Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 7: Seven Days of Sluttiness

Yeah, I know. You want to know what happened on the Anniversary Assignment. But first things first. I haven't told you what happened last Thursday! Day 7 of 7 Days of Sluttiness. Let's keep current, shall we?

Thursday morning I didn’t get up out of bed. I rolled over and looked at the alarm clock which announced quite plainly that it was time to get up and go feed the animals. The alarm clock is lucky I don’t sleep with a loaded gun next to me. Instead I settled for bitch slapping the damn thing and rolling back over. The pigs and horses wouldn’t die if they didn’t get fed EXACTLY at 5:30am. Why the hell did farmers ever get up at the crack of dawn in the first place? Shit.

I felt awful. I had more beer than I thought I had and I was feeling just a tad bit under the weather. I ached too. Even my pussy was sore, though that was really no surprise. The previous evening I had spent around five hours fooling around with about a dozen guys doing a whole litany of naughty slutty things. I had even fallen asleep after a fifty stroke pussy whipping and one of the best screws of my life. My legs had been tied to the bed frame and my wrists bound together. Let’s just say that my big O at that point was pretty big.

But boy did I NOT want to get out of bed. Parts of me ached that weren’t related to sex. I felt lethargic. My brain was sluggish. My muscles ached and hurt. What I really wanted was to stay in bed for another 24 hours and try to find someone to come and give me a full body, non-sexual body massage. That and about a thousand milligrams of ibuprofen.

I rolled over onto my stomach and closed my eyes. I had removed the RVP when I had arrived home, after enduring (and yes it was awful) the powerful rotation and buzzing as I had crept into the house and up the stairs. Once in my room I decided the day was over, got out of the RVP and took a shower. I needed it. Afterward though I knew I needed to obey NHPS Rule #1, so I selected my vibroballs, slipped them, kept them OFF, and went to sleep wearing nothing but my nightgown.

I knew I needed to get up, so I needed motivation. I wriggled my hand around until I finally found the vibroballs remote. I thumbed it to its lowest setting. I settled back down, half awake, half asleep, feeling the pleasurable vibrations emanating from my nether regions when I suddenly remembered (and I have no idea how) that I was supposed to have whatever was inside me on full power. I groaned, reached back down, and jacked up the slide until the vibroballs were roaring inside me. I was still sensitive, but it wasn’t painful. I tried to sleep some more, but it just wasn’t happening. I was also a little worried about cumming. I wasn’t near someone whom I could just casually announce “Oh, by the way, I’m cumming!” so before I let myself sink into the early morning pleasure of a vibrator induced orgasm, I hauled myself out of bed.

The rules for the day stated that I needed to be wearing the RVP, which was not something to make me happy. Oh, I can handle the rumbling of the vibrator, but the damn thing spins inside you too, which I can NOT handle. I knew I’d be cumming at least once before getting the chores done, if not twice, thanks to letting my engine rev so much first. I tugged out the vibroballs, cleaned them off, and the put on (and in) the RVP. As soon as it was strapped on, I turned it all on and up, bracing myself as the four inch simulated cock not only shook, but spun inside me. Yeah, let’s see a real guy do that.

I tugged my jeans on next. No panties. I wasn’t allowed. And you know what? Jeans aren’t exactly that comfortable when you’re going commando. Still aching, hurting, mentally impaired, I managed to button my shirt up over my bare breasts. I could see red marks by each nipple, clear indications that either the binder clips or the alligator clamps had done damage. They were sore too.

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