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Anniversary Assignment: Riding The Horse Part Six

Now it's finished. If you're just coming to Michael Alexander's BDSM Blog for the first time, then welcome. You should sign up for the free newsletter. Trust me, it's worth it. In any event, you probably would really like to read the rest of what happened on my anniversary assignment from three weeks ago, right? The Saturday I spent at Kari's place? Yeah. That one. The one where I rode that fucking wooden horse for six hours.

But we need to get you caught up too. So if you still need to read parts 2, 3, 4, or 5, than follow the links below and read those FIRST before you read what I'm posting today. Otherwise you'll be lost going "what the hell? This doesn't make sense!"

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I also thought I should mention that the posts on the blog haven't been proofread by Michael, so I'm sorry if there are mistakes and stuff in them. It's tough to write when you're wearing a chastity belt complete with butt plug and vaginal dildo, combined with powerful vibrators that you're supposed to turn on for brief moments every hour. Sure, it's keeping me motivated, but also slightly distracted. Thank God I don't have to keep the clit bump vibe on for longer than two minutes at a time. I'd be cumming for sure. And after Saturday's assignment with Sara, I don't need ANOTHER punishment this soon.

Anyway, enjoy "Riding the Horse". I did.

Riding The Horse
Assigned by Mistress Kari

Part Six


I remember the first time Kari used ice on me. We were still in high school and it was summer time so we were both off from school. It was also one of those rare days when both of us weren’t working. Kari worked at a fast food joint, mostly because her dad said it was good for her to work. I helped around the farm, which in retrospect kind of sucked. If I had shown absolutely no interest or aptitude, maybe I wouldn’t be stuck there now. Anyway, Kari and I had driven down to Galveston, a trip that had been decidedly sexual for me since Kari had made me get dressed in my bikini from the moment we had left my place. She had also had a habit of loosening my top on occasion, which combined with the vibrator in my pussy had me in a state.

She had packed lunch and drinks for us and when we arrived on the seawall, we joined the throngs of people and headed for the waves. It was a lot of fun, especially when Kari, under the water of course, would pull my bikini bottoms aside and push a few fingers into me. Finally too tired to swim, we moved to the sand, laid out our blankets, and soaked up that amazing hot summer Texas sun! I had untied my bikini top to keep from having a tan line and my bottoms were about as small as I could legally get away with. Most of my ass was exposed. Eventually I was starting to feel rather cooked when Kari sat up, grinned, and looked at me through those stupidly overlarge sunglasses she wore back then.

“You hot?” she asked.

I nodded, but the afternoon languor was still in my limbs and I wasn’t quite ready to move back to the ocean.

Kari tossed a towel over my ass and I lifted my head.


“Hush!” Kari said to me, twisting toward the cooler. I watched as she lifted the lid and pulled out a piece of ice, partially melted, but as long as my forefinger plus some and as thick as my thumb. She held it up, cool water dripping down her hand.

“Know what this is?” she asked me. I shook my head. “Bottle ice!” Kari declared. “You stick it in your soda or water bottle to cool it off.”

I frowned at her. “Why would we need that? The soda and water is already cold since it’s in the cooler.” I stated the obvious, never seeing the alternative use Kari intended.

She leaned over me suddenly, her mouth by my ear, her hair brushing my bare shoulders. “Stay still.”

Then her hand, and the ice, disappeared under the towel. I stiffened in alarm as I felt the tip of the bottle ice brush my thigh.

“Spread your legs, Bre” Kari ordered. I complied, my heart suddenly thumping painfully in my chest.

I felt the ice touch my bikini bottoms and then the edge where my thigh met my crotch. I jumped slightly as the cold seared me, but then she was pushing the cotton covering of my bikini bottoms aside and I felt the sweet coolness touch my labia, water melting fast against the pink folds. Then, to my surprise, she pushed the whole thin piece of bottle ice all the way up into my pussy. I gasped and lifted up, which immediately attracted attention due to the fact that my bikini tops were still lying on the towel underneath me. Even as my sex was contracting around the ice I was scrambling to get my bikini back on while lots of people stared at my breasts. The ice inside me burned and for a moment I considered digging it out, but then realized that were I too do that, I’d be putting on more of a show than I wanted.

