Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Assignment: 11/03/10 Get Out And Vote

There are times when things work out. And there are times when they don’t. Today, things started going wrong with the weather. Usually early November in south Texas is just as hot as mid-October, which usually means mid-eighties temperatures, bright sunlit skies, and me thinking about taking a dip in a pool. But not today. Today it was sixty seven degrees outside, rainy, and not exactly the best sort of weather for dressing “bimboish”.

And “bimboish” is what I had been directed to dress like. Master Stone’s “Election Day” Assignment had been rather specific: Halter top, mini-skirt, panties, high heels, along with my vibrating butt plug, my Core Driller dildo, an alligator clamp on my clit, and my new bell clamps on my nipples. That’s what “bimboish” means I guess.

But with such cool temperatures, going “bimboish” could end up netting me influenza. So I tried contacting Master Stone. No good. He must have been busy, so I ended up having to head out for voting with a few adjustments to my attire.

What did I adjust? Well, I needed something warm enough that I could handle being outside for fifteen minutes, if not longer, and so I got out something I haven’t worn in quite a while.

My duster.

Yes, I have a duster. It’s dark blue denim, heavy, comes down mid-calf, and looks rather nice. Put me in jeans, a button up shirt, and boots and you’ve got yourself a winter cow girl. Of course, strip me naked, stuff me full of fun toys, and you’ve got a nympho humiliation pain slut flasher!

So instead of mini-skirt and halter top I packed everything I needed up in my bag, tossed it in my truck and went for a drive. Due to the pouring rain, I decided to strip in the cab of my truck, rather than in front of it, and I wriggled out my boots, jeans, tee shirt, and bra right before I tugged my ben wa balls out of my pussy. Obviously, the first thing that needed to be addressed was the vibrating anal plug. I’m not a fan of things being in my ass, but it seems to be a favorite way for my various masters and mistresses to get my goat. (Did you hear that Master Barrett? GOAT? Sorry everyone. Inside joke. I might explain is sometime.)

I poured a liberal amount of KY Jelly onto my plug, worked it in with a grimace, and then got out my Core Driller dildo. If you don’t know about my Core Driller, it’s like twelve inches long and almost four inches wide. It tapers… slightly, but mostly it’s just this huge cock like object that fills me to the brim. I stretched one leg out across the gear shift and began working it in. You need to understand that you just don’t ram one of these things in. It takes awhile to adjust to that much width and depth. It aches as it goes in.

Five minutes later I was struggling to get a pair of panties up my legs, ostensibly because the Core Driller didn’t really want to stay in by itself. Once my bikini briefs were in place, I opened my bag and got out the last two items. The first was a pair of nipple clamps, complete with bells, rather than the typical chain. I’ve worn them before, and they’re not exactly extreme, but they feel different because of the bell. The truck cab was soon filled with the tiny tinkling sound as I moved around, spread my legs again, and pulled the front of my panties out. My fingers trembled slightly. It wasn’t because I was cold. It was because I was sort of scared. I was about to apply a serious amount of pain to my clit and even the sexual intensity of the Core Driller stuffing me wasn’t enough to make me WANT to do this.

My alligator clit clamp is approximately four inches long and as thick as my pinky. It’s bright metal and the clamp is lined with metal teeth, each about a millimeter deep. They aren’t exactly pointy, but they’re not exactly dull either. I’ve worn this thing before and ended up with little spots were the teeth had cut into my skin enough to raise just a tiny spot of blood. It crushes capillaries. Placed over a nerve bundle it’s like taking a hot iron and applying it to… uh… well… your clit.

I had the thing pinched open with my clit literally right between the metal jaws and finally I summoned enough courage to release the pressure holding it open. I did it quickly, letting go and grabbing hold of the steering wheel as the pain shot through me like someone kicking me in the stomach. It was agony.

I sat there shaking for almost five minutes before I adjusted to the pressure and my sexual urges overcame the hurt between my legs. I managed to get the truck started and drove off into the rain. Yes. I was still mostly naked. My duster was on the seat next to me. The bells attached to my nipples tingled lightly with every turn and I made my way to the church where my voting place was being held.

When I pulled up, the first thing I noticed was that there wasn’t ANYONE electioneering outside. Well fuck. The assignment required me to stand and endure a fifteen minute montage of BS before going in to vote. I squirmed into my duster, reached behind and underneath my rear to turn on the vibrating plug, made sure my high heels were strapped on and in place, and got out of my truck.

Only to have some serious trouble walking.

With the plug vibrating and the Core Driller stuffed up inside me, not to mention high heels, and the alligator clip rubbing painfully on the inside of my panties, things were not conducive to forward movement. I’m sure my face had a pretty painful looking grimace on it as I waddled in to the church.

For not having anyone outside campaigning, there sure were a lot of people in line to vote. I moved up in line and stood there for about three minutes without movement. As we started to shuffle forward again, I suddenly realized that the church had turned their heat on, high. Waves of warmth swirled down on us and I began to feel even more uncomfortable than I did from just the sex stuff. Ten minutes later I was dying, wishing desperately that I could open my duster. I began pulling out the collar slightly, or twisting the hem in order to blow a bit of cooler air up or down against my skin. This made the bells on my breasts ring and I soon was getting some weird looks from the lady in front of me and the two guys behind me. Twenty minutes later I was about ready to pass out when I got to the voting station. I handed over my driver’s license, got told which station to go to, and went and voted.

I’m not going to tell you who I voted for. That’s not important. Okay, well it is, but it’s a personal thing. If you want to discuss politics, email me. I’d be happy to set you straight!

Finished, I received my little “I Voted” sticker, which I put on my duster lapel. Ignoring the looks I was getting I stumbled and waddled my way out of the room and headed toward the door. I was sweating buckets and the amount of moisture between my legs had like quadrupled. The Core Driller was actually slipping around inside me, with only a thin patina of stretched cotton keeping it between my legs.

I made it to the door. The rain had stopped momentarily and I burst out into the cool air with a gasp or relief. I grabbed hold of the front of my duster and…

You’re hoping I ripped it open, aren’t you? Yeah I know. That would have been sort of cool right? But all I managed was to pop the first two buttons, thus exposing my full breasts, complete with bells, to a rather surprised looking middle aged man who was mounting the steps. I quickly shut my top, flushed crimson and started down the steps toward my truck.

I made it back to the truck with no further problems except for the burning ache in my clit. I quickly pulled the alligator clamp off, tossed it aside, and then began the rather involved process of divesting myself of the anal plug and the nipple clamp bells. I left the Core Driller dildo in.

Why? NHPS Rule #1 of course. Nympho humiliation pain sluts are required to stay stuffed. You don’t know this by now?

Ok, so now, the morning after how do I feel about the election? Well, I'm sitting here, stuffed with vibroballs, which are on low, and will be all day. So how do you think I feel? A little pleased, and a little disappointed. Aren't we all?

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