Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Coming Assignments...

Yes. I had a daily assignment yesterday. No, I'm not going to write about it. Why? Because it was boring. Oh, not for me. I had fun. But it would be boring for you. All that I had to do was keep my Husky dildo in all day (which I do regularly anyway), and I was allowed to masturbate as much or any time I wanted. ( I did it four times thank you.) So it was plain vanilla. And me recounting how I screwed myself silly with a nine inch long four inch wide rubber cock while I sitting at my computer, or a hay bale, or in my truck, or laying on my bed, isn't the kind of thing to keep people going. But don't worry. I have a major LONG assignment tomorrow, and today's task promises to keep me cumming and going. LOL. Cumming and going? Get it? So what do you have to look forward to tomorrow?


Ok, today you are to wear your RVP and during the day go out shopping for stripper shoes and someone to fuck you. I'll leave your choice of clothing to you but no underwear as you will need to be easy to access. Although make sure whatever you wear goes with clear stripper shoes.

When you get to the store you are to turn the RVP up to full (both modes) and you are not allowed to turn it back down until you have....

A) Bought you new shoes. Wear them out of the store also
B) Found a suitable man and sucked them off, don't forget to thank him for letting you suck them off and comment on how nice their cum tastes.
C) Suck them hard again and then have them fuck you. Although obviously they will have to fuck your ass as your pussy is otherwise occupied.

If anyone should wonder what the buzzing noise is you are to answer them honestly. Tell them that as a NHPS you need to be kept constantly stuffed and stimulated.

There shouldn't take you too long depending on how picky you are about the guy you choose.
I'm in for an interesting day. Don't you think? And if you think this one is intense, just wait till you see what I have to do on Wednesday!

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