Thursday, November 11, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/11/10 Dog Gone It

Dog Gone It


I want to say right now, that as far as cars go, Kari’s BMW Z9 is a hell of a lot nicer than my truck. All leather interior, faux wood accents, sits low to the ground. Oh yeah. And it’s a convertible. Which when the weather is nice makes it fun to drive. Kari looks like a goddess sitting in it. I have no idea how much it costs, but I know I can’t afford it. You don’t ask “how much does it cost?” when you’re wondering if you can afford to get the oil changed. Okay, I’m not that badly off, but still, I know that I can’t just go out and buy anything I want. But still, it might be nice to be able to afford a car like that… someday. But I can tell you one thing that does suck about the BMW Z9. When you’re standing naked in front of it, everyone can see you very clearly. When you’re standing naked in front of a Ford F-150, it’s sort of too late by the time they pass you. This makes a huge difference.

Every once in a while I get an assignment that just messes me up. You know, the kind that is almost as horrifying as it is exciting? I guess you probably don’t know. Well, you should. Mistress Ellen, my favorite “let’s humiliate the crap out Breanne” Mistress, decided I needed another lesson in humility. When she told me what I had to do I felt that little tingle between my legs that said my subconscious was very very interested (though I admit that could have been from the fact that my Husky Dildo was in there too.) On the flip side, I sort of trembled in, “oh my God!” and I realized after I agreed to do it that I was going to need some serious backup on this one. So I called Kari.

Yes. I know. Calling Kari always seems to get me in more trouble. But this time, after she listened to what the assignment was, she was gung ho. She agreed without conditions. No payment necessary from me, which is unusual. What regularly happens when I call on Kari to help me out is an agreement. Something for something. But I guess she felt that shepherding me through this assignment would be enough.

Around 1 o’clock right after lunch Kari’s Z9 pulled up in front of my house and I heard the crunch of gravel. There was a sharp toot of the horn and I waved goodbye to my family as I hurried out the door. It was sort of like old times. Kari drove us to school and I would scurry out the door, dressed much as I was yesterday, and jump in the car. A quick kiss (yes on the lips) and then Kari would peel out, sending rocks flying across the yard. I had my bag with me and it rattled around a bit. I was wearing my boots, socks, blue jeans, panties, a tee shirt, and my bra. Oh, and of course my duster as well. It wasn’t actually cold, around 80 or so degrees, but I knew I would need it. Inside the bag were my shoes and a couple of other items Mistress Ellen specified I needed.

You might be wondering… wait a moment? Why isn’t Breanne following Nympho Humiliation Pain Slut Rule #1? Isn’t she supposed to be stuffed? What’s up? Ahhh… well up until Kari pulled up to the house I WAS stuffed. But this assignment had me empty, so I didn’t NEED to have something in me for it. So there.

Kari took off, driving faster than she should of. That’s always been the case. She’s never gotten a ticket either. I have no idea how… ok I do know. She never flashes skin, but she’s gorgeous and just comes across as… DOMINANT. Even guy cops end up not wanting to cross her. I wonder what will happen if she ever gets pulled over by a female cop. It probably would go down the same way. Kari is just as bi as I am, though her preference for guys is the same as mine. Girls are sweet and nice and all that, but guys come with the right equipment built in. That makes a difference.

We headed west on I-10 and exited at Penderson and made a u-turn. Then Kari got back on the freeway and we drove for about a quarter of a mile further down the road until we pulled over on the shoulder, right in front of the Exit 740 1 Mile sign. Mistress Ellen had been rather specific about this. Evidently my little back road isn’t “populated” enough for me to perform my routine there. Kari put the car in park, gave me a look, and I nodded. I opened my bag, pushed aside some of the contents, and got out my high heels. Then I popped the door, went around to the front of the convertible, and watched as cars zipped by at seventy miles an hour.

The first thing I realized was that the BMW was too low to the ground to conceal me. Sure, no one would be able to see my pussy clearly, but my breasts would certainly be on display. I took off my duster and then laid it carefully on the hood of Kari’s car. She watched me through the windshield, grinning. Then I started to pull off my shirt. It came over my head easily enough, baring my bra encased breasts. I folded the shirt and laid it on the hood. Then I bent over, tugging off my boots, then stuffing my socks into them. The gravel shoulder hurt my feet, but I was shaking too much, butterflies in my stomach to really notice. I unbuttoned my jeans, pushed them down, stepping out of them. Standing there in just my bra and panties, I folded the jeans. Cars continued to whiz past, but there were no accidents, honks, or anything. Maybe just a few twisted necks, right?

