Thursday, November 18, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/18/10 Edges and Orgasms

Edges and Orgasms


Wednesday morning started in rather the usual manner. My alarm went off at five a.m. followed immediately by me throwing off the covers and getting out of bed. The ben wa balls I was wearing rolled around inside me, sending little shivers of out of control need and I grit my teeth, trying to master my urges. It’s been tough. My nighttime attire was a little unusual though. Instead of wearing my nightgown, which is just an oversized tee shirt that comes half way down the backs of my thighs, I was also wearing a bra and panties. Now usually a bra is NOT on my list of comfortable things to wear at night, but this was even more the truth when said bra happens to have two thin rubber inserts, cut in the shape of the cup, perforated with tiny tacks.

Thank God I’m not a stomach sleeper.

As it was, I was sore. Tuesday’s assignment had done some genuine damage to my skin and despite the evening’s rest a good portion of both breasts still looked as if I had a really bad case of the measles. Or ant bites. Or something. They were tender to the touch, hurt in some spots, and I was about to spend ANOTHER day in the damn thing. So I shucked off my panties so that the only thing I was wearing was my tack filled bra.

I got up and went to the computer. I didn’t log onto chat. I just couldn’t. Master Barrett has this habit of upping the ante as it were if I’m actually there to talk with. And I checked my email. Wednesday’s assignment had been previously agreed upon, though as I expected, there was a slight modification. As it turned out, a nice one.

My first problem was my state of attire. Master Barrett assignment had me “purchasing” clothing with “edges”, which is when a girl rubs herself until she’s standing right on the “edge” of orgasm, then stops. It’s agonizing, difficult, and feels incredible all at the same time. Master Barrett knows I have to go out and feed the animals in the morning. That means getting dressed. He ALSO knows that right now, in November, even in South Texas its fucking cold. So he was kind enough to allow me my duster for free.

But nothing else. Not shoes. Not socks. Not panties (which was a serious problem which I’ll get to in a moment.) He even recommend I “pack a bag” with the clothing I wanted to wear, since he was nice enough to consider me walking back into the house half naked and blue (from the cold) would raise a few eyebrows. Thank God no one’s awake when I go out.

The other half of the assignment, besides keeping the tack filled bra on for the entire day, was what toy to have inside me. Master Barrett felt that since I had worn the ben wa balls for three days running, I deserved a break. Awww… how sweet! He selected the Husky Dildo. Yep. Nine inches of rubber cock, with a width of four inches near the base, rammed up inside me. Now you might think this a very nice switch, except for one thing.

The Husky Dildo won’t stay in by itself. I have to wear panties with it. Or I guess I could walk around with my hand on my crotch holding it in, but that would be ridiculous.

So while I extracted my ben wa balls and put in my Husky, I considered options. While the duster would protect me from the cold sufficiently, even naked underneath except for my bra, my feet were going to be a problem. One edge would buy me my boots, while another would buy me my socks. Plus I still needed to buy panties. So I prioritized, packed a canvas bag with jeans, socks, and a tee shirt, and then settled down on the bed, on my back, legs spread.

And masturbated.

Oh come on. Like you don’t do it?

Thank God I had come twice the previous day. There would have been no way to prevent my orgasm if I hadn’t had those. It almost made me happy I had my feet tortured that way. In any event, I worked myself up into a frenzy with that thick rubber cock and just as I got near the edge, I stopped.

I laid there for a moment, shaking, just breathing deep. It took almost five minutes by the clock before I was ready to attempt my second purchase. This time it took me only seconds to get back to the same level of orgasmic bliss and I teetered on the edge. My mind raced: would one more thrust get me closer to the edge, or take me over it? I was successful again, stopping with one foot dangling over open air. Disaster averted.

There was no way I was going to try again. Not when I almost came. So with two purchases made, I pulled on my white bikini cut panties and grabbed my bag and duster. My boots were downstairs.

