Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Anniversary Assignment: Riding The Horse Part Four

Riding The Horse
Assigned by Mistress Kari

Part Four


For those of you who have no clue what I'm talking about, TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Doctors use these things to relieve muscular pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and a host of other problems. As with everything, the BDSM community stole it and converted it for their own perverted uses. Check out the internet and you’ll see the pads replaced with actual forceps clamps or worse. With the pads to either side of each nipple, and a third set being placed on the flesh spots to either side of my still wet and bruised slit, I knew what was coming. The TENS unit obviously had several settings and I gasped when Kari set the current for low and pulsing. It was like someone was firmly squeezing my pussy and clit and both nipples, all at the same time. And each squeeze lasted a second and then came again. It repeated, on and on with a steady rhythm that had my moaning in about two minutes.

I’ve been zapped before, but never like this! Talk about a sexualized deep tissue massage! I admit it did feel a little weird though since muscles that usually don’t move of their own accord were jumping and twitching, and when it’s your nipples and clitoris, it gets a little tingly. It wasn’t very long before I was in my happy place, eyes closed, hips thrusting upward slightly, with a quite wet pussy.

Eyes closed; please note that. Which is why I didn’t know that Kari had left the room, or returned with an item taken from my bag. It’s also why I didn’t sense it coming. All I felt was someone moving up onto the bed and then the next thing I knew Kari was stuffing a pre-lubricated monster dildo into my pussy. I recognized it almost immediately. It was my Core Driller, a twelve inch long black plastic behemoth that is part rocket ship and part gorilla. It even comes with a ring on the bottom so you can insert it all the way in, thus filling your target (my pussy) completely. To be honest it’s a pretty intense fuck.

It’s even more intense after you’ve spent two hours and forty two minute riding a wooden horse, bruised your pussy, and are currently having your loins lightly electrocuted into muscle spasms. When Kari pushed the Core Driller in, she kept going until it wouldn’t go any farther, eliciting a deep groan from me. I lifted my head and looked down when I felt the bed pressure change again and now it was Robert who was kneeling between my legs, reaching down to the Core Driller dildo. He pulled it most of the way out and then pushed it back in again. A ton of little aches exploded up from my loins, even as the TENS Unit continued to cause contractions inside my sex. It was as if I was having sex, but NOTHING was under my control. I couldn’t thrust, I couldn’t clamp down, hell even my responses seemed to be nothing more than reactionary. It was disturbing.

It was also very erotic. Despite the background discomforts, I felt myself ripening far quicker than I expected. I hadn’t cum in a little while so I was getting worked up pretty easy and Robert’s regular, slow, full length thrusts were maddening. I lifted my hips, wanting him to move a little quicker, but he kept up the same pace. I closed my eyes and just lay there, getting slow fucked, which let me tell you is a much worse torture than you think it is. It’s like being hungry, or thirsty, constantly wanting.

If anyone is interested, I’d like to try something someday. You’ll need one of those “fucking machines” that some websites build. But it will have to be a sturdy thing. And it will require some serious attention on your part. First of all, strip me naked, give me a decent spanking and whipping on my sensitive parts. Then strap me down into a gynecologists chair, get me spread open, and put a double penetrator between my legs. Make sure my hips can’t move, then get both dildos inside me and turn it on to its lowest and slowest setting. Check on me every few hours of course, and let me up every four or five to use the bathroom. Oh… and don’t forget to feed me, but that needs to be done IN the chair, while getting fucked. And you’ll need to lube the dildos, since I’ll dry out eventually when my body can’t sustain the needed lubrication. I recommend grapeseed oil. Just don’t turn off the machine. Leave it on. For DAYS. I think three days would be a great number to try for. Three complete days. 72 hours. Wouldn’t that be fun? Tough on me. Tough on my tormentor. But fun nonetheless. Oh, and feel free to do evil things to my breasts too. Whipping, clamps, hot wax, ice, vampire gloves, caning, bindings, rubber bands, icy hot, massagers, vibrating clamps, whatever you can think of.

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Robert was fucking me with a twelve inch long rubber dildo shaped like a rocket ship.

I was actually relaxing into it, which was a surprise, because if you’ve never fucked a 12 inch long dildo, let me tell you, usually it isn’t exactly a walk in the park. I think a lot of my relaxation had to do with the TENS Unit, which was methodically pulsing my nipples and pussy in a way that was totally alien to me. It felt good, and sexual, but also weird. I could get used to it. All in all though, it was maddening. I wanted to cum and it wasn’t going to happen this way.