So I ran for the water and I heard Kari laughing at me as I fled.

But there, in Kari’s bedroom, with her and Robert, there was no water, and it wasn’t a thin piece of bottle ice that melts in a minute or two. And I was tied spread-eagled to the bed. There is no physical way for a man to understand what having a six inch long two inch thick cylinder of ice shoved into you feels like. There is literally no comparison. I suppose you could get some bottle ice, let it melt just a tad, and then ram it up your ass, but that doesn’t feel the same. Your bottom is not (in general) a sexual organ and you don’t get that mixture of confusion as your body is going “oh yeah” and “what the fuck?” all at the same time.

It’s even worse when someone is pumping said ice dildo in and out of your pussy with rapid strokes.

The cold seared me even as my pussy tightened in sexual desire around it. Kari spent maybe three or four minutes fucking me silly with the ice dildo, which was now seriously melting. My entire groin was now slightly numb, which was probably a good thing. I could feel a cold trickle of water seeping down into the crack of my ass. Then Kari pulled the ice dildo all the way out. Robert was standing there, holding the two ceramic bowls and the partially melted ice dildo went in one while Kari dug around in the other.

It was exactly what I was expecting: the steel dildo. And from the way Kari was holding it, I knew it was pretty warm. She lifted it up, showing it to me and I fought down this sudden urge to giggle. I know, strange huh? I think it was just an overload of adrenaline, knowing what was coming. She’s done this to me before. Granted, it wasn’t after doing all the OTHER things she had done to me that day, but I knew I was about to get seriously cooked.

The steel dildo, which was also covered in a light coat of mineral oil, touched my clit. It might as well been hot wax, or maybe lava. I cried out and Robert’s mouth came down upon mine, kissing me and taking in my cry of pain and oh my god yes! I bucked hard, upward, trying to crush my already bruised clit against the tip of the steel dildo, but Kari was already drawing the tip downward through my petals, turning ice to fire before slowly pushing the dildo into me.

Realistically, I know that the dildo wasn’t at two hundred and fifty degrees. If it had, I’d have been burned to a crisp and as it was there was no damage to me whatsoever (if you don’t count the bruises from the wooden horse). But the point of icing me BEFORE using the heated dildo, was to make it FEEL like two hundred and fifty degrees. You know how you can sit in a hot spa on a cold winter night and then go running through the snow because you’re so warm that it just feels cool to you? Well reverse that. Imagine being frozen half to death and then someone dumping you in the spa. Technically the water wouldn’t burn you. Of course you’d probably go into shock, have a heart attack, and drown. But the concept is the same. That’s why I got fucked first with ice, and then with fire.

With Robert sucking the breath out of me as Kari worked down at the other end, you can just imagine how I was feeling. I felt fingers at my breasts and winced, even as the twinges shot down through my spine straight to my pussy. By this time Kari was pumping the heated steel cock in and out and as my sex warmed up it lost the intensity of its initial penetration.

Which is why Kari pulled it out, dumped it back in the ceramic bowl sitting near my knee, and pulled the now condom free ice dildo out of the other bowl. I didn’t even realize it was coming actually. I was still sucking on Robert’s lips. One moment I was being rapidly fucked by a rather warm super hard cock between my legs, then it was gone. Before I could even moan in disappointment Kari rammed the still melting ice dildo into me, though this time there wasn’t any oil or latex between me and the cloudy milky white frozen goodness.

It was a shock, let me tell you. My knees actually came up about a foot, which when you consider how tightly I was bound and how little movement I had available, is pretty damn impressive. I practically bucked Robert off me. Of course Kari handled my jump predictably. She mashed the ice dildo in with one hand and grabbed and pinched my clit with the other.

I’m a pain slut. I admit it. I actually SEEK out ways to get hurt, as long as it’s sexual. Getting hurt is sort of like icing on a cake. It makes it better. Or maybe it’s the cranberry juice added to the vodka. Or for you more vanilla people out there, it’s like foreplay before actual sex. If I’m turned on and it hurts, I just get more turned on.