I buttoned everything up as tight as I could. My duster conceals me pretty well and it wouldn’t be too much of an issue outside. I stuck my bare feet into my boots and headed out into sixty degree weather. Chilly, but not cold. The base of the Husky dildo rubbed at my bare thighs as I walked.

I did my chores. It was good to think of something other than sex for a few minutes. Twenty minutes later however I was thinking of what to put on next. I decided my jeans were a pretty big deal, so I moved over to a spare hay bale in the barn, opened my duster, pulled my panties down and tried to see how slow I could move the Husky Dildo in and out of my pussy.

Turns out, not that slow. In fact, I was pumping pretty fast, moaning, eyes closed, watching in mind the fast approach of that oncoming train. Have you ever noticed that it’s easy to underestimate the speed of a train as it’s approaching the crossing? I was enthusiastically pumping away when I realized, “oh shit!” and stopped. I stopped totally. But then I started sliding as my pussy contracted around the dildo. I slid toward the edge. My fingers scrabbled against the metaphorical dirt and rocks for a hold before having a disappointing, but full fledged orgasm.

My metaphorical fingers found something, just as my real ones did. My breasts. I cupped my tits and squeezed. Hard. Pain shot through me and I gasped and it was enough of a jolt that I stopped the orgasm. Ouch. Shuddering, I put everything back in where it was supposed to be, pulled up my panties, then put on my jeans. So now, half dressed, I puttered around outside.

Normally I head back inside until breakfast time, usually writing up the previous day’s post, chatting with Master Barrett or other online doms and dommes. But considering my mom would be curious as to why I was wearing my duster inside, and the fact I was shirtless, I decided to get a few of my later chores done.

I won’t bore you with the details. Running a farm is tedious. I hate it. I tried so hard to get out of here. That’s why I went to college in the first place. Now I’m back and I’m stuck. Not good. But I am good at doing it at least. So I repaired a minor gate problem on the goat pen (the goats had EATEN the gate latch! WTF?) and did a few other things. It was nearing seven o’clock when I felt I was in control enough to handle another masturbation and buy my shirt.

Now you need to understand that with girls, unless you wait like HOURS, masturbations are like cell phone minutes. They roll over. Which means that while it took you say… twenty minutes to get to your first, if you don’t cum, then it means it will only take you fifteen for masturbation session two. And while those time frames were just examples, please understand that as I settled back down on the hay bale, my jeans and panties down around my ankles, my knees spread, I was already in a much worse state than I had been that morning. It was like starting the same five hundred meter race, except with fifty meters taken off the course. I was that much closer to the edge of orgasm.

And wow, did I get there fast! That’s one thing I like about the Husky Dildo. It doesn’t do much when it’s just there inside you (unless you’re riding the tractor), but when you’re moving it in and out and your hornier than a Texas Longhorn, it does its job well. My pussy clamped down on it even as my mind screamed “TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT OUT!” My hand sort of took both messages and decided that both my pussy and my brain were right, so it took it most of the way out, and then pushed it back in again.

I grabbed my breast again, my left, and squeezed hard. Pain lanced through me, but it didn’t stop the oncoming truck. The edge was in sight and I gasped, yanked the dildo out of myself and slid, shuddering, shaking, wanting, panting, needing right up to the edge. Every nerve screamed “GET THE DILDO! TOUCH YOURSELF!”

You know, when people say “mind over matter,” I’m not sure this is what they meant. My willpower has always been pretty good, but this was pure agony. I hated it. I lay there, just concentrating on breathing and ignoring the protests from my clit and pussy.

But now I was able to put on everything but my socks. Finally dressed I headed back inside, almost around eight, and had breakfast with my family. I was even able to take my coat off. The only thing missing were the socks. Of course, I had to take my boots off, which posed a problem later.

After breakfast I went upstairs and wrote for a while. I didn’t get online. I was too…tense. Sort of desperate. And writing about Tuesday’s torments didn’t help either. Around ten thirty I decided it was time to head back outside, so I moved to my bed for a few moments, pushed my jeans and panties down, and gave into what my pussy was asking for.

