Thursday, November 4, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/04/10

Daily Assignments, Pushups, and a Fuck.

You may be a bit surprised to see another post so soon after my last one. When I first started this whole “sex assignment” thing last January, they were called “Daily Assignments.” The idea was simple. I’d have a sexualized daily task and with each new day I’d take a few minutes to tell what happened. A paragraph or two as sort of a fun little spice to the blog readers each day.

What ended up happening however were these long contrived massive assignments that ended up being pages long, and frequently took me two or three days to actually write! Talk about insane! With that and summer and fall hitting, where I had a lot more to do around the farm, I just sort of had to drop the whole Daily Assignment thing for a while.

In some ways, I’m still doing a daily assignment. Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1 keeps me stuffed with some sort of sex toy 24/7, which let me tell you is no easy thing to get used to. Especially when you do it like me and rotate the various toys I own so that I never CAN get used to what’s inside me. You try living each day with a selection of vibrators, ben wa balls, dildos, and other toys always keeping you on the edge and see how it works out.

But evidently that wasn’t enough for Master Barrett. He feels that my being a NHPS is a base condition, and that a “daily task” or assignment is something BEYOND the rules I have to follow each day. He decided, with my consent of course, to reinstitute the whole “daily assignment” thing and I’ve been promised a morning email each day outlining whatever various torment I’ve got endure for the day.

Yesterday we began our very first task: keeping a vibrator in and on low all day. Easy? Sure? I had already inserted my vibroballs that morning long before conversing with Master Barrett, so it wasn’t a big deal to slide the button along until I felt the faint stirrings of the two spherical objects beginning to vibrate inside me. Master Barrett was nice enough to allow me as many orgasms as I wanted as well, which was good, because every few hours during the day I wanted to cum and quietly found the time and privacy to do it.

So task in hand, Master Barrett and I discussed something else: the Hard To Work Assignment. You might recall that I tried to do this one once before. I screwed it up. First of all, I completely forgot about applying the Icy Hot to my nipples, and I developed a heat rash and had to quit early. Let’s just say that things didn’t work out in my favor. We even took a poll about it. The consensus was that I needed to redo the assignment. As well as allow Master Barrett to replan the punishment. AND I needed to endure at least twelve hours of direct vibration stimulation.

Well, I haven’t redone the assignment. But I did do the twelve hours of stimulation punishment and if you haven’t read about that you can later. And finally, this morning, Master Barrett worked out the new punishment for “unauthorized orgasm” during the Hard at Work Assignment.

Curious? I’m sure you are. What evil fun will Breanne be forced to do? Is she selling tickets? Can I watch? Well we can’t have everything. So what’s the punishment?

Breanne - Should you orgasm at any point before 5pm you will punished by completing a single NHPS pushup, while wearing the RVP on full, both rotating and vibrating, for every unauthorized orgasm. You must duplicate the pushups every hour for an entire day, meaning from 5 am when you wake up to 9 pm when you go to bed.

So basically, if I orgasm 8 times during the assignment, I have to do eight NHPS pushups every hour, basically from when I wake up to when I go to bed.

What’s a NHPS pushup? Well you should already know if you’re a regular reader. It’s rather simple. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. Master Barrett and I talked about it and we both agreed that a new mat would be the best thing to use. So still stuffed with vibroballs buzzing happily away inside me, I headed out this afternoon and headed toward my favorite hardware store.

The last time I was at the hardware store I ended up with my clit clamped, stuffed with my vibroballs (on of course), after giving a blowjob, and the store manager dropped a few inappropriate innuendos around my dad, who I had accompanied that afternoon. Fortunately my dad is a little obtuse sometimes, which is a good thing. Now if I could just get him to drop his unholy fascination with kale. Who the fuck eats kale?

Anyway, I pulled my truck up into the gravel parking lot and sauntered into the store. It’s one of those places that are relatively small, but PACKED with specialized material. There are floor to practically ceiling high shelves and the whole place smells like a mixture of fertilizer, steel, and machine oil. I nodded at the cashier, who I didn’t recognize, and asked if Mike the manager was in.

To my delight, Mike was there and he was paged to the front. The look on his face when he saw me was so funny I couldn’t help grinning. I guess he figured he was about to get some. He approached, took my elbow, and led me away from the front of the store toward the back.

“Aren’t you a little overdressed?” he asked me.

I looked down. Let’s see. Boots, tube socks, blue jeans, belt, white cotton panties, vibroballs with remote, white cotton 36b bra and a button up red shirt all under my denim duster. Overdressed?

I gave him that look. “It’s raining outside and isn’t even sixty degrees,” I replied with a bit of sarcasm.

Mike looked disappointed in me.

“What, you wanted me to show up in just my duster?”

He beamed. “That would work, Bre.”

“I need help,” I told him.

“What can I do?” he asked.

I told him. He listened nicely for a minute or two, gave me a skeptical sort of expression, and then pulled me down through the aisles.

“I don’t think what you have planned is a good idea,” he told me as we walked down another aisle. “Instead of wood, I think you should just use the rubber mat. Cheaper too. Just get two of them and sandwich the nails in between.”

He found me two quarter inch rubber mats, 3 feet by 1 and a half feet. A roll of shelving paper, decorated with little blue squares followed, and then finally he dumped an entire bag of slightly longer than ¼ inch nails into my basket. A small dual container of some sort of rubber cement followed and we headed up to the register where I made my purchase. Then Mike offered to help me build it.

