Sunday, November 14, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/14/10 3 Dresses

3 Dresses


Friday was a really special day for me because that evening I was planning on a date with that guy I met on Tuesday, James. A fun filled evening of fine dining, fine wining, and lots and lots of sexual fun. And I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. I wore my new dress, took my toys (all of them), had a fantastic meal, did some sexually crazy things out in public including a bare bottomed, bare breasted spanking, and then did some sexually crazy things in private too.

But you aren’t going to hear about any of that. Why? Because it was private! It wasn’t an assignment. It was two adults meeting for a bit of fun. So you can just dream.

However, that said, I still had a daily task to do on Friday. My date with James wasn’t until that afternoon, so after breakfast I gathered my flip flops, a change of clothes, and my Core Driller dildo into my bag. Earlier I had been stuffed with my ben wa balls and anal beads thanks to Master Barrett, that later which was on, so I was already pretty well sauced. I headed out the door stating I was going shopping and ran through the rain to get to my truck. It wasn’t cold, but it wasn’t warm either and I carried my duster with me just in case. Then I turned around and headed for the main road.

Which in my case is actually a description of less than frequently traveled farm to market two lane country lane that is in less than perfect condition and borders our southern property line. I pulled the truck over, and then, because of the rain, stripped in the cab. That’s hard to do of course, but I managed. Finally, sitting on the vinyl seat buck naked (and I mean BUCK), I took out my ben wa balls, cleaned them off, set them aside, and opened my bag.

The first thing I got out was my dress. It’s a summer dress, rather inappropriate for the weather, and more than just a tad bit too short. Oh, you can’t SEE anything, even if you’re level with my crotch, but there’s only about an inch between the bottom of my butt and the bottom of my dress. A decent wind does all sorts of things for exposure. I took my flip flops and tossed them down by my feet, and then pulled the Core Driller dildo out of the bag along with a very tight pair of full brief panties.

What? Brief panties? Well I know I usually wear bikini cut, but when you’re trying to keep a 12 inch long 3 and a half inch thick tapered dildo, with bumps, that looks more like a rocket ship than a sex toy inside your pussy without resorting to duct tape, then you need a bit more than a bikini cut pair of panties can provide. I was already sufficient wet from the ben wa balls, not to mention the added stimulation of the damn butt beads, so I spread my legs, my dress scrunching up at my waist, and started working in the dildo.

You don’t just “shove” the Core Driller in. You “work” it in. Trust me. Especially if you have something in your ass too. Anything that long and thick takes some physical adjustment. You don’t just slide it in and go “there we are!” So I spent about five minutes slowly adjusting my pussy to something much larger, thicker, and longer, than ninety five percent all of all human cocks. But I managed. It felt incredible and the only way I can describe it is by saying now I know how a Thanksgiving Turkey feels. Stuffed. With about an inch or so hanging out of me, I used my position to trap the dildo in while I struggled to get my panties up. Then I had a little war. My pussy, which was pulsing around the massive cock, was unwillingly trying to force the cock out. The crotch of my panties caught the base and kept it from going anywhere. But it was tough; about three or four inches were still poking out, stretching the white cotton terribly. The whole thing wanted to slide down my legs. I was going to have to be very careful and very conscious of what I was doing. I tucked the remote of the anal beads in the waist band of the panties and I was set.

I slipped my feet into the flip flops, put everything else into the bag, and drove off into the rain. Driving while stuffed isn’t that bad so I made good time and only endured several rounds of involuntary muscular contraction as both my pussy and ass continued to tighten and loosen around their respective intruders. In essence, I was still being fucked.

Master Barrett had set my task for the day, including the dress, panties, anal beads, and Core Driller, and I had been instructed to go shopping. YAY! I love shopping! And today I was to try on three new dresses. But there were… stipulations. One, I had to keep the core driller and panties on throughout the process. Second, I wasn’t allowed to use the changing room either. I had to change right there on the floor. That had me a bit worried. People react differently and while I wouldn’t be breaking any laws, I would probably get asked to leave, perhaps even after being trespassed. I was going to walk a fine line.

I’m not going to identify the stores I went to, but the first one had department store like prices and a warehouse feel. In other words: cheap. I parked the truck, grabbed my umbrella, and stepped out into the rain. Water immediately flowed over my toes and rain spattered my legs. I hurried as fast as my stuffings would let me, which meant rather slow, as I waded across the parking lot and finally got under shelter.

And I was cold. I had left my duster in the car, but the soaking the bottom third of me had gotten gave me a bit of a chill. I shivered and then quickly headed into the store. Or I should say as quickly as having most of a 12 inch dildo rammed up your pussy will let you. The anal beads weren’t really hampering my movement. Inside I headed over to the women’s section and folded up my umbrella. Then I started browsing. As usual, this store wasn’t packed, but it had more than its fair share of people in it. Hard to find empty stores when you’re trying to buy dresses. I found the area for my size and started browsing.