My fingers had trouble unsnapping my bra, which left me panic stricken as the seconds ticked by. Sure, the freeway wasn’t exactly packed, but a car or truck hurtled by every fifteen to twenty seconds. I finally got the clasp undone and then my bra fell away. I scrambled, tossing it on the hood of the car, and then yanking my panties down. I folded my panties in about two seconds flat and then grabbed the high heels and struggled to get them on and buckled in the fastest amount of time possible. Two trucks went by while I had a leg propped up on the bumper and the honk of one of the air horns almost scared the bejeezus out of me. I cursed the small black straps, but finally, after about twenty seconds, was able to grab my duster, whirl it around me, and get covered.

When I got back in the car I was scarlet. Kari was laughing.

“I should have made you do that, ages ago!” She said diabolically. “You’re still missing a few items though.”

I nodded and reached back into my bag. The first thing I grabbed was my collar. It was black, and clearly not a fashion statement. It had only one metal ring, on the front, and looked very much like a dog collar. In fact, it WAS a dog collar. I had humiliated myself one day and bought it a pet store, at Mistress Ellen’s direction. There was a matching leash and I brought that out as well. The collar went on, my fingers buckling it as Kari took off down the freeway, pulling back into traffic like a Nascar driver and accelerating up to speed so quickly I was smashed back into my seat. My hair whipped around, striking my face. Kari had hers in a tight pony tail and it streamed out behind her. Sigh.

Once I had the collar on, I clipped the leash too it. I know this sounds odd, but I was even more embarrassed by that than I had been stripping at the front of Kari’s car on a busy freeway. I started to button up my duster, but Kari reached out, stopping me. She shouted into the wind.


I swallowed and nodded. I knew where we were heading. Mistress Ellen had been quite clear. There was a dog training facility up ahead that advertised “expert obedience training, canine good citizen training, sports and agility classes, and more!” But I got very concerned when Kari drove right past the exit leading to it.

“Uh? Kari!” I shouted over the wind streaming past the car at eighty miles an hour.

She looked at me. I couldn’t see her eyes thanks to the wrap around designer sunglasses she was wearing.



Uh… shit.

I hate it when Kari does stuff like this. I had called her to back me up, not to rearrange the assignment. I grew concerned. The whole point of the assignment was to humiliate me. If whoever Kari was taking me too someone who KNEW about the assignment, it wasn’t going to be embarrassing. I sat there fretting while Kari took us closer to downtown. We turned off the freeway and navigated some back roads and then she made a sharp right and we pulled up in front of an upscale “canine resort”. At least, that’s the way I can describe it. It was pretty impressive. Columns and such. Anyway, Kari stopped the car, turned toward me, and then handed me a box. Curious I opened it. Inside was a bone shaped charm… oh… and look! It had my name on it. Bre, along with Nympho Humiliation Pain Doggie. Awww… how cute. I swallowed and Kari clipped it to my collar.

“Take off the duster and leave it in the car. Then get on all fours” Kari ordered.

I shook, but I complied. I took the duster off in the car as she got out. By the time she was on the other side of the car I was totally naked, except for my shoes and collar. I stepped out of the convertible, but then immediately went to my knees. Kari grabbed the leash, and shut the door. Then she reached into the car and grabbed my bag. The handle was shoved into my mouth and she began leading me, pulling me forward. The concrete hurt my knees and I was shaking from embarrassment. I could HEAR traffic on the road, and while yes I was sort of low and hidden from view thanks to a few cars, I was trembling. I was flushed. I was so fucking horny that you could have fucked me with a two by four and found me slippery and wet.

The sidewalk hurt my knees just as much and I tried to do a less painful sort of crab walk, but a look from Kari was enough to stop that. We got to the door and she opened the glass entry and I found myself sighing in relief as linoleum tile caressed my knees. We were in a mid-sized waiting room, with a large counter, and another large door leading out. Kari took me straight up to the counter. Kari rang a bell.

In about a minute a young man came out the door. He must have been preoccupied because he didn’t see me, but he saw Kari. He smiled and moved behind the counter. “Can I help you?” he asked politely.

