Monday, February 21, 2011

So What's Next

Well, if you scroll down, you'll find the final installment of Mistress Ellen's Doghouse assignment. I hated it. I hope you love it, or at least like it, or actually if you hate it to I'm fine with that. I'm just glad it's done with. I NEVER want to think about it again.

So no doubt, you're wondering how Saturday went. It hurt. A lot. And I came. A lot. And yes, I'm writing it up, or I will as soon as I'm done being tortured this afternoon! Can you believe it? Yes... Master Barrett was like "I'm feeling sadistic today. I want to hurt you." And how can I say no? So right after lunch, which is like in forty minutes, I will be heading to the mall.

Oh. You're curious to know what he cooked up? Sigh... fine. Here:

Breanne, what you are to do is go to a mall somewhere dressed in a short skirt, tight t-shirt and stripper shoes put in the anal beads on high the vibrating clamp on your clit and the vibrating balls on low. You are then to take a walk around the mall. Whenever you cum you are to announce it like you did for the Seven Days of Sluttiness assignment, meaning you must do it in the presence of strangers, and within 5ft. After each orgasm you are to take an alligator clamp or binder clip and attach it to you labia or nipple. repeat until you have two binder clamps on each of your labia and 2 alligator clamps on your nipple (under the shirt) so that will take you six orgasms. On the seventh orgasm replace the vibrating clamp on your clit with an alligator clamp and then reattach the vibrating clamp to that. The clamps must be put on within one minute of orgasm. To remove the clamps find a willing target and have them fuck you in the ass. If you manage to cum you may have them remove the clamps and binder clips. If you do not cum, then you must find another stranger to fuck you up the ass.

I know. Insane right? And just to make it worse, he made me masturbate for him TWICE this morning! Once with Stinging O and smacks to my clit with a ruler, and once with my vibroballs on high! He figured it would be harder for me to cum this afternoon. He's probably right, but I'm still soaked.

Anyway, don't worry. I'll write up what Kari did to me over the next two or three days, and then I'll tell you how this afternoon went. I promise.

I'm getting worn to a frazzle!

But you love it, don't you?


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