Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I had the chance to browse through the new VIP LOUNGE at Michael Alexander Stories and am rather pleased with the results. The new story archive is completely up as is Breanne's Toybox, which I understand was a massive undertaking for my web guy. Evidently transferring all that written material over to new webpages took awhile. The only thing I'm disappointed about is that I'm not able to transfer any of the pictures used in the blog posts over to the website. Copyright is more of an issue on the pay site, so I'm restricted to using pictures and original artwork I own the copyright too,. That's not a terrible thing, but a picture does speak a thousand words and now I'm short a few. Perhaps once we get a few memberships under our belt we will be able to get a model and pose a few illustration shots.

The CYOD is also up and running, though I admit that there are a few dead ends in the story plots that need my attention. To be honest, I'm not finished writing them, like where you have the option of which sybian type device to have Rebecca ride. There are four of them. All of those need to be written. And lastly, I had originally intended for there to be a male submissive plot line, which has been outlined, has not yet been written either. For some reason, I seem to be making that last on my priority list.

I'm hoping to have the new VIP LOUNGE open for testing by middle November. My beta testers will give me their input, we'll make corrections, and then hopefully, at the start of the Christmas season, I'll be able to give readers a really NICE present!

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