But there are limits, and Kari twisting and pinching my clit while forcing a six inch long ice shard into my pussy, after making me ride a wooden horse (not to mention all the other torments she had done to me) was too much. I stiffened and arched my back, practically coming off the bed. I think Kari realized she had pushed me too much because she immediately let go of my clit and instead just mashed a soft fluffy towel up against my slit.

Leaving the ice to melt inside me.

Robert lifted his face from mine and I wasn’t really cognizant at that point. In fact, I don’t remember too much of what happened next. I wasn’t in a condition to do that. I was cold. I remember that. I also remember them unlocking my arms from the bed frame and connecting my wrists to the bondage collar. Then my legs were released and Kari and Robert worked my limbs for a moment before Robert lifted me up, towel and all, and carried me out of the bedroom.

Straight to the wooden horse.

He set me down on it as Kari whisked the towel away and I was so out of it I didn’t even try to stand on the stools. The pressure of the sharpened edge bit up into me, but I was so cold down there that I barely felt it. Icy rivulets of melted water dripped down my legs toward my toes. Kari kept me upright while Robert bent down and attached the spreader bar to my ankles. Then at a nod from Kari, the sand filled jugs were hung on the bar, adding an additional twenty or thirty pounds of weight to the pressure point on my crotch. Robert left after that and Kari continued to comfort me, helping me stay upright when what I really wanted to do was let my eyes roll up into my head and fall over.

Eventually the pain of my ride worked it’s way through the cold and I started moaning, my hips slowly rocking back and forth as I began the same ritual of trying to find a new spot to rest my weight. Robert returned to the room, holding the ceramic bowls. These were set down on the bar between the kitchen and the living room, so I couldn’t see what was in them. Kari took a few steps, snagged something from bowl number one, and pressed it to my right nipple.

It was ice. A full ice cube actually, and it had just been taken from the freezer because it was dry. My nipple hardened instantly and I could actually feel my skin freezing to the cube. I think had Kari let go it would have actually dangled there for a moment. She moved it over to the other side, getting my other nipple rock hard as well. Then she just moved back and forth, tormenting me as I increased the pace of my rocking hip thrusts.

At some unknown to me point, Kari took the ice away from my breasts and dropped it back in the bowl. Then she pulled a set of clover clamps, connected with a chain from the other bowl. She handled it gingerly and I discovered a moment later why. It was hot. Really hot, and from the droplets sliding down my stomach after it was attached to my nipples, I suspected it had been dipped in boiling water. It didn’t burn me. It had cooled down quite a bit, but to me it felt like it was cooking my nipples. The chain was hot too and it rested against my breasts and then bounced repeatedly against my stomach as I rolled my pussy back and forth along the wooden spine of the horse. The trickle of ice water had finally stopped, which was good because I had felt it all the way down to my toes. Water dripping like that along your skin is torment all by itself. Of course at that point Kari motioned to Robert and with a few simple words I felt myself tipped back until I was now resting in a reclined position, the wooden horse pressing into the top of my ass. Kari went back to the bowl of ice cubes and extracted a piece of bottle ice, easily four inches long and as thick as my pinky. This went immediately into my pussy, penetrating deeply as she used a finger to push it all the way in.

I was already frozen down there and really only beginning to thaw above my waist. Robert tilted me back upright so the minor relief I had gotten from having some of my weight on him and some on my lower spine went away almost immediately. On the flip side, my pussy felt even colder now. As I began rocking again, whimpering with each thrust of my hips, Kari went back to the hot bowl and got out the steel dildo. This was pressed to my clit and rubbed back and forth rapidly.

According to Kari, I orgasmed, three times actually. I really don’t remember. All I know is that Kari did this a couple of times. The whole ride was a study in contrasts. The only permanent thing over the following forty five minutes, for an entire HOUR’S worth of time on the horse, she kept pushing bottle ice into me. My breasts were tormented alternately between the hot clover clamps, which when cooled were returned to the hot water bowl, and ice cubes. Then whenever she wasn’t screwing with my tits she was rubbing that damn hot steel dildo back and forth across my clit. It was agony. It was ecstasy. It was orgasmic. It was torture.

