite down on me. My nipples started to throb. My pussy burned. I looked up at Kari who grinned down at me.

And then left.

For two hours.

I can’t even begin to tell you how awful those two hours were. When she came back right before lunch I was sitting in a puddle of my own juices and I felt as if I had been wrung out. Sure, I’ve dealt with non-stop vibrations before, and I was tied down too, but I was a wreck then as well. My nipples had gone numb and all I could think of was “thank God I’m not wearing the butterfly!” Fortunately, Master Barrett had not required the butterfly during ANY of the week’s assignments. It sits right on top of my clit and just forces me to have clitoral orgasms over and over. In that two hours I had five orgasms.

Kari told me it was time for lunch and let me up. I rose to my feet and Kari helped me button my shirt back up. The binder clamps stayed on of course, which made my chest look ridiculous. The black clamps were clearly visible and made very odd looking outlines at the front of my shirt.

Fortunately, my skirt wasn’t soaked like the chair. This was undoubtedly due to the fact that my skirt was too short to be that far under my bottom when I sat down. I didn’t feel guilty about ruining Kari’s chair either. She got what she deserved. She put me there. She left me there. She can pay the cleaning bill too.

I stumbled my way out of Kari’s office, with her at my elbow making sure I didn’t fall. My pussy was still contracting in rhythmic spasms around the vibroballs and my ass felt like I was sitting on a hand mixer and not allowed to get off. Kari put me in her car and we drove to Kari’s favorite restaurant.

I probably shouldn’t name the place, just to avoid issues. It’s one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in Houston. The gyros are incredible. It’s expensive, but it’s worth it. To be honest, I only go with Kari. She can afford the bill. I’m more of a Taquieras del Sol kinda girl. Three bucks for a steak fajita torta with guacamole is more in line with my checkbook. Kari walked in like she owned the place and took me to the very back of the restaurant and sat me down. I was scarlet. The walk from the front door to the back of the restaurant had been even more humiliating than I had expected. If you ate at this particular restuarant, chances were that you were well off. I was the epitome of sexual sleaze and I felt ridiculous in my little slut schoolgirl outfit. Worse, Kari sat me down so that I was looking out at all the people still staring at me. I lowered my eyes and tried to ignore it.

My pussy was burning and I was quickly approaching another orgasm. The place was packed too. There were other diners within a few feet of us and I could sense the quick glances I was getting. Everyone was trying to see me, and I could sense their disgust, hunger, and even jealousy. Our waiter dropped by, a nice boy in a white shirt, black pants, apron, and a black tie and Kari ordered for us. As he scurried off to get our drinks, I bit down on my lip, trying to keep from having another orgasm.

“You look a little peaked,” Kari said, eyes bright at my discomfort. She lives for this kind of thing. “Need to cum?”

I nodded, not trusting my mouth to respond.

“Well don’t let me stop you.” She smiled evilly.

Our waiter returned and Kari began outlining what we wanted. I always ordered the same thing, so it wasn’t really necessary to speak.

“There is one more thing, however,” Kari said, putting one hand on the cute waiter’s arm. “My friend here,” she nodded at me, “is in a bit of a bind. I put a pair of clamps on her tits earlier and they hurt quite a bit. Would you mind removing them for her?”

I didn’t see his expression because I was intensely studying the napkin holder.

I heard his voice though. “You mean…?”

Kari laughed, her sweet bell like chuckle of mischievous delight. “Yes. Just reach down into her shirt and pinch them off, would you?” There was another laugh. “She doesn’t bite.”

I heard his voice again. “Miss?” he asked, clearly speaking to me. I looked up, tears filling my eyes. This was just too much.

My voice cracked and I had to clear it. “Please sir? Take off the clamps? They hurt.” I asked, knowing it was what Kari wanted to hear.

He looked around the restaurant. Everyone was pretending not to watch. He glanced back at me and I lifted one hand to my blouse and pulled the collar out. Since there were only three buttons on the shirt in the first place, and it didn’t exactly cover my entire upper torso, he got an immediate look down my shirt.

With a darting glance around, he quickly reached in, grabbed hold of the binder clip on my right nipple and pinched it open.

Pain exploded in my breast as the blood rushed back into the crushed nub. I gasped out loud, my hands flat on the table and I pitched forward, only just barely keeping myself from breaking my nose on the napkin holder. I trembled and ground my teeth together to keep from screaming. It seriously alarmed the waiter, who was now the center of attention. I know because the noise level in the restaurant had suddenly gone down.

“I’m sorry, I can’t!” he said. I didn’t see him walk away. I was too busy with what was now happening between my legs.

“Oh God. I’m cumming!” I said out loud, my voice cracking with emotion.

The next two minutes were lost to me as I let out a quiet whimper and just endured the rush. I could feel the juices seeping out of me, my pussy lost in a series of convulsions that tried to squeeze the vibroballs out of existence. My ass was locked in a tight clench around the anal beads, and one breast throbbed with agony while the other one was still aching in the death grip of a binder clamp.

The next thing I heard was “is there a problem… oh… Ms. Kari.”