Yuck. Nothing looked good. All of it was too long, too conservative, too… ugly. But I knew I had to try one on, so I picked out one that I thought would be really easy to get in and out of. It was dark burgundy colored, with a square collar and would come down almost to my knees. I pulled it out, looked around, took it off the hanger, and since I was alone in my aisle and the nearest customer was two more aisles away, I quickly pulled my summer dress over my head, baring breasts, my cotton panties, and the rather odd shape of the base of the Core Driller between my legs. I’m sure I looked stupid wearing granny panties like that.

And then I shimmied into the dress on the rack. It was hard, but I managed it. I got my arms through the holes and then my head popped up and I smoothed it down. I looked hideous in it. My brownish red hair clashed abysmally with the color and I felt like I was dressing as if I were forty. I was just about to take it off when a nice man wearing a black shirt and pants showed up and started walking straight at me.

I recognized the type in seconds. He had sandy blond hair, clean shaven, a little over weight, black leather belt and he carried himself confidently. There was no smile, just a curious look. I turned and looked at him and then smiled one of my million watt please excuse me a moment while I strip in your store smiles.

“It looks horrible on me, doesn’t it?” I asked him, holding out my arms and posing. My summer dress lay draped over the rack next to me.

He blinked, looked the dress up and down and then nodded. “Yeah. It’s not you.”

I shook my head. “I didn’t think so.” Then I turned back to face the rack and started pulling the dress off. His eyes widened again as my panties appeared and he reached out and touched my arm. I stopped, keeping the dress up, the hem around my waist as I turned toward him.

“Whoa! You need to change in the dressing room!” He said politely.

I gave him a crazy look that I manufactured. “Why?” Then I pulled the dress up over my head, giving him a perfect view of my tits. I’m not sure about his expression. The dress was over my head when it happened. But when I pulled the dress off he looked a bit bug-eyed. Plus he eye-fucked me. I handed him the dress and reached for my own little summer slip.

“Can you hold this please?” I asked. I handed him the burgundy dress and then quickly slipped into my white and yellow flower outfit. Smoothing it down, my legs showing almost up to my ass, I turned and smiled at him, holding out the hanger.

“I’ll hang that up and put it back on the rack. There aren’t really any dresses that look good on me here.”

He was still staring at my breasts, despite the fact that they were now covered. Sort of. Sure, the flowers were positioned carefully to hide my nipples through the slightly see thru white material, but you could still see quite a bit. I reached out, took the burgundy dress and hung it back up.

“Miss. From now on if you want to try on any clothes you need to do it back in the fitting rooms please.” He sounded earnest.

I gave him another beaming smile and blinked like a blond (no offense Kari, okay?) and looked at him blankly. Then I said “you’re sweet.” Then I turned, picked up my umbrella, and walked out of the store. Or maybe I should say I waddled. The Core Driller was now rubbing sharply against my thighs. I reached down between my legs, shoved it back in (which elicited a little moan from me and another astonished look from Mr. Security) and then tugged my panties back into place through my dress, and left.

My next stop was practically a repeat, except no security this time. And the dress was blue, and quite a bit slinkier. I was at a pricier location and it was mostly empty that morning. To my surprise, I managed to get in and out of my dress with no one even noticing, much less interrupting me. Of course, I was having a bit more problem with the Core Driller. All this stripping and being out in public was making me very very wet and my panties were getting soaked. This made the Core Driller want to slip out and things were starting to get a bit messy. I managed to keep things more or less together after I left the second store and headed off to number three.

And this is where things went downhill. First of all, it was later in the day. The place had enough shoppers and clients that stripping in an aisle wasn’t going to be easy. Second, I suppose my constant adjustments pertaining to the Core Driller aroused security, because almost ten seconds after I found the dress I wanted to try and began pulling off my white and flour print dress I was approached by two twenty something guys who seemed more concerned about WHAT I was doing than looking at my breasts.

How weird is that?

So I didn’t even get to try on the third dress. They basically shoved my white dress back over my head and then I was escorted (yes physically) to a back office.

Now I happen to have a degree in criminal justice and I was an A student. I know what the law says. I hadn’t broken a single one. But I got asked for my name and my address and just about everything else including my birthdate and social security number. I told them my name was Breanne Erikson, and my address was Let’s just say this didn’t go over well. They threatened to call the police. I told them to go ahead. I ALSO prevented them from going through my purse. I told them if they so much as opened it I would be filing a lawsuit for harassment and kidnapping.

