Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Anniversary Poll Results

As many of you can see, The Anniversary Assignment Poll is now closed. As many of Breanne's fans intended, there was a three way tie between Mistress Ellen's DogHouse, Master Brandon's Barter, and Mistress Kari's Riding the Horse. Since all three of these assignments won first place, Breanne must do all of them PLUS the second place assignment. That honor went to Mistress Sara's Bound and Caned.

Breanne has been notified of the results of the poll and upon the conclusion of her Seven Days of Sluttiness, she will begin to do the Anniversary Assignments over the course of the next month. Due to the "intensity" of the assignments, she will do one per week. Breanne has the right to decide which assignment she will complete first and in what order.

There has been some commentary that Breanne should just do them all. To that end, I'm posting a new poll in which her fans may wish to express their desires.

Yours Faithfully,

Michael Alexander

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