Friday, November 19, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/19/10 The Rule of Orgasm

The Rule of Orgasm


Yesterday started in the usual way, with me in a state. Not like the state of Texas, though I was there too. Nope. A state of denial. I was terribly horny when I woke up and had been denied orgasm for far too long. Thus when I read Master Barrett’s email about swapping out my ben wa balls for my vibes and keeping them on low, I was pleased. Heck, even the idea of being forced to have six orgasms during the day was something I was looking forward to. And being a nympho humiliation pain slut, having to masturbate to orgasm by way of a clit spanking, with alligator clips on delicate parts… well even this wasn’t too bad.

Of course, the second part of the assignment – about where and HOW I was too cum was the issue. Naked. Outside. And I wasn’t allowed to touch myself. Just use a plastic foot long ruler on my clit. That’s hard. But at least I got to time it myself.

So I sat down and started chitchatting with Master Barrett. This resulted in an order to turn my vibroballs to medium. I thought that was very nice of him! He was going to let me cum! How sweet! When I was about a minute away, I remembered to ask permission.

“Are you outside, naked, hitting your clit with a ruler?” He asked politely.

What? Huh? But….

I typed something nasty.

So with a snarl and a raging beast between my legs, I grabbed my ruler and clamps, along with my jeans, panties, boots, socks, and shirt, and ran for downstairs. I was naked. But I managed to get outside as things began to get desperate in my nether regions. It was chilly outside, like lower sixties, but the cold on my skin just made it feel more alive. I didn’t make it to the barn. I got about halfway, realized I was in trouble, and dropped everything but the clamps. With trembling fingers I put them on my labia, both sides, squatted down with my legs spread, leaned up against the side of my truck, and grabbed my ruler.

I don’t like hitting myself with things. It’s not that I mind being hit. I don’t, especially if it’s on my breasts or my rear, or my clit. It’s the fact that I have to be the one to do it. That’s the problem. I always think I’m not hitting hard enough. So when I grabbed the ruler that morning, agonizingly close to cumming, I angled it down and sent a rather vicious swat against my clit.

I didn’t scream out loud, but I sure squealed a bit. And hissed. And then did it again. And again. And again. About eight or nine strokes later I came with a sort of hip jerking cry, only to slump down onto the gravel. Half a minute later I realized I was sitting naked, outside, in sixty degree weather, in the dark, on small painful rocks which were digging into my ass.

I took off the alligator clamps, got up, got dressed, and went and did my chores.

Before breakfast but after chores though I stepped outside the back of the barn. My vibroballs were still churning away and while I wasn’t terribly desperate for another orgasm, I knew I had to do a full six orgasms during the day. Since I was alone, outside, with all the accoutrements needed, and sort of close to being horny, I decided to go ahead and do another one. So I stripped and attached the clamps. Then I smacked my clit over and over until I came.

After I came down from my endorphin high I took off the clamps, got dressed, had breakfast, and went upstairs to write.

See? A boring morning!

At least it was boring for a while. I sat there writing, the vibroballs slowly buzzing away inside me. I finished the previous day’s posting, got on the internet around eleven to put it up on the blog, and there was an email from Master Barrett, ordering me to turn the vibroballs to maximum, run outside, and orgasm complete with clamps and spanks. I swore a bit, then turned my vibroballs all the way up, typed a quick BRB and headed downstairs and outside. It was over thirty minutes later when I got back to the computer and finished up my posting.

And found that my earlier “nasty comment” had earned me an additional four more orgasms for the day. It wasn’t the orgasms that had me concerned. It was the spankings.

I’m not going to bore you with the details of the next two orgasms. Rest assured I did my duty. By two o’clock my clit was terribly sore, my pussy had little teeth marks on them from the Alligator Clamps. That’s when I realized I needed something a little more… intense.

So I took a drive.

To the park.

It had finally warmed up. Not to eighty like the weather folks had said, but just above seventy. It made being naked outside a real pleasure. I pulled the truck into a parking spot at Thomas Park, got out, locked the door, and went for a walk. I did three laps of the park before I even encountered a guy. He wasn’t really my type, but beggars can’t be choosers. So I approached him with a warm smile and we chatted for a bit. Guys will stay and chat with a pretty girl for ages as long as the conversation is somewhat interesting.

And our got there pretty quick. He asked me why I was at the park and I confessed to him that I had a small problem. Since most guys are gallant gentlemen, he immediately agreed to help me, without hearing what the problem was. So I took the ruler and alligator clamps out of my pocket and explained my situation.

Talk about awkward. He blinked a few times and then finally reiterated what I had just asked him.

“You want me to hit your clit with the ruler until you cum?” I nodded emphatically.

“And in exchange I get a blowjob?” Another nod.


So we went off the path behind some rather thick bushes. We agreed I’d suck him off first so I got on my knees while he leaned back against the tree. It was a quick cum. I guess he doesn’t get blown that often.

And then I stripped for him, right down to nothing. The sun felt amazing on my skin as did the cool breeze. The vibroballs remote was going full blast and I lay down in the grass and handed him my ruler. I took just a moment to put those blasted clamps on my pussy and then spread my legs as wide as possible, tilted my hips, and presented the best target I possible could.

I forget how many strokes it took. I know it was more than twenty though, cause I lost count around fifteen and there were a lot after that. But each hit was met with a thrust of my hips, my swollen clit begging to be smacked, and my teeth clenched in painful ecstasy. I actually ripped grass out of the ground. And then I came. I had to put my hand between my legs to keep him from hitting me again as I orgasmed.

“Please? Please can I fuck you?” He begged me. I nodded and spread my legs wider.

I didn’t cum. But he did. A little spurt was all, nothing major, but evidently smacking me like that had gotten him hard again. It was a quick fuck. A roll in the hay. Then he rolled off me and got his pants back on. I did the same.

And so that made six. Six orgasms induced by direct impact on certain tender bits. I admit, by this time I was pretty sore. I headed home and only managed to do two more before bed, one of which was in the dark outside right before I headed in to shower. Each time it was just a bit harder to cum.

So I missed my goal of ten, which believe me, made Master Barrett very happy. My punishment? Well, I’m sitting here in my chastity belt, stuffed with the anal plug AND dildo. No orgasms for me for the next three days. I HATE denial assignments almost as much as I hate having something stuffed up my rear end. Worse, I have to go give five blowjobs today. It’s going to be a long night.

See ya on Monday!

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