I managed to stop in time. Again. It was hard. Very very hard. And the end result was me struggling to pull up my jeans and panties as my pussy contracted repeatedly around the dildo and my hips kept trying to maneuver it into another thrust. It wasn’t pretty. I was groaning, biting my lip, fingers curled into fists. Desperate.

And I left. I went and got some chores done. Sockless of course. Then I went out for lunch. I didn’t want to have to take off my boots again. Then I went to the mall. I stopped by and talked to Julie. Then I went and visited Rebecca. Then I went home, did a few more chores outside, all before heading in for dinner around six.

My feet needed a washing and I did that first. Let’s not go there.

After dinner I did some of the other things I needed to do regularly. By eight thirty I was feeling tired, cranky, and more than a little horny. I went to the bathroom, started the shower, and was undressed before I even realized what I was doing.

I was naked. And I would need two items of clothing. Panties to hold in my Husky Dildo and my nightgown. But wait. Dresses and long length gowns are worth TWO edges… Shit.

I realized all this while I was in the shower, so since I still had the Husky Dildo with me, clamped between my thighs, I figured “what better place to masturbate!” So my soapy fingers found my Husky and I did my thing.

Right up to the edge.

And I stopped.

It was hard.

Water streamed down my back.

And I started again for the nightgown.

The Husky dildo felt incredible. There is no way for a man to understand what it feels like. You may be able to open your own jars, but there are certain things a man will NEVER understand. One of those things is what it feels like being penetrated with a thick cock. And don’t start going on about how gay guys know what it feels like. They don’t. Not really. Get fucked in the ass is VERY different from being fucked elsewhere and trust me, it makes a fucking difference. So when I say that my Husky dildo, pushing me apart, spreading me, impaling me, with water and soap running all over me, I mean that it was really really REALLY good.

So good that I didn’t stop.

So good that I came.

And came.

And came again.

When I was done I was half sitting, half standing in the tub, with the hot water spraying my tender breasts, the Husky on the floor of the tub next to some bright flower stickons that kept me from slipping. The leaking juices from my pussy, a whole day’s worth were trickling out of me and washing away.

And I just glowed. It felt so good.

I washed after that. Total clean up. Then I dried off, swept into my room, put my bra back on, endured the tacks, got out a pair of panties, shoved the Husky dildo up inside me, and climbed between my sheets.

But while I slept, an evil man named Master Barrett sent another email to me.


I was going to give you a breast related assignment today but we'll leave that for another time. The thing is my knee still hurts so obviously now you have taken off the bra I need to find some other way to make sure you share my discomfort. Also the last few assignments have been a little time consuming so I think we'll keep things simple today. First things first your pussy stuffer for today is your vibroballs which are to be on low from now until you get your next assignment tomorrow morning. And yes I do mean overnight

As to what I want you to do today..... You are to cum at least six times the rules are that you have to be

a) Naked
b) Outside (the barn counts as inside though I will let you use it in the event of rain)
c) You are only allowed to make yourself cum by smacking your clit with a ruler, you are not to touch yourself in any other way.
and d) With a alligator clip attached to each of your pussy lips.

Cum even once without fulfilling these criteria or cum less than 6 times and you fail. Which will result your weekend involving butt plugs, icy hot and a lot of orgasm denial. Succeed and your weekend will involve you getting a real cock or two in your pussy which should make a nice change from inanimate objects.



  1. Thanks for sharing. You know how to wrote a hot scene. Hope you keep sharing your adventures. And did you succeed so you are getting a real cock in pour pussy this weekend?


  2. @FloridaDom - Thanks! I got some yesterday, but I'm afraid this weekend is going to be cock and orgasm free. Sigh... not from anything I want, but because I'm stuffed in my chastity belt and not allowed to cum. Denial. It sucks!


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