Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Crappy Public Service Announcement

Sometimes, it sucks being a girl. Like today. Everyone probably knows that the plan was for me to spend the day over at Sara's place, trussed up and vibrated for four hours with every orgasm rewarded with a triplicate caning of my breasts, my ass, and the soles of my feet. Ouch, right? Well, due to circumstance outside our control, we have to put it off for a week. Just one of course. Next Saturday.


Seriously, count the weeks, dude. Three weeks ago I did Mistress Ellen's assignment. Last weekend I did Kari's wooden horse. Now, natural causes have caught up with me.

So does this mean that the next part of what happened LAST Saturday will be delayed? Nope. I've got the next section mostly finished and I'll get that done today and post it when I can, which will probably be this evening. So don't get depressed, okay? And I can guarantee more parts too. So there will be something to read next week too. And who knows? Maybe Michael will write a vignette for us or something!

So stay tuned and sorry about the delay. But I guess its the price we pay, right? For being a girl?

And you know what the price will be for me being a nympho humiliation pain slut. See ya later!



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