Kari grinned. She gave her name and then continued “I’m bringing my pet in for some strict obedience training. Plus she has some toys that I would like her accustomed too.” She reached down and ran her fingers through my hair.

And that’s when he finally saw me. I know because he said “holy shit!” He looked back up at Kari. “That’s not a dog!”

Kari smiled. “Of course it is.” She scratched the back of my head. “Bark, Bre. Say ruff.” She said to me in a baby talk sort of tone.

Humiliated beyond belief I dropped the bag on the floor and then tried to croak out “bark”. It was a pretty awful attempt and it earned me a sharp slap on the bottom. “BARK!” commanded Kari and this time, spurred by the immediate threat of pain, I did my best.

“BARK!” I barked.

Kari grinned again. “There? See? A wonderful bark.”

“Ma’am this is totally…” he began but was cut off.

“Please call your manager. I want this dog trained.”

He gave her a look, but then picked up the phone. The conversation was hilarious, even only hearing one side of it.

“Sir, there’s a woman here with a naked girl asking that we train her.” There was a short pause. “Well, yes, she’s acting like a dog.” Another pause. “Seriously? We can do that?” More silence. “Well no, but she does have a leash on.” “Uh. I guess so.” “Really?” His eyes widened. “Uh.. yeah. No, Eric and I can handle it.” More pause. “Okay.” He put the phone down then turned back to look at Kari.

“Will you be leaving her with us?” he asked. I mentally screamed NO, but Kari nodded. “I’ll be back later this afternoon, around five. Please remember to be very strict with her and if you have any questions, please ask your manager. I communicated with him earlier today about my wishes.” She took the bag I had been carrying and handed it to the young man.

Ah… that explained a lot. I wondered what was in store for me.

The young man came around the counter and I saw that he was wearing a name tag that said Bobby. Great. Bobby and Eric. Kari handed him my leash and then knelt down next to me, wrapping her arms around me. Her mouth came right up to my ear.

“Now Bre, I want you to be a good little doggie. You aren’t allowed to speak. You can bark, growl, yelp and yip, but not a single word out of you. BE a dog. Follow all their orders. If you don’t they’re allowed to punish you just like they would any doggie. And I’ll hear about it and the punishment you’ll get from me will be so bad that you won’t walk for a week. Got it?” I nodded.

Then she stood and left me. Alone. With Bobby. He stood there a moment, looking confused. I suppose he wasn’t expecting his day to end by holding the leash to a naked girl. He pulled me forward a bit and I stayed on all fours, despite the pressure on my neck. Finally I sat up on my knees. Rather than lace my fingers behind my head I brought my hands up, curled my wrists, and sat there in a typical begging position.


“Um. You don’t have to stay down like that,” Bobby said.

I barked and tried to smile, but I was quaking inside too much.

“No seriously, you don’t have to do this.”

I barked again. He blinked. Then he shrugged. Then he pulled me into the back room.

A chorus of barks and yelps greeted me as I was led through rows of cages. About twenty different dogs all looked at me crawling along and then I was led to a cage. It wasn’t much bigger than me and Bobby sort of indicated I should get in. I hesitated. I’d have to stay curled up inside the cage, but then he sort of pushed my rump with his foot and I got it. I crawled into the tiny space, and realized that I could actually turn around if I needed to. Instead, I put my head down on my arms, widened my legs a bit, and waited.

I guess about ten minutes went by before anyone came back, and this time there were two voices.

“I’m can’t believe we’re doing this,” Bobby was saying. Another voice answered.

“Hey, he said it was okay. She’s some sort of sex slut who likes this kind of stuff. And there are benefits too!” I could hear the grin in his voice. A zipper noise came from behind me. “Holy shit. Look at this stuff!”

I cringed. They were looking in my bag.

“Do you think she actually uses any of this?” Bobby asked.

“Ask her.”

“She barks.” The tone was rather disgusted.

A laugh. “Well, lets start off by taking her out into the yard. We’ll bring these with us. Run through the typical obedience stuff.”

I heard the cage door and one of them whistled. “Here girl, come on. Come out. We won’t hurt you.” Eric said.

I backed out of the cage, my knees hurting slightly on the metal grate.

“Damn, look at that. She’s wet!” Bobby said.

