Friday, November 5, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/05/10 Icy Hot Orgasm

Icy Hot Orgasms

11/05/10 Friday

Yesterday dawned bright and clear and after I got up I took a moment to decide what I wanted inside me for the day. I used to make this decision at night before bed, but sometimes I’ve slept the full night with the day’s toy still in. Since the previous day I had endured practically non-stop vibrations, I decided to keep the vibroballs in, though I admit that around ten pm I finally shut them off. So yesterday morning I washed up, extracted the vibroballs, and considered my options.

I have six regular options. Besides the vibroballs, I have the ben wa balls, which are a lot quieter than purring roaring vibrating toys, but they work non-stop, at a low intensity, all day, and cause the most amount of sexual trouble when I have to do a lot of walking or riding the tractor. My next item is my RVP, or Rotating Venus Penis, a cute little toy I obtained recently. It straps on for a hands free fun, has a four inch rubber cock, and not only vibrates, but literally spins inside me. Add little extensions that touch my clit and ass, and the RVP can move from simply penetrative to absolutely driving me bonkers. Worse, the spin and the vibration can be controlled independently. My next toy I’ve had for a really long time: my pocket rocket vibrator. I’ve only recently started using this too, but in essence it is merely a three inch vibrator that you push in. Tiny, but powerful. Fifth, there is my Husky dildo, which is a nine inch long four inch wide rubber monstrosity, complete with balls and a flattened base, which stuffs me completely and makes it tough to walk straight. Feels good though, and while not as intense as the RVP or vibroballs, driving a tractor when stuffed with my Husky is like being secured in a pillory while repeatedly fucked by a team of football linebackers who don’t care how hard they thrust.

And that brings me to my sixth item that I’ve occasionally worn. It’s a simple vibrator, seven inches long, purple, with a slight curve to it so it touches my g spot. Yesterday morning for some reason, I was having a hankering for something HARD inside me. And I don’t mean like stiff cock. I meant texturally hard. Something so hard that I could beat someone senseless if I needed too. I wanted it to be big enough that I FELT it inside me. And so I put in my curved tip g spot vibrator.

Then I checked my e-mail. Guess you wouldn’t be that surprised to discover that Master Barrett had set another daily task for me. Yep. It was simple. If I wanted to cum, then I had to apply that hot and cold (icy and hot) cream to my clit. Now I don’t actually use IcyHot. I finally went and bought a bottle of that Stinging O stuff. Works just like IcyHot, but can be used internally without any bad side affects. Like death. But it meets the spiritual requirements of the assignment, and frankly I think it burns a little hotter than IcyHot anyway, or even the water soluble stuff I was using previously.

After getting my chores done, and feeling a little turned on due to my seven inch intruder, I meandered back upstairs, sat down at the computer, and got online to chat with Master Barrett. We discussed assignments of course, not just daily tasks, but actual real assignments. You’d be surprised with what’s coming. And what won’t be coming (me probably!) I hate denial assignments. Sigh. But talking about sex got me going and then, next thing I knew, I was shoving my jeans and panties down, spreading my legs, and then pulled out the vibrator. Coating it in Stinging O after already being liberally doused with my juices was tough. But I finally managed. Then I slipped it back in. The cool gel collected on my labia as I shoved the vibrator back in, turning it on to full power as well as I used the seven inch probe to stir the cream around inside me. In seconds it felt like I had stepped outside in a snow storm, wearing warm clothes around every part of me but my pussy. Metaphorically I dropped down into a snow bank with my legs spread, letting the freezing flakes sear my skin, work their way up into my pussy, numbing me.

Then the fire started. Suddenly I was inside, strapped down with my legs spread uncomfortably close to the fireplace, heat washing the snow touched skin, melting the water and working its way up through my body. At first it tingled. Then it began to feel nice. Then it began to burn. Enough metaphor.

I pumped furiously and Master Barrett was kind enough to let me explode. I came hard, and a bit messily. Then, when I asked to take out the vibrator and turn it off, he denied me. “Again” he said. And I tried. Almost got there when a family member started calling my name and I had to turn off my vibe, leave it embedded inside me, get my clothes back in place, and head downstairs.

Can you IMAGINE what that felt like? It was awful!

So after breakfast I went back out to the barn and masturbated again. Sure. I used the Stinging O. And again after lunch. And again that afternoon. And again that evening in the shower, and oh yeah, once right after I went to bed.

This morning I checked my email and got out my Husky Dildo. Jeans and panties are keeping it firmly embedded, which is good, because when I want to cum today, it’s going to be a long drawn out process.

Today you need to earn the right to cum by performing 5 "edges" with a wait of at least 30 minutes between each one using your husky. If you should cum before completing all five then until you get your next assignment tomorrow you are to wear your chastity belt (with only the pussy dildo attached switched off of course) AND aren't allowed to cum until you take the belt off tomorrow morning. If you do complete all five then you are free to do whatever you like for the rest of the day though of course keeping the husky in for rule #1. - Master Barrett

Thanks Master Barrett. I LOVE these daily tasks!

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