I must have lain there recuperating for about thirty minutes, most of it with Robert slowly pumping my Core Driller in and out of my pussy. I’d say about forty or fifty thrusts per minutes. He slowed down as time went on too, though he switched hands frequently. To be honest, I’m actually impressed with Robert. He went through a lot of physical exertion for me, both to make me cum, and to keep me almost cumming. Once again, Robert proves himself the master of the female body. He may be a submissive male, but he KNOWS how to do things to me. It kind of makes me wonder if Kari ever makes him do similar things to her, except without being tied down. I could see her lying in bed naked, or sitting on the sofa in the same state, while a cock bound Robert slowly and repeatedly fucks her with a dildo. Kari has them. I know. I may ask Robert sometime.

When Kari came back into the room, she was fully dressed again, this time in a black Lycra body suit. As usual, she made it look sexy yet fashionable and I would have felt a spurt of jealousy had I not been tied spread-eagled to the bed naked, having my tender parts massaged by a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator, while being slowly and rhythmically fucked by a romantic wonderful hunk wielding a twelve inch long three inch wide monster dildo.

You’re jealous, aren’t you?

Some silent communication passed between Robert and Kari and I felt the dildo slide out of me. I groaned, wanting it back in and hoping it would actually be Robert this time. I was sorely disappointed. Instead the two of them began freeing me from the bed bondage and I felt my arms and legs loose the taut tension that kept them open. I started to bring my hands to my breasts, but Kari stopped me, holding my wrists. Then I was pulled upright and Robert grabbed me in almost a bear hug. The TENS unit continued to send little pulses into my nipples and pussy and I felt Robert’s cock, now hard again, pressing up against my bum. Kari grabbed the actually controls and power pack for the stimulator and we all moved in a group into the living room.

I started crying. Everything had been set up again. The stools were in place. The spreader bar was now neatly lying atop them. The wooden pony had been wiped clean and oiled. However, the main difference was that there was now a metal rod sticking straight up at the end of the horse, well away from where I would be sitting. It was about the thickness of a pencil and rose to about the height of my eyes. There was also a cross beam welded about three quarters of the way up. The cross piece was only about a foot long and ended in curved metal loops. In essence, it looked like a Christian cross, except for the strange circles at the ends of the cross piece.

Robert set me down, one leg standing on the right side stool. Kari continued to hold the TENS unit and I swung my left leg over the horse, trying to ignore the pulsing desire in my pussy. I expected Robert to connect the spreader bar, but this time Kari ordered me to mount up. I shifted my center of gravity until I was standing on both stools, on tip toe, the painful blunted edge of the wooden horse only millimeters from my bruised labia. It was at this moment when I realized I was missing something.

“Kari! The vibroballs?” I twisted, turning toward my best friend.

She shook her head. “Not this time. Now you need to lower yourself down, otherwise we’ll kick the stools out from under you.” She gave me a sympathetic look. “You wouldn’t want to fall that last inch, would you?”

I trembled at her threat. No. I wouldn’t want to fall that last bit. Slowly I lowered myself down. My wet pussy made it much easier to split my labia and work the spine of the horse into my slit, but it still ached horribly the moment the smallest amount of pressure was placed upon my pubis and tail bone. To be honest, I didn’t really put my weight on it, only a third, maybe even only a quarter. Plus my hands were still free and I certainly used them, pushing down on the horse in front of me. To be honest, that was a good thing since not a moment later Robert and Kari pulled the stools out from under my bare feet, leaving me wobbling on the horse, trying to keep my entire body weight off the narrow spot between my legs.

I struggled to keep myself up. Not because I wanted too, but because I had too. My brain was on automatic. It was like finding yourself dangling over the side of a cliff. Even knowing that there might be a soft fluffy air pillow at the bottom, your body just can’t let go. In my case, there wasn’t a soft landing. If I lifted my hands up and changed my body’s weight distribution off my palms (which were starting to hurt from the wooden edge and the weird hand position), I would be hurting somewhere much much worse!

Robert and Kari began putting on the spreader bar and I felt my legs widen as the bar spread. Seconds later I was denied the ability to use my thighs to keep me off the wooden edge of the horse and my weight was divided between my increasingly hurting crotch and my weakening hands.