The two men knelt down next to me as I crawled out of the cage and Eric clipped my leash to the collar. They’re hands were suddenly on me, stroking my shoulders and back. I stayed still as the caress moved down my flank. Then suddenly Eric’s hand was between my legs and I could feel his fingers stroking my pussy. I shuddered, moaning. But I couldn’t help wondering if they did this with their regular clients.

Then hands were cupping my breasts, squeezing, pinching, fondling and I let out a little whimper, almost a whine. That got their attention and they snapped back to business. I’m pretty sure Kari didn’t want me double teamed within the first thirty minutes. They both stood up and then I was led into a large grass yard behind the kennel.

The yard was amazingly clean of doggie poop, for which I was exceedingly grateful for. I saw a few pieces here and there, but I managed to avoid them all. Eric held the leash while Bobby brought my bag. I was taken into the center of the yard. I waited for the next command and the Eric told me to roll over. But before I could do it, he grabbed my ass and literally flipped me over! On my back I looked up at him in surprise, my legs spread, my pussy gaping open. He suddenly praised me.

“Good girl!” he said, then put his hands on my tummy and breasts and rubbed me. Like a dog. One hand slipped down to my crotch and his finger tips grazed my clit. I gasped, eyes closing in pleasure.

“There’s your reward stimulus.” Bobby said. “We won’t need the treats.” Eric laughed. His thumb went back to my clit and worked it frantically for a moment. I shuddered, shaking in renewed sexual energy, but then he stopped, grabbed my hips and flipped me back on my stomach. I struggled to my knees and he said “Roll Over!”

We repeated the process. Before I even had a chance to follow the command my hips were flung around and I lost my balance and I was once again staring up at the sky. Only this time Eric’s hand was between my legs almost immediately. I thrust my hips, fucking his thumb which had somehow found its way into my pussy. Then he pulled back and we did it again.

And again.

And again. Over and over.

Finally, either I moved fast enough or he let me do it on my own, but when he ordered me to roll over I threw myself down and rolled, spreading my legs for my reward. It came and so did I. I shuddered through my orgasm as the two men watched, a little surprised.

“What a slut!” Bobby said. Eric only laughed and stuck his thumb in my mouth. I sucked it clean. Then he rubbed my breasts and stomach again, praising me over and over with “good girl!”

Bobby took the reigns then, taking my leash and getting me back on all fours. He opened the bag and extracted my Husky dildo. He tossed it into the grass about ten feet away, and then walked me over to it, saying “fetch”. He put his hand on the back of my head and forced my mouth down. I struggled to get it open enough to take the dildo, but let’s be honest. My husky dildo is nine inches long and four inches wide at the base. Granted, it’s a little narrower at the top, but not by much. I managed to get about an inch or two into my mouth, with most of it hanging out. Then I was pulled back over to where Eric stood. I was praised and Bobby reached down, grabbed the dildo and then pressed it up to my pussy.

Oh god… it felt incredible. Even after just orgasming. Bobby pushed it in about half way, the pulled it out and tossed it again. “Fetch!” he said and we were off, him pulling on my leash. My head was forced down again and I smelled my juices and cum on the dildo as I struggled to get a grip on it with my teeth. I could taste myself. I finally got it and we hurried back over to Eric who was laughing. Bobby took the dildo from me and rammed it back into my pussy. He was gentle, but it went in much deeper and I couldn’t help fucking it.

“Damn. That’s one horny dog,” Eric observed. I continued to pump against the Husky Dildo.

Bobby extracted it again, praising me with “good doggie” and ruffling my hair. Then he tossed the dildo again. But then he unclipped my leash. He still walked with me, one hand on my shoulder as I struggled to keep up. He only exerted minimal pressure on my head as I bent down to pick up the dildo. I got it in my mouth and we sort of ran, crawled fast, back to Eric where the dildo was promptly taken from my mouth and inserted in my pussy. It was like ambrosia. Sure, it was embarrassing. It was humiliating. And I was craving it. My mind had sort of forgotten anything but doing what I was told. It was sort of… liberating.

I groaned when Bobby pulled the Husky Dildo out of me and tossed it again. This time however, I went for it and Bobby stayed with Eric. I got the dildo, tasted myself on it, sucked it slightly, wrestled it between my teeth, and then brought it back to Bobby. He took it, moved around to my rear end, slipped the end into my pussy, and the violently plunged it in back and forth, all the while saying forcefully, “well done! Good girl!”

