Monday, February 7, 2011

Breanne's Daily Assignment Archive Updated!

If you're a fan of Breanne's Daily Assignment, then you might be pleased to know that we've updated Breanne's Daily Assignment Archive in the VIP Lounge of Michael Alexander Stories! We've created a new Index page for her assignments, moving last year's sexcapades to a new page. All of her new assignments starting in January are on the new Daily Page.

You haven't read the old assignments? Don't bother looking for the posts here on the Blog. The only place to find them are inside the VIP Lounge! Join today and read Breanne's first year's worth of assignments!

Expect a new post from Breanne soon!

But don't put off joining the VIP Lounge, because soon only SOME of her Daily Assignments will be available here on the Blog!

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