Thursday, February 3, 2011

Daily Assignment 020311 Plowing and Being Plowed

Yesterday I waddled around to the back of the tractor and hooked up the tiller. I say waddled, because that's a pretty fair assessment of the way I was moving. It's tough to walk gracefully when you've got a twelve inch rubber dildo up inside you, being held in by nothing more than blue jeans and the grace of God. To be honest, it was the base. It's wide, almost a full four inches and you just can't get a smooth step with that between your thighs.

With the tiller attached, I returned to the tractor cab and climbed up. This too was a challenge. There are ways the human body is meant to bend while climbing, and having a foot long rod embedded inside you isn't good for that type of exertion. But once in my seat I was comfortable enough. I pulled apart the flaps of my duster, unbuttoned my shirt, and exposed both breasts. I wasn't wearing a bra, mostly because I knew it would be in the way. Instead I fished the Japanese Clover Clamps out of my duster pocket and brought them up to my nipples.

The bite was delicious and I would say that it immediately turned me on, except I was already turned on, and dangerously close to an orgasm. The pinching of my nipples only intensified it. I didn't clamp them tightly, only enough to stay on. I sat there, willing myself not to cum, until I could grab the next item needed: my 1 pound weight. This got hooked on the chain connecting the two clover clamps and let me tell you, they tightened all by themselves. With my nipples throbbing, my pussy convulsing, and a heavy steel ball and machine screw tapping my stomach like some sort of demented sex necklace, I cranked the engine.

Immediately the vibrations traveled from the powerful tractor's heart, up through the chassis, right into the seat, and up along the twelve inch Core Driller. This changed the dildo into a vibrator. I made sure the tiller was lifted and headed out toward my target acres: about two hundred on the north side of the farm. We had endured some pretty heavy rain two days before and they were perfect for turning.

I tried of course. To not cum. Master Barrett has this crazy idea that I've been deliberately bad in order to get punished. So now I'm only going to get punished if I COMPLETE the assignment. How lame is that? Especially when he keeps making these assignments that are practically impossible to complete? I mean seriously, I had clamps on my nipples with a ONE POUND WEIGHT, along with a 12 INCH DILDO rammed up inside me, while riding a massively vibrating 175 horse power Tractor, along bumpy terrain. Well what the hell did he think was going to happen?

I think I should get the reward anyway. I only came twice, which I think is pretty damn impressive. How did I do it? Well, I stopped the tractor a few times. Just sat there, got off it, mediated, took deep breaths, thought about the upcoming assignment from Mistress Ellen. All of those things contributed. But I still ended up cumming, twice, when the orgasms snuck up on me when I was finishing. There I was, sitting calmly, trying to ignore the pulsing pain/pleasure in my nipples while slipping up and down slightly on a vibrating monstrosity between my legs, that seemed to be directly attached to the attachment shaft. I couldn't help it. My pussy had been constantly squeezing the Core Driller, a non-stop muscular reaction from my sex that had started practically from the first moment.

I think it was another one of those rough spots that started it. I was handling things okay and then the tractor dipped down and came up through a little dip. I bounced through it. The weight swung wildly between my breasts and I could feel the clover clamps tightening for the umpteenth time. My pussy followed suit and the next thing I knew I was stopping the tractor as the orgasm overwhelmed me. I didn't even get a warning, you know... like "Hey... I'm about to cum. Better stop..." Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zero.

Same thing happened later. Gripping the steering wheel, parts of me throbbing, and then WHAM. Sudden orgasm.

Today I'm not plowing. Got some other things to do. And I'm not wearing the Core Driller. Instead I've stuffed myself with vibroballs. They're on low of course, and will be all day unless I'm with the family. Plus I lubricated them with some Stinging O, a lotion I use designed to emulate the icy hot feel of muscle cream, but without the medically damaging side effects. Let me tell you, it was tough lying there in my bed this morning, legs spread, the vibroballs covered in white goo, my pussy still wide open (I slept with the Core Driller in). Slowly I pushed the vibroballs in, smearing Stinging O all over my labia and inside me, starting a fire. Then I turned on the vibroballs, tucked the remote in my pocket, and went out to deal with the critters.

I haven't cum yet. But I'm close. So close. And worse? In another thirty minutes I have to remove the vibroballs, clean them off, and apply another coat of Stinging O. Every two hours. Between you and me.... I'm not sure I'll be able to keep from cumming today either.

Talk to ya later...

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