I arched my back, letting him fuck me silly, but then he stopped. I groaned in need, shaking my rear. I felt Eric clipping the leash back to my neck and I was pulled forward out of my presentation position. Eric put the loop of the leash around one wrist and got on his knees in front of me. Then he reached forward with both hands, grabbed my nipples with hard pinches, and pulled me up.

“Beg,” he said. I did it immediately, my arms coming up into the natural position. He praised me, ran his hand across my breasts in a soft rub, then pushed me back down. Before I had technically regained my balance, he grabbed my nipples again, pulling hard upward. I groaned and whimpered but sat up on my knees and heels, arms raised and wrists curved. Again my breasts were softly fondled and I was pushed back down.

“Beg” he said, but this time he only touched my nipples, not pinched them. But I practically leapt upward into position. I was again rewarded with him rubbing his fingers over my breasts.

We did it like eight more times and I was getting tired. My pussy ached in need, my nipples were tingling and the sun was pretty warm.

Finally Eric seemed to be done and clipped the leash back on my neck. I was led to a bowl and I lapped up the clear cold water.

“She learns good, doesn’t she?” Bobby asked.

Eric nodded. “Very quick.” He grinned suddenly. “But we should remember that we are to train in accordance to the dog’s intelligence. She might be able to handle a few other tricks.” Bobby’s eyebrow went up and then he smiled.

“Do we have the time?” he asked. Eric checked his watch. “It’s only three thirty. We don’t have to put her in the kennel until four.”

“Who are we going to use?” Bobby asked.

“John said to use that German Shepherd, but to box him.”


I didn’t understand any of this at the time. I did later though.

“Okay, time to learn a new trick, lassie.” I heard. My leash was pulled and Bobby took it from Eric. I heard a zipper and then to my surprise Eric’s cock was hanging out of his pants. He pulled up a folding chair and sat down. Bobby pushed me forward, still on all fours, and said “suck it.”

So I did. I’m a consummate cock sucker. I’m very very good at it. Eric didn’t taste unpleasant and his scent was a mixture of sweat, blue jeans, and dogs. And he wasn’t ugly either. Eighteen or nineteen, in relatively good shape, dark brown hair, narrow face. It worked.

As I sucked I totally missed Bobby’s own extraction. I felt him move behind me, spreading my knees as I worked Eric’s cock, and then I felt something press up against me. I groaned as it went in. Then Bobby’s hips were pushing against my butt cheeks and I was being stuffed with cock from two different directions. I kept sucking of course.

Bobby came first. I felt it. When he pulled out I heard the snapping of the condom and watched it sail into a nearby trash receptacle. Then he moved around, his flaccid cock hanging out of his pants and he tapped Eric on the shoulder.

“Go fuck her, now.”

Eric nodded, pulled me up off his cock, and waddled around to my other end as Bobby took a seat. I felt my second hard cock of the day penetrate deeply, lubricated by my own juices, of saliva and pussy, and then I was opening my mouth to suck that same flavor off of Bobby’s shaft. It didn’t take long for Eric to cum, but I had managed to get Bobby hardened again. He pushed me off his cock after Eric had pulled out. Another condom appeared and I put it on him. Then he said “roll over”.

I did it immediately, rolling in the grass onto my back. I spread my legs and then suddenly he was on top of me. His mouth was biting my breasts as his cock sank to the hilt in my sheath. He fucked me wildly and I accidentally spoke. “Yes or yes!” or something like that.

I came and I think he did too, though there wasn’t any real cream. Bobby rolled off me, sighing in happiness and I heard “good girl”. Yeah.

I sat up, blinked, and then got back on all fours and made my way back to the water bowl. I drank greedily as Bobby and Eric managed to get themselves back together.

Then they tested me. I had to do all the tricks one more time. I rolled over. I begged. I fetched the dildo. I even sucked on Eric’s limp cock again for a minute. But there were no rewards this time. Just obedience. Time ticked by and then my leash was attached and I was lead back inside. The linoleum was cold and there was a sudden drop in temperature. They’re more doggie clients had fur. I got goosebumps. So Eric ended up walking me back and forth across the prep room. I saw the time. Right around four pm. An hour or so more to go before Kari picked me up.