Yes. Kidnapping. When you are a private civilian and you “detain” someone illegally, it’s not “false arrest”. It’s kidnapping. That got there attention. I got a few more threats about the police and then they told me they suspected me of shoplifting.

Yeah. Seriously. I guess it didn’t help that I was shifting around in my seat. My panties were no longer holding in the Core Driller. The seat was doing that and I knew I was leaving a wet mark on both my dress and the chair. Oops. I blinked in surprise at the accusation. I mean, seriously, where would I HIDE something stolen.

Oh. Well. Uh. Sure. I guess. Sort of…kinky, right?

I gave both guys an astonished glare. “You think I’ve stolen something?” I demanded. They looked at each other.

That’s when things got fun.

I stood up, ignoring the four inch slippage of my Core Driller. I grabbed hold of my dress and had it up over my head before anyone could stop me. I tossed it aside and then grabbed my panties and shoved them down my legs.

Obviously, released of restraint, the Core Driller went with them. The remote to my anal beads dropped too. I didn’t stop though. I kicked the panties off my feet, left the Core Driller on the floor and stood with my legs spread, buck naked except for my flip flops and posed.

I suppose you could say that I consented to a strip search. Of course it didn’t help that I then bent over, turned around, spread my legs, and asked if they wanted to perform a body cavity search.

“But if you’re going to do it, it has to be with cock. There are condoms in my purse. And some one will have to take the beads out of my ass too.” LOL. I had just granted them permission to go into my purse!

But both of them were professionals. Realizing immediately that I didn’t have any stolen items concealed on me, they told me to get dressed and then leave the store. I nodded, grabbed the Core Driller and made a bit of a show putting it back in. Which they watched with rapt attention. I also did my best to ruin their chair. It had a cloth seat. Though maybe pussy juice will make it special? Who knows. After I was plugged again I pulled on my panties. They were soaked and if it wasn’t for the fact that I needed them to keep in the Core Driller and remote, I wouldn’t have worn them. Then I put on my dress, grabbed my purse and said goodbye to my two security guys. Or I guess I should say Loss Prevention.

“Too bad you didn’t take me up on my offer guys. I would have made it worth your while to do a body cavity check on me!” Then my arm was grabbed and I was escorted firmly out of the building.

My umbrella was missing. It was a cheap one, only four bucks, and I didn’t want to go back in and make a scene about it, so instead I just waddled through the rain to the truck. I got soaked of course. The dress turned transparent and when I made it back to the truck I couldn’t help myself. I pulled aside my panties and worked the Core Driller in and out about two dozen times before I shook, exploding in ecstasy.

I almost went home at that point, but I felt sort of cheated, as if I hadn’t really gotten to do what I needed to do. I NEEDED a new dress for my night with James. Something sultry, sexy, and totally whorish. So I drove to another place, a place that would have something more appropriate. My summer dress was still transparent and I walked into the lingerie shop like I owned it. Back in October I had found this place and I’ve been back a few times. The clerk was very happy to see me, though a little surprised at the state of my attire, and when I explained what I needed, helped me sort through the dresses. And guess what! She had NO problem with me stripping and trying it on right there.

When my panties were exposed she asked what was in there. I showed her. The whole thing too. That surprised her and she asked if she could put it back in. I smiled. I had only pushed my soaked panties aside to show her, so I found a chair, sat down, spread my legs and pulled aside my panties again.

She took her time, masturbating me. She turned the anal beads up to full. She would shove the Core Driller in gently, then let it slip out again, over and over, faster and faster, until I was ready to cum. Then she rammed it hard, bent down, and began licking my clit. I screamed out my explosion and then shuddered as she kept a finger on the base of the Core Driller and maneuvered my panties back into place. Then we switched places.

I went home after that, though I changed back into my jeans, ben wa balls, tee shirt, and bra. I also put my bikini panties back on. A quick shower, lunch, and then another packing job as I stuffed this incredible emerald green sequined dress, complete with shark slits all the way up the sides, making sure everyone knew I wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, into my bag. The hem was too high, the collar too low. It was a sex dress, pure and simple. My stripper heels would go perfectly with it. Then I packed my toybox, making sure I had all those painful little things that I had told James about over supper.

It was a wild night and I’m pretty sore now. Sorry I’m posting this so late. I didn’t wake up until like nine and then James kept me mid-morning. The bite marks have mostly faded, as have the hand prints on my ass, but the alligator clamp teeth points are still clear on my nipples and clit. Plus I’ve got a couple of bruises forming on my labia, and on my breasts.

But what about Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1? What am I wearing right now to get me in the spirit of both the date with James and trying on new dresses? Oh that’s simple. And you should know what I’m sitting on.

It’s twelve inches long and three and a half inches thick…

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