Geeze. Does she know everyone?”

“Hello, Carlos. How are you doing?”

I looked up to see a Hispanic man wearing a similar outfit as the waiter, except without the apron. He was clearly management.

“I’m fine, thank you.” He looked over at me, and then smiled. “It’s good to see you again miss.”

Now THAT startled me. I blushed again, finally coming out of my orgasm stupor. I gave him a confused look because that’s how I felt. “Um, I don’t remember…” He held up his hand.

“It’s not surprising. You were tied up at the time. Just hanging around.” He grinned then looked back at Ms. Kari. “Did you order?”

Kari nodded while I tried to puzzle out what “Carlos” had just told me. He looked vaguely familiar, but I was pretty sure I hadn’t fucked him.

What? You think that I like take pictures of every guy I screw? Do you have any clue how MANY pictures that would be? I could fill several photo albums with snapshots if I did that. I stopped COUNTING years ago. I’ve been gangbanged at frat houses, screwed random people off the street, walked into shops and had sex in back rooms. How the hell am I supposed to remember who I’ve screwed anyway? Bite me. This is what you wanted. A girl who just does it, right?

“Yes, we ordered, but your waiter had difficulty with one of my requests.”

Carlos’ eyebrow went up. “And what request was that?” he inquired.

Kari gave me a pointed glance. “Breanne was wearing an accessory that I asked him to remove. He only got one off.”

I still had a binder clamp on my left breast, outlined against the white cotton of my shirt and Carlos looked at it. He sighed and nodded. “I suppose it was inevitable.” He turned toward Kari. “If I assist with this, will you promise to keep things low key from here on in.”

Kari smiled. “As much as I can. If you’d like, I’ll have her walk naked through your kitchen.”

Carlos shook his head. “No thank you. While I would enjoy it, I’m not sure my staff would be as understanding.” He turned toward me and lifted his hand. “Breanne?”

I nodded, leaning forward. He dipped his fingers into my d├ęcolletage quickly and this time I was a little better prepared for the excruciating pain I felt as the blood surged back into my compacted nipple. I hissed a little, fingers tightening on the edge of the table and I swayed back and forth in my chair. Every muscle in my body clenched and I concentrated on my breathing.

“Thank you, Carlos,” Kari said politely.

“My pleasure, Mistress Kari.” Then he walked off.

Lunch arrived about ten minutes later and proceeded a little more smoothly. The other diners got sort of adjusted to me and returned to their lunches, while all of the men in the place continued to cast little daring glances at me. My lunch plate of gyros were incredible and Kari’s penne rustica with grilled shrimp smelled heavenly. All in all, it was a great meal, except for the wet spot on the chair beneath me and the constant attention I was receiving.

After we had finished eating, Kari paid the bill, leaving a humungous tip of course. Our waiter had reappeared with a few apologies and been very attentive, probably due to Carlos’ stern words. I was once again led through the crowd, the very center of the universe for a few moments, and then was safely ensconced back in Kari’s convertible.

The weather had warmed up and Kari put the top down. I got chilled by the wind as we drove, but the sun was bright and warm and if I hunkered down behind the windshield I was able to stay mostly out of the slipstream. As we pulled into the parking lot of Kari’s office, she turned to me.

“Do you want to come in and stay a while longer?” she asked.

My eyes widened in alarm. I knew what she would do. I’d end up back in the conference room, tied to a chair. She would put the binder clamps back on. I shook my head.

“I’m going to go find someone to remove the anal beads and then head for home.”

Kari grinned. “Before we left I checked the poll on Michael’s Blog.” She smirked a little. “My assignment is tied with your Master Brandon’s.”

I shrugged. “I’m sure you will look forward to torturing me.”

This time Kari shrugged. “Well, I admit sometimes I miss you.”

I blinked. “Really?”

She nodded. “Yeah. Really.” She came around to me and quickly wrapped her arms around me. I felt her warmth, her touch, and her love. Kari was my first lover, my first mistress, my first torturer, my first friend, and still is the best friend I’ve ever had. I love her very much. I felt tears coming.

She pulled away for a moment. “Stay safe, okay?”

I nodded. “Yes, Mistress.” I replied. It was a bit of a joke. Even when I was her sub, she never made me call her mistress. Just her name had been enough. She smiled at me. Then she kissed me. A real kiss. A wet kiss. A long kiss. I felt her put something in my hand. Then she broke contact, winked, and went into her office complex. I looked down at what I was holding; two black binder clamps.

I got in my truck and began driving, which was something of a relief since I got to turn off the vibrators buzzing in my rear and pussy. I drove slow, on the side roads rather than the freeway, taking Westheimer all the way back down to Highway 6 before getting on to I-10 and heading back toward my side of town. It took an hour and a half to get near home, but the peace of mind (and pussy) was worth it.

I still had one problem though: the vibrating anal beads. I needed to get them out. That meant finding someone will to pull a full set of eight plastic spheres out of my ass. So I did what any nympho humiliation pain slut would do under circumstances like that.

I stopped at the mall.

