Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Daily Assignment 03-16-10

Wednesday, March 16, 2010

Today’s Assignment: Ben Wa Balls and hemp thong day – Since you are doing some more plowing, wear your Ben Wa Balls and a hemp crotch rope from 9am to 5pm. No masturbation allowed. If you cum at any time during the assignment, you are to dab a small amount of icyhot on your clit and your nipples as punishment and continue on.

Yesterday’s Assignment: (Assigned by Master Brandon) Dress in just your duster and high heels and head toward your local hardware store. Find three items you would like to fuck, all under 10 dollars each, and purchase them. Get the receipt. Take them out to your truck and get in. Open your coat, spread your legs, and screw each one right there in the parking lot. You must cum with each different object. When you are finished, pick one to be a permanent addition to your toy box. Close your coat, take the two you don’t want and take them back into the hardware store, regardless of their condition. Ask to return them, explaining that they didn’t fit properly.

I can’t begin to explain how awkward this assignment was for me to do. Oh it wasn’t the actual screwing stuff, or stripping at the front of my truck…in the rain. It was CHOOSING THREE FUCKING ITEMS ALL UNDER TEN BUCKS! You would think that your local “home improvement” hardware store would have a bunch of stuff for a nympho pain humiliation slut like me to use, but honestly, I think I must have wandered the damn place for over an hour in just my duster and high heels, holding on to a small basket looking for just the right items.

Should I start at the beginning? Well, I suppose. It all started with me NOT being able to plow today. So after I got chores done, and after lunch, I grabbed my duster and hopped in the old truck and trundled out to my favorite country road that borders the south side of our farm. It was raining, but not very heavy, so I did the whole stripping in front of the truck thing that has come to symbolize my submission on these assignments. I just thank God I don’t have to strip in front of a Chuck E. Cheese or something.

Anyway, I folded everything nicely and laid them on the hot hood of the truck until I was stark naked and then I put on my duster. Everything went back with me into the cab and I drove across town toward …oh. Michael said not to use the store’s actual name. He say’s we don’t want to get anyone in trouble (or get into it ourselves.) Ok. I drove to a HOME IMPROVEMENT store that’s a DEPOT of a lot of different tools and supplies and stuff. Cool? We all on the same page? Awesome!

Okay, so I parked in B.F.E. and hiked my way across the lot and went inside. Now I’m not a home improvement store fan. I’m not a real do-it-your-selfer so I don’t like say “wow, I’m going to the hardware store to pick up XYZ and build such and such and yakity yak.” So I have no clue where anything really is. Which in fact turned out to be for the best since what I really ended up doing was walking up and down the aisles until I found what I needed. I had no idea there were so many things guys used to fix things, or build them, or whatever.

The first spot I headed for though, was the tool section. While I don’t understand the guy thing about tools, I figured I would probably find something there that would be appropriate for a little self-screwing. I mean, geeze, at least a screwdriver would work, right? To my amazement, there were plenty of things to screw myself with in the tool section, except everything was either too expensive or didn’t really fit the way I wanted it too. Like the biggest screwdriver in my price range was a flathead thick screwdriver and the handle was at least two inches wide and about five long. Five? That’s it? I wanted like a seven inch handle! I almost bought a carpenter’s level, but changed my mind since I’ve already fucked one of those once.

So then I moved to hardware. I went to hardware because once a few years ago I was with my father when we went to get some parts for the tractor and there were these HUGE bolts and I wanted one right then, but they were like thirty bucks and I would have a hard time explaining why I wanted one to my dad. But let me tell you something about the store I was in: they don’t sell tractor bolts. Nothing was really big enough.

So then I made my way to plumbing, and this is where I managed to pick up my first item. The tag said it was some kind of 2” male adapter, but what I liked was the fact that one end of the four inch long object was a hexagon and the other end was this ridged screw. And the whole thing was hollow! Beats me why I choose it. I just did because I had an insatiable curiosity as to what it would feel like inside me. I spent a lot of time looking at plumbing, but didn’t find anything else really worth grabbing that was in my price range. The Ridgid faucet and sink installer looked like fun, but it was twenty bucks. Either something was too long, or too short, or needed something else to make it work.

