Monday, March 1, 2010

Daily Assignment 03-01-10

Monday, March 01, 2010

Today’s Assignment:
(Assigned by Master Mark) Dress in a skirt, sans panties. It doesn’t matter what else you wear. Go out to lunch at a fast food restaurant. Order finger foods, at least three different items. Find a comfortable place to sit, your choice. Lay out your lunch in front of you. You will eat each item, but prior to eating it, you must slip it between your legs and dip it into your pussy. Dip it in as deep as possible before eating.

Yesterday’s Results: Blowjob Friday

This is getting to be a regular thing, isn’t it? I’m not sure I want to do another Blowjob Friday. Oh…not because I object to BJs, but because I don’t want it to get boring. I mean, geeze, how many times can you read about a nympho pain humiliation slut going up to some stranger and asking “can I give you a blowjob?” What? Really? You can handle that for practically forever? Really? Well…damn. Okay.

This was a pretty open ended assignment. “Give a blowjob while making sure you don’t know the guy” leaves a lot of room for interpretation. I like that. I like a boss who tells me what to accomplish and then gets the fuck out of my way. I can deal with that. Some assignments are so restrictive that they rush all my creativity out long before I do what I do. But this one…well…so many options! What to wear? Where to do it? Who to do it too? Suck till they cum? Have sex too? Masturbation? See? So many questions!

I decided that the easiest place on this BJ Friday was to head to a park, during the evening. One thing I’ve noticed is that there are always a few joggers running around, tall athletic men (and women) who are relatively attractive, fit, and appealing. Provided you don’t approach them at the END of their run. The trick is to do it right before or within the first quarter mile. (I know this from experience, but that’s another story.)

Hermann Park was my choice for this little exercise. Plenty of foliage to get lost in, several parking areas, and as long as I didn’t fall into the bayou and get eaten by an alligator, I’d be okay. My next choice was attire. Once again I moved toward Mistress Ellen’s personal selection: my duster. So I piled into the truck, found my country road stripping spot, removed my boots, socks, jeans, tee shirt, and bra, all while standing in front of my truck, praying no one came driving down the road. I wonder what I’ll do the day it happens? As you may have noticed, I wasn’t wearing panties. This was due to a lost wager on a game of hangman with Master Stone. I have to go commando until next BJ day. Oh well.

I put my socks and boots back on so I was dressed in just my footwear and duster. I had thought about wearing my high heels, but frankly they really aren’t made for puttering around in the bushes, much less some serious walking, so I figured my boots would be the best choice. I drove down to Highway 6 and then made a few turns and pulled into one of my favorite little parks.

Within seconds of pulling up I spotted like five different guys, all who seemed like perfect targets. I got out of my truck and began walking down the sidewalk path toward my ambush point.

Yes, I know, it makes you guys squirm when women use military terms, but the truth is “ambush” is exactly what I was going to do. I needed a spot near the path that was relatively secluded, concealing what I was doing to my target, but yet close enough to the path and the parking lot that I could target a fresh runner. I picked a spot on the south side of the road, down past where the bayou runs alongside the path. It was heavily forested, even during winter, and made for the perfect spot.

I think I let maybe six different guys run past me as I stood there at the side of the path, dressed in only my boots and duster. I had it belted closed, rather than buttoned, because I was planning on using it as advertising. As it was, even closed, I got eye fucked quite a bit. I guess there is just something about seeing a girl in boots and a duster that makes a guy wonder what’s underneath, right?

Finally, my perfect target showed up. I could tell he had just started his run. He wasn’t too tall or too thin, and he also looked more…rugged. I wanted to avoid the type A personality businessman, you know, the ones who schedule their runs down to the last minute. This guy looked more like a receiver on a college football team. He was blocky, compact, and had muscles on his legs that were incredible. I could have spent hours with a body like that. Even better, the path behind him was clear, so as I opened my duster and flashed him my million watt let me sell you a used car and you can fuck me up the ass smile, only he got the message.

Sure enough it was like a stunned dear in the headlights. He came to an almost immediate stop in front of me, staring at my boobs. Speaking of that, have you noticed it? I mean seriously, guys just can’t stop staring! Isn’t it great? I should paint spirals on them and I could start a hypnotizing gig.

Oooooooooo you will spend more money on women ooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Oh. Does that seem a little self serving? Never mind.

But I had him clearly hypnotized and I flashed him another smile and stepped closer, still keeping my coat opened. I asked my question and he didn’t even hear it. I had to ask again. He was that enraptured by my body. What a nice boy!

“Can I give you a blowjob?”

“Honey you can give me whatever you want.” He replied, a big silly grin on his face. I reached out, grabbed his hand, and began pulling him into the bushes. He followed obediently (awwww…) and as soon as we were well concealed he wrapped his arms around me, kissed me, and then began checking out the goods. I didn’t mind. His hands were warm, he smelled like soap and musk, and my own hands were fluttering around the front of his jogging shorts. He was already hard, which was awesome. After a few nipple pinches, breast squeezing, and his tasting a bit of skin, I dropped to my knees and pulled down his outfit, exposing a monstrous cock.

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Okay, maybe not MONSTROUS, but it wasn’t puny. I’ve seen puny before. This guy was just slightly above average. I’ll be honest with you, those guys on porn tapes with ten inch long cocks are NOT the average. And it wouldn’t surprise me if those were surgically or chemically enhanced. Can you shoot botox into a cock? Well, I’m sure somewhere someone can answer that…probably from experience. In any event, my jogger was about seven inches long, and pretty thick. To be honest, his cock was better for fucking than sucking, but that wasn’t the assignment.

I started the process like normal, touching, stroking, licking…all the usual things. I had him humming in moments and I switched to my awesome two hand and mouth stroke, which I’ve been told makes it impossible to tell where my mouth ends and my hands begin. I also did my twist stroke, which very few guys have ever felt since it involves jacking a guy up and down with one hand while lightly twisting your fingers over the tip. It’s not a move a masturbating guy can do to himself. Drives them nuts too, especially if you alternate the twisting with your mouth and while you suck you softly stroke his balls.

But hey, enough right? I think he popped in about ten minutes, which for a blow job is actually pretty cool. I took most in my mouth and swallowed, but for appearances sake I let some drip down my chin and onto my chest. Hey, even sluts have reputations. Bite me.

Afterward we exchanged something more intellectual than bodily fluids, like phone numbers, likes and dislikes, favorite places for dating and dinner, and I watched him pick up his jog with a somewhat perkier attitude. As he rounded the corner out of sight I closed up my duster and headed back to the truck, pleased with myself. I headed back for home, stopping once more to slip my jeans, shirt and bra back on before heading into the house. What a perfect evening!


  1. Today's assignment sounds fun. Can I go to lunch with you;).
    Not that I'm an expert in blow jobs being a lesbian but maybe you just need to add a twist to them. Go on a blind date instead of just the random guy in the park and do it in a specific setting. Under a restaurant table, movie theater, go cloths shopping and do it in the changing room, etc..
    Anyway loved the post and have a fun lunch.
    Kara XOXOXO

  2. Kara, I loved your idea, so I asked Kari to set me up on a date. She's knows a lot of guys so Friday evening...yum. Thanks for the suggestion!


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