Eric led me to a new room. It was small, padded, and smelled a little odd. Then he brought in two red mittens, obviously meant for paws. I made fists as he put them on me, occasionally reaching out to run his hand across my nipples. The constant touching was new for me, and I sort of liked it. He tied the mittens on and I couldn’t spread my fingers or get them off. I was pulled forward and he put a foam block under my chest. Then he unclipped my leash and left the room.

I was tired. I admit it. So I wasn’t really paying any attention. It was about five or six minutes later when the door opened and Bobby came in. With a dog. A real dog. A German Shepherd.

“This is Jerry, Bre.” Bobby said.

In seconds Jerry was sniffing me, putting his nose in places that doggie noses shouldn’t be going. I squealed a bit and turned away. I noticed too that Jerry was wearing mittens as well, on all four feet. He continued to sniff and snuffle at me and I pushed him away. Bobby gave a snort. “Wow. You’re more like a bitch than you know!” He reached out and grabbed my arms and pulled me forward across his lap. I gasped as one hand went down to my thigh and pulled my legs open. Then I felt that cold wet nose sniffing between my legs.

Bobby held me, tight. I tried to wrestle against him, but he was pretty big, and evidently he’d done this before. He patted my butt in what seemed to be encouragement for Jerry, but was in actuality a spanking. I shook and then I felt the dog on top of me.

Have you ever been fucked by a dog? I have. Twice now. Both times because of Kari. I had no doubt she arranged this. She knew how I felt about it the last time. We had been at a party my sophomore year of college. It was really late, and we were probably legally intoxicated if not smashed to oblivion. I know I was sort of wasted. Kari, me, and six others had stayed behind and were playing a game of truth or dare that was 1 part dare and 4 parts fuck and suck and kiss everyone else. Only the guys got passes. Each of us girls were doing the bisexual thing. By midnight the game had turned wild, with crazier and crazier dares. I ended up getting stuffed with a chocolate bar (my first for fucking) and had it EATEN out of me by Dan. That was cool, but around two am it was Kari who dared me to let them tie me to an ottoman, spread peanut butter on my pussy, and let Patrick’s dog eat it.

I had used up all my “no thank you” slips already, so in my drunken state, I had no choice. I let them tie me down, spread peanut butter on me, and then I was a doggie treat. I remember being so embarrassed, so humiliated, so…grossed out. But honestly, deep down, it FELT good. That rough uncaring tongue, lapping away. I remember pulling hard on the ropes while everyone cheered me on… or maybe they were cheering the dog. And then someone threw a towel across my back. I remember a pressure and then something was probing my pussy. I cried out. I think I said no. And then it was inside me. Dog cock feels very very different. It starts out the same, but then quickly the head of the cock swells. It’s called a knob, or a knot or something. I forget. But it totally prevents the dog dick from coming out until there is release. And so I had the hardest, thickest, fastest fuck in my life that night. It was absolutely horrible. Even talking about it almost makes me sick. But you know what was the worst thing about it, the thing that humiliates me the most, the bit that I hate the most about myself?

I came. I orgasmed because I was being screwed by a dog. A DOG for god’s sake! WTF? And it wasn’t just a response orgasm either. It was a full blown mind shattering explosive endorphin loaded orgasm that I rarely experience except in cases of extreme sexual torment. If you wanted to know my most shameful embarrassing moment of my life, you now have it.

I have limits. They are as follows: No blood, scat, pee, or disfiguration. No children (sixteen or younger), and nothing that will get me arrested. That’s it. Simple. Extreme, and rather open. Why, you ask, is fucking dogs not on that list. Simple. I don’t want to do it, but… part of me… somewhere… knows that the orgasm I have will be mindboggling. Kari knows I don’t like doing it. I hated it. I hated myself for liking it. I hate myself still for cumming.

And so bent over Bobby’s lap, his right hand kneading my breast while Jerry the German Shepherd plunged his shaft into me, I felt his knot grow and then I was being pounded rapidly. I felt Jerry’s hind legs scrabbling against my calves and I thank God they booted him. He would have scratched me to pieces. It was a violent thing. He was heavy too and he moved rapidly inside me. I clenched. I cried out. I started to cry.

And I came. Hard. Violently. Explosively. Maybe it was the thickness. Maybe it was the speed. Maybe it was the fact it was a dog. Maybe it was due to embarrassment of lying across the lap of a guy I had just fucked, who was holding me so a dog could do it.