I didn’t say “anniversary”. I was pulled off by Robert for some other reason. I suspect it was because I was no longer trying to stay upright. That’s a pretty good sign that someone can’t handle something much longer. Once more I was carried to the bed room, laid upon the bed, and left to recuperate. Of course Kari’s idea of recuperation meant a powerful vibrator with a little clit protrusion being pushed into me, my legs closed tightly to keep it in, while my knees were belted together and my ankles locked to each other. My wrists were cuffed and drawn above my head while the vibrations caused excruciating agony to my over sensitized clit and waves of orgasmic pleasure from my plugged pussy. The sheets and comforter were drawn over me and the overhead lights turned off.

I came. Then I slept. With the vibrator on.

I was out only about forty minutes. Waking up was a trial in and of itself because Kari did it by drawing the sheets and comforter down my body enough to expose my breasts, and since my hands were drawn above my head, she had a perfect target. I suppose in the world of BDSM, slaves being woken with a quick series of cane snaps across both breasts is not that uncommon, but it was uncommon enough for me that I squealed like a stuck pig and bounced around on the bed as Kari’s cane whistled a few more strokes.

While still trying to catch my breath and figure out why the hell my chest was hurting, Kari dropped the whip and began unbinding me. My wrists came first and too my surprise she pulled off the bondage cuffs as well as releasing me from the bed. Her fingers went down my body, only gently brushing my nipples as she unbuckled my knees from the belt that wrapped around me. Then my ankles were unlocked and even the cuffs were removed. She patted my thigh and I spread my legs, shuddering in expectation. I was still horny, thanks to the non-stop vibrations, but I was so sore that the thought of being fucked by hand was not a turn on anymore.

Kari slowly extracted the vibrator and turned it off. She climbed up onto the bed, pushed one arm under mine and held me. It was bliss.

“Breanne? You’ve done really good today,” Kari complimented me. I felt a warm feeling all over, though my breasts still stung a bit and my crotch felt like a major league baseball team had decided to practice their batting swings by aiming for my pussy. But all in all, Kari’s words of praise were enough to make me feel good.

I laughed ruefully, but with an exhausted feel to it. “I guess six hours isn’t so bad after all.”

Kari smiled softly, reaching up to caress my cheek. She gave me this sad look.

“Bre, sweetheart, it wasn’t six hours.”

My eyes widened in shock. “Seriously? I was on for longer? You let me ride longer?” A wave of anger flushed through me. Kari’s expression remained the same but her sad look had deepened slightly.

“Breanne, I’m sorry. But you still have fifteen minutes to go.”

My world shattered. There was just no way. No way was I going back on the wooden horse. I couldn’t. It hurt too much. I was so sore already. I shook my head, mouthing the words “No, no, no.” Kari rocked me, squeezing me tight.

“Baby, you have to do it. When you’re ready, I want you to walk out there, mount the horse, and do that last fifteen minutes. Because if you don’t then I have to force you, and I don’t want to have to do that.”

I cried then. The tears were silent at first but eventually they were chest wracking sobs as I buried my face in Kari’s shoulder, then her cleavage. It wasn’t the first time I’ve sobbed on her before. Finally I got it all worked out of me and ended up in a hiccupping fit. How humiliating.

Kari just held me and hummed under her breath and rocked me back and forth. It took another twenty minutes but finally I disengaged myself from Kari. She watched from the bed as I got up, went to the bathroom and then came out. I looked at her, swallowed, and gave a slight nod. She rose from the bed and took my hand. Together we went back out into the living room to face the wooden horse.

My gaze lingered on the wooden monstrosity. It was oiled and cleaned and the stools were there waiting for me. The metal stand at the front had also been removed. But as my gaze slipped along the blunted but still painful edge of the horse, I caught sight of Robert sitting on the couch.

