Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Daily Assignment 03-30-10

Tuesday. March 30, 2010

Today’s Assignment: (Assigned by Master Brandon) Get a piece of rough hemp rope that can span the length of your barn, as well as your collar, ankle and wrist cuffs, and a key operated pad lock. Tie loose overhand knots every six to eight inches down the entire length of the rope. Tie the rope across the barn at approximately the height of your belly button. Strip naked. Attach the ankle and wrist cuffs to your arms and legs, but do not connect them together. Hang the key to the padlock on the wall right above where you have tied one end of the rope. Straddle the rope at the end opposite the key and connect your ankle cuffs together. Then connect the wrist cuffs together and attach them to your collar with the padlock. Walk/shuffle forward along the rope until you can unlock your wrists from the collar. Once you have unlocked your wrists you can free your ankles and get off the rope. Then you must masturbate to orgasm.

Yesterday’s Results: (Assigned by Mistress Ellen) Your current stripping spot is too secluded. You will now be stripping in the Gazebo at Thomas Park. Before going, print up ten fliers stating the fact that you will be stripping naked at the Gazebo at “specify time” (around a half hour after you arrive. Plan accordingly). You will then proceed to Thomas Park and the gazebo. Bring your duster and a vibrator. You will hand out all ten fliers to various people walking or jogging by. At the appointed time you will enter the gazebo and strip naked. If you have eight or more people in the audience, take a vote asking them if they want to see you masturbate. If they vote yes, then masturbate with the vibrator until you orgasm. If they vote no, put on your duster and return to your vehicle.

Over the weekend Mistress Ellen and I had a bit of a discussion about my stripping spot. Recently, I have been parking my truck on a country road behind our farm, getting out and moving to the very front of the truck. Then I would remove my clothes, fold each piece, laying them out on the hood of the truck, and then, after getting completely naked, begin dressing in whatever outfit was required of me, whether it was just slipping into my duster, or even just getting back into the truck naked. What was fairly evident rather quickly was the little country road behind our farm doesn’t get much traffic. As a result I’ve only actually been seen (and one was only a maybe) twice. For Mistress Ellen, this was plainly unacceptable. She did ask me if I LIKED being seen naked. Truthfully, I answered “no”, but I also admitted that when it did happen it felt as if I had been dipped in super sex go juice. So what does that make me?

Mistress Ellen asked some pointed questions and determined that I needed a new stripping spot. I had no real choice in the matter. Now it’s the gazebo at Thomas Park. I’m a little more concerned about it because while Thomas Park has its dead moments, it also has its very busy moments. It means I will have to be a bit more careful. Like I was today.

Originally I had planned on going to the park around nine am or so. Late enough that the many joggers and walkers would be gone. Instead I managed to only make it over there at around 2:30pm. I had printed up my fliers (which sucked because I ran out of black ink and had to use blue) and tucked both my vibrator and nipple clamps into the pockets of my duster. It was really too hot to be wearing a duster, which meant it would be comfortable naked, but I needed the pockets. I pulled up at the park around 2:15, put it in park, and got out.

I was wearing something a little easier today. Blue jean shorts which showed off my pretty legs and cute spankable butt, along with flip flops and an ambercrombie tee shirt made me look almost teenagerish again. I was also wearing both panties and a bra. When you are going to strip, you need to make a show of it, right? The parking lot had a few cars in it, which seemed like mixed blessings. No cars meant no people which meant no audience. On the flip side, no audience meant no heart hammering sexual epiphany topped with orgasm. With a wildly thumping heart and my packet full of fliers, I set off down the path. I walked for only a few moments before I practically ran into a nice older gentlemen in his late fifties, walking his dog.

I froze of course. I mean seriously, could YOU imagine walking up to a complete stranger, giving them a beaming one million watt please come and watch me fuck myself with a vibrator smile? Of course not. And if it hadn’t been for his very friendly dog and the older gentlemen’s polite greeting I’m not sure I would have found the strength to speak. We exchanged polite hellos and then he asked me what I was passing out. Wordlessly I handed him my flier and waited for him to read it.

“Is this a joke?” He asked softly after a moment. I shook my head, licking my lips. Evidently I looked serious enough.

“I see. All right. I’ll see you at three.” He said, then he continued off down the path.