Through all of this, my pubis and my breasts were still being pulsed steadily by the TENS unit, which felt…out of place considering what torment was already being applied to me. The pulsing, combined with the pressure between my legs, seemed to intensify the sexual build up as well and part of me wished that the Core Driller was still buried inside my pussy. Kari moved back into view, except she was now holding a set of rubber coated duck billed clamps, the kind you could tighten with a screw. She lifted them up to my breast and for a moment I considered covering my nipples, but I realized I’d have to put all my weight on my pussy and I decided it was better to just let Kari do what she wanted.

Seconds later both clamps were crushing my nipples. Kari twisted the clamp, loosening it, effectively increasing the clamps ability to snag my tender nubs. Pain, real actual pain, shot through the pulsing spasms still affecting my breasts and rushed in two different directions. One spur shot up to my brain. The other went right to my sexual core, turning up the heat. A flood of both emotions and hormones went through me and I began humping the horse, my hips sliding my slit back and forth along the edge in a perverted dance meant to both relieve the pressure of pain and the need of sex.

Hey. They don’t call it “riding the horse” for nothing.

Kari then brought out a single chain. Both end had metal clips and she connected the chain to the metal links dangling from my nipples. She pulled it out a bit and I moaned as she tugged on my breasts, actually pulling my breasts a little father out via the clamps on the tips. Then she took the chain down to the metal cross shaped fixture at the front end of the horse and draped it over the crossbeam. She brought the chain back toward me and for a frightened moment I thought she was going to tug it really tight and connect it to my tits again.

But her intentions were much much worse.

“Lift your hands,” Kari ordered.

It was what I dreaded. I tried too, but it was hard. Eventually Robert got involved and grabbed my wrists. Suddenly all of my weight was between my legs and I cried out, tears still streaking my cheeks. To be honest, I was already putting like eighty percent or so of my weight on my pubis anyway, so it wasn’t THAT much more. But the psychological effect of Kari’s command was pretty bad. Kari clipped my wrists together and pulled them upward until my arms were sticking straight out in front of me. She wrapped the excess chain around the center binding of my cuffs and then clipped the chain to my wrists. In seconds I realized the torture she meant to inflict upon me.

At that moment, I was holding my arms upward. But as I tired, my arms would drop back down toward my body. This would pull on the chain, which would pull on the clamps. Effectively, if I wanted my nipples to get ripped off, I would have to keep my arms up.

Before I had even worked all this out, Kari had moved behind me, grabbed my auburn hair, and tugged my head backward so I was looking up at the ceiling. I felt something in my hair and a sharp tug and realized that she had actually tied a rope into the thick locks coming out of my scalp. Tension was applied and moments later I realized that I couldn’t put my head back down, and that I was now permanently looking up.

Try for it for a moment. Use your imagination. Hell, you don’t even need to imagine yourself sitting on something painful. Just tilt your head back and look up. Then stick your arms straight out in front of you. How long can you hold that position? A minute? Two? Four? Ten? Twenty? If you can do it for more than two or three minutes I’d be surprised.

I did it for forty. Or more accurately, I DIDN’T do it for forty, which meant that every moment that I was resting my tired and weary arm muscles, I was crying out in absolute agony as the weight of my limbs threatened to rip my breasts off my chest. Then the pain would overwhelm me again and I would lift my arms. Had my head not been bound backward I would have ended up hunching forward, putting all my weight on my clit until I could have found a point between resting my arms and the taut pulling of my nipples. By binding me as she had, Kari kept my hips rocking, fucking the spine of the horse, while my nipples burned and ached and my arms felt like lead weights.

I’m surprised I made it forty minutes. It was the TENS unit I think that made the difference, especially after Kari upped the pulses and intensity to their maximum levels. I started counting the pulses and timing my hip thrusts to them. Every two pulses and I ground my cunt into the horse. I know, that sounds counterintuitive, I mean why apply WORSE hurt to myself. But have you ever had a canker sore, another injury where it actually felt better because you pressed hard, or worked at it. Pain itself can be an anesthetic and I’m really really good at dealing with pain. It all worked out very well until another internal pressure began rearing its head. Between the pain, the thrusts, the occasionally pressure on my clit, and the constant pulsing between my legs and on my breasts, my libido, despite several orgasms and the pain, finally pushed until it erupted forth in another blood curdling scream of pleasure. I literally was hopping up and down on the horse, jerking around like a landed fish when the orgasm hit and it was almost more than I could take. I rode that wave for five or six minutes and when I came back down I discovered that my sexual needs had masked a lot of the agony I was feeling. The hurt came back like a ton of bricks landing on my toe and I was gasping out my safe word.