His arms were bound behind his back and his legs had been pulled outright so that he was almost doing the splits. But what was truly the most impressive thing was that his cock was bright red and slightly swollen, and wrapped up in a combination of leather thongs and steel circles. It looked like a tightly wrapped sausage. It also appeared painful. He was also moving, his hips churning a bit and I noticed a remote, similar to the ones on my RVP and anal beads, sitting on the couch next to him. I realized in a heart beat that he had something up his ass as well. Then I spied my bottle of Stinging O. She must have lubed both the plug and his cock! I looked over at Kari, a little horrified.

“You like?” she asked brightly as Robert grit his teeth, trying to smother the gasp of pain. His cock bobbed rapidly as his muscles spasmed in front of us. “That’s your reward for finishing,” Kari told me.

I blinked. My reward?

“Now mount the horse for your last ride.”

Still staring at the suffering Robert I moved to the wooden horse. I didn’t want to ride it, but I knew I had to. I had agreed to a full six hours. Fifteen minutes were left. Slowly I climbed one of the stools. I felt my heart beat increase as I swung my left leg over the horse. I went up on tip toe, moving my bruised and beaten, frozen and heated, stuffed and emptied pussy over the blunted edge. I could feel the burn in my calves as I kept myself above the wooden spine. Kari moved over to Robert, grabbing the bottle of Stinging O.

“Kari! Please! Don’t put any more on him,” I begged. Robert’s eyes widened in alarm and I saw him shake his head.

Kari looked back at me. “Are you offering to take the punishment for him?” Her words were dark and final.

Robert shook his head violently and I knew he didn’t want me too. But he was already in so much pain. How could I not?

I nodded at Kari. “Yes, Mistress,” I replied, my heart jumping around inside me like a landed fish. She nodded in acceptance even as Robert gave me a look of pure fury. I knew what he was thinking. I knew I was being manipulated. I knew Kari had set up this little tableau for me to see and even arranged it so that I would accept more punishment in order to save Robert from the abuse. I’m a doormat. I admit it.

Kari approached me. I was still standing on tip toe over the horse, my swollen clit grazing the wood slightly. She uncapped the bottle of lubricant and squeezed out a single tiny drop onto her finger. This she rubbed into my left nipple, working it in deep. I felt the tingle and coolness as the chemical seeped into my pores. Stinging O is a kind of sex gel that replicates the feelings of muscle cream, like IcyHot; except without all the poisonous side effects after internal use. Of course, Kari could have used actual IcyHot on my nipples. That would have been fine, and to be honest, IcyHot is much more potent and lasts longer. But ever since I got the Stinging O, I’ve pretty much used just that; better that way than accidentally risking a fatal poisoning, right?

Now just picture Rowan Atkinson as Black Adder saying “She accidentally brutally poisoned herself while masturbating!”

Sorry. What can I say! I LIKE some British comedy.

By the time my left nipple was tingling as if someone had injected ice water into the nub, Kari had moved on to my right nipple. It went through a similar process. A little daub of gel, a cool tingle like mint, and then a slow build up of heat. By the time Kari was done with my right nipple my left breast was feeling as if I had dipped it in hot water. My chest was heaving and my calves felt as if they were going to give out any second. Then Kari took the bottle of Stinging O and spilled a generous amount of the gel onto her finger again.

I don’t need to tell you where that was going to go, do I?

But I WILL! Duh… Kari stuck her finger against my clit, rubbing the Stinging O all over my clitoral hood, up and down my petals, and then even so far as to dip a little inside me. In seconds it was like I had been stuffed with another piece of bottle ice, my pussy reacting to the chemical stimulant in the gel. It was then my legs failed and I dropped down the rest of the way so that I was truly riding the wooden horse.

Kari quickly moved the stools out from under my feet and then caught my hands before I could tilt forward and use them to help take my weight. I wasn’t wearing the cuffs any more so she just held them for a few minutes as I began shuddering, waves of pain sweeping up from between my breasts to combine with the heat from my clit and nipples. My lets swung, but I was able to clamp my thighs together finally, helping to take some of the weight off my pubis. When I tilted forward again, my hands seeking support of their own volition, Kari batted them away, keeping the entirety of my weight between my legs. The minutes ticked by.