I wandered the lumber yard next, not really expecting anything. I mean seriously, what was I going to do, buy a two by four? But surprisingly I DID find something. There is a section with pre-cut wood for like railings and tables and stuff. There, lying in a stack, were these amazing looking pine table legs. One piece attracted my attention because it was smooth, rounded into a bulb at one end and looked like a nice table leg, but for me, it meant a two foot long wooden dildo that widened out to about three inches at its largest and could go as deep as I could take it. I exchanged my little basket for a shopping cart and continued my search.
Next I found myself in the electrical department. There were so many things there that I didn’t even know the names of, much less figure out what they were for. And of course none of it was even remotely good for using as a dildo. Until I got to something a bit more familiar. There was one section with boxes of power strips. You know…those long thin plastic outlet strips, with like six or eight spots for you to plug stuff into? Well, I grabbed a really cheap white one, and decided that rather than plug anything into it, I would see if it could get plugged into me!

And that completed my three items! I went to the checkout with my purchases, where I got a few odd looks from the clerk. I’m not sure if it was my eclectic choice in things to buy, or my duster and high heels, but I managed to get out of there paying a meager 28.74 with tax. Not bad.

So I made it back to my truck despite the rain, settled into the front seat with my items, and opened my duster. Walking around naked with only a denim coat on had made me a bit wet which made things a bit easier too. I grabbed my pipe fitting, examined it for a moment, and then deftly inserted it into my pussy. It was an odd feeling. It wasn’t really long enough, but the ridges felt nice. The large hole in the center was the strangest thing about it though. It opened me up so I could feel the cool air inside me. That was very different. For a moment I wished that I had my thin six inch vibrator. It would have easily fit inside the hole and would have made things MUCH more interesting. Despite my slipping the thing in and out, I had to stimulate my clit with my other hand in order to orgasm. It was nice, but not impressive.

So I decided to move on. The table leg posed some interesting dynamics in position, which I handled by spreading my legs and twisting in the cab and almost laying across the seat. With the wide end of the leg pointing at the window, I worked the smaller bulb end between my legs and was rewarded with a very hard, oddly shaped dildo that had me gasping in no time. It was amazing. I managed to get it very very deep and I suppose if anyone had looked into the cab through the window would have gotten a great view of me laying on the seat, legs spread, knees wide, denim coat open, breasts totally exposed, while I repeatedly rammed a pine table leg into my pussy. After I came it was almost with regret that I pulled the leg out.

I was a little tired after that, but I grabbed the power strip and once more sat upright in my seat, with my right foot propped up on the center console. Getting it in wasn’t a problem, thanks to my more recent orgasm, and I only winced a little as I pushed it in. It was certainly an odd feeling. It was blocky, square, and I could feel the edges inside me. It didn’t hurt, certainly, but it was strange, and it didn’t hit the right spots to get me going. Like the pipe fitting I had to do all the work. I came, but it was more of an aftershock to the table leg than a real explosion.

And that left me with the return. Honestly, none of these three items were really spectacular. I mean, sure I came while using all three, and the table leg was really the best, but did I come because of the table leg, or the fact that I was spread out like a buffet of sexual goodness in the cab of my truck? This image is STILL in my mind! But in the end, I decided to return the pipe fitting and the power strip.

At the return desk I got some really weird looks and the clerk actually asked me what happened to the power strip. Evidently it was still a little gooey. I shrugged and told him it didn’t fit properly. He asked me what I had tried to plug it into and I grinned and leaned forward conspiratorially and said “myself”. His eyes widened and all he did was process my receipt. I got almost all of the money back, since the table leg was cheap. As a reward to my clerk for being so good, I gave him a nice “accidental” breast flash which kept him speechless. It was easy. I loosened my coat and when I “bent” over to sign the stuff, my coat fell open a bit.

So that was my hardware adventure. Hope you enjoyed it!

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