Friday, January 14, 2011

A Brief Note

Photograph by Yumpop

Hi everyone. Okay, first of all, I know that everyone is dying to read Day 7 of 7 Days of Sluttiness. To be honest, I wrote all morning and half the afternoon and while I was developing carpal tunnel syndrome I finally figured out a few things.

1. There is no way I'm going to get Day 7 written today.
2. I've spent the day with no orgasms, recuperating, and I think I can handle doing one of my anniversary assignments on my actual anniversary.
3. I've decided to do "Barter" first.

Why? Well, out of the top three that you all selected, Barter is the one that is going to be the least physically demanding. Sure, I'll get embarrassed here and there, probably have a bit of sex, give a couple of blow jobs, that sort of thing, but Mistress Ellen's Doghouse is going to take a little bit to set up, and frankly there is no way I could handle an extended torture session with me putting six hours of ride time on Kari's wooden horse. A HORSE ya'll, not a PONY! Do you guys even understand what that means? It means me sitting on an only slightly blunted edge of a triangular cut piece of wood, with that edge digging into my pussy, my legs spread, tied apart, and WEIGHTED, pulling me downward. My arms will no doubt be tied, and not anywhere close to a spot where they could help take my weight, my nipples will be clamped (and probably weighted too) and I have to spend SIX HOURS like that!

Thank God it won't be all at once. But who KNOWS what Kari will do to me in between! I just can't do that yet! Not after the 7th day of Sluttines! I'm not built for that much abuse.

So Master Brandon's assignment wins. I head out tomorrow morning right after breakfast. I'm guessing it will take most of the day. I've got a plan in my head already, so we'll see what happens. After that, I'm not sure. We'll see what Kari says. She's arranging Doghouse for me. Regardless, it should be one a weekend from here on out.

Then on Sunday I will spend the day finishing the write up for Day 7. I'll post it as soon as it's ready, maybe even Sunday afternoon or evening. Then on MONDAY, I'll write out what happened on my Anniversary Assignment.

Geeze, you people are keeping me busy! But wish me luck and Happy Anniversary! I LOVE MICHAEL ALEXANDER STORIES!

Love, Bre

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