Jerry took a bit longer. I shuddered and endured as he pounded into me and then I felt a spurt that seemed to come from a water cannon ricocheted inside me. Jerry barked once, and then moved a bit. He tried to pull out, but his knot was still swollen and it hurt as it pressed against me. He sort of fell to one side and it was a few seconds later before he was able to pull out of me.

I just collapsed. I was crying. I was limp. I was barely cognizant of Eric opening the door, clipping a leash to Jerry and leading him out. And all I got in the way of a goodbye from my lover was another sniff between the legs.

And then Bobby was rolling me over. He rubbed my tummy, my breasts, even touching my clit, saying “good girl, you did good!” over and over as the tears rolled down my cheeks.

He let me rest for maybe five minutes and then the mittens were pulled off and he clipped my leash to my collar. I was led out of the room and then over to a floor shower. It was meant for cleaning dogs, with a seven inch tub lip and a stainless steel ring and chain to keep the animal in the cleaning station. I was subjected to a thorough scrubbing and spraying, especially between the legs and on my breasts as Bobby washed me. Eric came in a bit later and helped. They even did my hair.

Then I was blow dried. Not toweled. BLOW DRIED. All of me, and let me tell you, having a hot air drier pointed at your shaved bare and pink nether regions is a pretty amazing experience. Despite my massive orgasm, being handled, cleaned, and dried by these two guys was starting to get me going again.

It was nearing five, with about fifteen minutes to go, and Eric was digging through my bag. Besides my Husky Dildo there was my rotating venus penis toy (the RVP), several vibrators, my Core Driller dildo, two different sets of nipple clamps (the duck billed and my bell clamps) and my vibrating anal beads. Eric grabbed the bell clamps and the beads and came back over to me.

The bell clamps work a lot better when a girl is on all fours. They dangled down from my tits and rang constantly as I moved. Eric thought the beads were for my pussy and managed to get them all shoved in and turned on, sending little waves of pleasure through my body. All I said was “bark,” then whimpered and moaned a lot.

And then I heard a ring and Bobby left to go to the counter. Eric continued to fondle me and then Bobby stuck his head back in the door and motioned us to come out.

And there was Kari. She still looked beautiful in her red tunic and black pants. She grinned at me, got down on one knee and took my face in her hands.

“And was my little precious doggie woggie a good little girl?” she asked.

“Oh yes, Ma’am,” Bobby nodded. “She learned everything really well. Here, watch.” He looked at me and said “roll over.”

I did, immediately. I spread my legs wide apart as well, presenting my gaping, swollen, bead stuffed, and still slightly red pussy to my former and sort of current mistress. Kari smiled and then lifted a foot. The stiletto heel of her boot touched my slit and I felt it sink in several inches, pushing the beads aside and deeper. I gasped and tried not to thrust or roll my hips, though I couldn’t stop from trembling at the penetration. Eric was still holding the remote to the beads and turned them on. I just laid there trembling.

“Very nice. And was she bred?” Kari asked, her voice hard. She gave me that look. Eric nodded and smiled at Bobby. “Yes Ma’am. We did it as part of her training and then she was bred to Jerry, one of the German Shepherds here. He had a good time.”

Kari smiled. “And did you cum little Bre?”

Shame flushed through me and I blushed scarlet. I hung my head. The little whine I made sounded very doglike.

Kari laughed. “Of course you did.” She accepted the leash from Bobby.

“Thank you both very much. Please tell John I’ll call him tomorrow to set up her next appointment.” Then she grinned. “And well done to both of you.”

I was pulled, by the leash and remote, out of the building and over to Kari’s convertible. She opened the door for me, had me crawl in, still bare ass naked except for the high heeled shoes, a dog collar, vibrating beads, and the leash. My duster was in the seat.

“Put on the duster and buckle up, Bre,” she ordered. I complied. I pulled the duster on and started to button it up.

“No no. Leave it open.”

My hands fell away into my lap. She started the car and we pulled out, obviously heading away from the road leading back toward my place.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

Kari smiled. “My apartment. Dinner before I drive you home. Rush hour would suck right now.

I nodded. My body felt… incredible. Mentally I wasn’t so stable.

“Besides, I have to try out my new doggie dishes,” Kari looked over at me with a mischievous smile. “Right girl?”


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