They got me down, pretty quick too. The clamps were pulled off my breasts (yes PULLED, but at the time I didn’t really care). The TENS unit was turned off and the pads removed from my body. I didn’t even notice or care that I was dumped on the sofa, rather than taken to the bedroom. I was left in the ankle and wrist cuffs, but also unfettered. They left me alone. I just laid there, crying, aching, hurting, and recovering.

It was a fully twenty minutes later when Robert touched my shoulder. I jerked awake, surprised I had fallen asleep. I looked down at myself. My nakedness had been covered by one of the hand knit afghan blankets Kari’s mother had made for her and it was soft and warm. Robert smiled at me.

“Hungry?” he asked. I nodded. Now that he mentioned it… yeah.

He helped me up. He was still naked as well, except now his cock was locked in this little metal cage that bent it downward. It looked awesome, but rather uncomfortable too. I was still cuffed of course, but that was the extent of my bondage gear and I followed Robert through the living room and past the wooden horse. The horrible torture device was once again reset, cleaned up, oiled, and waiting for me. My heart trembled a moment until we passed it and then we went into the dining room.

I’m going to say this with absolutely no shame. Kari couldn’t cook a fucking cheese sandwich without burning it. Hell, if you can burn it, she’s has. When we lived together, on my nights I made dinner because I’m a great cook. I LOVE cooking. Maybe I’ll post my recipe for Mediterranean Chicken some day. But seriously, I cooked on my nights. On Kari’s nights we ordered out or went out. So on my nights to cook I dressed in an apron and nothing else as was usual, and the nights when Kari ordered out, I’d answer the door for the delivery guy… NAKED. I’d say the best nights were the nights we went out, except even though I was usually dressed (I say usually because wearing strips of black duct tape across my pussy, butt cheeks, and breasts don’t count in my book as dressed) almost invariably it also included some sort of sexual torture. Have you ever tried to eat Buffalo Wings while stuffed with a seven inch vibrator on full power with only a strip of duct tape holding it in?

The dining room table was laid out with expensive take out from P.F. Changs. I’m guessing she had it delivered because there hadn’t been time for her to go out and get it. It also explained why I had been covered up. Robert also probably hadn’t answered the door. And who was going to ask questions about the wooden horse, right? In any event my mouth watered and suddenly hunger was a lot more important than my aching body. Robert helped me walk ( I was still a bit wobbly) and my mouth watered in anticipation. I rounded the table to my usual place when I ate over… and saw the stool.

Some of you may be familiar with this stool type chair. It featured rather heavily on the day I “broke my record” It was nothing more than a stool, exactly the right height for eating at the dining room table, but it had no back. Special padded ledges half way down the legs were meant for kneeling, and the little metal clips made it clear that my ankle cuffs would shortly be locked to the stool. But as I remembered, there were two very large plastic and rubber dildos sticking out of the seat.

The shorter plastic dildo was positioned to go in my rear. It was relatively narrow and not quite as long as the other one. However, the other phallus was huge. It’s made of rubber and as big as my husky dildo. The other major thing to know about this stool is that there is a remote control box with an extra long wire that had been strung out under the table and was now sitting next to Kari’s seat. I know from experience that both dildos vibrate, and the large rubber one also has this corkscrew like interior and the damn thing rotates like a souped up version of my Rotating Venus Penis toy.

It was also the last thing I wanted to sit on. A full throttle double penetration after cumming and riding a wooden horse? She had to be kidding me. Robert pushed me a little, forcing me to take another step and I moved over to the stool.

“If you want to eat, you need to have a seat,” Kari said, looking at me forcefully.

I glanced down. There was Crispy Honey Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Ginger Chicken with Broccoli, and Moo Goo Gai Pan, along with spring rolls and crab wontons. Like I said, Kari does nothing by halves. My mouth watered.

Finally I took a deep breath, spread my legs, and slowly sat down, all while Kari grinned at me from the other side of the table.

“I hope you’re comfortable,” she said, “and hungry.”

I could only nod and grit my teeth as I impaled myself.

Part Five is on the way... stay tuned!

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