Of course, the moment I stopped the car I had to turn the vibroballs in my pussy, not to mention the anal beads, back to their full intensity vibrations. Almost instantly my pussy gushed and I started that internal muscular dance of contraction and relaxation that I go through when being stimulated like this. I headed into the mall, a different one than my usual spots to go, and began walking around.

I had never done an assignment at this particular mall, mostly because it was pretty small. This time however it was exactly what I needed. I made my way into one of the department stores and set my sights on the men’s section. I didn’t hurry, though I wanted too. Walking with a pair of vibroballs buzzing in your pussy, rolling around, sets me off. The eyes glued to my ass, not to mention the quiet snickers behind me were all the stimulation I needed. As it was I didn’t make it before I had to turn toward one of the small shops, go in, get within five feet of the clerk (a little Asian woman) and announce in an emotional, obviously tense voice “Oh God! I’m cumming!”

I trembled a bit as the orgasm washed through me, a veritable wave of endorphins and pleasure streaming up through me. I had one hand on a glass shelving unit and then the little Asian woman was coming around her counter, waving her hand at me.

“What is it you do? You disgust. Get out!”

Wow. Welcome to America.

I gave her what I hope was an apologetic look and decided not to lift my skirt and ask her to remove the vibrating anal beads. Instead I just left. Before she called mall security. I managed to make it to the department store I was heading for and wound my way into the men’s department. It only took me a moment to locate a clerk, a nice looking gentlemen who was about my age, clean cut, and ready to sell me something.

I approached him and as expected, when he saw me, his jaw fell open. I gave him one of my million watt please fuck me stupid smiles and made a beeline for him.

“Hi! I’m Breanne,” I said conversationally.

“John. What can I do for you?” His tone was professional, but I got the sense that there was a bit more to the offer than just finding a new suit for my boyfriend.

I leaned forward; making sure that my shirt fell away from my breasts and giving him a relatively clear view of my belly button, THROUGH my shirt. Oh, sure my breasts were in the way, but there was this clear spot BETWEEN them for him to see my belly button. “Actually, John, there IS something you can do for me,” I said a bit breathlessly. When manipulating men, it helps to play the part they expect.

“I’ve got a set of vibrating beads up my ass and they’re driving me crazy. Would you mind removing them?” I asked.

Silence. Then, “really?” he asked.

I nodded.

“Sure. When do you want…” his voice trailed off.

“Right now.” I replied. He glanced around. His department was empty. He looked back at me, suddenly at a loss.

I sighed. “How about the changing room?”

“Uh… sure.”

I strolled toward the men’s changing room and walked in like I owned the place. Actually I was glad I had just cum, since John was a bit of a hunk. He followed me in a moment later and I shut the door to my own little personal sex stall behind him.

With a grin on my face I turned around and bent over, flipping the little red plaid skirt up around my waist. The little plastic pull circle was sticking out of my ass, along with the wire to the remote and I felt John’s fingers touching me. He got a hold of the beads and started pulling.

I have to admit, as much as I don’t really like the beads, I enjoy having them extracted from my rear end. It feels… good in an odd way. I can’t really describe the sensation. It’s like.. um… well. Fuck it. It just feels good, but in a weird way.

I pulled the remote from my belt as the last bead popped out of my rear end and I quickly turned them off. John stood there like an idiot holding up the beads, trying to decide what to do with them. I dropped the remote and grabbed my purse. A baby wipe and a plastic baggie took care of the beads and I tucked it all away.

“Thank you!” I said with a grin, turning back toward him.

“Uh. Is that it?” he asked, clearly disappointed.

I shook my head and lowered my voice so that it came out dark, sultry, and very very hungry. “No. It isn’t.”

Frankly, I hope John didn’t get fired. I kept him in the dressing room for about twenty minutes while I gave him a rather aggressive blowjob followed by a quick but energetic fuck. It felt good to have cock in me again and while I didn’t cum, it was still much much better than the vibroballs buzzing away.

After we were done I stuck the vibroballs back up inside me, turned them on full, kissed John goodbye, and headed back to my truck. I didn’t make it of course. After getting screwed like that, combined with the non-stop buzzing, I felt the next orgasm coming like a freight train. I reeled toward one of the kiosks and braced myself while pretending to look at the product, some sort of soap.

“Hello, would you like to try a free sample?” I was asked by a young looking guy with dark hair. I opened my mouth to reply, but the only thing I could say at that moment was “Oh my God. I’m cumming.” And then I did. I just stood there, shaking, letting the waves of pleasure rush through me. It was intense. When I blinked and focused again, I realized that there were like five or six people all standing around, watching me. I flushed crimson, took the free sample, and hurried away.

Back in my truck I considered my options. To be honest, I had completed the necessary requirements to make Master Barrett happy. I was also tired and a little worn out. So I headed for home. I pulled up in front of the barn, quickly disappeared into with my bag, and emerged in denim shorts, a baggy tee shirt, and flip flops.

But inside me, buried deep, were my vibroballs.

And they were on. And boy did that get me in trouble! But I'll tell you about that tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed Day 1 of my Seven Days of Sluttiness!

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