Friday, November 26, 2010

Daily Assignment 11/26/10 Thanksgiving

This is going to be short. No reason to bore you with every little detail, especially when they were basically the same. So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was a mixture of frustration, satisfaction, happiness, and pain. Why you ask? Because I was stuffed, from the moment I woke up, with my chastity belt on. That meant a four inch wide anal plug in my ass, a five inch long rubber vibrating dildo in my pussy, and large plastic vibrator filled bump pressing up against my clit. But to make matters worse, I was directed to turn on the vibrators, all three of them, for two minutes, once an hour. At full power. Oh yeah, and if I wanted to cum, then I had to put rubber bands around my feet and snap them against my arch. I can barely stand having the vibrators on at full power, but two minutes is a pretty short time, so it was around eight or so when I finally gave in. I knew before I even started that I was probably going to cum, so I took off my socks, put the rubber bands on, and snapped them. Oh god it hurt. Especially by the end. Ten snaps are just terrible. The first five aren’t too bad, but by the time I get to nine I’m clenching my teeth and grimacing in agony. I wish someone would tie me down and do it too me, rather than me doing it to myself. I came of course. It was awesome. The pain in my feet helped it along. I’m such a pervert. Twice more during the day, after several interspaced hours of drinking, eating, buzzing, cheering on the Saints, I had to put the rubber bands back on. The orgasms were sweet. My feet hurt.

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