Well isn’t that nice! I agreed immediately and followed him back to his office. Now I’ve been in there twice and it’s roomy enough. Mike took my supplies and extracted a hammer from his desk. Next he laid the shelf paper on one of the rubber mats, cut it to size, peeled the adhesive, pushed it down, and then laid the rubber mat on top of the other rubber mat. Then he started hammering nails. He did ten first and then we turned the rubber over. Sure enough there was just a tiny bit of sharp pointed nail sticking out of the rubber. Almost a millimeter each. Pleased with himself, Mike went ahead and started putting more in.

More than just a touch warm, I took off my duster and laid it on the chair opposite the desk. Then for fun, I took off my boots and socks, followed by my shirt. Now I was distracting Mike and my bra came next as I settled down in his desk chair. I scooted out of my jeans, and lastly snagged my panties, leaving him curious about the remote. I didn’t say anything of course; just propped my legs up on his desk and started masturbating, rubbing my clit and looking appropriately turned on. To be honest, I was already horny and really needed to cum anyway.

Mike kept one eye on the project and one eye on my gaping pussy. Actually I was quite impressed he didn’t hit his thumb or screw up, and after about twenty minutes I was getting close to orgasm and he managed to finish pounding in enough nails to make one side solid metal heads and the other look like a cactus.

“Okay. All done,” he announced. I stopped what I was doing, which was incredibly difficult. I was pretty close to cumming as it was. He held up the finished product and I leaned forward.

Both mats were now glued together and the bed of nail points was now sticking up on one side. It was actually a pretty nice looking piece of work. All black with a little glint of steel. I told him to put it on the desk and I laid my hand on it.

Ouch. Then I pressed as hard as I could.

Yes it hurt. I thought I could feel every pin point. But when I lifted my hand the only thing I saw were tiny red dots. No blood. That was very important. I nodded in appreciation and told him to put it on the floor.

He did as asked and watched as I stood. My pussy was dripping and I knelt down, finally ending on all four directly over the mat of nails. Then I turned the vibroballs to their highest setting, gasping as the intensity of the vibrations immediately sent me headlong toward the cliff of orgasmic bliss.

Slowly I got into position. If I were going to test this, I wanted it to be at the right moment. As the fire between my legs suddenly leapt into a higher state I got into position to do a push up. My knees were on the floor, my hands directly under my shoulders. As I felt the first surge of orgasm begin to hit me I lowered myself down until my bare breasts were touching the steel pinpoints of the nail mat.

The sharp little pricks felt incredible all over my breasts and I let myself down even more. Then as I started up the hill to climax, I lowered myself all the way down until my entire upper body weight rested on my breasts. It felt like I was lying on a bed of nails, which I was. But I came, even as I put my hands behind my back, a movement that had the unintended (or maybe it WAS intended considering it was Master Barrett who specified it) consequence of making me press my breasts even harder into the mat of nails.

And then I was groaning, my hips bucking, my orgasm rocking through me like a wildfire in dry grass. I came hard, literally just lying there on my knees and tits. My breasts burned and finally when I pulled up I could see the damage done. Red dots peppered my bosom except in my cleavage. There was no blood, but I was tender and it looked like a few nails had actually penetrated the skin. My nipples were especially tender, as if the extended flesh had been more deeply and especially wounded. Even touching myself ached a bit.

Mike loved it. By the time I was up he had his cock out and was rubbing it. It was hard too. I looked at him, grabbed the mat again, tossed it on his desk, and then pulled out the vibroballs. I gave him one of my million watt please fuck me on your desk smiles, bent over the matt, and once more laid my breasts down on the bed of nails. My ass wiggled a bit and then he was there, pushing his cock inside me for a decent fucking.

Every movement was a mixture of ecstasy and agony for me as the nails did their thing on my d├ęcolletage, and Mike did his thing to my pussy. I’m glad he didn’t butt fuck me, though I admit that it probably would have made my breasts hurt even more. In the end I had another orgasm, my breasts ended up looking like tenderized meat, and Mike exploded nicely, thus relieving HIS pressure. I finally got up, inserted the vibroballs back inside me, then got dressed.

Now I’m ready for the Hard at Work Assignment. Not sure exactly when I’m going to do it, much less get punished for it. I have to wait for the ground to dry up a bit. Too wet to mow or plow. But I’ll get to it. Sometime.

So what’s on the agenda for today? Master Barrett has already specified. Icy Hot, on my clit, every time I want to cum. Punishment tomorrow if I violate today’s task. So the only major decision I have now, is what toy to keep inside me? The gentle stimulation of the ben wa balls? The more intense but totally stoppable vibroballs? My Husky Dildo, which keeps me wet and uncomfortably stuffed? My RVP (rotating venus penis) which keeps four inches of soft rubber cock inside me, and can be turned on to vibrate and rotate? My Core Driller dildo, a cock so big that I waddle when it’s in? One of my vibrators? It’s too bad Master Barrett didn’t specify. It would be fun to be constantly orgasming today. Oh well. We’ll go with my seven inch long g spot vibrator. My panties will keep it in, and if I want, I can masturbate with it. For some reason, the idea of keeping something hard and plastic in my pussy today appeals to me.

Oh yeah. I need to grab my tube of muscle cream.

I need to cum.

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