Saturday, November 6, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/06/10 On The Edge

On the Edge


I started just a little after seven am. My jeans, panties, tee shirt, bra, shoes, and socks lay on the floor next to my bed and I was lying down on top of the comforter, my legs spread wide apart. I admit, my ankles hung over the edges of my bed. I like being spread like that. It’s even better when they’re tied, but since I was alone I really didn’t have a choice.

In between my legs was my hand, grasping a nine inch long four inch wide rubber cock, complete with balls, and I was working it in and out of my pussy with long slow strokes. It felt incredible, but then, it usually does. I love my Husky Dildo. It’s shaped like the real thing, and sort of feels like the real thing. Except if I had a choice between the real thing and my Husky, I’d be ripping your pants down and tossing my play toy under the bed. Trust me.

Of course, with a real cock, I wouldn’t have been in the situation I found myself, which was absolutely horrible. Imagine being horny. Imagine working yourself right up to the edge of that orgasm, right to the point where you look down, ready to leap into orgasmic bliss. Pebbles fall into the abyss below you as you look down, heart thumping wildly.

And then you stop. You pull out the dildo (or if you’re a guy, stop masturbating please. Right NOW. Because I know you guys masturbate to these little narratives!) and you take a step back from the edge. You’re trembling, aching, wanting, and its mind over matter. Will over need. And your body screams at you for release.

I shuddered. I trembled. I shook. I wanted. I needed. And I tossed the Husky dildo aside and clenched my fingers as my body and mind warred. Finally I worked my way through my mindless lust and started to calm down.

The worst thing about edging (which is the official term for a girl bringing herself to the brink of orgasm and then NOT going over that “edge”) is being a nympho humiliation pain slut. Specifically, dealing with NHPS Rule #1, which states a NHPS needs to be stuffed at all times with either cock or a sex toy. So, right after going to the limit, right to the edge, I had to grab the Husky Dildo, and put it back in. Almost immediately. No time to relax. No time to recuperate. No time to adjust. And like pouring gasoline on a hot coals, the residual heat reignited the flames of need almost immediately. Not as strong as the initial edge, but gosh, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done: putting on my clothes.

I managed to live a normal life for another hour or two until I found myself out in the barn checking on a few things. Solitude provided another opportunity to edge, and since Master Barrett had made it clear that I wasn’t allowed to orgasm unless I edged myself five times, with thirty minute breaks in between, while wearing my Husky Dildo, I knew that I needed to be proactive about masturbating. If I waited until I couldn’t take it, I knew that nothing would keep me from plunging out over the edge of that orgasmic cliff.

I did it on a hay bale. Slow and steady, but it only took half the time my initial edge took. I rushed toward the cliff, teetered precariously, struggling for balance, my legs spread, the huge dildo sweeping in and out and I felt the oncoming wave. I stopped. I shuddered. I hit my thigh with my fist. I bit my lip. I tried to think of something disgusting. That worked until I realized I was imagining Kari and me in a big tub of chocolate pudding while we both tried to ram Husky Dildos into each other’s pussies. Yeah, big help. Imagination sucks some times.

But I still didn’t cum. I took a few minutes getting things together and then, twenty minutes after my second edge, I saddled my horse Star and went for a ride.

Never ever RIDE a horse while stuffed with a NINE INCH RUBBER COCK. The movements of my mare were more than enough to get the fires burning again and I realized that I could now masturbate hands free. I’m not sure whose hips moved more, Star’s or mine, but I was literally rolling in the seat, urging Star into a gallop that send ripples of pleasure through me. It was incredible. Just when I thought I couldn’t stand it any longer, I reigned her in, slid out of the saddle and just collapsed, catching my hands between my knees as I rode out the waves of almost inhuman desire cascading through me. I’ve never smoked, but I’ve heard that nicotine withdrawal is awful. If it’s even half of what I was feeling during that desperate four or five minutes, I can’t imagine how hard it must be for smokers to quit.

A ride out into the fields meant a ride back, and I took it at a walk not only to give my pussy a chance to recuperate (despite still be stuffed with rubber cock), but also to allow for the thirty minutes between edges. By the time I made it back to the barn I was desperate to masturbate, my crotch was soaked, and I was practically humping the saddle horn. I swung down, took care of Star, and then stripped out of my boots and jeans and panties, waddled over to one of our stools, and sat down hard.

I’m sure I looked ridiculous as I worked myself up and down on the stool. The Husky Dildo comes with a flat base. Maybe I should get another one sometime and mount it. Oh well. I approached the edge even more rapidly than the previous three masturbations and number four flung me out over the edge before I was even aware I was close. The orgasm rushed through me, flooding my brain with endorphins and sending this languorous warmth through me. Shuddering with pleasure I blinked, realizing I screwed up.

Getting dressed wasn’t much of a problem and the dark blue of my denim jeans hid the dampness. I got cleaned up and headed back to the house. It was almost lunch time anyway and I said hello to my mom and went upstairs. In the solitude of my room I opened my closet, got down my chastity belt, and removed the anal plug from it. Then I stripped naked, buckled the chastity belt around my waist and worked the vaginal probe deep. It wasn’t as large as my Husky, but it filled me nicely. Thank god I didn’t have to turn it on. Or the clitoral vibrator. I locked the chastity belt and the access flap and tucked the key away. Then I got dressed.

Lunch was good, and the rest of the day went much easier. Granted, I was stuffed and couldn’t touch myself, but I was so satisfied. It wasn’t until that evening I felt the desire to want to cum, but the lock kept me from touching myself. And I kept it in till this morning.

So what’s today’s task? I made the mistake of asking Master Barrett for orgasms.

Breanne - You want orgasms well okay here you go, your toys for the day are your butterfly and ben wa balls. The ONLY way you are allowed to cum is to turn the butterfly up as high as it will go. Other than the butterfly and ben-wa balls you are not allowed to play with or touch yourself in any way. The twist is once you have turned the butterfly up you are not allowed to turn it down until you have cum four times. Repeat this three times over the course of the day for a total of twelve orgasms. Oh and don't bother with underwear today, it'll only get wet after all.

Sigh. Don’t I know it.

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