My heart leapt and I practically cheered for a moment. I did it! I gave one out! I took off down the path with a renewed sense of confidence in myself. The next person I encountered was a female jogger. I held out my hand, holding out the flier. She grabbed it from me as she ran past, ears clearly filled with music from her iPod. As she ran she held the flier out in front of her and read it. I smiled as she stumbled to a stop and looked back at me. I nodded, gave her a thumbs up, and then turned away to keep moving down the path.

I gave a flier to a sweet elderly couple that looked around eighty and got a disgusted look from the grandmother and an interested expression from the grandpa. There were two more joggers, both men, who only paused long enough to give me a queer look and then they were off again. I bumped into another dog walker, a thirty something year old guy who refused to take the flier until I told him what it was for, then he stopped cold, took it, read it, declared me a pervert working for a reality television show, balled up my flier, and threw it on the ground.

Knowing my time was almost up I left the last few on various park benches and hurried back toward the gazebo and my truck.

I made it back to the truck at about 2:55 and I suddenly felt a wash of nervousness. You can see the gazebo from the parking lot and I almost left. But knowing what would happen to me if I didn’t go through with this, not to mention the blow to my reputation, I took a deep breath, grabbed my duster, and walked toward the gathered crowd.

There were more than ten. The man with his dog was there, plus the elderly couple, not to mention the female and both male joggers. But evidently a few people had made some cell phone calls and there were at least four more guys there, all dressed in casual work clothes. That made eleven people. There was some polite conversation going on as I approached but it all died as I mounted the steps of the gazebo.

It was the man with the dog that spoke first. “Hi Breanne.” He greeted me. I smiled nervously back and moved to the very center of the gazebo where there was an empty spot. Everyone moved to edges, looking in, actually providing me with what could be considered privacy. I looked down at my watch and dropped my duster on the floor. At one minute too three I licked my lips and started speaking.

“Hi. My name is Breanne and I’m a nympho humiliation pain slut. I’m here because my Mistress, Ellen, wants me to humiliate myself in front of all you so that I can achieve better orgasms.”

“Are you doing this of your own free will?” The old lady asked, still clearly grumpy about it. I nodded.

“Well then you better do it” She replied.

I started by kicking off my flip flops, leaving bare toes and arched soles with pink nail polish standing on the wooden floor. Then I reached up and tugged my shirt upward, pulling it off and over my head. Eyes seemed to lock on my white lace bra which didn’t exactly go a long way to protect my modesty, since my nipples were plainly visible through it. My fingers went down to my jean shorts and I pushed and unbuttoned them until they slipped down my legs like lead weights. It seemed as if something mystical and more powerful than me was yanking my clothes away from my body. I stepped out of the jean shorts and made a soft turn, my arms above my head. I’m no professional dancer but every girl knows how to move to make yourself look sexy. I did that, swaying slightly, grinding my hips, all while trying to look coquettish and innocent.

Then I reached behind my back and unsnapped my bra, letting it fall while hiding my chest from everyone’s view with my arms. I danced some more, moving, until as I turned, I lifted my arms, letting my assembled audience see even more. My hands touched my breasts, my arms, my stomach and down to my pussy. I could feel the wetness, the need building in me. It was becoming like fire, something to be quenched. I pushed my hand into my panties, dipping a finger into my slit and then lifting it to my mouth in a gross display of sexual wanton. Then my panties were on the floor of the gazebo and I danced there naked.

Comments of appreciation and even a whistle or two sounded and I went to my knees, legs spread wide as I reached for my duster. I went into the pocket and felt my nipple clamps. They weren’t part of the assignment, but I wanted them now. Reacting to the cheers I quickly tightened them onto my erect areolas, pinching the nipples hard and eliciting a gasp from my throat. Then I grabbed the vibrator. I arched backward, stretching my body and put the tip against my clit. I twisted the end of vibrator to its maximum setting which filled the air with buzzing as the tip was buried in my pussy. I couldn’t believe how awesome it felt. In seconds I was close to cumming. I rammed it out, the cat calls and cheers and shouts of “yeah baby” echoing in my ears.

And then I came.

I lay there gasping for a few moments, shuddering from the powerful ripples of orgasm that were still bouncing around inside me. There was silence from my audience and then I heard clapping. I opened my eyes to see them applauding. How weird is that? Slowly I got to my feet, picked up my duster and slowly put it on. I ignored the clamps on my breasts and tucked the vibrator into my pocket. With a grin I thanked everyone and they let me leave, some wandering off as I made it back to my truck.

But only the nice gentlemen with the dog thanked me for the show.

I did the only right thing then. I thanked him for letting me provide it.

Then I went home.

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