And then Kari was whispering. “Ten minutes left”. Then eventually “Five minutes left, Breanne. You can do it!”

We counted the last sixty seconds together, me tear streaked and hissing, missing every few numbers as I rocked back and forth, my clit crushed between my pubic bone and the spine of the wooden horse.

I was done.

Kari lifted me herself, though it was more of a joint effort. The relief caused me to burst into tears, almost sobbing as I crumpled to the floor. Kari patted me on the shoulder and generally made sure I was okay. It took me maybe ten minutes to pull myself together. It was only Kari’s urging that brought my head up to see Robert, still sitting on the couch, still bound, his cock still wrapped tightly, purple and hard.

“You have to fuck him, Breanne. It will be his last orgasm for two or three days and he could really use it.” Kari said. I swallowed. Slowly I lifted myself off the floor, but only crawled over to him. Even his testicles looked swollen, as if they had also been coated with Stinging O. I lifted my hands, making to remove the thongs and steel rings. Kari stopped me.

“No. You fuck him like that.”

My eyes widened. His cock was wrapped in leather and had two or three thick metal rings at various points. Frankly it looked like a sausage tied tightly with string. Slowly I stood up, wondering how much this final torment would hurt me. From the position of his legs, there was no way for me to straddle him, so I turned around, presenting my sore ass to his cock and moved closer until I felt the tip of his tortured cock touch my bruised and tortured pussy. I reached down and spread myself, not wanting to feel him run through the petals himself. It hurt. I was still wet, still wanting though, and when the first inch sank into my hole it was like coming home after a long trip. The leather and rings rubbed against my insides, stimulating me further and it wasn’t long before I was fully impaled and gently moving up and down on his cock.

If you’ve never fucked someone like that, let me tell you, it isn’t easy to orgasm. Especially if you’ve had a couple. I fucked him on that couch, feeling the leather inside me soak, the rings rub my interior flesh, even as his cock throbbed and he pulsed and pumped into me as best as he could. Eventually it wasn’t until Kari began pinching and pulling on both of our nipples that he began to really move and about four or five minutes later he gasped out his eminent orgasm. I practically jumped off him, twisting around and bringing my face close to his cock. It spurted as I got my mouth open at the tip and most of it went in, though some splattered against my cheek. I swallowed and opened again, just in time to receive a second burst. I could taste my own juices mixed with his and underlying it all, that spicy musky flavor of the Stinging O.

And that’s it. I didn’t explode. We let Robert up and he gave both me and Kari regular full body massages, his cock locked in one of those little cages. Then Kari and I chatted for a while and Robert grilled steaks for dinner. I had to sit on the stool again, still stuffed, which wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I wasn’t belted in, or cuffed to it, and Kari kept her fingers off the controls so I didn’t even have to deal with the vibrations or rotation. Finally I said goodbye, grabbed my bag and shoes, and walked… YES WALKED… to my truck. Buck naked. I saw one couple in a car driving by and didn’t even blink as his mouth and eyes widened open in surprise and the woman gave me a glare and then smacked him silly. They moved on. By the time they rounded the corner I was opening the truck and climbing in.

I was sore all of Sunday. So sore I could barely move. I didn’t much to be honest. Mostly it was this deep ache between my legs that had me wincing. Even pain medication didn’t do a whole lot to make it better. A second night’s sleep made it possible for me to walk normally and so on Monday, I sat down at my computer to see what toy I needed to wear for the day. There was a note from Master Barrett and it started with “I hope you’re feeling okay today after what Kari did to you. I’m feeling sadistic today.”

My hand trembled as I replied. “Yes sir, I’m well enough. What do you want me to do?”

The words appeared across the screen, promising to hurt just as much as riding the Kari’s Wooden Horse. “Breanne, what you are to do is go to a mall somewhere dressed in a short skirt, tight t-shirt and stripper shoes. Put in your anal beads on high, the vibrating clamp on your clit and the vibrating balls in your pussy on low…”

But that’s another story.

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