Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 3: Seven Days of Sluttiness

It wasn't until four o'clock that I climbed into my truck and headed out into the wild blue yonder. It was pretty damn cold and I was feeling it, even through my duster. The thermometer wasn't getting much higher than forty five degrees and fell rather than go the other direction. When I started off, I was wearing a warm pair of blue jeans, long sleeve shirt, and my boots. But tucked into my bag was the outfit I would need for Day 3 of my Seven Days of Sluttiness. As I drove away from the farm, I couldn't help thinking about what would be required of me today. In fact, I kind of sang it out loud.

Day 3: On the Third Day of Sluttiness the NHPS was ordered to:
• Receive three dozen bare bottom spanks, outside, while bare breasted wearing weighted binder clamps on both nipples.
• Get double penetrated (ass and pussy)
• Get fisted and orgasm while doing it.
• While wearing your tube top and elastic mini. After each task you will swap these, top to bottom. Today’s toy will be the vibroballs.

After surviving two days of sluttiness I had a glimmer of what I was in for. In all fairness, it wouldn't be that much different than what I got the previous day. Granted, I'd only have to get fisted once instead of twice, but almost everything else matched. The only thing I wasn't looking forward to were the three dozen bare bottom/bare breasted spanks, outside. Earlier I had repacked my bag and was carrying just about everything I would need: condoms, my vibrating anal beads, my binder clamps, my alligator clamp, even the outfit I was going to wear. Of course, I also added two more items to the mix. The first was a set of 1/2 pound weights. These were two large steel balls complete with a machine screw going through them. The end of the screw didn't have threads and ended in a hook. Obviously these were meant to be hung on the binder clips. The other item was a leather sap. It was nothing more than two pieces of leather, cut to form a handle and a two inch wide three inch long rectangular "paddle". While I don't mind being spanked with an open hand, I thought it might be nice to offer the sap. Besides, on the fifth, sixth, and seventh days of sluttiness that sap would be getting a lot of use for another task that I was partially dreading and partially desperate for.

I pulled the truck over to the side of the road, but the freezing blast of wind that rocked the entire truck made me rethink about WHERE I was going to change. Instead of doing it outside, at the front of the truck, I elected to do it inside the truck. Don't look at me like that. I KNOW. But seriously, do you want me to catch frostbite on my nipples?

Don't answer that.

I stripped naked of course, right down to the silent vibroballs resting quietly in my pussy and the still form of the clitoral butterfly stimulator resting against my clit. The second toy, the butterfly, was a new addition. Evidently, Master Barrett felt that I've been behaving in a "NON-NHPS" fashion occasionally and decided that the butterfly, under the same requirements as the vibroballs, would serve to remind me of my place. So far that day I had only had them both on sporadically, not enough to induce an orgasm, but certainly enough to keep me in a heightened state of sexual arousal. In other words, I was wet and wanting.

I pulled my new outfit from my bag and gently unfolded the two pieces of cloth. Both were made from a stretchy elastic material, one white, the other a dangerous shade of dark navy blue. Ostensibly the white one was a tube top that hugged my breasts and left my shoulders and midriff bare while the other was an elastic skirt that stretched across from my hips to just below my crotch. To be honest, there wasn't a lot of material in either article of clothing. I squirmed into the white tube top. It didn't conform to my breasts, it squashed them, coating them, wrapping around them like a vacuum bag. I did something similar with the skirt, pulling it up my bare legs and over the straps of the butterfly. I wasn't exactly surprised to see the butterfly straps clearly outlined against the material. Hell, if I had been wearing a THONG everyone would have known about it. I replaced the work boots with my four inch platform fuck me shoes and then carefully buckled the two inch thick black leather bondage collar around my neck. With my outfit in place I put the truck into gear and headed toward town.

I decided to head toward a different mall, mostly because I didn't want to over do it at the Mills. It wasn't going to be long before security knew me by name (not to mention panty size, bust size, and whether I shave my pubic hair or not) Instead I drove east, heading toward Houston. After my last little adventure at the Oaks, I decided I needed to visit that mall a little more often, since while small, it offered a rather nice and fresh area for me to get into trouble. Since it was just down Highway 6, it was also close by.
of Kari’s Slutty T-shirts, your daisy duke shorts, and your G-Spot Vibrator.

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